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March 24, 2018


The ‘New’ Democrat Party, if it is new at all, is certainly not afraid to try anything to win favor or an election.  It has become an unrecognizable freak show.  Democrats today are not interested in cooperation, teamwork, give-and-take or any kind of partnership in good governance.  They insist on either running the show or tag-teaming to fight the opposition by every possible means.  They brawl against racism where none exists; they fight for in-your-face homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, satanism, euthanasia, selling body parts, restricting free speech; and they fight against every minuscule form of offensive speech.  They routinely demean their fellow Americans by calling them bigots and racists.  Women and young girls wear vagina costumes. They don black masks and then attempt to display their sanctimony while they assault Trump supporters with bricks and bicycle chains.  Some Democrat leaders may disavow groups like Antifa, but many of these rioters are registered Democrats.  They lure children to political rallies, trying to get them excited about restricting their constitutional rights when all that the kids cared about was getting out of school for a day.  The disdain for traditional core values is mortifying.  A decade ago the Clintons and Obama gave ‘unqualified’ support for the traditional family.  When it became politically expedient, they ‘evolved.’  Democrats have demonstrated time and again that they want complete control over the political, social, and cultural landscape.  The ignorance on display in today’s political climate is stunning.  One person on the net asked the question, “Is Antifa to the Democrats as the KKK is to the Republicans?” The KKK was strictly an arm of the Democrat Party, as was slavery, Jim Crow laws, segregation, denying women’s rights, voting against the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments.  How many on the left know that during reconstruction the NRA armed many Blacks to help defend themselves against the KKK?  How many people know that the first Black Republican was elected to the Senate in 1871?  The first Black Democrat wasn’t elected to the Senate until 1993.  Hillary says, with a straight face, that Trump voters “didn’t like Black people getting rights.”  They have turned history on its ear, everything that is good is bad and everything bad is now good.  To the Left, normal is now suspect and the freakish sublime, so expect anything. 

(“What’s Left for the Left?” by Ray Dilorenzo dated March 17, 2018 published by Canada Free Press at https://canadafreepress.com/article/whats-left-for-the-left )

Lefties are in deep, deep denial, as they accuse Trump of the silliest stuff imaginable while exalting Barama and Hillary.  Comey and McCabe and Strzok are honorable men, and the Mueller investigation will put Trump in jail.  There's no talking with them because they just insult and sneer, because I know; I've tried.  They have built their own universe outside the universe of the real, and they say we who oppose them live outside the universe of the real and have built our own universe.  It's astonishing, and the longer it goes on, the more likely they are to lash out with violence when forced to face facts they don't want to face.  No lefty would do what Nixon did in 1960 when he found out that JFK "won" the election by voter fraud.  He didn't think the nation could handle a stink of that nature and magnitude, so he let it go.  The national good took precedence over his personal ambition.  Recall that when Al Gore had the chance to do something similar, he went to court to force acceptance of his fraudulent votes.  In 1974, Nixon followed advice that cut him off forever from his life's work and resigned the presidency rather than put the country through the agony of impeachment.  His own guys advised him to let go, and he did.  The national good again took precedence over personal ambition.  When Bill Clinton had the chance to do something similar, he refused. He let the nation fall apart; it was more important to brazen it out.  No one on his side advised him to go.  This time, the left faces someone who holds it accountable.  Unlike Nixon, Donald Trump is confident that America can survive a faceoff and may even want it, so he is taking on the left.  Tens of millions of us have waited for a champion to do just that.  Our adversary is nasty and pitiless.  These people cheat, lie, and kill, and they don't care about the country, and they tout honor they don't have and accuse us of having none.  We are facing evil and its fruits.  We can't just let it go anymore.  There is no place left for us to retreat to.  For decades, we've let them get away with their rowdy, insulting, destructive behavior.  We've pretended they meant well when we knew they did not.  We've allowed them to get away with their lies because it was so unpleasant fighting all the time.  We can't do that anymore, so it's time to draw lines in the sand and fight back.  Put them in prison and keep them there for crimes, rather than slap their wrists and pretend they're harmless.  Forcibly shut them up when they try to forcibly shut us up. Meet their obnoxious behavior with our own obnoxious behavior.  This is what they've pushed toward for 50 years, and it's time to give it back to them.   They have taken over the closest thing we have to a national police force, the FBI, and corrupted it at its core, using police powers not to protect America or U.S. citizens, but to go after political foes.  This is the very definition of tyranny.  Trump, via Sessions, has initiated our comeback at long last.  We must stand with our president, turn out at rallies, show up at the voting booth, because there's no "give" left.

(“Our America or theirs?” by Richard Jack Rail dated March 18, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/03/our_america_or_theirs.html )

Hysterical Democrats are calling for President Trump's impeachment because they project their dastardly "authoritarian tendencies" on him, but they are the ones with authoritarian tendencies.  I'll bet you didn't know that the president commits an impeachable offense if his political opponents harbor an irrational fear that he has authoritarian tendencies, whether or not he has acted outside the scope of his constitutional authority, flouted the rule of law or done anything else that could be remotely construed as a high crime or misdemeanor.  The very people who are calling for Trump's removal because they don't like him or his policies want to put their own authoritarians in power, where they can actually flout the rule of law.  My chief complaint is not their hypocrisy, though it abounds among these sanctimonious progressives.  It is that they are eager to twist the law to suit their political agenda while masquerading as sacred guardians of the Constitution.  Someone should ask these mob-thinking witch-hunters how they can contemplate impeachment without any claim that Trump has committed an impeachable offense.  Granted, impeachment is largely a political matter, but riotous partisans shouldn't be allowed to just make things up and ignore the plain language of the Constitution and the historical background informing its provisions.  Sure, liberal activists who can find an emanation and penumbra behind every constitutional rock can distort any constitutional provision beyond recognition.  Only rabid authoritarians pretend that the Framers intended "high Crimes and Misdemeanors" to include any lawful conduct or tweet that could be exploited in bad faith to overturn the democratic will of the voters.  The less likely it appears that Trump did anything improper with Russia, the more desperate these Democratic authoritarians become.  There is an inverse relationship between the amount of actual evidence against Trump and the intensity of the Democrats' impeachment rhetoric.  Old adages endure for a reason, and the Democrats are quite familiar with this one: "If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell."  Everywhere we look, Democrats are pounding the table and yelling like hell.  Senator Bernie Sanders said Trump has "a strong authoritarian personality" and shows a "disrespect for democracy" in the U.S.  His proof: Trump admires foreign dictators, and he disrespects democracy in terms of voter suppression, gerrymandering and his attacks on the media. One of the telltale signs of leftists these days is their adoration for dictators such as the Castros.  Also Barack Obama declared war on Fox News and conservative talk radio without a syllable of protest from you or your comrades.  it's amusing for socialists to complain about authoritarianism when their lives are dedicated to consolidating governmental power to exercise authoritarian control over their subject citizens.  Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe is teaching a class that explores what impeachment and removal by other means might resemble in the Trump era.  In that essay, Tribe cited no impeachable misconduct on Trump's part.  He just groused about the "emoluments clause" and that "ample reasons existed" to worry about Trump even before he fired FBI Director James Comey.  Not one member of the reckless cabal wildly calling for Trump's impeachment, which includes leftists and parts of the never-Trump right, can cite an actual abuse of authority by Trump, much less a high crime or misdemeanor.  President Obama violated the Constitution and the rule of law for sport, and liberals didn't care.  For the left, this isn't about the Constitution, the rule of law or authoritarianism; it's about getting rid of Trump at any cost to the Constitution and the rule of law, and by any authoritarian means necessary. 

(“Authoritarianism for Me but Not for Thee” by David Limbaugh dated March 23, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/davidlimbaugh/2018/03/23/authoritarianism-for-me-but-not-for-thee-n2463742 )


A new study rebuts a widely shared view that racial disparities in social mobility are economic inequalities in disguise and the belief that if we address class issues, we can fix racism.  The report, by the Stanford economist Raj Chetty, the Harvard economist Nathaniel Hendren and colleagues at The Equality of Opportunity Project, provides an empirical basis for an economic susceptibility that black parents like me have sensed: Across generations, we are less likely than whites to rise and when we do, are more likely later to fall.  We seem unable to grasp or preserve economic gains as other groups do, including Latinos and Asian-Americans.  The study’s findings build on the authors’ prior research that has empirically substantiated two insights about intergenerational economic mobility.  One is that a child’s economic position is sticky: Children from affluent families are many times more likely to maintain their privileged status than children from poor families are to attain it.  The other is that while economic mobility may be individual, the conditions that enable or retard it are social.  Wealthy neighborhoods with good schools and strong social ties propel even poor children toward a brighter future.  However the reality for black communities is grim.  Black families trace our economic insecurity in part to a gender divide that we see but often don’t discuss.  We know that African-American daughters tend to do well, and they climb the socioeconomic ladder as high as their white peers, if not higher.  It’s the black boys who fail.  Whether born to a rich family or a poor one, in an impoverished neighborhood or wealthy one, black boys lag behind their white peers as adults. Black boys who grow up rich are twice as likely as their white counterparts to end up poor.  Of those black boys who start life poor, nearly half will remain so in adulthood, while more than 2 in 3 of their white peers will escape the poverty of their youth.  Black women may surpass their white counterparts in individual income, but they lag in household income.  The men who would be their husbands are missing — incarcerated, unemployed, unable to be the partners that women want, or the parents that children need.  So the failings of one generation fall upon the next, as the trajectories of black boys are shaped by the absence of black fathers, and more importantly how individual children are affected by the presence of black fathers in the community who powerfully shapes boys’ trajectories.  Black fathers are a social resource.  The two-parent families that don’t form perpetuate African-Americans’ disadvantage across generations.  The economic predicament of black men, which disconnects them from their children, threatens to ripple across families and generations.  All of which raises the question: How do African-Americans in the 21st century confront the prospect of being indefinitely left behind?  As black women began to take advantage of the opportunities opened by the civil rights movement, black men were hit first with deindustrialization, the loss of well-paying blue-collar jobs throughout large swaths of our nation, and then with a surge in incarceration unlike anything a democratic nation had ever seen.  Black children bore the brunt of their parents’ suffering.  Many well-meaning Americans remained oblivious to a national tragedy.  Black men’s disadvantage has shaped not only how they are perceived but the meaning of race as well.  Racial disparities, in incarceration, unemployment, school failure, fuel racial bias, which ensnares black boys, rich and poor alike.  Boys like my own go from cute and cuddly to strong and manly, and so become a threat in the eyes of many.  The bias, subtle yet pervasive, compounds the disparities by undermining the relationships and hope that one needs to get, and stay, ahead, and so the cycle continues.  We can disrupt the cycle of black disadvantage, if we have the will to do so.  We act as though economic inequality is inevitable, relegating poor children of all races to schools to which most parents would never choose to send their own children, schools often in neighborhoods where most would never choose to live.  We segregate ourselves by race and class, and accept the inequality of opportunity that doing so breeds.  So many Americans profess to be blind to race, which ensures only that it will remain salient. So many worry more about appearing to be racist than working to remove the enduring taint of slavery and segregation.  We will find a way to undo intergenerational racial disparities when we find the will; and to find the will, we need to recognize what’s at stake: The conditions that challenge us imperil the future of black boys and black families and the viability of the American dream itself. 

(“An End to the Class vs. Race Debate” by Ralph Richard Banks dated March 21, 2018 published by The New York Times at https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/21/opinion/class-race-social-mobility.html )


The economy seems good right now, jobs are recovering, and there are bright spots in the stock market.  But there's an undertow of ugly things that could submerge it all, starting with the news that the federal debt has reached $21 trillion.  The dollar is weak, and that seems to be by policy, too.  With White House economic adviser Gary Cohn's recent exit, there remains an atmosphere of ending longstanding free trade agreements, even with our largest trading partners, Canada and Mexico.  In light of the fact that President Trump himself seems to be behind all of these potentially dangerous economic policies, it's awfully interesting that Trump nevertheless appointed Kudlow to lead his National Economic Council, which sets broad economic policy.  A longtime free marketer, Kudlow has a record of hating bloated big government (which means big debt), supporting a strong currency (which encourages savings and wealth creation), and loving himself some free trade with all the help it brings to local economies by expanding their export markets.  He probably can't take it all on at once, but if he can get just one of them right, the economy should be in for some smooth sailing.  A nation can have a big debt load, probably not eternally, but for a long time, if it has no free trade and a strong dollar, which will attract foreign savers and investors who will help keep the debt paid.  Kudlow's job is to fix the dollar; make it strong.  Or a nation can have a weak dollar, no free trade, and low government debt.  Kudlow's job is to get the debt under control.  A nation can have a weak dollar, lots of debt, and free trade, which will help it export and crawl its way out of its debt morass.  This was how Chile in the 1980s and 1990s managed to clean up the last of the socialist mess left by Salvador Allende, which left the country bankrupt and in debt.  Fixing any one of these will put the U.S. on sounder footing for sustainable economic growth and job creation.  Fix two, and the result is even better.  The Clinton administration played the strong dollar tack like a fiddle and opened the gates of free trade so it could have all the big government it wanted.  Fix three, and the result is unimaginably good.  It just highlights how tough Kudlow's job is going to be that we see all three potential sources of problems in the economy, with many forces lined up to keep it that way, and yet we also have this light of reason, who understands how economics works and how effective free markets are.  This is why so many of us rooting for Larry Kudlow.

(“Larry Kudlow has his work cut out for him” by Monica Showalter dated March 17, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/03/larry_kudlow_has_his_work_cut_out_for_him.html )


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