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April 11, 2015


Apparently according to retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, spreading lies and complete fabrications about a political opponent is no big deal. When confronted with his lie, he responded flippantly that “Well, Romney didn’t win did he.”  For Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most corrupt American politician over the last two centuries of American history, rivaled only by her husband former President Bill Clinton, her using a private e-mail account was merely for convenience sake.  She was trying to avoid scrutiny and accountability for her time as secretary of state.  Then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi looked reporters in the eye and lied about receiving briefings from the CIA about enhanced interrogation techniques during her time as Speaker of the House, though the record clearly reflects that she was briefed on this subject multiple times.  Then there’s Barack Obama who stood before the American people and repeatedly told them they could keep their doctor, they could keep their insurance plan, and that he lacked the authority to offer executive amnesty to illegal aliens residing in the United States.  It seems that the Party of Jefferson has become the ‘Party of Lies’, determined to win or retain political power at all costs no matter what, including lying to the American people as they deem appropriate.  Far from being the leading candidate to be the next commander in chief of the United States military, Hillary Clinton should instead be getting fitted for a different uniform, one supplied by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  For failing to abide by the rules that other government employees must abide by, Hillary Clinton should be barred from further public office.  For repeatedly lying to the American people for political gain Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should forfeit their government pensions.  No benefit should be derived from a career of lying and misinformation perpetrated against the American people.  For repeated lies Barack Obama should be held accountable as well.  Once politicians understand that there will be consequences for lying to the American people for political gain, and that they will be held accountable by the American people, the sooner all politicians will finally begin to truly serve their constituents.  Americans deserve better than what we’ve gotten from the political ruling class in this country.

(“The Party of Lies” by D.W. Wilber dated April 7, 2015 published by Town Hall at http://finance.townhall.com/columnists/dwwilber/2015/04/07/the-party-of-lies-n1981575 )

The reason for Singapore’s remarkable climb up the international income ladder is bread and butter capitalism.  Singapore has built an alternative to the European style welfare state.  Think of all the reasons why people turn to government in other developed countries: retirement income, housing, education, medical care etc.  In Singapore people are required to save to take care of these needs themselves.  Today, employees under 50 years of age must set aside 20% of their wages and employers must contribute another 16%.  These funds go into accounts where they grow through time until specific needs arise.  For example, one of the uses for these savings is housing, and today about 90% of Singapore households are home owners, the highest rate of home ownership in the world.  In health care, Singapore started an extensive system of “Medisave Accounts” in 1984, the very year that “Medical IRAs” were proposed for America.  Today, 7% of Singapore’s 36% required savings rate is for health care and is deposited in a separate Medisave account for each employee. Individuals are also automatically enrolled in catastrophic health insurance, although they can opt out.  This is an alternative to the welfare state that works.  The Singapore state created a new social policy system that had asset building as its central structure.  The Singapore philosophy is: each generation should pay its own way; each family should pay its own way; each individual should pay his own way; and only after passing through these three filters should anyone turn to the government for help.  If the United States had adopted a similar approach to public policy, there would be no deficit problem in this country.

(“Singapore Has Found a Workable Alternative to the Welfare State” by John C. Goodman dated April 4, 2015 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/johncgoodman/2015/04/04/singapore-has-found-a-workable-alternative-to-the-welfare-state-n1980683 )


Cancer is a worldwide scourge, the fastest-growing disease on earth.  By 2030, there will be as many as 22 million cases worldwide, afflicting 1.7 million Americans each year and killing 600,000 of them.  More will die from cancer over the next two years than died in combat in all the wars the United States has ever fought combined.  Astonishing progress has been made in diagnosing and treating cancer, but there is no cure.  In 20 years, 1.5 million lives have been saved because of medical know-how and highly effective new treatments.  The reason cancer deaths have been on the rise over the past half-century is because other maladies have been largely eradicated.  People used to die of typhoid fever, tuberculosis, influenza and bronchitis, all diseases that were major killers of children.  Cancer is an old-age, degenerative disease.  A century ago, cancer and heart disease were the causes of about one-quarter of all deaths.  Today, they account for nearly half of all deaths.  One American every minute of every day is a cancer casualty.  The all-important age-adjusted death rate from cancer is falling in the United States and much of the rest of the world.  Cancer is less threatening than ever before, particularly true of almost every type of cancer, including leukemia, which is a killer of children.  The most impressive strides have been made in reducing cancer deaths for women.  One of the prevalent myths about cancer is that environmental factors, such as air pollution, have caused a cancer epidemic, but the truth is that improvements in air and water quality over the past 30 years have contributed to the decline in cancer death rates.  Another myth is that the decline in cancer deaths is happening for the “haves” but not the “have nots.”  Cancer rates are falling for everyone, the young and the old, the rich and the poor, blacks and whites, men and women.  Yes, blacks and other minorities have higher rates of cancer deaths than whites and wealthy Americans.  For many types of cancer, the death rate for cancer is falling faster for minorities than for whites.  For whites, the survival rate for cancer is up from 39% in 1960 to 1963 to about 65% now.  For blacks, the probability of survival has risen roughly from one in four in the early 1960s to 60% today.  The cancer gap is shrinking.  At one time, to contract cancer was to receive a death warrant, but not so anymore. Finally, the greatest setback for cancer research and wonder treatments in modern times is ObamaCare.  

(“Medical innovation means cancer is no longer a death sentence” by Stephen Moore dated April 5, 2015 published by The Washington Times at http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/apr/5/stephen-moore-cancer-treatment-innovations-miracle/ )

When President Obama announced on March 31 that he intends to ensure that the U.S. will slash its “greenhouse gas emissions” 26% below 2005 emissions levels by 2025 in order to keep pledges made to fulfill the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, he failed to mention that such levels would be comparable to what they were in our Civil War era, 150 years ago.  He also failed to mention that the U.S. has made no such pledges as regards the 1992 “Kyoto Treaty” which was resoundingly rejected by the U.S. Senate when then Vice President Al Gore brought it back from the U.N. conference.  There is no need, globally or nationally, to reduce such emissions.  It would be a crime against humanity, especially for the millions that would be denied electrical power or would see its cost rise exponentially.  The President has no credible evidence to back up his claims.  Global warming” and “climate change” are attributed to the use of fossil fuels to manufacture and transport ourselves and our goods, and to create electrical energy, despite the fact that the Earth, its oceans and land areas naturally generate such gases.  There are, for example, more than 1,500 potentially active volcanoes and countless others under the oceans.  They produce billions of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases that are identified as “greenhouse gas emissions.”  The human contribution pales in comparison to natural sources such as the warming ocean surface which releases CO2.  Even so, CO2 constitutes a mere 0.04% of the atmosphere.  There is no evidence CO2 plays any role in the Earth’s global temperature.  These “greenhouse gas emissions” do not trap heat, because the Earth has been in a natural cooling cycle for the past 18 years breaking and making records for snow and ice.  Why then is the President intent on slashing “greenhouse gas emissions” when (1) the Earth is not a greenhouse and (2) doing so would harm our economy for decades to come?  The answer lies in his promise to “fundamentally transform” a nation that doesn’t need transformation except for the reduction of the size and scope of the federal government. Its economic system is the best in the world.  Its military is the strongest.  Its agriculture feeds Americans and is exported to other nations.  The President offers no suitable replacement for the lost generating capacity beyond pointing toward wind and solar which is not up to the task.  When Obama took office, coal-fired plants provided 50% of U.S. electricity, but it is now down to 40% and headed lower if Obama has his way.  Global warming campaigners see this President and the Paris U.N. Summit as the best chance they are likely to see to take control of American energy.  The ramifications are disastrous for American freedom and prosperity.  While most Americans have concluded that “global warming” or “climate change” are low on their list of fears President Obama has elevated this hoax to the top of his agenda for his last two years in office, along with the deal that would give Iran the opportunity to build a nuclear arsenal of weapons.  President Obama doesn’t want to “transform” America, he wants to destroy it.

(“Using the Global Warming Hoax to Destroy America” by Alan Caruba dated April 8, 2015 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/71020)


A new poll shows voters want illegal immigrants aggressively deported, their gaming of the anchor-baby system put to an end and their welfare cut off, yet the political class still isn't listening.  More voters than ever feel the United States is not aggressive enough in deporting those who are here illegally, even as President Obama continues to push his plan to make up to 5 million illegal immigrants safe from deportation.  The polling group found that 62% of likely voters think the government is not aggressive enough in deporting illegals, up from 52% a year ago.  Fifty-one percent think illegals who have "anchor babies" born in the U.S. to discourage deportation shouldn't be exempt from the law, and 54% believe a child born to an illegal immigrant shouldn't get birthright citizenship.  An overwhelming 83% of voters think welfare applicants should have to prove they're here legally before receiving federal, state or local services and cash, a position that has stayed rock hard for four years.  What has changed is the in-your-face activism by illegals themselves, who have brazenly marched through the courts and Congress demanding their "rights," harassed elected officials in their homes, played the race card against opponents, co-opted churches and helped themselves to government benefits they had no right to take.  It's also happening because they have zero fear of immigration laws being enforced and are convinced that if they just make enough political noise, the Obama administration will help them, too.  Thousands of criminal illegals have been released into the population only to kill again.  Job-seeking illegals now have a $3,000 edge over legal residents, thanks to the ObamaCare burden on employers.  Obama himself has repeatedly warned Republicans of that grim fate if they didn't go along with his amnesty proposals.  With poll numbers like these, it's pretty obvious that the public is weary of this conventional wisdom that has gripped Democrat Party elites and much of the Republican political establishment for years.

·    Why should we import poverty to buffer our welfare class?

·    Why shouldn’t we place a premium on people best equipped to succeed in the new country,  with education, language, savings, skills and values that will foster assimilation?

A strong political leader will frame the issues in such terms and get away from both the emotionalism of the left and the avoidance of the right that has made immigration such a toxic topic and, as seen in this Rasmussen poll, made the public so angry.

(“Wanted: Straightforward Political Leadership on Illegals and Rule of Law” dated April 8, 2015 published by Investor’s Business Daily at http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/040815-747047-wanted-straightforward-political-leadership-on-illegals-and-rule-of-law.htm )


By abandoning virtually all its demands for serious restrictions on Iran's nuclear bomb program, the Obama administration has apparently achieved the semblance of a preliminary introduction to the beginning of a tentative framework for a possible hope of an eventual agreement with Iran.  Even this hazy "achievement" may vanish like a mirage.  It takes two to agree and Iran has already publicly disputed and even mocked what President Obama says is the nature of the framework.  The appearance of international control is more dangerous than a frank admission that we don't really know what they are doing.  These charades protect Barack Obama politically, no matter how much danger they create for America and the world.  If you look back through history, you will be hard pressed to find a leader of any democratic nation so universally popular, hailed enthusiastically by opposition parties as well as his own, as British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain when he returned from Munich in 1938, waving an agreement with Hitler's signature on it, and proclaiming "Peace for our time."  Now Barack Obama seems ready to repeat that political triumph by throwing another small country, Israel, to the wolves for the sake of another worthless agreement.  Comparing Obama to Chamberlain is unfair to Chamberlain.  There is no question that the British prime minister loved his country and pursued its best interests as he saw it.  He was building up his country's military forces, not tearing them down, as Obama has been doing with American military forces.  There was a time when either Israel or the U.S. could have destroyed Iran's nuclear facilities with far less risk of war than there will be after Iran already has its own stockpile of nuclear bombs.  The choice may be between surrender to Iran and nuclear devastation.  If anyone examines the facts about the Obama administration's actions and inactions in the Middle East from the beginning, it is far more difficult to reconcile those actions and inactions with a belief that Obama was trying to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons than it is to reconcile those facts with his trying to stop Israel from stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons.  This latest "agreement" with Iran, with which Iran has publicly and loudly disagreed, is only the latest episode in that political charade.

(“Iran Deal Just the Latest Politics-Driven Obama Charade” by Thomas Sowell dated April 6, 2015 published by Investor’s Business Daily at http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials-on-the-right/040615-746582-thomas-sowell-says-obama-agreement-with-iran-a-sham.htm )

We are now facing the unfolding disaster that Obama has wrought, as the US has just given the Iranians a green light to behave as if they have already built their nuclear umbrella.   The US and its partners are in the process of removing all significant obstacles from their path to nuclear capabilities.  Don’t look now, but North Korea is a nuclear power today, with missiles able to strike Japan, and soon Hawaii and California.  The Norks got a free pass, because Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, faked an agreement with Kim Jong-il in 2000, supposedly to stop uranium enrichment and missile development.  Then the Norks violated it, as everybody knew they would, so today North Korea has nuclear bombs and missiles.  Obama is playing the same sucker game in collusion with the mullahs, and the biggest betrayal is against us, against Americans who want our nation and the world to survive.   Obama is copying Clinton’s kabuki script, kicking that nuclear can down the road, so that ultimately Republicans will have to deal with it.  The biggest victims of Obama’s surrender are our former allies.  America’s nuclear shield protected the world from 1949 on, when Stalin exploded his first bomb.  Today, in response to the North Korean threat, Japan is rearming for the first time since World War II.  Saudi Arabia and Egypt will now feel forced to get their own nuclear weapons – because we’ve left them exposed to Iran’s nuclear jihad.  Israel will cooperate with the Saudis and Egyptians because they face the same enemy.  Obama had a six-year window to stop Iran, using the same strategy that worked against Saddam: a trade embargo and a no-fly zone to render his air force useless.  Obama and Val Jarrett wasted six years in secret talks with the mullahs, while lying hundreds of times that “Iran will never get nuclear weapons.”  The current agreement is therefore a pure sucker play.  It’s for the media only, since the facts are irreversible.  America’s nuclear umbrella,  kept the peace between the big powers since 1949 is now in tatters.  Nobody trusts us anymore, and there is no reason they should.  The duplicitous U.S. media will celebrate Obama’s surrender as a great victory.  When you have nukes, you don’t have to use them.  All you have to do is threaten.  Your home territory has become invulnerable, and you can just knock off any opposition by conventional means.  In effect, the United States has given up the effort to prevent nuclear breakout.  Armageddon cults like the mullahs now have their weapon of choice.  Chances are that he sees this farce as his chance to run for U.N. secretary general, as his own glorious future will be bought by the proceeds of surrender.  North Korea is already selling weapons technology to other rogues, including Iran.  Iranian officers have been spotted observing nuclear bomb experiments in North Korea.  Future rogues no longer have to build their own super-bombs because they can simply import them, which narrows the warning window to months rather than years, and all the nations threatened by Iran and North Korea understand these facts.

(“Nuclear Breakout by Iran and North Korea” by James Lewis dated April 4, 2015 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/04/nuclear_breakout_by_iran_and_north_korea.html )

Deep into a second term, Barack Obama is doubling down on his failed agenda.  Virtually everything he says is designed to mislead, undercut, and harm the fabric of our nation.  The public is slowly coming to realize the reality behind his rhetoric, and ii doesn’t like what they see because they are tired of being lied to, and they want the truth.  A turn in public mood is at hand as they await a leader to emerge whom they can believe in.  Obama dramatically increased government handouts as the national debt has exploded.  Under his Presidency, America has accumulated as much new debt as it did in its first 227 years.  With his encouragement, almost half of the population has been dumbed-down to the point they do not care about the virtues ofliberty, hard work, free enterprise, and private initiative.  Race relations have always been the Achilles’ heel of American politics.  Obama had a chance to be a great healer in this area, but instead has exploited that weakness so that every charge against him and his policies is reduced to a charge of racism.  American political history is like a swinging pendulum with each swing, to the right or to the left, lasting about 25 years or so in duration.  As the American people are painfully discovering, nothing Obama proposes works.  The pendulum is beginning to swing right again, and Obama is throwing everything he has into it to forever lock it leftward.  The border crisis he manufactured has thousands of illegals coming to a shelter near you.  Overall, Obama offers not a solution, but a balkanized America filled with strife and animosity.  Obama seeks to build an electoral majority of ignorant, ill-informed people who are easily swayed by handouts and propaganda.  He is betting that an ever-larger number of people will depend on an ever-larger government, a fundamental transformation of America.  Through all the damage he has inflicted on us, there are still a large number of hard-working patriotic people who want to make their way in this world free of government dependence.  We spoke loudly in 2010 and 2014, and we are still out here, more frustrated than ever, and now is our time.  We look at Obama and see his failed policies, his incompetence, his lies and deceptions, and we are disgusted by it.  We know conservatism is the solution.  We just need someone to articulate it and be our leader.  We are looking for someone we can believe in.  We hope for someone who will speak about conservatism without apologies; someone who will not make excuses about believing in God and country; someone of high moral fiber who will take the fight to the left and turn this mess around; someone who will fight for what is right and true.  For that person, our message for you is to have courage.  You need to step forward, show us your plan, show us some vision of our historic greatness, and be our voice. We will mobilize behind you. We will work tirelessly for you. And we will carry you on to the White House. Together, we will restore this great nation, and we are just watching and waiting for a true leader to come forward.

(“Waiting for a Leader to Emerge” by Jeff Lukens dated April 7, 2015 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/71000 )


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