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Views on the News*

  April 16, 2016


The United States of America in 2016 is a country in deep trouble.  We are facing severe economic and national security challenges, made worse by almost two terms of destructive Obama administration policies.  Even more troubling is the assault on our culture through a never ending quest for more multiculturalism and political correctness.  The flow of both legal and illegal immigrants has continued unabated for over five decades.  Amazingly, attempts to deport these lawbreakers or even reduce the flow of government benefits being delivered to them are labeled as racist by liberal elitists.  Whereas previous generations of immigrants gladly assimilated into this country, newcomers are encouraged to retain their own identity and language.  Despite the election of the first African-American President in 2008, the country’s race relations are at a very low point and getting worse.  Barack Obama was supposed to unite Americans, instead he specializes in driving a wedge between the races.  To make matters worse, he has surrounded himself with cabinet members who share his destructive philosophy.  It is contagious and has been co-opted by radical groups such as Black Lives Matter, among others.  In today’s America, almost everything is viewed through a racial context and there is a constant stream of online activists ready to cry “racism.”  The captains of political correctness in the media, Hollywood, our colleges and universities, the corporate world and throughout the Internet, all need to calm down.  Unless we calm down and change direction, this racial over-sensitivity will destroy the nation.  We will continue to see manufactured controversies, more division and more unrest.  Americans must destroy the demon of political correctness, start facing reality, and stop living in a fantasy world where the bogeyman of racism is everywhere.

(“No gap between political correctness and insanity” by Jeff Crouere dated April 9, 2016 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/article/no-gap-between-political-correctness-and-insanity )

Some of the most disturbing aspects of the times in which we are living include the utter corruption of the mass print and broadcast media and the lack of awareness of this fact by a large portion of the public.  It seems that most Americans operate on the assumption that the media is making a good-faith, if imperfect, effort at objectively informing its audience. That so few are genuinely aware of the outrageous manipulation of public opinion now taking place is the single greatest threat to the republic, to the extent that we can even say that our republic still exists.  It was recently reported that Obama used the NSA to spy on Congress during the deliberations related to the Iran nuclear deal, but this story has now disappeared completely from media coverage.  Obama authorized one of the most sophisticated intelligence-gathering organizations in the world to spy on American legislators, en masse, in pursuit of the most important, and egregiously flawed, international agreement impacting American national security and world stability, namely, with the chief sponsor of international terrorism: the Islamic Republic of Iran.  The media doesn't focus on this outrage at all, so to the overwhelming majority of the public, it is as though this never even happened.  Obama said publicly that the U.S. is "not a Christian nation" and that America is "one of the world's foremost Muslim countries."  These statements amount to utter lunacy in a country in which at least 70% self-identify as Christians, where Christian holidays are official national holidays, and where Muslims number, at most, three to four million out of a population of over 330 million.  This provoked not even a whimper of incredulity by the mass media.  Then, in 2012, during an unintentional "open mic" moment, we overheard Obama making assurances to Russian president Medvedev that once he was able to get past the election, he would have "more flexibility."   Here we have a sitting U.S. President apparently ready to make some huge concession to America's most important major power rival on the world stage, a concession so drastic that it apparently couldn't even be revealed until after the election, and the media did not hound him over this.  The media focus is entirely on setting the major GOP candidates against each other, in order to tarnish their images, letting the candidates themselves do the actual tarnishing, while not giving even a fraction of their coverage to the Democrat contest between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders or their actual qualifications to be President.  How many journalists have focused on the fact that despite having held positions such as senator from New York and secretary of state, Hillary Clinton has not even one major positive accomplishment she can name.  What about Hillary and Bill Clinton's foundation, which has amounted to little more than a money-laundering, influence-peddling racket aimed at amassing a vast campaign war chest funded by numerous foreign interests?  Or that Hillary's amply documented mishandling of highly classified information likely represents the greatest breach of trust by a cabinet-level government official in U.S. history?  Does the disgrace of Benghazi, the brutal loss of a U.S. ambassador, mean anything to anyone in the media?  Does it even count for a fraction of the consternation eighteen years ago over a stain on a dress?  How about the qualifications of Bernie Sanders, who did not so much as earn a regular paycheck until he was 40, who ran for Congress while collecting unemployment, who supported himself for a time writing about masturbation and rape fantasies for leftist publications, who has served in Congress for 25 years without having written even one piece of legislation that ever passed?  Who, in the national-level print and broadcast mass media, is giving more than scant attention, if any, to these issues?  As an illustration of the power of today's mass media to shape public opinion, one might consider the first time Obama experienced a major drop in his approval ratings.  This was early in his second term, during the rollout of ObamaCare, and proved to be such an unmitigated and obvious disaster that the mass media had no choice but to report on it honestly and across the board.  Obama's poll numbers suffered dramatically all over this one debacle.  Is it any wonder that despite presiding over the most anemic economic growth experienced under a two-term President since WW2, the lowest labor force participation rate in over 35 years, a more than doubling of the national debt, and the most catastrophic decline in America's stature and prestige on the world stage under one president in the whole of our history, Obama's approval ratings incredibly still hover around 50%?  Add to that not one, but several major scandals that by themselves would likely have sparked impeachment hearings under any previous president.  This is clearly the result of a mass media that is as controlled, literally, as what we saw in the Cold War-era Soviet Union, except that in the old USSR, people knew the media was peddling nonsense, so they took it with a big grain of salt.  Here, people aren't fully aware of the extent of the corruption.  In terms of degree, this is a relatively recent phenomenon, so their guard is down.  The individual exercise of independent critical thinking, the commonsense skepticism that would be needed to counter this, is largely absent, since there is no perceived need to make this effort, even on the part of people who consider themselves "informed."  The fear and expectation have to be that the American public is now being herded by the media into electing Hillary... or even Bernie, and may God help us all.

(“Obama’s Willing Executioners in the Media” by Victor Sharpe and Robert Vincent dated April 9, 2016 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/04/obamas_willing_executioners_in_the_media.html )

The United States has the highest corporate tax rates among members of the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development at 39.1%.  In response to this high rate many companies have engaged in what are called inversions, where they merge with company based in a country with a lower tax rate and moves its headquarters there to benefit from the lower corporate tax rate.  Republicans have called for lowering the corporate tax rate for years. In fact it is part of their party platform to level the international playing, and to spur job creation here at home.  Instead the President took executive action in the form of IRS and Treasury regulations to make inversions less attractive for companies to pursue, which continues the President’s history of going around Congress when his ideology is at stake.  He has unilaterally changed immigration law when Congress wouldn’t pass the DREAM Act and the Affordable Care Act when it could have negatively affected Democrats during election season.  Now he unilaterally changed tax rules because lowering tax rates are anathema to his ideology.  Prohibiting companies from completing inversions will not add revenue to the Treasury or stop corporate tax avoidance.  Obama is more concerned with appearances than results.  He doesn’t seem to care about playing by the rules when he allows people who broke our immigration laws to be put ahead of those who followed them or when he gave exemptions to Unions concerning Obama care regulations.  If the President really wanted big corporations to play by the same rules he would work with Republicans to lower our corporate tax rate to be more in line with the rest of the OECD, which would incentivize companies to keep their headquarters here and engage in less tax avoidance leading to more revenue for the Treasury, however this won’t happen because with this President it is all about pushing his ideology.

(“President Obama Places Ideology Above Partisanship” by Robert Pickup dated April 9, 2016 published by Intellectual Conservative at http://intellectualconservative.com/president-obama-places-ideology-above-bipartisanship/ )

The Obama Administration immigration policies reflect a fundamental unwillingness by federal law enforcement agencies to do their job.  The question is not are we lacking a high-enough wall, but do we lack the will.  The worsening problems at the border is perhaps the single-most important factor in the rise of Donald Trump as a competitive presidential candidate in 2016.  Trump and those who share his views on border security focus almost exclusively on the physical aspects of the issue; higher walls, more border patrol agents, and more money.  While money, equipment and personnel certainly are important elements of a comprehensive border security program, they are wasted without a true commitment on the part of officials from the President down to agency heads, to actually use those resources to do the job.  The key to “securing the border” lies not in physical security, but in policy security; and without the will to stop illegals from coming in, and until we stop fretting about the risk of “someone getting hurt if our law enforcement officers do their job,” illegals will continue to pour in regardless of the physical obstacles, barriers, and deterrents we place in their way.  No number of federal agents assigned to the border, and no amount of blustering from Trump about “growing [the border fence] ten feet higher,” will make a noteworthy difference if we on this side of the wall lack the courage to stop illegals before they ever put their first foot up to climb, or as soon as they touch down on our side.  First, we have to reverse the mixed messages of the Administration to Latin America regarding illegal immigration, and take a strong stand that our borders actually mean something, and that those attempting to enter the country illegally will be sent back, pronto.  We must back up this message by ending the absurd “catch and release” programs that kill the morale of Border Patrol agents and continue to demonstrate that we are not serious about stopping illegal immigration. Finally, we must address the economic incentives for illegal immigration by making clear to states and cities that federal funds cannot be used to subsidize pro-illegal immigration agendas of liberal local and state governments.  This means Zero Tolerance (and zero federal money) for “Sanctuary Cities.”  To accomplish these things, Republicans must resist the easy route of responding to populist calls for expensive, temporary “fixes,” and focus on the much harder task of reversing Washington’s current attitude towards immigration; replacing it with one that shows we have the courage to protect our borders.

(“True Border Security is Not About the Wall, It is About the Will” by Bob Barr dated April 13, 2016 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/bobbarr/2016/04/13/true-border-security-is-not-about-the-wall--it-is-about-the-will-n2147568 )


Americans just can’t take the Iranian tyrants seriously, as we hear Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei chant of “Death to America.”  He means what he says, and if we had leaders worthy of the name, they would be designing a strategy to bring down the Tehran regime before Khamenei and his evil henchmen do terrible things to us.  Instead, the President and the secretary of state keep showering largesse on the ayatollahs, who respond by telling us they are preparing our destruction.  Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said Iran is preparing for all-out war with the U.S. and its allies, and has vowed Iran will continue advancing and testing its ballistic missile program.  You may recall that President Obama lamented that while Iran was respecting “the letter” of the nuclear deal, it was often violating “the spirit” of the agreement.  The chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces, Major General Hassan Firouzabadi bragged about Iran’s global military power, including naval forces in the Western Hemisphere.  All indications are that Tehran is deadly serious, and has been all along.  They recently showed off a missile on which they’d written “Israel must be demolished,” and their missiles are plenty good.  The Obama administration downplays the significance of Iranian words, ships, and missiles, describing them more in sadness than real concern, most recently offering new missile deals, and possible access to the dollar zone.  This desperate scramble for ever-closer ties with Iran goes hand-in-hand with Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts at rapprochement with the Marxist terrorists of the Columbian FARC.  A few years ago considered defeated by the national army, aided by American security agencies from the CIA to DEA, but now we want to embrace them, not consign them to the archives of the recent unpleasant past.  The Iranians are in a hurry to cash in during the final months of the Obama presidency, and the White House will apparently pay most any price to be able to claim it “made peace” with Tehran, so don’t be surprised when terrible things happen.

(“Terrible Things Are Happening” by Michael Ledeen dated April 10, 2016 published by PJ Media at https://pjmedia.com/michaelledeen/2016/04/10/terrible-things-are-happening/ )


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David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY