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May 17, 2014


China is set to pass America as the world's biggest economy… THIS YEAR!  We always knew it would come someday, but under the leadership and economic policies of Obama, it's suddenly jumped way ahead of all previous projections.  The USA has had the unchallenged #1 economy in world since 1872 (when we passed the United Kingdom).  142 years of world dominance erased in only six years under one man's leadership.

·    For the first time in history businesses are being destroyed faster than they are starting.

·    There are now more food stamp recipients than the number of women working full-time.

·    The average full-time male employee earns less (adjusted for inflation) than in the ‘70s.

·    There are now 70% more Americans collecting entitlement checks than working in the private sector (148 million “takers” vs. 86 million “makers”).

·    The number of working-age Americans not in the labor force is at all-time highs.

·    The workplace participation rate of men is the lowest in history.

·    The workforce participation rate of women is the lowest on record.

·    The workforce participation rate for black Americans is at the lowest level ever recorded.

·    Over 800,000 people dropped out of the workforce last month.

·    With millions of the unemployed giving up looking for work, the unemployment rate has dropped to 6.3%.

So forget the debate over whether Obama is a radical Marxist intent on the destruction of capitalism and America; or whether he's an inexperienced, incompetent, economically-ignorant megalomaniac.  At some point you just have to conclude that Obama is this country’s jinx.  It doesn't matter if it's on purpose, or by mistake.  The man is ruining our lives, our economy, our jobs, and most importantly, our children's future.  Obama is a walking disaster for every country in the world except for China and Russia.  Those two evil empires suddenly are thriving.  All of our losses appear to be their gains.  Our decline is their shining moment.  Suddenly the world is Putin's oyster.  Suddenly our military is a feckless joke, incapable of stopping Russia's expansion plans.  Suddenly our obsession with green energy allows Russia’s economy to soar with energy revenues.  Suddenly our economy is stuck in reverse, while China’s economy explodes. Coincidence?  Funny how all this worked out?

(“Is Obama a jinx upon America?” by Wayne Allyn Root dated May 10, 2014 published by Fox News at http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2014/05/10/is-obama-is-jinx-upon-america/ )

It all started with the first person who ever said: “You hate the President because he is black,” which reduces any argument, question or analysis of the President or his actions, to the vastly oversimplified and completely inaccurate charge of “you are only saying this because the President is black.”  The President has been allowed to get away with actions, because this is the most protected, coddled, guarded, excused, sheltered, and pampered President in history.  He has been allowed to live in a bubble of hypocrisy, with never a challenging question at press conferences, nor any real attempt to overturn his illegal laws and regulations.  Obama is without any responsibility for himself and his actions, and this is where the new racism has changed America.  The new racism, the deep racism, the racism that hides in the dark recesses of hearts and minds, the unconscious racism, the racism that so far has remained undisclosed, lies not in the opposition to the President, in those who dare to analyze, criticize and question him, no the real racism exists in those who continue to make or sympathize with the claim that “you will do anything to hurt the president because he is black.”  The real racism today, the racism no one is really talking about yet, is from the socialist Left.  The socialist Left has condemned not only Barack Obama to second class status as a President, but every subsequent Democrat black President to second class status as well, until this leftist racism is purged from our political system.  Every President before Obama has had scandals, and wars, and crises, and things to answer for.  I feel completely free to fully criticize, analyze, and question everything he has done since taking office, because I disagree with all of it.  I disagree with him because he is a radical Marxist socialist who self proclaimed he would fundamentally transform America, and that to me is treason.  His skin color is irrelevant.  The irony is that the people who are asking the tough questions and offering the harshest criticism of the President are, by doing so, proving they have no racism, because they consider the President up the challenge of the scrutiny every other President has faced, and treat him as equal to that challenge.  The socialist Left does not consider black Americans as equals, so they couldn’t consider a black President the equal of other Presidents.  This is why the Left protects and shelters Barack Obama. They believe they have to protect and guide him, because he can not do it for himself.  If the Left believed Barack Obama the equal of every President, they would have to believe that black Americans are the equal of all Americans, and that would destroy the justification for every liberal program, and would destroy the Left’s reason for existing.  The evidence of leftist racism is everywhere, from the willful destruction of the black family, to Planned Parenthood’s “Negro Project,” to substandard city schools, to affirmative action, to claiming black and hispanic Americans are incapable of getting photo I.D.s for voting, to the substandard of living in every city with leftist leadership, to every case where the category of race is applied in group or class to put down, hold down, coddle, shelter, imprison, and propagandize that the color of a person’s skin reduces them to second class status, and requires the protection of usually white, liberal overlords.  When will conservatives, independents, and libertarians demand that the socialist Left get over their racism and let Barack Obama stand on his own two feet, without protection, without sheltering, and without everything they have done to keep him as a lower tier President?

(“Why Obama Will Never Know a Full Presidency” by Greg Penglis dated May 4, 2014 published by Intellectual Conservative at http://intellectualconservative.com/why-obama-will-never-know-a-full-presidency/ )


Obama’s approval rating stands at 45% among all registered voters, yet among black voters, Obama’s job approval soars to 86%, despite Obama’s devastating impact on black Americans.  Obama’s election generated considerable ethnic pride, seeing a black man (or, precisely, a half-black man) inaugurated was a truly exceptional milestone for all Americans.  Once Obama reached the Oval Office, his performance should have dimmed his halo among blacks, especially considering how much they have suffered on his watch.

Obama’s focus on resentment and redistribution, rather than robust growth, has failed the entire country, not just black folks.  These sad statistics do not capture the intangible humiliation of watching America’s first black President expose himself as a lazy, incompetent liar.  This inescapable truth is confirmed by Obama’s eerily detached demeanor, his 169 rounds of golf in office, his scores of skipped intelligence briefings, his unforgivable absence from the Situation Room during the Benghazi massacre, and his burgeoning scandals, from Fast and Furious to the IRS’s persecution of conservative groups to the 40 or more war heroes who died without medical care while languishing on secret Veterans Affairs wait lists.  These facts are rarely shared with black voters, because they are toxic, and the GOP’s growth-and-prosperity antidote is just what black Americans need.

(“Black Americans Are Worse Off under Obama” by Deroy Murdock dated May 16, 2014 published by National Review Online at http://www.nationalreview.com/article/378087/black-americans-are-worse-under-obama-deroy-murdock )


After successfully bringing more than 30% of the U.S. economy (health care and financial services industries) under political control during his first term, President Obama made it clear last week that a priority of his second term is to go after the energy sector, another 10.5%.  The purpose of the White House's orchestrated release of the National Climate Assessment on May 7 was to set the stage to drive energy markets and fossil fuels under the heel of more government regulation.  With Obama promoting more energy regulation and choosing to hold up construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, one of the three legs of U.S. energy independence, many Americans wonder what's going on.  The primary purpose of Keystone XL is to transport crude oil from the oil tar sands of Alberta, Canada's Athabasca region to refineries on the Gulf Coast in Texas and Louisiana that are specifically designed to process and refine heavy crude into byproducts such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.  Radical environmentalists may have heightened opposition to so-called dirty oil from tar sands, but the end products are essentially the same as those refined from light sweet crude.  If the U.S. does not take full advantage of the Canadian oil sands resource, China certainly will to a greater and greater extent.  Most environmentalists think globally and must realize that delaying Keystone only gives China more clout in securing a larger portion of the oil sands. And then who wins?  Certainly not Mother Earth, given China's horrid environmental record.  People also need to follow the money and understand the Keystone holdup by analyzing who benefits. Opposing the Keystone XL pipeline is a lightning rod and cash cow for the Democrat Party.  Environmentalists have pledged $100 million to fight Keystone and fossil fuels.  Billionaire Democrat Warren Buffett, whose Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad capitalizes on transporting the oil that would otherwise flow more safely and economically through the Keystone pipeline.  It's also important to follow the power and ask who benefits. Neither American workers nor consumers benefit from Obama's opposition to the Keystone pipeline.  Delaying Keystone reinforces the perception of American weakness and indecision at a time when Russia's Putin is flexing his muscles, threatening Ukraine and other neighbors with energy blackmail.  Obama declared that the U.S. would "lead from behind" in the political upheavals of oil-rich countries such as Libya, and now, at home he's on another power grab while leading from behind on energy independence and security.

(“Obama Blocks Keystone to Start Energy Takeover” by Scott Powell dated May 13, 2014 published by Investor’s Business Daily at http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials-perspective/051314-700702-obama-wants-energy-markets-fossil-fuels-under-government-heel.htm )

The White House report on global warming is just one more act of violence against science perpetrated under the guise of saving the planet from some imagined future ills, with the full intent of scaring the American people into supporting emergency action.  The scare campaign is already so intense that child psychologists are seeing it effect children’s mental health with, who are constantly exposed to doomsday talk about the destruction of our planet.  Note the second half of that statement, after being scared to a point of noticeable anxiety about the state of Mother Nature these kids are being encouraged to become community activists for the environment to alleviate that stress.  Today, we have our schools happily scaring the heck out of children equating every hurricane, drought, tornado or heat wave to man-made global warming.  The White House climate report simply escalates this drumbeat.  Never worried about facts, the report comes to its dire predictions in spite of the inconvenient truth that the Midwest United States, known as tornado alley, had record low numbers of tornados this year, and despite predictions hurricane activity was limited as well.  While the standard winter joke of wishing for some global warming always causes a chuckle, it is true for both sides of the debate that one day, season or year should not define whether global warming is a crisis, let alone whether it is caused by human activity.  Yet, the White House has launched this next scare campaign ignoring that the planet hasn’t warmed for the entire lifetime of the average high school senior based around this very anecdotal premise.  Significantly, the earth has actually stopped warming for almost as long as it was warming, creating quite conundrum for those who honestly study the issue.  The entire White House campaign, complete with shiny new report, is designed to justify independent Presidential regulatory action that transforms America economically through the destruction of a reliable electric utility grid, an ambitious attack on the energy backbone that has driven American prosperity since the industrial revolution, and a radical agenda that has been routinely rejected by the legislative branch.

(“The Bad Science of Anthropogenic Global Warming” by Rick Manning dated May 9, 2014 published by American Clarion at http://www.americanclarion.com/bad-science-anthropogenic-global-warming-30795 )

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee reminds us of why our friends no longer trust us, our enemies no longer fear us and that “un-friending” terrorists on social media is not a foreign policy.  We've all seen the photo of first lady Michelle Obama holding up a sign with the hashtag slogan "Bring Back Our Girls," which underscores a totally unserious foreign policy that relies on gimmicks and reset buttons as Russia and radical Islamists go on the march.  This White House sees social media as substitutes for action and as excuses for its foreign policy failures, such as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's in Benghazi.  House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers said we need to acknowledge a "new ecosystem of terrorism ... from Nigeria all the way across northern Africa ... to Pakistan and Afghanistan."  It requires "more than hashtags and selfies."  The Clinton State Department for two years refused to place Boko Haram on the list of foreign terrorist organizations despite being urged to do so by the CIA, the FBI and even the Justice Department.  Boko Haram is just the tip of the iceberg of a global Sharia-based Islamist war on women and on Western civilization itself.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali, affiliated with Harvard's school of government, was born a Muslim in Somalia, grew up in Kenya, renounced Islam and found her way to America.  Writing in the Wall Street Journal, she says it's "time for Western liberals to wake up... The kidnapping of these schoolgirls is not an isolated tragedy; their fate reflects a new wave of jihadism that extends far beyond Nigeria and poses a mortal threat to the rights of women and girls," and all the tweets in the world won't change that.

(“America Need More Than a Selfie and Hashtag Foreign Policy” dated May 13, 2014 published by Investor’s Business Daily at http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/051314-700758-bokoharam-hashtag-and-selfie-diplomacy.htm )


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David Coughlin

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