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June 2, 2018


America has had its problems.  Having drifted from our roots, we bought the Progressive and Liberal lie that unrestrained freedom was good and the result was: rejection of our Judeo-Christian values and American traditions, soaring divorce rates, rampant sexual promiscuity, gender confusion, violence, murder, lying and cheating, millions cohabiting, pornography everywhere, now in your face direct from Hollywood, drugs and alcohol, confused and angry children, intolerance, and a deluge of greedy and selfish politicians.  It is obvious there is a concerted effort to radically change America from a strong, freedom-loving, God-fearing, moral nation into a lock-step, freedom-rejecting, socialist, atheistic culture willing to do what has been dictated to us.  We have been told that our spirituality, our freedoms and our suspicion of big government have brought us misery, and many have endorsed it.  Hollywood reflects it, the main stream media promotes it, academia teaches it and an entire political party exhorts it. To the Left, our culture must be destroyed for the takeover to be complete.  In 1965, the Great Northeast Blackout occurred, with power out for 30 million people in six states, in New York City, 800,000 people stuck in subway cars, thousands more in elevators, and tens of thousands with no way to get home; people sleeping in hotel lobbies or airline terminals; and citizens helping police direct traffic.  In spite of this, no significant violence or looting took place, and for many, it was almost fun.  Compare that to the 1977 Blackout when New York City descended into chaos, 1,000 fires were reported, 1,600 stores damaged in looting and rioting with 3,700 people arrested.  Many neighborhoods were devastated and only 12 years later.  In their best form of liberal tactics, Progressives accuse Americans of being racist, immoral, and violent.  Progressives are the authors of our national misery have been dictating the solutions.  Their solutions are what they had planned all along, restricting and taking away our freedoms, bringing us down to a more controllable, submissive condition.  We are not the immoral, racist country they say we are.  It is merely a ploy to make us more pliable.  There are tens of millions of people, especially in the mid-section of the country, who have been waiting for someone to finally validate their values.  In the liberal tradition of accusing others of what they themselves are doing, we are on to their schemes.  Media lies, academia indoctrinates, Hollywood sells garbage, and self-serving politicians distort and fabricate.  The Left thought they won the culture and political war, poised to divide the spoils.  Tens of millions of Americans began to take notice, the giant awakened from a deep sleep, however delayed.  The great mid-section, fly-over country, has stood up and is now ripe to save this nation.  Yes, we have been deeply infiltrated by great evil, but the 2016 election has shown that we no longer sleep.  Donald Trump is not our answer, he is our vehicle, so God Bless Donald Trump. God Bless the USA!

(“The Rousing of America: A Memorial Day Tribute” by Ray DiLorenzo dated May 26, 2018 published by Canada Free Press at https://canadafreepress.com/article/the-rousing-of-america-a-memorial-day-tribute )

There is just no realistic way for any outside entity to physically take over the streets of a country whose known weaponry is capable of incinerating the globe many times over.  The reason many Hollywood sci-fi movies have invading extraterrestrials taking over and destroying Washington DC and not Rome or Caracas is that much of the movie-going world realizes that if Washington goes, it’s pretty much game over for the rest of the big blue marble.  With the odds of any real threat of invasion to the U.S. coming from a foreign country at near zero, the only possible way the American people can lose their freedom is through an internal collapse.  A breakdown is not only of the rule of law, culture, and language but Judeo Christian values upon which America built its foundation.  If there ever was a playbook on the specific steps needed to be taken to dismantle America from within it is indeed in use today.  There is no secret how the left has been amazingly successful in such a short period.  Outnumbered and without supporting evidence or facts to back up their globalist, anti-American rhetoric, the left relies entirely on the full support of the media.  Today, the media in The United States is not an objective seeker and disseminator of truth.  The media serves as the propagandist and protector of the forces that want to change America from a Constitutional Republic to a socialist state.  The evidence is clear and overwhelming of the countless times the media has selectively covered that which promotes leftist ideals and ignored or altered the facts of that which exposes the sinister leftist agenda.  The clear examples of media bias, misinformation, and deceit are inescapable.  It’s hard to imagine that the news organizations we have all grown up with and trusted all of our lives are now actively undermining our system of government and using their influence to divide the population in their effort to control better.  With the full assistance of the media, the leftist plan to alter America’s course from a free to a significantly oppressed society has become more of a reality.  Continuous and relentless leftist propaganda distributed by the media most certainly has an impact on the American psyche.  It is the deliberate intention of the media to successfully elevate the fringe leftist element in America and demonize all types of speech and opinion that run counter to the leftist program.  The media can no longer hide behind the benign image of a sometimes left-leaning communications entity because it has exposed itself for what it indeed is; an active participant in the dismantling of traditional American values.  Anything short of acknowledging this realization is dealing with the self-defeating activity of self-deception.  The pervasively destructive demand for politically correct language extinguishes the essential means of communication. It is a fundamental part of liberty that dictates that Americans need to speak freely and openly without concern regarding hurting the feelings of others.  Political correctness is a weapon in the arsenal of the left, and free-thinking Americans should resist legitimizing such a tactic and refrain from using that weapon against themselves.  Today’s mainstream media is an enemy of truth, conservative thought, and the authority of the United States Constitution.  Many young, as well as some seasoned journalists in today’s media, are not capable of reporting the truth either because of their leftist indoctrination in liberal universities or out of fear of the consequences from the leftist editorial board of most media outlets.  There is no question that the left aims at changing America in the worst possible way but their efforts would go largely unnoticed if it not for a sympathetic and like-minded media.

(“The Biggest Threat to America’s Future is the Media” by Rick Hayes dated May 26, 2018 published by Canada Free Press at https://canadafreepress.com/article/the-biggest-threat-to-americas-future-is-the-media )

Since the 1960s, the media, Hollywood and the education system have presented a warped view of America along with a sugarcoated version of socialism.  So, we should not be surprised when we see so many young people fooled by the false promises of redistributive economics.  In the United States, surveys show that many Millennials are not merely soft on socialism but openly support it.  They think capitalism benefits only the “one percent” and no one else, despite America’s matchless record of upward mobility and prosperity.  The Millennials are the main force behind Vermont’s Democrat Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, and they are pushing the Democrat Party even further to the Left.  Four Democrats backed by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) won primary elections for state legislative seats in Pennsylvania.  They proudly proclaimed that they’re ‘turning the state the right shade of red.”  Socialism is a variant of Marxism, whose most virulent form is communism, symbolized by the color red.  The universal result of such regimes is economic stagnation, confiscation of property, rule by the few, mass emigration and even mass murder.  No wonder America’s ruling elites at some point managed to pull off a switch in colors.  They replaced Republican conservative blue with red and made blue the color of Democrat liberalism.  The media enthusiastically adopted the reversed color scheme because they don’t want the masses to wake up and see where all this is going.  Even though elements of the Left are chronically red-eyed and furious, the media delight in casting conservative middle Americans in red because it makes them seem unattractively angry.  While they’re busy trying to turn America into yet another failed state, our home-grown Democrat Socialists seem oblivious to glaring examples of the consequences of such a transformation only 105 miles south of Key West in communist Cuba or another 1,274 miles south in fast-becoming communist Venezuela.  Under the Castro regime, Cuba became and still is an economic basket case with jails full of dissidents.  In formerly prosperous Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro’s latest stunt is to sue an American cereal company famous for its corn flakes because they want to cease operations.  In Marxist regimes, where the Berlin Wall is a happy memory, it’s illegal to leave a workers’ paradise.  After the United States defeated National Socialism and Fascism in World War II and then communism in the Cold War, many Americans thought our God-fearing country was pretty well insulated from socialist insanity.  Unless they are reminded, people have short memories.  The shocking affection for socialism among the nation’s young adults shows that much work remains to set the record straight.

(“Dancing with Socialism, Ignoring Reality” by Robert Knight dated May 27, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/robertknight/2018/05/27/dancing-with-socialism-ignoring-reality-n2484739 )

One of the key principles of Trumponomics is that faster economic growth can help solve a multitude of other social and economic problems, from poverty, to inner-city decline, to lowering the national debt.  The growth rate over the last four quarters came in at 2.9%, which was higher than any of the eight years of the Obama presidency.  Halfway through this current quarter, which began on April 1, the Atlanta Federal Reserve estimates growth at 4%.  If that persists through the end of June, we will have reached an average growth rate of 3% under President Trump.  Every liberal Trump critic trashed the president’s campaign forecast of 3% to 4% growth as an impossible dream.  Economists like Larry Summers, Obama’s first chief economist, gloomily declared that we were mired in a new era of “secular stagnation” and that 3% growth was unachievable.  We are already starting to see a fiscal dividend from Trump’s tax, energy and regulatory pro-business policies.  The Congressional Budget Office reports that tax revenues in April totaled $515 billion, which was a robust 13% rise in receipts over last year.  MoneyWeek reports that the $218 billion monthly surplus (revenues over expenditures) this April was the largest ever.  Here’s the simple lesson: more growth, more tax revenue.  There’s another lesson, and it is about how wrong the bean counters were in Congress who said this tax bill would “cost” the Treasury $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion in lost revenues over the next decade.  If the higher growth rate that Trump has already accomplished remains in place, then the impact will be well over $3 trillion of more revenue and thus lower debt levels over the decade.  Putting people to work is the best way to balance the budget.  Critics will dismiss the importance of these higher revenue collections by arguing that the new receipts are for 2017 tax payments, which don’t take account of the tax cut that passed in December.  This ignores that some of the growth we have seen was a result of the anticipation of the tax cut.  Moreover, the fact that the tax cuts are just sinking in means we should get even higher growth rates for the next several years at least.  No one thought that Trump could ramp up the growth rate to 3% or that his policies would boost federal revenues, but he is doing just that which is why all that the Democrats and the media want to talk about these days is Russia and Stormy Daniels.

(“The mojo of Trumponomicsby Stephen Moore dated May 27, 2018 published by The Washington Times at https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/may/27/the-mojo-of-trumponomics/ )

Liberty embodies the most precious treasures of humanity by encompassing seven forms of freedom that collectively make us human.  Islam is anathema to each and every one of these freedoms.  The choice is either liberty or Islam.  We can't have it both ways.

·    Political freedom - The right to freely elect the government and the government rule by the consent of the people.  Islam by definition is a belief of surrender including the surrender of the people's right to choose their government.  In countries where Islam wields great power, such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, people have no choice whatsoever in choosing their governments.   The Earth is Allah's, people are vessels of Allah, and the rulers are Allah's appointed shepherds of his flock.

·    Religious freedom and freedom from religious coercion - The right to practice any religion or no religion, as well as separating religion from state.  Non-Muslim rights are strictly curtailed.  Judaism and Christianity are treated with harmful discrimination. Jews and Christians are classified as dhimmis, they are subjected to special religious taxes, and disenfranchised from many rights of citizenship.  Separation of the mosque and the state is considered another abhorrent frivolity of the non-Islamic heathen societies.  

·    Freedom of assembly - The right to gather and associate with any individual or group.  Religious minorities are frequently forbidden from assembling together, and freedom of association is an alien concept in Islam.  Muslims are warned against associating with non-Muslims, they are not to come in any contacts with them, much less break bread with infidels.  Non-Muslims are considered najes – unclean.  The right of assembly is reserved for the Islamic sanctioned events such as the numerous religious theatrics and government orchestrated demonstrations.  Religious minorities are either banned or greatly restricted in group practices such as worship or observance of holidays.  Non-approved religious groups are harassed and disenfranchised on a graded scale.  In Shi'a lands, Sunnis receive less than fair treatment.  Others, such as Christians and Jews, are next in terms of exercising their rights.  Then, a host of other religious minorities, such as Bahá'ís and Sufis, face the severest variety of restrictions and outright persecutions.

·    Freedom of speech - The right to express oneself, short of "falsely shouting 'fire' in a crowded theater."  Freedom of speech indeed exists in Islamic societies as long as you sing the praises of Islam and the ruling system.  Woe unto anyone who dares to utter the slightest objections to the draconian Islamic laws and its primitive teachings.  Expressing disagreement with denigration of women is a sure way of incurring the wrath of the state.  Islamic government and powerful Islamic organizations avidly campaign for a universal adoption of what they call blasphemy laws.  They propose severe punishment for any individual or organization that in any form speaks unfavorably about Islam, Muhammad, or Islamic sanctity.  Conveniently, they neglect to stipulate the same provisions for other religions.

·    Economic freedom - The right to engage in a business and keep as much of the earning as legally possible.  Where Islam rules, Islam rules all matters, including economic matters.  There is a degree of freedom in this area, with some restrictions.  For example, you may operate a restaurant or work in one.  Yet, for one full month every year, your restaurant must shut down from sunrise to sunset to honor the fasting month of Ramadan.  Financing a business venture must follow the Islamic rule of lending and borrowing money.  

·    Freedom of the press - The right of publications and other media to advocate anything legal.  There is an inverse relationship between the extent of the Islamic rule and the freedom of the press.  The greater the rule, the less the freedom of the press.  Where Islam wields great power, the role of the press is to sing the praises of the system and report only on matters approved by the authorities.  Legions of journalists are routinely meted prison sentences and are fined, and their publications banned for aiming to report the truth.

·    Freedom from the state - The ability of the individuals to be free from government interference in their life, as much as possible.  Government interference in the life of the individual is legend.  In the Islamic system, government is to rule, and the individual is to serve the government.  Government orders the minutest details of personal life, from mode of dress and even subjects that women are barred from studying in college.  In some countries girls were forbidden even to attend school, risking death.  Saudi Arabia still denies women the right to vote or hold elected offices.  Women may not travel abroad without written permission from a male parent or a husband.  Interference into personal life of the individual is legion.

Islam clashes head on with every one of these seven pillars of liberty.

(“Islam is Incompatible with Liberty” by Amil Imani dated May 31, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/05/islam_is_incompatible_with_liberty.html )


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