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June 9, 2018

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton tried to enter history together as the pair who took down the most successful country that ever existed.  Obama and Hillary in some ways are mirrors of each other; in other ways, photographic negatives.  They’re alike in that the focus of each is self, with a vengeance, in a way so exaggerated as to escape the comprehension of normal people.  Each thinks him/herself the smartiest pants in the room, maybe even the world, perhaps even the galaxy.  Both have perfectly average intelligence, scant talent, zero common sense and no zest for anything that resembles productive work.  His phony cerebralism counterpoises her readiness for hardball; his towering disdain balances her sneering contempt; and his ideology-driven cast of mind opposes her criminality.  Neither is or ever was presidential timber or even presidential toilet paper.  Both mistook the band wagon ambitions of supporters for proof that they themselves were Napoleons among battalions of corporals.  The most extraordinary thing about both, especially Obama, is a capacity for self-delusion.  Their only real skill is skirting rules, subverting institutions, playing on resentments, destroying lives.  For real accomplishment, for building up rather than tearing down, neither could lead a fly to fresh horse dung.  To this day, these mental ladyfingers think themselves atomic bombs.  That they went as far as they did attests to the worst, not the best, in humankind.  Both would have been more at home in Stalin’s Soviet Russia, where eventually their shiftlessness would tell and they would be shunted aside where they couldn’t cause problems for abler monsters.  It’s going to take awhile to clean up behind this pair.  A very large crowd wants to see these creeps get what’s coming to them, because the prospect appeals to the DeFarge in us all.

(“Cleaning up after Obama and Hillary” by Richard Jack Rail dated June 4, 2018 published by American Thinker a https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/06/cleaning_up_after_obama_and_hillary.html )

Since literally the day Donald J. Trump declared his candidacy for President (almost three years ago), I’ve predicted that he would turnaround the miserable Obama economy and produce the biggest economic boom since Ronald Reagan.  I even gave this Trump economic turnaround a catchy name: "The Trump Miracle."  I’ve compared Trump to Ronald Reagan hundreds of times in print and thousands of times on my national radio and TV shows.  Well don’t look now, but Trump is our generation's Reagan; in fact, Trump may actually be better than Reagan.  Reagan produced millions of good-paying middle class jobs, unprecedented prosperity and the greatest economic expansion in world history.  Trump is on track to surpass Reagan’s economic success.  Let’s start with the May jobs report.  US job growth sharply accelerated.  Nonfarm payrolls increased by 223,000, smashing expectations by 33,000 jobs.  Manufacturing gained 18,000 jobs.  Construction gained 25,000 jobs.  Mining gained almost 6000 jobs.  The jobless rate is now 3.8%, the lowest since November of 1969.  Wages are up 2.7% for the year.  Happy Days are here again.  The number of full-time jobs rose by 904,000 for the month of May, which is the biggest monthly increase this century.  We also lost 625,000 low quality, low wage part-time jobs, which I call "Obama jobs."   When liberals praised Obama for creating jobs, I pointed out his own former Chief Economic Advisor proved an overwhelming majority were crappy, low-wage, part-time jobs.  In the Obama era every new job required food stamps and free healthcare to survive.   The Trump Miracle produces the exact opposite of Obama.  With Trump's economy, its all about full-time, high-wage jobs.  GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the only real way to measure if an economy is growing, or not.  The Fed just predicted GDP for the 2nd quarter will be a blistering 4.8%, a number not seen since the days of Reagan.  The USA has moved back to #1 in the world in the global economic competitiveness index.  A record 35% of small businesses reported paying higher wages to employees last month.  74% of employers plan to pay $11 per hour or higher, compared to 53% a year ago.  Small business is exploding under Trump.  This happening because:

·    Trump cut taxes dramatically, so now business owners can afford to share the wealth;

·    Trump is killing regulations at the fastest pace of any president in history, so business owners can spend our money on paying higher wages, instead of on lawyer bills;

·    Trump’s strict immigration policies are working overtime (excuse the pun).  40% of employers are using E-verify to hire only legal American citizens- up from 25% last year.  Trump's policies are super-charging the economy for American citizens, not illegals.

Everything has changed under Trump.  The world of money has opened up.  Everyone is buying again.  Everyone is writing checks again.  It’s a new day under President Trump: we are free to make money again; we are free to practice capitalism without guilt; the sun is out; the skies are blue; there's a job in every pot; and The Trump Miracle lives. 

(“The Trump Miracle” by Wayne Allyn Root dated June 5, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/wayneallynroot/2018/06/05/the-trump-miracle-n2487181 )


Liberals have an incredible ability to ruin everything, and they’re on the job 24/7.  Remember when you could watch a TV show or go to the movies and not have to be bombarded with left-wing political messages, either blatant or subtle?  Remember when you were entertained by entertainment and you went to church if you wanted to be preached to, but that’s not the case anymore.  The “progressive” church is politics, political correctness their gospel, and government their God.  Just like 7/11, they never switch off the lights.  You can’t watch a network TV show or go to the movies without some jab or crack about conservatives or President Trump.  Republicans are the perps on crime dramas and businesses adopt a “we can increase profits by killing a bunch of people” business plan regularly in Hollywood’s fever dreams.  Hollywood have been overrun by leftists for years, so a liberal message in their products is almost second nature now.  Other areas of entertainment had been left alone, but not anymore.  In the sports world the locker rooms are covered by MSNBC, post-game press conferences by CNN, and sports journalism is on NPR.  Athletes have always had political opinions, they just mostly kept them to themselves. Their job, which pays them extremely well, is to put butts in seats, bring eyes to TVs, sell team merchandise, and plug their sponsors, attacking half of your potential customer base’s personal beliefs is bad for the bottom line.  When the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles originally agreed to go to the White House to celebrate their victory, as has been tradition, the vast majority of the team was going to attend, according to reports.  However when the date approached, the team changed their story and only a couple of players and the team mascot were going to show up.  Donald Trump, with the Eagles’ thumb in his eye, simply cancelled the event.  To Hell with the tradition if the team is going to play games like that.  When a championship team goes to the White House to be recognized they aren’t celebrating a president, they’re being celebrated by whoever happens to be the president at that time.  They go and are honored by the office, not the occupant.  There have been individual athletes who’ve opted against attending White House events over who its occupant was, but they were few and far between.  Now LeBron James and Steph Curry, the two biggest stars in the NBA, have already announced that no matter who wins the title this year, the team isn’t going to the White House because of Trump.  In 2012 the media attacked Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas for skipping a visit when Barack Obama was president.  Now whole teams are refusing to attend and the media justifies and cheers.  Everything is weaponized nowadays by the left in their relentless crusade to cripple President Trump.  To his credit, Trump has out maneuvered them.  Last year he chose to disinvite the Golden State Warriors when they were grumbling about skipping the honor, and he cancelled the celebration for the Eagles while turning the whole incident on the player protests during the national anthem.  Suddenly the protesters were on the defensive, it was masterstroke of PR.  Now we have word that Miss America is ending the looks part of their pageant.  Beauty pageants have long outlived their societal relevancy, and to remove the physical beauty aspect will likely be the last nail in their coffin.  I’m not a big fan of these things, but I do usually watch the last half hour or so.  Without physical fitness and attractiveness being factors, the whole thing might as well be an essay contest.  Liberalism ruins everything it sinks its talons into, and the election of Donald Trump sent them into a frenzy.  Everything is politicized, and because of that, everything is marked for destruction, so I don’t know how this is all going to end, but I know if liberals win it won’t be good.

(“There is Nothing Liberalism Won’t Ruin” by Derek Hunter dated June 7, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/derekhunter/2018/06/07/there-is-nothing-liberalism-wont-ruin-n2488037 )


The Democrat Party is delivering more candidates around the nation who are unabashedly boilerplate, in-your-face, hard left, pro-big government, pro-abortion, and pro-LGBT rights.  Recent Wall Street Journal/NBC polling shows how the Democrat Party has changed. In 2004, 67% of Democrats identified as moderate or conservative and 31% identified as liberal. In 2018, we see a shift to the left of 20 points with 47% identifying as moderate or conservative and 51% as liberal.  In 14 presidential elections since 1964, Democrat candidates captured an average 88% of the black vote, but blacks generally don't fit the new far-left profile.  According to recent data from the Pew Research Center, black Democrats have very little religiously in common with white Democrats.  Religious behavior of black Democrats is much more closely aligned with white Republicans.  Forty-seven percent of black Democrats say they attend church at least weekly, compared to 45% of white Republicans and 22% of white Democrats.  Ninety-two percent of black Protestants say they believe in God as described in the Bible, compared to 70% of Republicans and 45% of Democrats.  It's not just religious attitudes that raise questions about black monolithic affinity for the Democrat Party.  In the Pew Religious Landscape study published in 2014, 36% of historically black Protestants described themselves as conservative and 24% as liberal.  Regarding the role of government, 23% of historically black Protestants say they prefer smaller government and fewer services and 70% say they prefer larger government and more services.  Regarding government aid to the poor, 27% of historically black Protestants say government does more harm than good and 66% say government does more good than harm.  You might say that these responses regarding the role of government explain why blacks vote disproportionately for Democrats, but that's not correct.  Pew reports in addition to 47% of all black Democrats saying they attend church at least once per week, 74% say they pray daily, and 76% say religion is "very important" in their lives.  So data that Pew reports for historically black Protestants seems to be a reasonably rough sample of black attitudes in general.  When 36% identify as conservative, and when 27% say government assistance to the poor does more harm than good, yet on average, 88% of blacks are voting for Democrats, something is amiss.  Voting Democrat is not written in black genes.  From 1936 to 1960, the black vote for the Republican presidential candidate averaged 30%.  In 1956, 39% of blacks voted for Dwight Eisenhower.  Black voting behavior has far reaching implications, as America changes demographically into a country less and less white.  In 1980, 88% of voters were white, but in 2016, only 70% were, and this trend will continue.  In a new Harvard-Harris Poll, 33% of blacks say they are now "better off" in their financial situation and 32% of blacks approve of the way Trump is handling the economy.  Republican Party outreach to blacks has ratcheted up considerably since the Obama years.  If Republicans can succeed in courting these church-going black Christians, we could see a political realignment in the country that will change profoundly America's political landscape.

(“Will More Blacks Vote Republican?” by Star Parker dated June 6, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/starparker/2018/06/06/will-more-blacks-vote-republican-n2487655 )

The United States and other Western nations have been assaulted with Political Correctness (PC), the repudiation of saying what you think.  It seems to have come from nowhere and on the surface it appears to protect minorities or the disadvantaged from being marginalized, but it is designed to create dissatisfaction with the status quo, culturally, politically, socially, and economically, while creating victimology and deep division among people and groups.  It is a loss of proportion, an absence of humor and the freedom to laugh at oneself. It pits good people against each other.  PC is not a new phenomenon, because it is at least 100 years old and finds its genesis in Marxist theology during World War I.  The purveyors of Marxist thought originally sold Communism as an economic solution.  It first spread in Russia, a backward, feudal society with little to lose.  When it failed to gain acceptance in Western Europe, because of their economic success, it was decided that the emphasis had to shift from destroying an economic system to first destroying a cultural system.  Western culture had to be dismantled.  In the early twenties, Communist think tanks went from names like The Institute of Marxism to innocuous names like The Institute for Social Research also known as the Frankfurt School.  It translated Marxist thought from economic to cultural terms giving us what is now known as Political Correctness.  PC, in one of its early schemes, took place after World War II in Hungary, taking the form of sex education in the schools to undermine the unity of the family.  It is much easier to convert a child than it is to convince an adult with experience and established values.  It failed only because parents rose up in defiance, but, like a contagion, it continues to jump from host to host searching for a viable home.  Political Correctness is a tool, like propaganda, but only utilized when it fits a narrative and realizes a purpose.  PC strives to achieve the deterioration of society.  Obama’s presidency was riddled with problems that we were told were race-based.  Almost daily we heard that America was infested with injustice and racism.  Millions of Americans began to lower their collective heads in shame.  It was like Obama was constantly tearing away at a healing scab from a previous wound so it would never heal.  When Obama became president he had everything going for him.  He had both houses of Congress, the executive branch, the people, and yet he failed.  He failed because, according to Obama, the culture would not let him succeed…it needed to be “fundamentally” changed.  Obama held most Americans in contempt, especially those in middle America, the ones that “...cling to their guns or religion or antipathy to people that aren’t like them.”  He did not understand America, not having lived the American experience.  Obama came into office with a chip on his shoulder, a mission to even the score.  To President Obama, the United States was not a model for the world.  Obama, like his father, is a true Marxist, but more cunning.  PC had reached its peak.  People were becoming immune to being called racist.  When in 2010, Obama lost Congress, he would not accept responsibility.  The people just didn’t understand.  Americans were beginning to push back, because they had enough of self-flagellation.  Obama needs to be studied not for his well-written speeches, but his gaffes.  One of many striking verbal reflections was telling business owners that they didn’t really build their businesses.  Fortunately for America, our Constitution remains intact.  Obama could not run again nor realize his pick as a successor.  The Democrat Party, not to be deterred, still convulses a constant drone of anti-Trump and impeachment rhetoric, their only message.  Since PC is a tool of Marxists, it is perfectly acceptable to marginalize conservatives or traditional institutions.  But offend a liberal and you are labeled hateful, a product of white privilege or worse, a racist.  Roseanne Barr, in a ill-conceived attempt at humor, went on a Twitter rant aimed at former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett.  She lost her TV spot, one of the most successful shows on television.  Political correctness has moved into its final stage…insult, contempt, scorn.  Cross a Liberal and they immediately destroy your reputation, your livelihood and your family.  Cross a Conservative and they either move on or ask for an apology.  What is chilling is that ABC and their parent company, Disney, think more of the Marxist liberal narrative than the millions of people who tuned in every week just wanting to be entertained.  Disney’s phony righteousness has become apparent.  Their release or distribution of more than 80 ‘R’ rated movies under their Touchstone or Miramax brand or their yearly celebration of one’s varied sexual preferences at Disney World has forever buried the legacy of Walt Disney.  What is lawful may not always be appropriate.  What is so incredible is that in a world these Leftist media companies would create with their liberal ideology, they would be the first to be eaten alive and spit out.  Political Correctness is intolerance in the name of tolerance.  It is nothing less than part of a Marxist creed translated from economic to cultural terms.  It is designed to destroy our culture, our confidence in who we are.  It is the offspring of a failed political theory that has killed no less than 100 million people.  It is an ideology that stifles independent thought, free and optimistic environment, and everything decent and American. They are out to destroy America and with more than a third of Americans buying into the lies, we had all better wake up.

(“Lighten Up, America, It’s Not Your Fault” by Ray DiLorenzo dated June 2, 2018 published by Canada Free Press at https://canadafreepress.com/article/lighten-up-america-its-not-your-fault )


For almost a year we have see Special Counsel investigate Trump’s campaign for supposed collusion with the Russians to win the election.  The big problem is there is no law against ‘collusion’.  There are laws against using foreign influence in American elections.  Therefore, the Founders required Natural Born Citizen for the office of the president, one whose both parents are citizens at the time of the birth of their child.  This requirement eliminated Barrack Obama, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio from eligibility but America has lost her Constitution since this requirement was ignored by both parties.  During this last year we have seen no evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians.  We have discovered that the DNC and the Clinton campaign did use a dossier compiled by a British spy to influence the election.  Both the DNC and the Clinton campaign paid for this dossier.  Written by former British spy Christopher Steele, who was paid by opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which received the money from the Clinton campaign, the 35 pages of memos became the Democrats’ vehicle to promote supposed TrumpRussia collusion in the presidential election.  Other evidence has been brought forth concerning Russian meddling into our election.  Team Mueller’s never-ending hunt for reds in October 2016 has found zero evidence of Russian collusion among Team Trump.  In contrast, Russian collusion among Democrats has been as hard to miss as a California wildfire, and yet they still miss it.  Team Mueller did find Russian interference in the 2016 election, issuing federal criminal indictments against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies.  The Russian meddling began in 2014, well before Trump’s campaign commenced.  The Russians promoted Bernie Sanders’s Democrat-primary bid and Green-party nominee Jill Stein’s general-election effort.  After Trump won, the Russians organized pro-Trump and anti-Trump demonstrations, once in New York City on the same day.  They also staged an anti-Trump rally in Charlotte.  It is ironic that virtually all of Steele’s sources are Russian, meaning Democrats have been indirectly colluding with Moscow disinformation to bash the Trump team for purportedly doing the same thing.  Obvious crimes have been committed by the DNC.  Donna Brazile, a former Democrat National Committee (DNC) interim chair, has claimed that the party organization helped Hillary Clinton’s campaign “rig” the 2016 Democrat primary against Bernie Sanders.  Brazile alleged that Ms Clinton was controlling the finances of the party before officially winning the 2016 Democrat nomination for president.  Hillary used her influence to garner foreign money for her campaign.  The FEC has declared that she laundered $84 million in violation of federal campaign-finance law.  All of the proven allegations against the Clinton’s and their Global Initiative and other ‘foundations’, her rigging the primary, deleted emails after they were subpoenaed, they destroying of Blackberries, hard drives, Uranium One scandal, Bill’s tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch, Comey writing her exoneration letter before he even questions her, not under oath, all this having physical evidence, yet her house isn’t raided at three in the morning and she hasn’t been hauled off to jail.  Where is the justice that the American people deserve?  The Clintons and half the Democrat Party are some of the biggest criminals in America and never seem to be held accountable for anything.  This needs to stop and hopefully we will an Attorney General that has the ‘brass’ to do so.  The American people deserve better than the criminal element that permeates D.C.

(“Will We See Justice?” by Roger Anghis dated June 2, 2018 published by iPatriot at https://ipatriot.com/will-we-see-justice/ )

The Labor Department released another strong employment report showing that non-farm payrolls expanded by 223,000, far exceeding expectations of most economists.  The unemployment rate dropped to 3.8%, the lowest since April of 2000.  For African Americans, the unemployment rate was the lowest on record, at 5.9%.  After many years of losses, manufacturing jobs have made a comeback under President Trump.  This trend continued in May with 18,000 new manufacturing jobs reported.  There were also solid gains in healthcare with over 31,000 new jobs and in the construction sector, which added 25,000 new jobs in May.  Because of the expanding opportunities for full time employment, the number of people forced to work part-time decreased by 37,000 in May.  It was also encouraging that this growth has been focused on the private sector instead of the public sector.  Under President Trump, the federal workforce has actually been trimmed by 24,000 jobs.  Although it is only a small decrease in a bureaucracy that includes almost 2.8 million workers, it is a step in the right direction.  In May, not only did the number of jobs increase significantly, but wages also showed solid growth of 2.7%, a marked improvement in a category that has been stagnant for many years.  While employment expands, the inflation rate is modest and interest rates remain relatively low by historical standards.  With a booming economy there are more opportunities for Americans to find employment, thus the need for government assistance has declined.  In the first year of the Trump presidency, the number of Americans receiving food stamps declined by over two million.  This trend should continue as the significant impact of the tax cuts is realized in the months ahead.  With all of these factors creating upbeat economic conditions, it is no surprise that consumer confidence ratings have increased significantly.  Stock market investors have also enjoyed over a 20% increase in value since the inauguration of President Trump.  Although there have been some recent declines in the stock market, the overall direction has been very positive.  With a focus on slashing needless federal regulations and cutting personal and corporate tax rates, President Trump has created a very conducive environment for economic growth.  Unfortunately for Democrats, all of these good economic news reports will not help their deranged anti-Trump party win back control of Congress.  Americans should realize that Democrats will push for the impeachment of President Trump if they gain the 23 seats necessary to take back control of the House of Representatives.  This intense hatred of the President will hopefully be rejected by American voters who are much more concerned about the economy than fictitious stories of “Russian collusion.”  In recent months, the polling trends have been moving in the direction of the Republican Party.  In generic ballot questions in which voters are asked which party they would like to see control Congress, the advantage for the Democrats has almost disappeared.  The Democrat’s lead has decreased to 3.2% from a high of 13% last December.  If Democrats want to reverse this trend, they should tell Nancy Pelosi to finally retire and pick a new House Speaker.  Pelosi is toxic and Republican congressional candidates are able to raise plenty of campaign funds and support by running against her.  Pelosi has made many idiotic comments, but none as bad as downplaying the impact of the tax cuts.  Nancy Pelosi and her band of unhinged Democrats afflicted with a severe case of Trump derangement syndrome.  Instead of praising these corporations for sharing their tax cut bonanza with their employees, Pelosi attacked them.  She said the corporate bonuses were “crumbs,” only distributed in a “pathetic” attempt to “schmooze” workers.  These comments perfectly exposed her elitism and her lack of empathy and understanding for working class Americans.  Pelosi is an ultra-wealthy liberal politician who has nothing in common with hard working Americans trying to provide for their families.  If Pelosi becomes House Speaker again, it will be terrible news for the country.  She will reverse the positive economic trends, by supporting typical Democrat Party “tax and spend” policies.  She will also allow impeachment hearings to begin and plunge the country into an even greater political divide.  Let’s hope Americans understand the damage that Nancy Pelosi will cause if she becomes House Speaker again and the only way to prevent such a calamity is to make sure Republicans retain control of the U.S. House of Representatives this fall.

(“Democrat’s Mid-Term Hopes are Crumbling” by Jeff Crouere dated June 1, 2018 published by Canda Free Press at https://canadafreepress.com/article/democratic-mid-term-hopes-are-crumbling )

The great American job-creating machine, already in high gear, picked up in May, when the economy added 223,000 jobs, over 50,000 more than experts had predicted.  With the unemployment rate at 3.8%, the lowest in 18 years, we wait to see whether there are enough workers to fill the available jobs.  The Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey reports that there are 6.6 million unfilled positions, the highest level since these data have been compiled.  In short, America has a labor shortage.  There remain 1 million potential workers who remain outside the labor market.  They might be persuaded to seek work if wages rise further or eligibility for entitlements is tightened, but for now, they are not answering employers’ call.  The economy seems to be as strong as the jobs market.  Predictions vary, but all agree that the 2.2% GDP growth rate in the first quarter of the year was likely due to some reporting anomaly that has produced low estimates for that time of year.  The non-profit Conference Board expects the economy to grow at an annual rate of 3.1% this quarter, and Macroeconomic Advisers is even cheerier, putting its bets on 3.6%.  The OECD expects growth for the year as a whole to come in at “about 3%.”  Not all experts are as optimistic.  The Federal Reserve Board (2.7%) and Goldman Sachs (2.6%) anticipate what by the standards of recent years is considered a satisfactory performance.  Rising gas prices have been more than offset by modest increases in hourly wages (+2.7%, year-over-year) and by the increase in pay packets resulting from the Trump tax cuts.  Consumer spending is up in April.  Business spending on plant and equipment has been surprisingly flat, but surveys suggest that plans to up those outlays are about to be executed.  The chief financial officers of the nation’s listed firms, their wildest dreams of avarice almost satisfied by the 22% year-over-year increase in profits in the first quarter, expect to increase investment by over 11% during the next 12 months.  Industrial output rose in April for the third consecutive month, bringing growth this year to 3.5%.  Meanwhile, European economies are growing at a rate of only about 1.6 percent, about half of that in 2017.  China is easing monetary policy to cope with a slowdown.  Japan’s economy is shrinking.  Italy is doomed to perpetual high unemployment and nil growth so long as it remains entrapped in euroland, and might prove unable to service its enormous pile of IOUs.  There are the problems emerging in credit markets.  Banks, eager to make new loans to boost their profits, are relaxing their credit standards in a competition for new borrowers.  Credit-card and auto loans more than 90 days delinquent are on the rise.  Regulators are issuing more warnings to banks to tighten standards than they did last year.  The economy is bumping up against what economists call supply-side constraints, and might well be incapable of growing at a rate greater than 2%, if it can achieve even that, but not for the usual reason cited by neo-Keynesians, inadequate demand. Rather, in addition to too few skilled workers, employers are running into shortages of materials.  With demand rising, and supply unable to do so, the law of supply and demand tells us we are in for inflation and higher interest rates.

(“The Trump Jobs Machine is Roaring” by Irwin Stelzer dated June 2, 2018 published by The Weekly Standard at https://www.weeklystandard.com/irwin-m-stelzer/trump-economy-is-creating-jobs-at-record-pace )


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