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 June 10, 2017


Nine years after Barack Obama accused small-towners of clinging to guns or religion, nearly three years after Jonathan Gruber was shown to have attributed ObamaCare’s passage to the stupidity of the American voter, and eight months after Hillary Clinton pronounced half of Donald Trump’s voters “irredeemable,” Democrats are now getting some sophisticated advice: You don’t win votes by showing contempt for voters.  A flurry of articles have argued for toning down the looking-down, but these efforts to explain ordinary Americans to progressive elites reads like a Margaret Mead entry on the exotic habits of the Samoans.  In the New Republic Michael Tomasky informs progressives that middle Americans “go to church,” they have friends (“and sometimes even spouses”) “who are Republicans”, and “they don’t feel self-conscious saluting the flag.”  Most of these writers allow that there is at least some fraction of Trump voters who are not deplorable.  What they do not appreciate is how condescending they are while advising fellow Democrats to be less condescending.  Kevin Drum at Mother Jones, recommends that Democrats can “broaden [their] appeal” because these are “persuadable, low information folks.”  When Hillary Clinton labeled Trump voters deplorable (“racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it”) she was simply following identity politics to its logical conclusion.  Identity politics transforms those on the other side of the argument, i.e., Americans who are pro-life, who respect the military, who may work in the coal industry, from political opponents into oppressors.  So when the Supreme Court unilaterally imposes gay marriage on the entire nation, a baker who doesn’t want to cater a gay reception must be financially ruined.  No small part of the attraction of identity politics is its usefulness in silencing those who do not hew to progressive orthodoxy.  Identity politics has led Democrats to regard themselves as the “resistance” rather than the loyal opposition.  The great irony here is that this has left Democrats increasingly choosing undemocratic means to get what they want.  From President Obama’s boast that he would use his pen and phone to bypass Congress to the progressive use of the Supreme Court as its preferred legislature to the Iran and climate deals that made end runs around the Constitution, it all underscores one thing: The modern American progressive has no faith in the democratic process because he has no trust in the American people.

(“Why Elites Hate” by William McGurn dated June 5, 2017 published by The Wall Street Journal at https://www.wsj.com/articles/why-elites-hate-1496702030 )

RINO Republicans, Democrats and the Main Stream Media, you are guaranteeing more Conservative Republican victories at the national and state level in 2018 and 2020!  So please “keep doing what you are doing!  President Trump, please “keep doing what you are doing!  I strongly suggest that you cancel the daily White House press briefings for six months with a declaration that you may not reinstate them during your TWO terms as President.  When you were sworn in the briefings instantly went from “hate America” to “destroy America”, and the MSM clearly believes that destroying the Trump Presidency is the last chance to destroy America.  Replace the daily briefings with a daily open letter to America and regular campaign style rallies where you can talk directly to Patriotic Americans!  FIRE ALL Obama Administration “holdovers” in every government agency immediately!  During my long professional career I learned that having bad employees is much worse than having NO employees!  Bad employees do bad things. It is a basic rule of business.  People in government agencies are constantly leaking confidential information and absurd lies.  FIRE them all now!  DONE 6/01/ 2017!  Withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement!  Spend that money in America where it will benefit Americans and, consequently the world.  RINO Republicans, please “keep doing what you are doing”!   You will be REPLACED with Patriotic Conservatives!  Democrats, are you all on drugs or do you actually hate our Constitutional Republic form of government as much as it looks like you do?  Pelosi, Shumer, Schiff, Sanders, etc., do you not have a clue how ridiculous you sound and look when you are in front of TV cameras ranting about how children and old people will die as a result of the Trump proposed budget and your constant delusion that the “Russians fixed the election”?  Hillary said during the commencement address at Wellesley College that the “Trump Presidency will end in impeachment”!  Robert De Niro said during the commencement address at Brown University that America has “fallen from an uplifting drama” under Obama to a “dumbass comedy” under Trump!  Please “keep doing what you are doing”!  You are guaranteeing the end of the Democrat Party as it exist today, which is a good thing.  Hopefully it will be replaced with a rational Democratic Party and we will have a working two party system in America, which is how our Founding Fathers wanted it to be.  Main Stream Media, are you all on drugs or do you actually hate our Constitutional Republic form of government as much as it looks like you do?  The importance of the press in a representative democracy is twofold: it informs the citizenry and also serves as a feedback loop between the government and voters”.  You have become so biased and dishonest that I, and a lot of people are literally turning off the “news” and have even begun to avoid “clicking” on internet articles from most sources.  What we can do is, like in November 2016, stand up and make our voices heard, and insist on term limits and refuse to support politicians, organizations or media outlets that are dishonest and Un-American.

(“An Open Letter to President Trump, the RINO Republicans, Democrats, and the Main Stream Media” by Hardworking1 dated June 2, 2017 published by iPatriot at http://ipatriot.com/open-letter-president-trump-rino-republicans-democrats-main-stream-media/ )


After proposing $1 trillion investment into infrastructure, the Trump administration is harnessing the brainpower of renowned experts to unlock the insoluble problem of how many jobs will be created for each billion dollars of spending.  The purpose of capitalism is not job creation.  The purpose of the capitalist economy is to create wealth.  Employment and the subsequent distribution of the spoils of an economy are byproducts of capitalism.  Since its inception, capitalism has been in a perpetual state of evolution, from the Industrial Revolution that ignited an economy of mass production to the economy of mass productivity to, most recently, the economy of mass consumption.  Each subsequent phase of capitalism has been associated with innovation, rise of productivity, and the immense creation of wealth.  Our current economic period was fueled by a huge expansion of credit, which temporarily has taken the economy beyond its limits.  Through excessive borrowing, consumers have spent far more than they can afford, and the expansion of social programs and futile attempts to stimulate the economy via government spending, have left the country with $20 trillion of debt.  A host of very significant developments over the past 20 years indicates that we are witnessing the dawn of a new phase in this evolution: the era of mass prosperity.  What distinguishes this phase from the previous ones is that enormous sums of money have been accumulated by corporations and private investment funds.  American corporations have amassed trillions of dollars on their balance sheets.  This mass of liquidity looking for markets to invest in has set up an interesting dynamic.  Until recently, only the government could handle projects on the scale of the Hoover Dam and the interstate highway system, but now large corporations and investment funds have sufficient resources to build projects on any scale.  Hence, there is no imperative for the government, federal, state or local, to finance and maintain modern infrastructure when private capital is available to do the job.  Privatization of the infrastructure will open a new, multitrillion-dollar frontier for capitalism, and its effect could be massive.  It has the potential to create a long-term economic expansion that will dwarf the scale of the Pacific Railroad and National Interstate and Defense Highways acts combined.  The privatization should include selling the existing assets and creating an environment conducive for private enterprises to BOO (build, own and operate) new and existing roads, bridges, tunnels, treatment plants, airports and other facilities.  Tolls will be collected to defray operating costs and retire debts.  Revenue from the sale of existing assets can be used to reduce the national debt.  Privatization would relieve, in large part, federal, state and local governments of the burden of funding, constructing, operating and administering the infrastructure, thereby resulting in smaller governments.  Just as in any field of endeavor, bringing competition into a sector of the economy currently monopolized by the state and local governments will spur innovation and result in greater efficiency in project development and lower tolls and taxes.  Government-run projects have no incentive to keep costs down and are notoriously delayed and over budget.  Privatization of the infrastructure is a product of the spontaneous evolution of our economic system and, therefore, is a historical inevitability.  We should always remember that the government’s job is to enforce the law and spend people’s money in a manner consistent with the perceived national interest.  It cannot produce wealth, employment and the other attributes of a free society.  That is the job of capitalism.  Hence, we do not need to borrow our way into prosperity; we just have to let capitalism work.

(“The economy of mass prosperity” by Alexander G. Markovsky and Herbert London dated June 7, 2017 published by The Washington Times at http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jun/7/capitalism-can-evolve-if-allowed-to/ )

President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement represents the clearest statement yet of convictions and principles that make up his worldview.  America First” is more than a mere slogan to this President.  It is the sum of long-standing beliefs, and grievances, about the way things are and ought to be.  The decision was anything but shocking.  Trump’s presidency and his campaign are the embodiment of a set of views shaped long before he became a politician.  The Paris decision was cast in the context of repairing the economic disadvantages of a generation of global agreements that he has railed against for decades.  The President believes that others have taken advantage of the United States and that he alone will stop it.  His announcement was biting in his sense of resentment that the Paris pact was a collective effort by the rest of the world to punish this country.  On core issues, Trump’s views are consistent and long-standing.  Those views are viscerally expressed, not intellectually argued, but it has always seemed clear that they are deeply and genuinely felt.  On matters of trade and jobs, the President has rarely wavered or been given to changing his positions.  Added to that, during the campaign, were hardened views about illegal immigration, and he has acted on them as President.  He was lobbied heavily on what to do about the Paris accords.  Trump heard from many people over time: those in his inner circle; chief executives of major companies; world leaders when he was in Europe.  In the end, he wasn’t swayed by those who urged him not to take the drastic step of pulling out.  His view that the climate agreement penalized the United States economically prevailed.  Trump appears to have embraced Bannon’s view that global agreements are inherently harmful to the United States while rejecting the views of his daughter, Cohn, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and others, who warned against an abrupt break from Paris because of the damage it could do to the country’s, and the President’s, reputation around the world.  In the end, all the intrigue about staff infighting, though certainly real and sometimes debilitating for the smooth running of an administration, overlooks the central figure of the President.  He remains the captain, and on a few core issues, his will wins out.  The Paris decision represented a Trumpian view of the world, and America’s place in it, that was articulated by Cohn and national security adviser H.R. McMaster, in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed.  They rejected the notion of a “global community” of nations in favor of a more ruthless arena for competition among nations fueled by self-interest.  America, they said, was well positioned to prevail in that competition.  Cohn and McMaster argued that “America First” does not mean “America alone.”  Trump’s approach seems to embrace the idea that the United States will gain competitive advantage economically operating alone and with its own interests in mind, a highly transactional approach that the President underscored when he said he could try to make a better deal on climate than the Paris agreement, though there is no current forum in which to do so.  Implicit in his statement about the Paris agreement was the assertion that his approach will produce more jobs, more economic wealth and a better life for the working men and women who have been harmed by past global agreements, whether on trade or the environment, and who were his core supporters in November.  His decision to withdraw will prevent the further loss of jobs for those forgotten Americans, as he has described them.  Early in his administration, Trump said he had been elected President of the United States, not president of the world.  This approach alarms many internationalists, here and abroad, but remains at the core of the President’s thinking, and he will continue to act on it.

(“Paris decision underscores the visceral expression of Trump’s worldview” by Dan Balz dated June 2, 2017 published by The Washington Post at https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/paris-decision-underscores-the-visceral-expression-of-trumps-worldview/2017/06/02/69adf632-47b7-11e7-a196-a1bb629f64cb_story.html?utm_term=.e1663545ccba)

Call in the cops; release the tear gas; make arrests; convict the arrested; give the convicts real punishments; then repeat those steps, again and again.  That's how colleges and the civil authorities with jurisdiction over them should react to campus protests that turn violent, or that block free access to public spaces, or that physically interrupt people's work or "occupy" their workspaces, or that shut down the right of others to speak.  It is long past time to overrule mob rule, to protect the rights of interested listeners to listen, to insist that words and viewpoints are not violence and should not be met with violence.  It's time to teach spoiled brats that they are the ones abusing an unearned privilege, the privilege of higher education, if they use force or its threat or even their vocal cords to deny free speech to others that the agitators denounce for being "privileged."  These conclusions are catalyzed by the growing trend on college campuses in which hoodlums who consider themselves students assert the spurious right, of their own volition and without appeal to duly constituted authority, to deny others the benefit of long-established rights.  The topic at hand is not whether liberal inquiry has more merit than speech-denying intimidation, of course it does, but how the latter thuggery should be handled.  There is a huge difference between the protesters' self-chosen force against the rights of others and the police's use of measured force under the law, which is sanctioned by democratic processes, to protect the rights of others.  Enforcing the law is not a diminution of freedom but a bulwark of it.  When he was governor of California, Ronald Reagan understood this.  When riots broke out at Berkeley in 1969, Reagan sent in the National Guard.  A thousand protesters were arrested and 200 booked with felonies.  Reagan said that society cannot "let young people think that they have the right to choose the laws they would obey [and those they won't] as long as they are doing it in the name of social protest."  Reagan believed in force, under law, rightly used, so that everybody else on campus, all those other students not protesting, could benefit from what he called "the high and noble purpose of a university."  His goal was to protect the free inquiry of free minds willing to brook dissent to learn from other viewpoints and advance the human store of knowledge.  Reagan was right, so we should follow his example.

(“Time to get tough with campus thugs who infringe on free speechby Quin Hillyer dated June 2, 2017 published by Washington Examiner at http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/time-to-get-tough-with-campus-thugs-who-infringe-on-free-speech/article/2624763 )


The most significant revelation that came out of the recent London massacre of disarmed British subjects was not the bloodshed itself, but the pathetic sissy whining, in the midst of throats being slashed, at those who refused to adhere to the comforting lie that the Muslims doing the slashing in the name of Allah were not Muslims doing the slashing in the name of Allah.  The left would rather you lie and die than tell the truth and live.  It’s exhausting being lied to 24/7 about the big issues.  The unquestionable idea underlying multiculturalism, that every culture is wonderful except the Western culture that brought about 95% of the learning and science that is making the grinding poverty and disease that was heretofore man’s fate a thing of the past.  Trump does not pretend that we are morally or scientifically bound by a non-treaty that was non-submitted to our elected representatives to solve the non-problem of climate change at the price of our non-employment and non-prosperity.  Trump does not blame Russians for the utter repudiation of Felonia von Pantsuit’s poisonous ideology of greed and huggy fascism.  I keep trying to find the big Trump “lies” and they always seem to end up being disagreements with liberal orthodoxy.  For the so-called elite that seeks to rule us, it’s all lies, all day, every day, about everything, since they can’t be honest because we normals reject what they want whenever we are exposed to the truth and are allowed a say.  So their go-to move to impose their sick will is to obscure or hide the truth, and try to suppress our voices.  They are willing to accept the risk of dangerous Muslim radicals infiltrating our country rather than admitting the truth and taking action. They refuse to bar people from jihadi hellholes, preferring to virtue signal in an orgy of self-congratulation over their own enlightenment.  They eagerly seek to ensure patriotic Americans are just as disarmed and helpless as their Euro-victim counterparts.  We reject their plans for our subjugation, so the left seeks to stop our voice from being heard.  We elected a guy who, quite reasonably, sought to keep out people from places where a lot of the population wants to murder us, at least until we can get our ridiculous intelligence community capable of adequately vetting them.  So, we vote for a guy who proposed to stop the refugee madness of King Barack and the left promptly goes to the courts, which invent extra-constitutional justifications for preventing the President from fulfilling his basic function of protecting the people of the United States.   Then there are the informal ways the left seeks to protect the lies: the attempts at public shaming, plus the intimidation by political correctness that tells the truth-speaker that his reputation, his job and maybe his physical safety will be in danger if he dares point out that the lies are lies.  The hell with that, and the hell with them.  We’re Americans, and it’s time to push back twice as hard.  Confront the lies, call them out.  Stand firm in the face of the systemic dishonesty our elite uses to attain, retain, and exercise power.  We are citizens, not subjects.  Don’t be that pathetic sissy whining in the midst of throats being slashed at other Americans who clearly and unequivocally reject the comforting lie that the Muslims doing the slashing in the name of Allah were not Muslims doing the slashing in the name of Allah.  Cease your embarrassing fussing, you gutless dhimmis.  Pick up a weapon and fight.  No, they would rather you lie and die than tell the truth and live.  We should say, “Hell no.”  The elite wants you to submit, but we’re Americans and we don’t submit to intimidation and oppression, and certainly not to impotent jihadi schmucks. 

(“Stop Lying to Us by Kurt Schlichter dated June 8, 2017 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2017/06/08/stop-lying-to-us-n2337434 )


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