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June 27, 2015


Hillary Clinton’s checkered career has served up any number of examples of just how unfit to be President she is, none so clearly captures the real Hillary’s essence as Benghazi.  Hillary is incredibly incompetent and fundamentally dishonest.  Incompetent because she not only needlessly placed Americans in harm’s way, but worse yet, she failed to come to their aid when requested.  Dishonest because she lied about the real nature of the Benghazi catastrophe long after she knew that the slaughter was not due to a casual protest run amok because of any video taking Islam to task.  In the history of numerous Washington scandals, Benghazi is right at the top because according to one of the left’s favorite critical mantras, Hillary lied and Americans died.  In Benghazi, Americans who were placed in a very dangerous position, the administration has yet to reveal -- informed their superiors of their precarious situation and requested help of said superiors to deal with the danger at hand.  Unfortunately, their request went unheeded, and, as a consequence, they were slaughtered.  Watergate pales into insignificance when contrasted with Benghazigate; Watergate was a third-rate burglary, while Benghazigate was a first-rate massacre.  Thanks to Hillary’s fundamental dishonesty, we are still trying to find out what happened that evening. When queried on the possible cause, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, her response was an audacious “what difference at this point does it make? It makes all the difference to the family and friends of the deceased at Benghazi; and what’s important is that it should not happen again, how do we do that if we don’t know why it happened the first time.  So, for an extended period, Hillary adhered to the standard Clintonian response: denial (lie), stonewall, slow walk, etc.  When it became clear that Benghazi was a planned terrorist attack, and that Hillary and the administration could no longer lie about some irrelevant video, Hillary stepped up and claimed “responsibility, Usually, when one claims responsibility for a failure of management, one is accountable for such a failure, i.e. they are punished for the failure, but not so with the new Clinton form of responsibility; it’s just I’m sorry, and we move on, no one, not even an underling, falls on a sword.  The full story on Benghazi has yet to be told, and, if Hillary has anything to say about it, it never will.  Benghazi is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Hillary’s qualification for any position of rank.  She is fundamentally dishonest, completely incompetent, lacking in any leadership skills, unpleasant, unlikable, and yet this harridan may be our next President.

(“Benghazigate in Historical Context” by Ken Eliasberg dated June 20, 2015 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/06/benghazigate_in_historical_context.html )

Seven years of purposeful race-baiting, deliberate legal bias against white people, and executive decisions that engage in the soft bigotry of low expectations of black people create the very brew that would lead to the horrific events in South Carolina--an occurrence that feeds right into the self-fulfilling prophecies of Obama.  As Allen West has asserted, white America needs to understand that Obama "abjectly despises" whites.  Economist Ben Stein has called "President Barack Obama the most racist president in U.S. history."  The Obamas cling to their leftist ideology with a fierceness that is frightening.  The truth is that the vast majority of white Americans are not racist.  With the help of a complicit media corps, the narrative continues that American white people are intrinsically racist.  Obama maintains that "racism is in America's DNA."  Covert racism is the culture being cultivated by Barack Obama, Eric Holder, "hoax-perpetrating, riot-inciting" Al Sharpton and the mainstream media.   It speaks volumes about Obama that a liar like Sharpton is his key point man concerning race relations.  Credible data does not matter with this President. In the case of assaults, the average black offender is 5 times more likely to choose a white victim, than a white is likely to choose a black victim.  In the case of robbery, the average black offender is 25.4 times more likely to choose a white victim, than a white is likely to choose a black victim.  Conveniently ignored by this President are the black flash mobs that continue to terrorize white and Asian people.  Nor is there a word about the out-of-control black-on-black murders in predominantly black urban areas.  Obama bullies the country every chance he can.  His double standards and politicizing are shameful to behold.  It is not America that caused the deaths of these people; it is the constant race baiting and shameful exploitation by this President that pushed a very sick, racist, and unstable individual over the edge.  Teaching inferiority is just as bad as teaching superiority.  Either allows one to view someone else as less than human and undeserving of being treated with human dignity.  When the executive branch of the government and the fourth estate continue this racist rant, reasonable and law-abiding Americans need to comprehend as well as expose the ulterior motives behind those claiming this racist slander.

(“Are We Truly Surprised?” by Eileen F. Toplansky dated June 25, 2015 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/06/are_we_truly_surprised.html )

The Congressional Budget Office released its annual "Long-Term Budget Outlook," crunching the numbers to figure out what current government spending will cost us 25 years down the road, and its findings are terrifying.  The CBO estimates that the federal government will continue to spend significantly more money than it brings in through taxes — hundreds of billions every year, to be precise.  As a result, America's national debt, already at more than $18 trillion, is going to grow faster and faster.  Over the next 10 years, the CBO projects that Washington's wasteful spending will add an additional $7.4 trillion to the debt.  By 2040, America's national debt could rise to well over $54 trillion, more than triple what it is today.  This means slower economic growth, higher taxes, lower incomes and a government that can't afford to fulfill its most basic responsibilities.  Economic growth slows because individuals and businesses don't invest when government policies are obviously taking us toward a fiscal disaster.  Higher taxes because the federal government will need additional revenues to pay for the debt, even though this will further hurt the economy.  Lower incomes because higher debt is risky and leads to higher interest rates, which could lead to out-of-control costs for hard-working Americans.  And a government that's spending so much money on entitlements and interest that it struggles to pay for anything else, including infrastructure and national defense.  Ultimately, Washington's spending addiction will leave us less safe, stable and secure.  The biggest obstacle, unfortunately, is politicians who think they aren't spending enough.  Put another way: Reid and his allies in Congress are willing to shut down the government in order to dig America's fiscal hole even faster.  Washington is digging a hole that gets deeper every year, leaving the rest of the country with no way to climb out.

(“Our National Debt: Headed Toward a Fiscal Disaster” by Marc Short and Andy Koenig dated June 19, 2015 published by Investor’s Business Daily at http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials-on-the-right/061915-758144-federal-debt-growing-faster-beyond-18-trillion.htm )


Republican presidential candidates from Jeb Bush to Rand Paul to Marco Rubio want to increase growth to 4% from the meager 2% under Obama, but the left is protesting that 4% is pie in the sky.  The economy's doing as well as it can, the skeptics on the left say, but this is just a Keynesian cover-up for the policy mistakes made under this administration.  The policies were launched to great fanfare and promised summers of recovery, rising middle-class wages, millions more jobs than we've gotten and prosperity for poor and middle class alike.  Now that none of that has happened, the people who gave us Obamanomics seem to be saying: This is the best result our policies, or any policies, could deliver.  Former Obama economic advisor Larry Summers calls the current slow-growth rut "secular stagnation," but stagnation is always what we get from liberal income-redistribution policies focused on "fair outcomes" rather than wealth creation.  History proves the economy can grow much faster.  Following the Kennedy tax cuts, the economy averaged 5.2% yearly growth between 1963 and 1969.  After the Reagan tax rates fully went into effect, the economy grew at 4.5% annually between 1982 and 1989.  Between 1994 and 1999, the Bill Clinton/Newt Gingrich economy increased 4.3% annually, after welfare reform, NAFTA trade and cap-gains tax relief.  We are told now that 4% isn't feasible because growth is too slow in "labor supply, capital investment and productivity."  Except low labor supply growth, capital investment and productivity are the result of the policy disasters of the past seven years: from bank bailouts, to ObamaCare, to $7 trillion in new debt, to lose money, to higher taxes on investment.  Repeal these mistakes and the economy will grow faster.  One policy alone, allowing the export of American natural gas and oil, could raise about $150 billion more output each year, which is close to a one percentage-point boost in GDP.  Our welfare policies discourage work and encourage dependency.  The right kinds of incentive-based welfare reforms that require work and try to discourage out-of-wedlock births could add millions of newcomers to the labor force and help reverse that problem.  Then there are the EPA regulations on our energy industry and especially domestic coal production.  In other industries, businesses are sitting on the sidelines with $1 billion to $2 trillion of capital that could be re-injected into the economy if only we had the right tax, regulatory and monetary reforms.  There are no limits to growth, because there are no limits to American ingenuity, creativity and entrepreneurial risk taking to discover the next big thing.

(“No, 4% GDP Growth Is Not Too Much to Ask” dated June 22, 2015 published by Investor’s Business Daily at http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/062215-758474-economy-can-grow-much-faster-if-government-gets-out-of-the-way.htm )

This country wouldn’t be nearly as advanced as it has become without our open door policy to all those who desire to live in the land.  However immigration in this new millennium is a far cry from the immigration of old.  Immigrants once came here with respect and love for this country.  They learned the English language, they assimilated and embraced American culture and identity.  They fought in our wars under our flags, sometimes against their very own countrymen they left behind!  My German immigrant father raised me as a patriot and encouraged me to join the Marine Corps and serve the country that brought opportunities he would not have gotten at home.  Now we have immigrants who refuse to learn English, aren’t even required to (and even broaching the subject is deemed intolerant or racist).  We have micro-cultures on top of micro-cultures, many of those who actually loathe this country.  We have schools banning American flag t-shirts so as not to offend our Latin American immigrants.  People have the nerve to come to this country and make demands such as banning the Pledge of Allegiance, banning the National Anthem prior to sporting events, and intolerant atheists or non-Christians who cannot seem to discern the difference between facing a harmless tradition or an existential crisis when told “Merry Christmas” by a clerk at a retail store.  When I am in a foreign land, I’ve always tried to wholeheartedly embrace the culture and respect their traditions.  It’s just the right thing to do when you seek opportunity in a foreign country.  When western females visit the Middle East, they wear the traditional headscarf.  If current day immigrants cannot come here with enough respect to embrace our culture, our language, our traditions, and our flag, just as is expected in 90% of countries around the world, then they need to stay home in the lands of missed opportunity.

(“21st Century Immigration” by Hans Comprix dated June 24, 2015 published by Intellectual Conservative at http://intellectualconservative.com/21st-century-immigration/ )

Fear mongering is quite lucrative in what seems to be a booming "climate change industrial complex," where certain people benefit monetarily or politically in their promotion of global catastrophic risk due to catastrophic global warming.  Al Gore got filthy rich railing over imminent destruction due to rising sea levels, and now Pope Francis seems to think marketing it as a moral issue may be a tool to transfer wealth along with the Obama administration.  Alarmists watch a glacier calve into the sea in Greenland, and have a meltdown over a meltdown that has happened before and will most likely happen again.  Whatever happened to common sense?  Consider Greenland: Historical knowledge would help us understand that the ice field known as Greenland was once warmer than it is today.  So warm in fact, back in AD 1000, it is said the Vikings took advantage of ice-free waters during the Medieval Warm Period to settle and farm there.  A few years back, archaeologists uncovered rubble to find the Vikings even grew barley and corn.  During that same warm period, it is well documented that Europeans did not drown from sea rise, but instead enjoyed long, hot summers, thanks to that scary greenhouse gas plants love, resulting in sumptuous crops and overwhelmingly abundant harvests.  During the Little Ice Age that followed, from AD 1300 to AD 1850, mountain glaciers expanded and temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere dropped by 1.1 degrees.  The deep cold triggered extreme weather elsewhere on the planet (cause and effect), prompting crop failure, widespread famine and death.  Earth scientists say the Little Ice Age was caused by volcanic eruptions, increased El Nino episodes and the reduction of solar sunspots.  The New York Times accidentally stumbled on the truth acknowledging, "No human intervention can avert volcanic eruptions, halt an El Nino episode or delay the onset of drought."  God's nature also seems to be the culprit in Greenland, according to new research indicating that melting of selective Greenland Glaciers is related to geologically-induced heat flow, and not manmade atmospheric global warming."  Sometimes, it just boils down to common sense!

(“Whatever Happened to Common Sense Regarding Climate Change?” by Susan Stamper Brown dated June 24, 2015 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/susanstamperbrown/2015/06/23/draft-n2016210 )

Looking at President Obama’s foreign policy toward the Muslim world, especially Iran, makes me feel like America has followed Alice into Wonderland.  Nothing makes sense anymore, as the surreal has displaced the logical.  Given Obama’s progressive ideology, it’s exactly what we should have expected.  The first duty of the President has to be ensuring that the nation does not become vulnerable to the attacks of its enemies, but Obama fails to understand who our enemies are.  Progressivism, unfortunately, is not very good at recognizing reality, because progressivism focuses on vision and aspiration.  Conservatism begins with the facts on the ground and seeks improvement through gradual reform.  Progressivism begins with a utopian vision and tries to conform reality to it.  Progressivism also errs fundamentally about the reality of human nature. Conservatives understand that man is a fallen creature, morally imperfect and inherently capable of evil in motives and actions.  Progressivism believes that man is innately good, and in terms of foreign policy, that means we must trust that men’s motives are good, and we can work out our differences by talking with each other.  The Conservative problem comes when reality refuses to conform to the utopian vision.  One inescapable fact of foreign affairs is that it takes two to make peace, but only one to make war.  Barack Obama’s dream that never was is to see America reconciled to the Muslim world.  He has been obsessed with Islam right from the beginning of his administration. To realize his dream, he insists on treating implacable enemies like Iran as if they were already friends.  We’ve witnessed incomprehensible tactical policy blunders like releasing diehard jihadists from Guantanamo and watching them return to the battlefield, and the infamous exchange of five al-Qaeda generals for an American deserter.  We’ve witnessed colossal strategic blunders, like supporting our sworn enemies, the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt and elsewhere, and the inexplicable failure to support the pro-Western, pro-democracy revolution against the Iranian mullahs in 2009.  We’ve even witnessed the outright denial of reality, such as Obama’s refusal to acknowledge that the Fort Hood massacre was the work of a Muslim terrorist.  Officially it is considered “workplace violence,” even though Major Nidal Hassan was shouting “Allahu Akbar” as he gunned down his fellow soldiers.  Obama doesn’t seem to understand that the jihadists are not just like us.  They have completely different values and ethics, and a worldview radically opposed to both Western secularism and Christianity. They don’t want peace with us; we are the Great Satan, and they want to destroy us.  As the Obama administration winds down, I expect the situation only to get worse.  The increasing desperation of the administration to realize the dream of fraternity with the Muslim world by 2016 will lead to ever more ignominious acts of national self-abasement that may soon verge on outright insanity.

(“The Foolishness of Progressivism” by Ken Blackwell dated June 24, 2015 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/kenblackwell/2015/06/24/the-foolishness-of-progressivism-n2016550 )


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