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June 30, 2018


Having long ago lost the debate over which political system best serves humanity, leftists have resorted to a toxic combination of lies, mischaracterizations, and smears of their opponents as a substitute for relevant policy.  These advocates of thuggery as political speech are presently ascendant among the intellectually bankrupt left, and they are able propagandists, using the homogeneous ideology of the major media to their advantage, as they chant their narratives of hate into existence, as if summoning demons around a boiling cauldron.  Those of us who lived through the late '60s and early '70s remember those who formed violent cells of bombers and arsonists dedicated to attacking government offices and personnel.  We remember the haughty superiority they displayed as they pedantically lectured us on our ignorance, an ignorance that must be forcibly expelled from the body politic if not willingly abandoned at their demand.  Among the worst of these self-appointed supremacists were Barack Obama's political mentors, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, founding members of the Weathermen.  The "ignorance" of which they spoke was our belief in the Constitution, the single greatest bulwark of freedom yet devised by mankind and a perennial stumbling block to collectivists.  The clashing ideologies are the same now as then, as are the stakes.  The left cannot abide individual liberty, and the Constitution cannot permit the left's assault upon it to succeed.  There is a singular distressing difference between the battle lines of a half-century ago and today: the steady growth of government, led from within by many who grew up steeped in the misguided ethos of collectivist groupthink.  As we have already seen, this Deep State is willing to wade into the fray, abusing the power of its members' positions to achieve its goals.  The violence of the streets will be threatening to our people, but it will pale in comparison to the subversive abuse of power by their allies and paymasters in government, who will pull out all the stops to protect their useful idiots from meaningful prosecution or even arrest.  Fifty years ago, our form of government was never really threatened by the subversives among us, but today is different.  When a large enough portion of the government decides that it is no longer going to be bound by the founding documents of our nation, or the laws that govern it, then the rest of that government has no choice but to defend the Constitution by removing and prosecuting the rebels.  The left is counting on our side not having the stomach to do that, preferring instead to permit government to do away with some of our rights in return for "peace," both on the streets and within the government, a response that would almost certainly be urged by the RINOs and Never-Trump caucuses in Congress and eagerly adjudicated by an activist judiciary striving to tie Trump's hands at every opportunity.  Our enemy is within the gates, and this time, our Republic is in grave danger, and this battle is already underway.

(“We’re seeing the violence of the ‘60s again… but worse” by Joe Herring dated June 28, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/06/were_seeing_the_violence_of_the_60s_againbut_worse.html )


The Left is having the worst flu season ever.  Almost all of them have been infected by Trump Derangement Syndrome to such a degree that they can't see or think straight.  It's a plague year (make that two years) and we're living it!  Self-destructive, nincompoop behavior is rampant with members of the so-called Resistance now showing up at restaurants to harass members of the administration while they eat.  The problem is that it's not just Hollywood lamebrains and jejune social justice idiots that have been infected, it's the entire liberal/progressive side of the country, starting with the literary/media elites who give them their marching orders.  They are all having a nervous breakdown and it keeps getting worse, because... because.... because Trump.  I have news for them: It's not at all about Trump; it's about them.  Trump is what the shrinks call the "presenting complaint."  The real problem, as is often the case in psychotherapy, is something entirely different.  The left is dead.  It's not only dead, it's decomposed with no there there or anywhere.   Only dopes or con artists believe in socialism anymore and identity politics has been exposed as the racist shell game it is with blacks and Latinos actually doing better than they have in decades under the current pro-capitalist administration.  So the left has nothing to say, only most of them don't quite realize it yet.  This blockage, this reluctance and even inability to deal with what is actually happening shuts down the brain and emerges as anger, the hamster wheel of constant rage against Trump.  That feeds on itself, as we have seen for the past year and a half, making matters worse, not just for the obvious reason, the aforementioned alienation of the public, but for what it does to their own minds.  Anger makes you stupid.  When is the last time you heard a creative idea coming out of the left?  When is the last time they even debated the issues in a serious way rather than simply hurling invective or worse?  Infuriating them even more is that Trump is not even a conventional Republican  or a conventional anything for that matter, making a mockery of people (like leftists) with rigid, reified (and highly conventional) ideologies that haven't altered one jot in decades.  Trump is the reverse.  Trump's pragmatism exposes their BS.  All they want to do is talk and do nothing.  Thus, he leaves them naked, which generates yet more rage.  Again, it's their own fault.  Ideology can be used as an excuse for destructiveness.  I attended meetings in the sixties and seventies where people endlessly discussed violent action, but almost never discussed what they really wanted to do if they took control… sound familiar?

(“Why the Left is Having a Nervous Breakdown” by Roger L. Simon dated June 24, 2018 published by PJ Media at https://pjmedia.com/rogerlsimon/why-the-left-is-having-a-nervous-breakdown/ )

There are some things you simply can’t undo, some ledges you can’t pull back from.  We’re teetering on one now.  How can we, as a nation, get back to civility or even just get along again?  The ability to agree to disagree is dead, murdered by leftists who demand absolute adherence to their political will or they declare you an enemy of the people and seek to destroy you.  As long suspected, those “coexist” stickers on their Priuses were for show, they should read “obey” because obedience, in absolute terms, is the only acceptable way to “coexist” with the liberal mob.  Make no mistake, this mob is not the majority, or even anywhere close to plurality, but history is littered with examples of small, committed and violent gangs of thugs obtaining power through a willingness to do anything to get it.  That’s what Democrats are becoming: American Castros, Khmer Rouge, Gestapo, or whatever example you like.  When the leadership of the party does not condemn mob action against a Cabinet Secretary while she’s having a meal or is at home, disrupting her entire neighborhood, the next steps are only more dangerous.  When the media willingly lies to advance the mob to those next steps, how do you pump the brakes on this runaway train?  Liberals appeal to emotion to override thought or to prevent it in the first place.  An individual can be reasoned with, but a mob, especially an angry or frightened mob, cannot.  Rational thought is overridden.  No single person would smash a police car if they were simply walking down the street, but someone does if a crowd of people are being whipped into a frenzy by protests or even celebrations.  When you hear that the President of the United States is well on his way to becoming the next Hitler, you almost have an obligation to act.  When you’re whipped into a frenzy fed by dishonest reporters spinning half-truths into concentration camps, it’s only a matter of time before another person snaps at members of the party enabling the next despotic monster.  It’s not only inevitable, it’s the objective.  That’s the only logical conclusion you can draw.  These aren’t fringe elements anymore, these are journalists and pundits in good standing on CNN and MSNBC spreading these lies.  They are being parroted and acted up on by an angry mob simply waiting for a spark, or worse, an opportunity.  All the while, party leadership is silent.  What two years ago would have rightly been condemned as unacceptable in a civil society has become the electoral strategy of the Democrat Party.  It’s been building to this for some time, the economy is booming at a pace liberals declared impossible and the unemployment rate is so low they can’t even claim to offer to create jobs because there are more available than we can fill.  Democrats have nothing to sell the American people but being the alternative to what they declare evil.  For that declaration to carry any emotional weight the hateful flames of their fringe have to be stoked to engulf enough people to motivate them to vote in November.  The question is, will November come before the spark they’re building toward that ignites something awful?  There may be no coming back from this ledge, it seems we’re well past the point of no return.  I hope I’m wrong.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant and exposing the machine to the public might be the only way to stop it; if there is a way to stop it.

(“Liberals are Pushing the Country to the Edge” by Derek Hunter dated June 24, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/derekhunter/2018/06/24/liberals-are-pushing-the-country-to-the-edge-n2493836 )

After the flurry of amazing recent economic news, MAGA might well stand for “Make America Grow Again.” It’s time we start to call this economy "The Trump Boom."  The Atlanta Federal Reserve GDP model forecasts second quarter national growth at an astounding 4.7%.  This growth is a stark contrast from the Obama era, when the benefits of that slow-growth era flowed primarily to the very top of the economic strata through asset inflation rather than on-the-ground Main Street growth.  The National Association of Manufacturers just released its latest survey and an astounding 95% of manufacturers reported a positive outlook for their companies, the highest ever recorded.  Importantly, 90% of those members are small-to-medium sized operations.  In addition, more than 70% of those respondents plan to both hire more workers and to increase wages.  Such amazing news emanates directly from the Trump pro-growth policies of tax cuts and regulatory relief.  Critics of Trump often ascribe this economic momentum to his predecessor, but in June 2016, right before Trump’s electoral triumph, just 32% of Americans rated the economy as “good” or “excellent;” today, 62% do.  That consumer confidence reflects wages that are finally rising for working-class Americans as the first quarter of 2018 saw the highest income growth for any quarter in more than a decade.  Because of this confidence and income growth, consumers are spending again.  The most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report showed non-managerial wage growth at decade highs, plus jobless rate for non-college graduates as a 17-year-low.  Since Trump’s election, an incredible 2 million Americans have stopped receiving food stamps, an incredible movement toward self-sufficiency.  While the media fixates on border issues and pursues a hysterical narrative to demonize both the president and our federal law enforcement community, the reality at businesses and kitchen tables across America is an optimism and prosperity unknown since the 1990s.  America is back in business, confident, hiring, investing, and working.  The Trump Boom is real, and it is just getting started.

(“The Trump economic boom: optimism and prosperity not seen since the 1990s” by Steve Cortes dated June 21, 2018 published by Washington Examiner at https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/op-eds/trump-economic-boom-optimism-prosperity )

In his first 500 days, President Trump has already delivered historic results in line with the likes of Washington, Jefferson, and Roosevelt.  The President’s achievements on foreign policy, the economy, and re-establishing American exceptionalism are more than some presidents have accomplished combined, and we’re not even halfway done.  Looking back over the past decade or so, one could argue that the United States stumbled into the 21st Century.  From 2000-2017, we were blindsided by Islamic terrorism, hit with the worst recession since 1929, and entrapped ourselves in the false hope of globalism.  We tried to solve these problems by trying to export democracy to the Middle East, bailing out and nationalizing our big banks, spending our way to oblivion, and forfeiting our sovereignty on the world stage.  Now, President Trump is changing the course of history and righting these wrongs of the past.  One of the first steps President Trump took to Make America Great Again was by destroying radical Islamic terrorism and restoring the confidence and allegiance of our allies.  The President did so by taking the restraints off our military commanders on the ground, and unapologetically targeting ISIS’s infrastructure and funding.  He then reasserted an American presence in Syria, not by putting boots on the ground and endangering the lives of young American service members, but by using the supremacy of American technology.  After Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad crossed President Trump’s red line of chemical weapons usage in April of 2017, the U.S. deployed 59 Tomahawk missiles to airfields in Syria.  When the red line was crossed again nearly one year later, the U.S. (along with French and British forces) deployed 105 more Tomahawk missiles to Syria, destroying several chemical weapons production plants. Since then, we have seen no sign of chemical weapons use in Syria.  Around the same time, President Trump announced that the U.S. Embassy in Israel would be moving to Jerusalem (a promise that prior administrations made but never kept).  Within days of the embassy move, President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the failed Iran nuclear deal, a decision fully supported by Israel.  President Trump is also the only candidate from either party over the past 30 years to actually get tough on China, while handling the existing issues in Asia from decades past.  His competitive, but friendly relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping have kept things honest and safe between the two nations, with hopes that the President’s strategic engagement leads to a long-overdue economic victory.  President Trump’s radical new approach on North Korea seems to be a game-changer.  The June 12 summit in Singapore was the first time a sitting U.S. president has had face-to-face talks with the leader of North Korea, with initial progress begun on the denuclearized Korean Peninsula.  When it comes to the economy, President Trump is literally on track to be the best jobs president.  Unemployment just hit a 50 year low at 3.8%, and our gross domestic product continues to remain resilient and healthy.  You can attribute this to the President’s historic tax cuts signed into law six months ago, combined with the deregulation of cumbersome and restrictive rules from past administrations.  The resulting economic boom is benefitting all Americans, including the black community, whose unemployment fell to an all-time record low at 5.9% in April.  The most important thing a president can do, even according to President Trump himself, is to be a great cheerleader for our country.  Whether at international summits with world leaders or sold out campaign events in little places called Elkhart, Duluth, and Fargo, President Trump is sending one clear message to people all over the world: America First!  We don’t come first because of privilege, nor do we come first because of years of appeasement and conformity.  Americans come first because we’ve earned it at home and throughout the world.  President Trump doesn’t seek to be compared to our nation’s greatest presidents, but increasingly his record calls for it.  Like America, President Trump’s record thus far is exceptional.

(“500 Day Report Card: President Trump is Winning” by Harlan Hill dated June 28, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/harlanhill/2018/06/27/500-day-report-card-president-trump-is-winning-n2494971 )


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