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  July 2, 2016


Democracy is critical to sound government.  Just as capitalism rests on the basic principle that people work harder, and do a better job, when they have a stake in the outcome, democracy rests on the principle that government officials will work harder, and do a better job, when their own jobs are at stake. Government officials who are not responsible to the voters have no incentive to act in the best interests of the voters.  More and more, real decision-making power was leaving Britain, and going to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, bureaucrats who were often indifferent, or even hostile, to the desires of the British people.  The results were what you would expect: policies that benefited a tiny elite class (mostly in London), but left working class people behind.  Years and years of complaints from British voters went unheeded.  The elites in Europe were planning to move forward with their plans to take even more power from the British people, but now the British people have taken their power back.  We Americans will soon face a similar choice.  For years now, Americans have been trying to change policy at the ballot box, but the policies don't change very much, because so much power is beyond the reach of the voters.  The Fed sets monetary policy without concern for what we think.  The Supreme Court makes social policy without concern for what we think.  The WTO makes trade policy without concern for what we think.  For most Americans, the result has been a disaster.  Like Britain, we have a nation where a few people are getting all the benefits, and most of us are stuck with the burden.  That's why Republican voters nominated Donald Trump, since he was the only candidate who understood the importance of restoring American independence.  Most Republicans understand that independence is essential to having real pro-American policies.  Britain has chosen freedom and independence, and soon, Americans have the opportunity to make the same choice.

(“The Brexit Wake-Up Call” by Laura Ingraham dated June 24, 2016 published by Lifezette at http://www.lifezette.com/polizette/establishment-gets-their-comeuppance/ )

A good way to look at the political situation today is that the Federal government has become the largest corporation in the world, where Americans are both consumers of their products and stockholders at the same time (Federal Government, Inc., or FGI). FGI has two groups running the company, one is called the Democrats and the other is called is called the Republicans.  Although they both communicate with the public in different ways they want to run the company and serve their customers in the best possible way, they are really only looking out to protect their own jobs, the jobs of the millions of people who work for the company and those organized entities that give them money helping them keep their jobs.  Over the years they've created the impression that these two internal groups are adversaries but in reality they are essentially one and the same, working toward the same self-serving ends.  Some of the great things about working for FGI, especially if you're a mid- or low-level employee whom some call a bureaucrat, are that you can never get fired, you have a six figure salary, the best benefits around, and a lifetime pension that is second to none.  Many even get annual bonuses in a business where accountability means nothing.  If you're a spokesman for FGI, i.e., an elected congressman or congresswoman, although you run the risk of possibly losing your job either every two, four, or six years, the job market for your position has evolved to a point where your job security is almost 100% guaranteed.  It's why these corporate executives have come to be called 'career politicians' or 'professional politicians'.  It's practically a job for life except for the CEO.  Despite a maximum possible tenure of eight years, there are some really nice perks that come with the job as CEO besides the salary, benefits and pension.  He or she gets to live in rent-free housing, fly around the world in a custom Boeing 747 and when their time as CEO is over, there are millions of dollars waiting for them by giving speeches to their corporate cronies they served so well while in office.  The problem for the American consumer/stockholder of Federal Government, Inc., is they no longer have any say on how the company is run although the charter that created it nearly 230 years go (aka Constitution) gives only them that right.  Their products are lousy, their advertising is deceitful, their mandates are dictatorial and their finances are so bad they would put any other company out of business in a nanosecond.  It's enough to make one want to go out and start a whole new company that abides by the laws and bylaws of its founding document.  Maybe someone from a competitor, the private sector, that knows what it takes to be successful in running a company as the chief executive officer, can get elected.  This November there will be a big proxy vote by the shareholders of Federal Government, Inc. and perhaps a real outsider can take over as CEO.

(“Federal Government, Inc.” by Tim Jones dated June 27, 2016 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/06/federal_government_inc.html )

As Barack Hussein Obama’s ends his post as POTUS, leaving our nation in shambles, Barry Soetoro, leaves a legacy of shame, indignity and disgrace, like never before.  In the seven years since he became President, this obscure character of dubious provenance, has managed to add $7 trillion dollars to the national debt, an increase of 56%; has polarized Americans and has fostered racial and class divide like no other President before him.  He has governed the nation much in the same fashion as would a head of state from a third-world “banana-republic”, attempting to challenge the law of the land, sidestepping and circumventing Congress at will with Executive Orders and diktats, much in the same spirit and tradition as a dictator would in a totalitarian state.  Obama treats Americans as a nation of sheep, shoving down their throats reforms such as ObamaCare, which all but short-changed the peoples’ expectations in their fleeting hopes of an improved healthcare system, while miserably failing to come through in any of the promises made by his administration to that end.  Obama’s worse damage yet, comes not by way of his domestic failures, though, but by way of his unspeakable record of political faux pas in foreign and international politics, a debauched record of ill-advised blunders which have earned us the unenviable reputation as a weakened Republic, plagued by ignominy and irrelevancy amongst our most renown enemies.  Obama’s doctrine of appeasement towards our most feared adversaries has earned us a depraved image of frailty.  This lame President’s propensity to retreat amidst shows of strength by our rivals has all but told an international community of U.S. haters, bound by their mutual desire to destroy us, of our long-lost might and prowess, an open invitation for the enemy to prevail in their craving wishes to destroy us, thus the resurgence of radical Islamic terrorism, paving the way for carnages such as those seen in San Bernardino and Orlando, leaving a combined death toll of 63 innocent Americans.  My most generous assessment of the unmitigated aberrations of this President and his foreign policies is a complete and total lack of understanding of what our role is and should have been in a geopolitical arena fully energized with hatred towards our core values and our historical supremacy.  The dark side of Obama is a conscious, well-organized agenda of destruction of our core values gifted to us by the Founding Fathers and reservedly defended by the blood of all Americans who offered their lives fighting for these freedoms only to unearth our newfound Republic tauntingly in the hands of an unknown hybrid readily willing to immolate our predecessors’ sacrifices in his crusade of placatory bromides that have served only but to embolden our adversaries in their prescience vision of a nation now irretrievably shattered of its might and supremacy.  We have a ‘first’ in the history of the nation, in terms of: 1) a candidate running for President while she is being investigated for a possible violation of criminal law, and 2) a full-blown communist making a run for the highest post in the world.  Their arch-rival Republican Party has its own set of skeletons in the closet also.  Back in the 2010 midterm elections, the Republican Party won a majority leadership in the House of Representatives, the first Congress in 13 years were the House and Senate were controlled by different parties, then again in 2012 Republicans had a landslide victory which allowed them to gain a majority control in both chambers of Congress, the House and the Senate, giving the party reasons to rejoice in what all conservatives hoped to be a fair chance of challenging Obama’s anarchical administration.  Rejoice turned into bitter disappointment of things that were not to be, as time and time again, we watched Speaker Boehner and his brigade of brownnose Republican congressmen surrender and capitulate to their Democrat counterparts, paving the way for what we have all come to know as the “establishment”, a term that bodes ill for all embodying an image which we all loathe; an image which has now comes to acquiesce as the profile of your quintessential self-serving politician, a coterie of corrupt office-bearers who could not care less about the electorate, but are responsive only to Washington’s notorious, lobbying eagles,  Super PACs, or otherwise special interest groups, and corrupt politicians from both sides of the aisle.  Then you wonder about the so-called “Trump-Phenomenon.  Donald Trump comes as a fresh breath of ‘anti-establishment’ antidote.  It is a loud and clear message being sent by millions of voters from a wide cross-section of mainstream Americans, telling the world how completely and totally fed up they are with the way our country has been run, albeit by both parties.  It is a clear message that Americans want true and radical changes in the way that all Washington insiders have managed our destinies.  The nation has spoken, and so that we get it right this time around, Americans may or may not want Donald Trump, the man, as their prime choice for their Republican presidential nominee and possibly our next President, although many in the last few months, have changed their mind and have been swayed to liking the man but, what Americans are really telling the world is about their yearning for change, an outreach for radical changes in all that is so very wrong with the nation today.   Whether or not Trump will deliver on his promises and on American’s expectations of him, is still an unknown, something we will not know until it happens.  Whether or not we like the man, he does come through as a refreshed glimpse of hope to end the political nightmare we have endured for so long.  Finally, what helped me to complete making up my mind on Trump was really another no-brainer, because a vote for Hillary Clinton, would be a vote for ‘more-of-the-same’ if not worse.  Hillary’s legendary scandals date back to the 1990s, starting with Whitewater, a real estate deal gone bad back in the day, whereby, the Clintons used their political clout to coerce someone in a failing Savings and Loan Association into making an illegal loan.  More recently the Benghazi embassy scandal, and her latest and most recent e-mail controversy, where Clinton allegedly used a private server for her own personal use while in her role as Secretary of State, possibly violating the government’s secrecy laws and a potential threat to the nation’s homeland security; all tell the story of the woman’s brushes with breaking the laws, surely not what the nation deserves as its President.  A self-serving rat, the woman’s ambitious road to wealth and power has her using politics as an idyllic tool used in her social-climbing ladder.  Whether or not Trump is indeed elected to be our next President or he is not, is beside the fact.  We all owe Trump at least some sense of gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness for what he was able to do for us.  In a nutshell, Trump, singlehandedly almost, was able to awaken a sleeping giant. Over the past eight years, Americans for the most part had been hopelessly detached from politics.  Illiteracy and apathy have been running rampant, giving Obama a writ of passage in the way our nation’s affairs were overtly mishandled both at home and abroad.  Amidst all the chaos, Trump’s ability to stir controversies in the public arena, comes as a shining beam of hope at the end of the tunnel.  I am vibrantly encouraged by the fact many Americans seem to have awoken to the virtual realities now facing the nation, so I am obliged to Trump for their return, which at least gives us hope that he will be elected to be our next President.

(“2016 – The Battle for the Presidency” by Obie Usategui dated June 26, 2016 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/article/2016-the-battle-for-the-presidency )


Britons directly defied the will of all their major political parties’ leaders directly rebuked the sitting U.S. President, who had infamously fear-mongered that a post-E.U. Britain would be relegated to the “back of the queue” in future U.S. trade negotiations, and surely sent Angela Merkel into the deepest bowels of her personal liquor cabinet by defying Britain’s four-plus decade experiment as part of the supranational European project and voting for the restoration of their national sovereignty.  UKIP’s Nigel Farage, without whom the E.U. referendum surely would never have occurred and who now stands as one of the unlikeliest transformative British party leaders in post-World War II history, took to calling June 23 Britain’s “Independence Day.”  The chattering class decided to directly go for one of the Left’s favorite buzzwords: “xenophobia.”  That Britons’ freeing themselves from Brussels’ fetid teat would arouse such angst is hardly unexpected, but in the wake of this confusion, we must clarify what the Brexit decision is and is not actually about.  WHAT BREXIT IS ABOUT:

·    Sovereignty and Subsidiarity – The notion that a free people must solemnly govern itself was not quaint, but was universally taken seriously.  The E.U., intrinsically, systemically, and unequivocally, fails even the most basic test of what constitutes a democratic form of self-governance.  It is fundamentally anti-democratic, runs roughshod over domestic legislatures, oppressivel regulates, does incredibly stupid things like pushing for robot personhood, and deprives member-states of their autonomy over entire spheres of quotidian life.  The American Left would be well-served to take away an important lesson here: a free people value their sovereignty, their moral need for self-governance at the most local level possible, and their ability to hold accountable a political class that infringes on their natural liberty.

·    Skepticism of Multilateral Governance and the European Project – In the aftermath of the two World Wars, a pan-European project surely appealed to many as a stabilizing force.  The E.U., far from symbolizing free trade as so many mistakenly believe it does, is actually one of the world’s most notorious protectionist blocs.  Real economic growth is utterly stagnant, and moral hazards abound in the periphery’s heavily indebted nations such as Greece.  The Eurozone’s monetary union, while aiding trade amongst member nations, represents such a blatantly obviously terrible idea in the absence of a concomitant fiscal union so as to raise the question of whether any economics Ph.D.s at any level ever had any input in the ultimate signing of the Maastricht Treaty.  

·    Borders and Immigration Matter – As hard as it may be for elites to swallow, large-scale immigration just isn’t that popular.  It is no coincidence that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, the top two finishers in the GOP’s Presidential primary, spoke frequently not just about the perils of illegal immigration, but also of the need to streamline legalimmigration and prevent its excesses from jihadi-overrun nations and fundamentally anathematic cultures.  Hard to believe, I know, but British voters apparently just really weren’t that enthused at the prospect of welcoming in tens of thousands of Merkel’s barely vetted Syrian refugees.  Paris and Brussels, as evidenced by the horrific terrorist attacks there in the past two years, have legitimate jihadi problems that threaten the safety of everyone on the Continent.  Regaining control of Britain’s borders is hardly automatically triggered by Brexit, to be clear, but Brexit is assuredly a necessary condition to achieving that noble end.  Thus, Brexit represents the British people sobering up to the jihadi threat—and how that threat is perniciously wreaking havoc on the Continent.


·    Xenophobia – There is nothing “xenophobic” about a country seeking to retain its historical culture, conservatively minimizing the chances of implicitly abetting home-grown jihadi radicalism, and in soberly rejecting the Left’s ideals about cultural universalism in favor of the grounded reality that there are many cultures around the world that simply do not easily mesh with those of the West.  The Left has a way of using scary-sounding words, oftentimes ending in “-phobia,” to denigrate real, human concerns: the damage that the E.U.’s de facto open-borders regime has wrought is one such example.  There is nothing inherently wrong with Britons deciding that they have a problem with such high an influx as the 630,000 foreigners who settled in Britain in 2015, and an increase in population of eight million people from 1990 to 2015 despite a native birth rate that is below replacement level.

·    Isolationism – Just because a nation decides to take fuller control of its borders and its legislative prerogative does not amount to an abnegation of global responsibility.  Britain’s role as a member of the G8, U.N. Security Council, and the like will not be jeopardized by its decision to leave behind the hapless bureaucrats in Brussels.  The “Special Relationship” with the U.S. long predated the European project, and it will outlast Britain’s fleeting association with it.  Britain’s foreign policy will now have much more flexibility which includes the possibility of joining the U.S. for any necessary anti-jihadi combat missions in the Middle East that may occur in the future.  

·    Complete Abandonment of Europe – This is patently silly.  Britain is still part of Europe.  National referenda do not change geography.  Britain will negotiate a new trade deal with the E.U., in due time; both sides are better off with one in place.  Britain has never been just an ordinary European nation, anyway; it once had one of the greatest empires in human history, has a longstanding “Special Relationship” with the world’s sole modern superpower, and still maintains a cultural umbrella of influence throughout the Anglosphere.  Since at least World War I, Britain has tried to thread a very fine needle between aligning itself too closely with Europe and aligning itself too closely with the U.S.; last night merely represented another fine swing of that pendulum.

Ignore the short-term shocks to the global financial markets that did not properly price in the firmness of your resolve or your yearning for autonomy; coming from the land of the free and the home of the brave, we can assure you that sovereignty and freedom are always worth it.

(“What Brexit IS and IS NOT About” by Josh Hammer dated June 26, 2016 published by The Resurgent at http://theresurgent.com/what-brexit-is-and-is-not-about/ )

Call them what you will, coastal elites, the favored or ruling class, whatever your label for an establishment that has created "a smug culture" of corruption and ineffectiveness.  Donald Trump is forcing them to confront a reality in which more than three quarters of the nation neither likes nor respects those who lead.  The continued strength of Trump is an affront to leaders who have not only failed to understand the quality of life underpinning American exceptionalism, but elevated corruption and incompetence to record levels.  For our elites this year, reality is biting back in the form of support for Trump.  Americans want a champion, and he has stepped forward, both saying and showing, "I'm with you: the American people."  The elite reaction, of course, is to deny reality and shoot the messenger.  Trump will catch the same break throughout this Presidential campaign and beyond from established politicians, media, and cultural elites that the rest of us have been getting for years: none.  NBC News, NPR, The Washington Post, etc., institutions trusted by a whopping 6% of Americans, had their claws out for The Donald and his supporters, thereby demonstrating how they've managed to acquire roughly 15% of the trust earned by chiropractors, 10% of public confidence in bloggers, and barely 66% of the trust given to car salespeople.  Donald Trump is for us; they are against us.  It is that simple.  The rise of The Donald is a two-by-four reminder to the head of a resentful establishment that, ultimately, reality cannot be denied.  The continuing voter support of Trump reinforces the reality that our elites have been wrong about nearly everything, and especially the attractiveness of Trump as a candidate.  The establishment view can be summed in seven simple words: United States bad, rest of world good.  Our sophisticated class has nothing good to say about Trump... or the average American, for that matter.  A generation of reality-challenged leaders have redefined the American experience as one that values playing the game over honesty, mouthing politically correct pieties over results, and scorn for the bedrock desire of ordinary Americans to live as "down to earth, god fearing... people that have common sense and believe in quaint ideas like hard work, patriotism, and the right to bear arms."  In the world built by our elites, results, of the kind that Trump has had to deal with as a matter of course in his businesses, do not count.  Only what you say, or the faux diversity boxes you check. The crusade against Trump will continue, as he represents a return to a nation based on results and respect for all individuals, even those who live in flyover country.  So what do you do when nothing you do actually works; when ObamaCare is destroying health care, the Veterans Administration is killing veterans, law enforcement plays catch-and-release as it tries to deny Islamic terrorism?  You lie!  No matter how many times we are told we're better off for having had the sophisticated stewardship of the many branches of the Democratic Party (consisting of Democrat and Republican politicians, mainstream media both right and left, education, entertainment, you name the institution, it's populated by Democrats in thought and manner), the reality of life outside the protected classes tells a different story.  Barack Obama and others, for example, tell us the economy "is pretty darn good right now."  Reality: We are in the latter half of what The Economist calls "almost a lost decade" for the average American.  Forbes, meanwhile, has looked at the results of government regulation, corruption, and incompetence and termed the last four years of economic growth "the worst four years in history."  The anger directed by our elites at Trump is the frustration vented on someone who refuses to play by their rules, which have become the rules.  The successful entrepreneur lives in the real world with the rest of us and boldly describes "a rigged system" in which insiders "wrote the rules of the game to keep themselves in power and in the money."  He understands the lies that defy reality.  Recent hearings before Congress revealed that the government lied to play down the extraordinary number of violent crimes committed by released criminal aliens.  Illegal immigrants account for more than "30% of murders in many states," while media manipulate crime statistics to dispute the reality experienced by Trump and the rest of us in which violent crime is up across the United States.  The success of Trump tells us that a growing numbers of Americans have stopped listening.  Gallup summarized it this way: Americans "generally have lost faith in their national institutions – the biggest and most powerful of which is, of course, the federal government."  No doubt about it, the deck is stacked this election season, but perhaps the former colonies will take their cue from England's Queen Elizabeth, who quietly backed Brexit.  The Donald to America: Time to dump that tea; this time in the Potomac.

(“Trump and Brexit: Time to Dump the Tea in the Potomac” by Stuart Schwartz dated June 28, 2016 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/06/trump_brexit_time_to_dump_the_tea_in_the_potomac.html


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