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July 4, 2015


Perhaps it’s time to recall the words of Thomas Paine in his essay The Crisis,” published December 23, 1776 following a series of disasters that befell the Continental Army:

THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value.”

We’ve all read those words a million times, usually in a context where it is believed all hope is lost and that we should bow to the inevitable.  Paine would have none of it, and chastised some of his fellow countrymen for prematurely throwing in the towel.  The Supreme Court decisions play out against a backdrop that includes the contretemps over the Confederate flag and the assault on America’s heritage.  It seems that all the furies in the world have descended to bedevil the right heading into the 2016 presidential election.  Recognizing the situation and dealing with the consequences rationally is far better than giving into despair.  Our Constitution has withstood a lot more than anything that Roberts and Obama can throw at it.  The structures that the Founders built and that have stood the test of 227 years are still sound and ready to be redeemed.  We can return to the path laid out by our Founders in the Constitution that the Supreme Court has so cavalierly wandered away from.

(“The Right’s Valley Forge” by Rick Moran dated June 26, 2015 published by PJ Media at http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2015/06/26/the-rights-valley-forge/ )

The left has figured out how to successfully push through its agenda by using one simple tactic: demonizing the right.  Even if there is no truth to the cruel labels, the left has figured out they work because repeating the words "bigot,” "hate,” "sexist" and "intolerant" enough and they will start to stick.  It’s known as the “framing war,” and Republicans aren’t very good at it, probably because we’re too nice.  We’re the party of Judeo-Christian morality, so calling the opposition names isn’t considered polite.  Instead, we naively think we can stick to debating the substance of issues and the truth will win out.  We saw how a very small minority within the left, the gay community, less than three percent of the population, was able to implement same-sex marriage.  A small group of radicals labeled anyone who disagreed with their approach as bigots full of hate.  The approach worked and the movement picked up steam.  The irony was many of the activists were full of hate for anyone who disagreed with their methods, even libertarians who simply wanted government completely out of marriage.  There was no room for compromise or alternative solutions.  Christians found themselves on the receiving end of a barrage of profanity.  The left also had some success last week demonizing the right as racist over the Confederate flag controversy.  In reality, the Confederate flag is the legacy of Democrats, right up through recent years, and they should have been held accountable for the racism.  The latest area the left is attempting to get ahead of the right through demonization is global warming.  They’ve tried several sneaky phrases, hoping to get one to stick; the latest is “climate denier.”  The right needs to respond aggressively and place an unflattering label on the left where it belongs, perhaps a phrase like “global warming hysterics,” and use it consistently and often.  Part of the problem is the left substantially controls education and the media.  Children are constantly bombarded by messages that the right is full of hate and bigots. We have a generation of Millennials who have grown up with this indoctrination.  This is why it is even more imperative to counter that message with one equally as effective.  Nowadays, there are thousands if not millions of news sources and people are overwhelmed with information.  The right can no longer count on winning the debate with reasoned arguments alone. As we’re preaching to the choir at Tea Party meetings, the left has our children captive in school teaching them we’re haters.  The truth is, the far left does hate the right, so calling the left bigots is no longer a stretch.  Obama brought Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals into the White House, allowing him to accomplish his full left-wing agenda without resorting to the compromise of triangulation with Republicans.  While the right should use the Alinskyite tactic of vilifying your opponent back, they should not engage in Alinsky’s crooked methods, such as lying.  Conservatives need to stop reacting and start branding the left.

(“Time for Conservatives to go on the Offensive in the Framing Wars” by Rachel Alexander dated June 29, 2015 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/rachelalexander/2015/06/29/time-for-conservatives-to-go-on-the-offensive-in-the-framing-wars-n2018574 )


What we have witnessed is not the beginning of tolerance and diversity, but its unceremonious demise through the completion of one giant step in the orchestrated dismantling of our country that is part of a much larger plan.  It is a critical and vitally important step toward the formation of a “new world order” that no “dignified” journalist or syndicated talk show host will ever acknowledge exists.  If you the Supreme Court decision was about equality or equal rights for the 3% of the American population (at the expense of the 97%), you couldn’t be more wrong.  If you think that Friday’s decision has no impact on you because you don’t care what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms, you couldn’t be more wrong.  If you think the homosexual agenda is about tolerance, diversity or other slick marketing buzzwords, you are not only wrong, but sorely misinformed, misguided or you are purposely facilitating a lie.  The destruction of the American moral fabric was begun generations ago under not a rainbow flag, but a Communist flag.  The activist homosexual agenda in America has its roots in Communism.  On January 10, 1963, Representative Herlong read “45 goals of Communism in America” into the Congressional Record.  Listed at #26 was to “present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as normal, natural and healthy.”  What was considered abhorrent behavior and a sin by all of the world’s major religions only a half-century ago is not only accepted and ostensibly “legitimized” today, but is being openly celebrated at the White House and state houses across America.  The dissenting opinions in the SCOTUS decision include some very chilling statements:

The Court’s decision today is at odds not only with the Constitution, but with the principles upon which our Nation was built.  Since well before 1787, liberty has been understood as freedom from government action, not entitlement to government benefits.  Aside from undermining the political processes that protect our liberty, the majority’s decision threatens the religious liberty our Nation has long sought to protect.  Our Constitution—like the Declaration of Independence before it—was predicated on a simple truth: One’s liberty, not to mention one’s dignity, was something to be shielded from, not provided by, the State.  Today’s decision casts that truth aside.  In its haste to reach a desired result, the majority misapplies a clause focused on “due process” to afford substantive rights, disregards the most plausible understanding of the “liberty” protected by that clause, and distorts the principles on which this Nation was founded.  Its decision will have inestimable consequences for our Constitution and our society.

Many people believe that this ruling marks the end of a long and arduous journey for equal rights, but they are wrong, for this is merely the end of the beginning.  The global activists, the Marxists and Communists propelling this agenda don’t care about rights, despite the pretty packaging.  Having been empowered by SCOTUS, enablers and abettors at the Executive branch and others in power, they are now “all in” to complete the destruction of our nation. The agenda is as big as the lie.  It is imperative that we understand the depth, breath and scope of the lie and the globalist, Communist agenda behind it, and it is important we identify the agents of destruction and that they, and their agenda, must be fully exposed.

(“The Marxist agenda behind the rainbow” by Doug Hagmann dated June 29, 2015 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/article/73325 )


In wake of the Charleston massacre in South Carolina, many on the left want us to believe America is a racist nation dominated by white supremacy and hatred for blacks, but they’re wrong.  It’s interesting how those on the left make broad, general statements about how far we have to go on race issues but don’t give specifics about what’s left to fix.  Despite what Obama says, racism is not passed along in DNA through the generations.  If that were the case, America wouldn’t be the tolerant, multi-racial country it is today.  Yes, America, like the vast majority of the rest of the world, at one time participated in slavery.  While the sin of slavery is not justified, it is important to acknowledge that the sin of slavery isn’t a uniquely American sin, but rather one of mankind throughout the course of history.  America had the dignity to end slavery through a civil war and has since moved forward to correct wrongs with the civil rights movement, affirmative action, legislation, pop culture and much more.  Institutional racism is no longer prevalent in the ways the left claims.  Obama, elected twice by American voters, is black, as is former Attorney General Eric Holder and current Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  There are a number of blacks serving in the U.S. Congress, including South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and Utah Congresswoman Mia Love. The likes of Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé are business and pop culture icons.  Look around the world and you’ll find that America is the most tolerant and open society on earth.  The World Values Survey shows that Americans are among the least racist in the world and therefore are the most tolerant.  Do racists exist in this country - of course they do.  Is their racism sanctioned by the government and celebrated by fellow citizens - absolutely not.  As a society we corrected many of the wrongs of slavery and racism and the individuals who have not corrected their racist views are an innumerable minority roundly and strongly condemned by the rest of society.  The Charleston shooter’s feelings about race are the exception, not the rule, in this country.  America isn’t a racist country and it certainly isn’t a “white supremacist” society. The left falsely saying that this nation is racist promotes not progress but division.  American history includes slavery and racism, but its current status and future as a whole does not. 

(“America is not racist” by Katie Pavlich dated June 29, 2015 published by The Hill at http://thehill.com/opinion/katie-pavlich/246440-katie-pavlich-america-is-not-racist )

The progressive Left utilizes the Obama political strategy of “never letting a crisis go to waste” to further an anti-American agenda designed to further inflame racial dissension and keep Democratic ultra-constitutionalist rabble-rousers in power.  Supposedly aggrieved Afro-American activists bray “black lives [should] matter.”  These same folks completely ignore the fact that 50% of Afro-American children are aborted in the womb.  Similarly, militant slogans like ‘no justice, no peace’ coupled with violent city burning-protests obscure the truth that most blacks in America are killed by members of their own race: per 2012 FBI crime statistics, of 2,648 black homicides, 2,412, or 90%, of the perpetrators were black.  Obama repeatedly fixates on the politics of victimization by exploiting one isolated tragedy after another.  Today it’s one likely mentally ill young man, South Carolina’s Dylann Storm Roof who murdered nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and extrapolates absurdly that the history of slavery is “still part of our DNA.”  In actuality, by and large, America is a post-racial county.  When not on the golf course or partying with publicly demonized millionaires, the petulant, perpetually grousing individual sitting in the cushy Oval Office for a second term is black.  There are Afro-Americans at every level of government and the private sector.  Interracial marriages are commonplace and their children are vibrant, fully embraced members of our society.  Likewise, black athletes and entertainers are lionized with an almost God-like status universally by white and black young people.  In this same vein, the white youth of today have eagerly integrated the rather questionable language and fashion sense of their black idols from Mr. T-style necklaces and jewelry to baggy jeans that hang down exposing the backside of the wearer.  In every way possible, the dominant white, Christian culture has repeatedly extended the hand of friendship (through equal employment statutes, civil rights and social welfare programs) to our black American brothers.  It is their persistent refusal to accept our integrative overtures due to 150 year old historical grievances that have nothing whatsoever to do with the current generation that populates America.  It is time for black leaders to judge us individually, and as a group, Martin Luther King’s standard: the content of our (collective) character and not the color of our skin or the criminal acts of the periodic homicidal madman.

(“The truth of Obama’s post-racial America” by David L. Hunter dated June 27, 2015 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/article/73251 )

The world economy is getting rattled by the consequences of excessive government debt with Greece cut off from its international creditors, and Puerto Rico unable to make full payments on its massive debt.  In both cases, years of excessive spending are sadly dealing a crushing blow to the living standards of millions average citizens.  These jurisdictions have fallen into the abyss, but debt has risen to dangerous levels in many places around the world, including in our federal government.  The root of the problem is Keynesian economics, which taught governments since the 1930s that deficit spending is good for the economy.  That message has been fiscal catnip for politicians, who have eagerly run deficits year after year, and built up debt to massive levels. To compound the problem, some economists have been falsely recommending that we not worry too much about rising debt because it is “money we owe to ourselves.”  The effects of Keynesianism can be seen in federal budget data: From 1791 to 1929, the federal government balanced its budget in 68% of the years, but from 1930 to 2015, the government balanced its budget in just 15% of the years.  The result is that federal debt has risen to levels unprecedented in our peacetime history.  With the rise in Keynesianism, the “modern era of profligacy” was born, he said.  Official projections show federal debt soaring in coming decades unless we get the profligacy under control.  Battles over federal government debt go back to the beginning of our nation.  On one side in the 1790s were Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton and other Federalists, who favored a perpetual federal debt, believing that it would create economic and political benefits.  On the other side were Thomas Jefferson and Albert Gallatin, who were appalled by high debt, and led the opposition to Hamilton’s fiscal policies.  They believed that government debt was economically dangerous and politically corruptive.  Fortunately for the nation, Jefferson’s election to the White House in 1800 was the beginning of the end for the big-government Federalists.  Jefferson and his Treasury Secretary Gallatin substantially cut the debt before the War of 1812 intervened.  After the war, Jeffersonian leaders pushed once again to run surpluses and pay down the debt. That anti-debt drive succeeded with the complete extinction of federal debt under President Andrew Jackson in the mid-1830s.  Jefferson’s anti-debt views more or less held sway in national politics through to the 1920s.  The government racked up debt during wars, but it always paid it down in subsequent years.  The rise of Keynesianism in the 1930s ended all that, reviving misguided Hamiltonian ideas in favor of government spending, debt, and central planning.  Those ideas have caused a great deal of damage in recent decades, and have led to perpetually unbalanced federal budgets.  The Treasury recently announced plans to replace Hamilton on the $10 bill.  Hamilton was a brilliant man and an important Founding Father, but he was on the wrong side of the crucial debt issue.  If he is going to be replaced, we should swap him out for Albert Gallatin.  With the perils of government debt now more clear than ever, it would be a good time to give Gallatin his due and feature him on our currency.  That would honor a man who was every bit as smart as Hamilton, but showed more foresight in recognizing that politicians and credit markets are a toxic combination.

(“Government Debt: Jefferson an Gallatin Were Right” by Chris Edwards dated June 30, 2015 published by The Daily Caller at http://dailycaller.com/2015/06/30/government-debt-jefferson-and-gallatin-were-right/ )

The judicial decision to uphold all of the president's health care subsidies may be very disappointing, but the economics of ObamaCare are far worse than whatever constitutional mistakes have been committed by the Supreme Court.  The law is inflicting broad damage on job creation and new business formation.  It ruins job incentives by making it pay more not to work, thereby intensifying a labor shortage that is holding back growth and in turn lowering incomes and spending.  Across-the-board ObamaCare tax increases are inflicting heavy punishment on investment, right when the U.S. economy desperately needs more capital as a way to solve a steep productivity decline.  ObamaCare contains an additional 0.9% Medicare tax on salaries and self-employment income, a 3.8% tax increase on capital gains and dividends, a cap on health care flexible spending accounts, a higher threshold for itemized medical expense deductions, and a stiff penalty on employer reimbursements for individual employee health policy premiums.  Each of these tax hikes is anti-growth and anti-job.  There is so much talk about "secular stagnation," inequality and stagnant wages these days, but there's little talk about the negative economic impact of ObamaCare.  Everybody is complaining about the low labor force participation rate and the equally stubborn reduction in the employment-to-population rate.  ObamaCare is effectively paying people not to work.  ObamaCare disincentives will reduce full-time equivalent workers by about 4 million, principally because it phases out health insurance subsidies as worker income increases.  In other words, ObamaCare is a tax on full-time work.  Both explicit and implicit marginal tax rates within ObamaCare may rise to nearly 50%, as the law discourages those who attempt to climb the ladder of success.  If all that weren't bad enough, ObamaCare enrollment is coming up short, and the program is unable to sustain an adequate risk pool.  Exchanges are succeeding in enrolling low-income individuals but are struggling to attract middle- and higher-income enrollees.  Meanwhile, it appears that the healthy millennials are not buying enough ObamaCare to finance the older and less healthy, especially those with pre-existing conditions.  So if the sign-ups are lower and the risk pool is shorter and the hoped for redistribution from young to old isn't happening, insurance companies are forced to jack up premium rates.  Texas, Maryland, Oregon, and Tennessee have all announced large double digit rate hikes.  Not every state is experiencing this, but the dirty secret here is that a major taxpayer bailout may be in the cards.  Only free market competition with free consumer choice will adequately set prices, premiums and other costs.  Meanwhile, hospitals, doctors and patients will suffer from lower reimbursements. The worst health care, Medicaid, which is completely government-run, is exploding.  All this is why the system must be scrapped.  In the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 65% of Americans think ObamaCare needs either modifications or a major overhaul and 25% say it should be eliminated.  The Supreme Court decision is a minor part of the story; the bottom line is that ObamaCare will never meet expectations.

(“Worse Than the Supremes: ObamaCare Economics” by Larry Kudlow dated June 27, 2015 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/larrykudlow/2015/06/27/worse-than-the-supremes-obamacare-economics-n2018137 )

After the Supreme Court declared without any Constitutional basis that the Constitution mandates same-sex marriages be state legitimized across the nation, a disquieting level of triumphalism broke out from coast to coast.  The notion that gay-rights advocates and their allies, who have spent decades suggesting that the institution of marriage represents patriarchal oppression, love and respect marriage so much that they wish to join in its binds, is insane.  The gay rights movement and the broader American left celebrated the same-sex marriage decision in wild fashion because the decision established two fundamental notions: First, that government has replaced God in the moral pantheon of the United States; second, that the new god-government has the power to root out and destroy any God-based institutions, destroying the social capital and fabric that holds together the nation.  The emotion that greeted Justice Kennedy's decision reeks of religious fervor.  Dionysian displays mirrored that sort of delirious jubilation with Justice Kennedy as a stand-in for God: He declared the fundamental morality of homosexuality, not merely its legality.  Kennedy went so far as to declare that the government could confer "dignity" on relationships.  With God safely shunted to the side in favor of Justice Kennedy, the next step in the gay rights movement will be the smashing of “idolators:” namely, those who cling to their religion and church in spite of Justice Kennedy's New New Testament.  Leftists have already moved to ban nonprofit status for religious institutions that refuse to acknowledge same-sex marriages; leftists have already sued into oblivion religious business owners who refuse to participate in same-sex weddings.  It will not stop there. Religious schools will be targeted.  Then, so will homeschooling programs.  The secular religion of the left has been set free to pursue its own crusade against the infidel.  Religious institutions were the key social glue binding Americans together; we trust one another because we share values, beliefs and social institutions with them.  With all three of those elements being memory-holed by the government in favor of self-expression, social capital will disintegrate; our trust in each other will fall apart, and government will fill the gap.  With this most recent judicial tyranny, leftists move one step closer to their ultimate goal, as expressed at the 2012 Democrat National Convention: "Government is the only thing we all belong to," and that will be an ugly America indeed.

(“The Real Goal of the Same-Sex Marriage Movement” by Ben Shapiro dated July 1, 2015 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/benshapiro/2015/07/01/the-real-goal-of-the-samesex-marriage-movement-n2019553 )


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David Coughlin

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