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July 7, 2018


President Trump is unraveling eight years of Obama tyranny, one day at a time.  Trump is now reversing the negative Obama tide by simply implementing basic commonsense economic policies.  The combination of this commonsense approach with tax cuts and the reversal of countless executive order EPA regulations resulted in a booming economy. These regulations did nothing but destroy American jobs and add costs to American-made products and U.S. private businesses.  They had no real effect on the environment.  Trump's reversal of these Obama regulations has brought back many U.S. jobs, and this has become the main contributing factor in revitalizing numerous U.S. industries.  The devastating negative repercussions of Obama's removal of U.S. troops from Iraq will surely be felt for decades.  ISIS in filling up the power vacuum within the Middle East has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.  Trump has since cleaned up the ISIS mess, and it took him less than a year to do it.  Thank God Trump removed the U.S. from such a diabolical, one-sided Iran nuclear "deal." The current uprisings in Iran might just take care of this problem.  There will be no reprieve for the Iranian mullahs this time, not from President Trump.  Most American citizens agree with Trump and want a secure border.  Building a wall should be a priority for those of us who believe in basic security and American sovereignty.  Obama had no problem using various government agencies as a weapon against many U.S. citizens.  The FBI unlawfully seized the AP writer's phone records.  The IRS illegally suppressed Tea Party speech.  The biggest offense was Obama-gate: the FBI, DOJ, NSA, and CIA weaponized apparently in coordination for the purpose of spying on the Trump campaign and change the course of a presidential election.  These are just a few of the many messes left for President Trump to clean up.  The last eight years of systemic corruption, treason, and tyranny should be a constant reminder to all of us who value freedom to keep holding our leaders accountable for their words and actions.  This is a reminder and wake-up call for all of us who still remember what can happen to a country under the spell of willful ignorance.  Huge messes pile up, with the responsible people stuck cleaning it all up.  Trump is the president given the responsibility of cleaning up the eight years of Obama tyranny, and he is doing a pretty good job.

(“Trump’s burden: Cleaning up Obama’s mess” by John Scotto dated July 4, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/07/trumps_burden_cleaning_up_obamas_mess.html )

The idyllic days of biased journalism are over.  The liberal media are not engaged in journalism, they want to destroy both Trump and his supporters.  They will incite, inflame, obfuscate, and outright lie in the pursuit of that goal.  Journalism schools do not teach journalism anymore; they teach persuasive storytelling.  They teach the Machiavellian black art of propaganda.  Like most black arts, left-wing "journalism" relies heavily on its own peculiar dogma of magical rites and incantations.  The Russia scandal was just another attempt to divide and conquer.  The hope was that the legions of retired cold warriors who voted for Trump would balk in Pavlovian fashion at the mention of the word “Russia."  The media wing of the political class showed quite plainly that they hold the minds of ordinary mortals in contempt.  It never occurred to them that the aged portions of the Republican base were more than bright enough to have noticed that today's communists are much closer to home.  The average voter knows the difference between refusing to invite the entire Third World in for breakfast on the taxpayer's dime on the one hand and herding local doctors and jewelers into gas chambers on the other.  We are not so lobotomized that we believe that swimming the Rio Grande at midnight is an "act of love" or that the Declaration of Independence is a number-one bestseller in the Muslim world.  The playbook of the leftist media isn't a particularly thick volume, but it's all they know.  In the absence of any success, except among the bitter brainwashed progeny of what passes for universities, they have little choice but to carry out the instruction on their playbook's last page: when all else fails – repeat, repeat, repeat!  The Trump-is-Putin's-puppet narrative gets a little old when the best you can come up with are campaign people speaking to miscellaneous Russians about nothing much.  Sooner or later, even inattentive people notice the sickening smell of the elitist media's contempt for anyone not of their class, for the franchise, and for the truth.  The left has even managed to wreck its own storyline by adding a growing litany of distracting or incompatible side plots.  The random flailing is more like a grand mal seizure than an exercise in journalism.  It seems not to have occurred to these mouthpieces of the political class that we have excellent reasons not to listen to them anymore.  Hillary called us deplorable; Jonathan Gruber called us stupid; Peter Strzok, the Deep State hero, summarized us concisely as pieces of excrement; and these examples name but a few.  The left-wing media have defended or obfuscated for every one of our detractors as they've insulted us directly.  Apparently, they think we've been too insensible to notice.  We have not.  A series of landslide elections and a rough-edged real estate developer in the Oval Office later, and these pampered propagandists still believe they are the entitled shapers of public opinion.  We've heard enough; we've been on the butt end of their manipulation for much too long; let them howl; it's worth listening only for the sheer delicious satisfaction.

(“The Zombie Media” by E.M. Cadwaladr dated June 1, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/07/the_zombie_media.html )

Political incivility leans left, and we all know it.  A hornet’s nest of bomb-throwing Leftists, left-leaners and liberals (the New Democrats) have been mocking, bullying and insulting conservatives for decades.  Now that Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire July 31, we can expect the media, the New Democrats, and the puppeteers behind the organized protests to deploy their pet vipers everywhere to engage in even more uncivil discourse.  As out-of-power Democrats lose more influence, expect them to take things up a notch.  Their real firepower is gone so they’re scrounging for political rocks and torches wherever they can find them.  It is hard to say what will happen as minions of the Resistance Movement “scorch the Earth” under the banner of the flag.  They’re doing real damage to our institutions, and we’re sick of it!  They’ve pushed good men to a place where it’s become uncivil to just sit back and do nothing.  For too long, sincere Republicans, with different approaches to complex problems, have been beat to death with insufferable nicknames: party of the rich, oppressors of the poor, discriminators of women, racists, homophobes, Islamophobes.  While we were being demonized as evil, genteel conservative leaders remained civil, soft-spoken and woefully unskilled in dealing with folks who had no compunction about punching below the belt in broad daylight.  We just watched Republican leader after Republican leader bring spit balls to an artillery fight.  America was headed for an iceberg while the captains of the ship whistled at the wheel.  So we voted for Trump.   Now that Trump is swinging his presidential bat like a crazy man, whacking at all kinds of political hornet’s nests, all the buzz is that he and his supporters are labeled uncivil.  As much as Democrats like to blame this stuff on “The Trump Era,” the mayhem could have been avoided long ago with a little leadership from key liberals and conservatives after presidential power transferred to Trump.  The Bushes, the Obamas and the Clintons let their contempt for Trump override their obligation to the country.  These former “most powerful people in the world” should have spoken words “loudly, clearly and consistently” that reinforced the legitimacy of the 2016 election.  Instead, Trump-haters carry on like the intransigent Palestinians who refuse to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.  They just don’t think he’s legitimate, which is the real source of incivility.  Now the arsonists are calling for civility, so stop setting the fires!  The people have spoken, so accept it.  The ideas and promises that Candidate Trump ran on won the day.  The so-called “Resistance” has become a reactionary group.   It is un-American, un-democratic, uncivil and, in time, it will backfire.  The peaceful transfer of power is still fairly new to civilized governance, and it’s extremely fragile.  That indispensable mechanism is failing the stress test with Trump, and a world of democracies are watching.  It’s far past time to acknowledge Trump’s right to exist as president, so give up the Resistance and let the man govern!

(“Incivility: No, It’s Not Equal on ‘Both Sides’” by Will Alexander dated June 30, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/willalexander/2018/06/30/incivility-no-its-not-equal-on-both-sides-n2495391 )

The modern American Left that now controls and runs the Democrat Party is often misunderstood by even the party members and misguided citizens who simply cannot fathom the extent the DNC is invested in leftist ideas and philosophy: Fascism, progressivism, and socialism walk hand in hand, inseparable, within the democrat party.  That philosophy can be summed up as all citizens must submit to the state authority, not just in economic matters, but in all matters since everything is political in nature.  The state gets to tell everyone how to think, what to think about, and what to do.  There is no to be no private sphere unregulated by the state.  They claim to be for a Government by and for all the people but to achieve their goals they want all of society to be brought into line with their peculiar anti-GOD, anti-American, anti-Constitutional, pro-abortion, and “politically correct” (meaning socialistic) philosophy.  There is no room for actually following the laws as written.  Nor do they believe the Constitution is the final word nor should it be arbiter of current laws since it was written so long ago by “old white men.”  They seek absolute conformity through the rewriting of laws by liberal judges and control of education wherein no conservative nor God-fearing professors should be allowed to teach.  The government is to act as teacher using schools to promulgate its values and priorities.  The DNC and its sycophants call any and all conservatives NAZI’s and proclaim them against all American values.  That is the “BIG LIE” in operation.  Always accuse your detractors of what you are guilty of yourself and never admit what your own actions and philosophy has wrought.  Socialists and the modern left are enemies of today’s capitalist system which they call exploitation while using it to line their coffers.  They often say they intend to destroy the current system of transform it.  NAZI meant the National Socialist Party which is a good description of the current democrat party.  Years ago, the head of the Communist Party of America said he would no longer run for President as it was no longer necessary since the Democrat Party had endorsed and adopted the Communist Party’s entire platform.  The NAZI platform included nationalization of large corporations, trusts, government control of all banking, credit, seizure of lands for supposed public use (without compensation), abolition of incomes unearned by work (IRA’s, retirements), a national pension system (SS), and universal health care and education.  If you read the NAZI platform of 1937, you could quite easily mistake it for the DNC platform of 2016.  Some modern students of Government claim that fascism and National Socialism still have not failed since they were never fully implemented and tried.  Modern progressivism has attempted a revival though under a different name, hence Obama.  When a 'democrat run' government decides it wants what you have, regardless of what it is, it can take it from you.  The powers not delegated to the USA by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the states are reserved to the states or to the people, which is the definition of federalism.  The States are premier over the federal government and the people are premier over both the states and the federal government, unless those governments decide you are inferior in some manner, legal or otherwise in which cases they do as they please, they being the hired, appointed, or entrenched civil servants using the powers granted them by some government.  Isn’t it interesting that the democrats do not care that to be a citizen requires one to be under the jurisdiction (authority) of the USA and the state in which they reside.  They want anyone who wants to come into the USA be allowed even if they are still under the jurisdiction and are citizens of another country and have not applied under our laws for US citizenship.  They want those non-citizens to have the rights to vote (which requires one to be a citizen) for whomever they wish even though the Constitution prohibits that with a penalty of law.  Understandable as the dems don’t think our Constitution is nor should be the basis of our legal system, either.  They also seem to believe that non-citizens are most likely to vote for the organization that is allowing them to circumvent laws for their own benefit.  If you watch the news, it becomes apparent that the majority of scofflaw politicians, crooked judges, and public servants are all adherents of the Democrat Party and their leftist philosophy.  There is no honor, honesty, decency, integrity, nor morality adhered to within the democrat party which denies the very existence of GOD and the ascendancy of law over their personal desires for power.  To vote democrat is to deny the rights or every American to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without democrat party run government permissions and control.  I deny they should ever have such power given them.

(The Unstated Philosophy of the DNC – Socialist, Fascist, Progressive & Anti-Americanby P.L. Booth dated June 28, 2018 published by Arkansas GOP Wing at https://arkansasgopwing.blogspot.com/2018/06/the-unstated-philosophy-of-dnc.html )


The era of the Supreme Court serving as progressivism’s fairy godmother should have ended long ago. Taken together, Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush appointed ten consecutive Supreme Court justices. Yet what the Left could not win at the ballot box it won in the high court, again and again and again.  It did this by a tremendously successful propaganda effort to reframe the Constitution as a “living Constitution. or more accurately: the “Imaginary Constitution.”  The actual Constitution is a source of frustration and vexation to progressives because it does not mandate the things they want to require, while it does grant clear and unmistakable protection to things they actively hate (guns) or desire strongly to restrict (speech).  Their solution, going back decades, is simply to promulgate an Imaginary Constitution more to their liking.  Many of those ten Republican Supreme Court appointees got swept up in the mass delusion.  A genuinely conservative Supreme Court would not inspire breathless anticipation about what Abu Ghraib–level torturing of logic it might unveil each June or early July.  Awaiting the end-of-term decisions each summer became a magical mystery tour, each year adding another dazzling new episode of fantasy and drama.  The end-of-term shenanigans took on the same implied motto that the New York State lottery used to employ: Hey, you never know.  If a silly season that has lasted longer than the Punic Wars is going to end, then the Supreme Court would revert to being boring and predictable.  A genuinely conservative Supreme Court would not inspire breathless anticipation about what Abu Ghraib–level torturing of logic it might unveil each June or early July, because few questions that come before it are particularly ambiguous.  Of course the First Amendment means that the state cannot compel speech.  There should have been no suspense attached to this question.  Many of the mystical qualities that have attached to the Constitution would be stripped away if Americans thought of it as merely the basic law, upon which any number of new stories can be built.  If the Constitution is simply silent on gay marriage and abortion, that doesn’t mean these two acts should not be guaranteed by law.  Gay marriage was indeed being adopted swiftly, in state after state: 36 of them passed it between 2004 and mid 2015.  If abortion is something Americans feel should be legal, then Americans can so direct, through their elected representatives.  Abortion, being unmentioned in the Constitution, is a political question, and should be dealt with via the political process.  Voting is how we are supposed to resolve things.  Voting, for a Republican Senate, for a Republican president, is in fact how we got to the point where the Supreme Court might actually turn boringly constitutionalist.  Responsibility for deciding most issues would go right back where it belongs: the people and since the Democrats claim to be the party of the people, they have little to fear.

(“The Imaginary Constitution” by Kyle Smith dated June 29, 2018 published by the National Review Online at https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/06/the-imaginary-constitution/ )

Despite media-inflated stories of the popularity of Bernie Sanders and his fellow travelers, the radicalized Democrat Party is heading for a major crackup.  The trend started with the rise of the Tea Party (2009), followed by the Democrat loss of the House (2010) and the Senate (2014) and then Donald Trump's stunning election in 2016.  At each stage of this progression, left-wingers have dialed up their hysteria, their lies, their hate, and even their violence, and it has reached a fever pitch.  Indeed, all the rage has been counterproductive.   The media paint a picture of the left being full of fight and determination to continue Barack Obama's transformation of America into a European-type socialistic paradise with a multicultural emphasis.  This may be true for the hardcore activists, but they are few in number.  The dominant mood of the run-of-the-mill Democrat voter is depression and a feeling of hopelessness.  They've thrown absolutely everything at the conservative resurgence and President Trump in particular and watched as one event after another went against them.  Even the media, with their fake news stories and skewed polls, can't snap liberals out of their funk.  The party's only option seems to be doubling down on the losing hand it has been playing.  The liberal media's drumbeat message is that Trump and his supporters are racists, yet the president's approval rating with minorities continues to grow.  Every Democrat in Congress voted against the Trump tax cuts, predicting they would tank the economy, yet GNP growth is exploding to levels that President Obama repeatedly stated were impossible.  Black unemployment is at a record low, and the overall economy is at near full employment. The Trump tax cuts have put more money in people's pockets, and confidence in America is rising.  The Mueller investigation has been revealed as a witch hunt desperately looking for anything to pin on Trump.  On illegal immigration, events have maneuvered Democrats and their supporters into being candid about their insane desire for open borders.  The American people watch as high-ranking Democrats show more concern for illegal aliens than they do for American citizens.  Democrat radicals have crossed the line of decency by harassing Trump staffers in their everyday lives.  None of this is going over well with the electorate.  Even average Democrat voters who are not foaming-at-the-mouth leftists, of which there are millions, are disgusted by what they see.  Despite overreaction and hysterics from the Democrats over tragic school shootings and media adulation of poster boy David Hogg, there has been no dent in support for the 2nd Amendment.  Trump's assertive trade policies and his taking freeloading allies to task for their miserable defense spending make sense to Americans.  The Democrats are showing themselves to be inflexible and incapable of reform.  They criticize anything Trump does, even when it is obviously good for America.  The result is that, like their lapdogs in the media, Democrats have less and less credibility with each passing day.  They come across more like annoying dogs barking at the moon than adults engaging in serious debate.  The Democrat Party is brittle; it is fragile; and since it has become so dogmatic, it cannot bend, and may shatter.  The upcoming election could well be the straw that breaks the party's back, especially since the media has been touting a "blue wave."  Make no mistake: the Democrats are reeling and on their heels, and now is not the time to let up on them, since they must be finished off and November could do the trick. 

(“The Coming Democratic crackup” by Peter Skurkiss dated July 3, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/07/the_coming_democratic_crackup.html )


As the Left continues to spiral out of control, foaming, spitting, and frothing in rage, it's time to state the obvious: that in the battle for the soul of America, there can be only one winner.  Either we retain as much as possible of the country-as-founded, including its national character, or we watch it "fundamentally transformed" into a "social democracy" of the kind envisioned by the adherents of Critical Theory, and brought to us courtesy of the Frankfurt School's ideological seizure of academe.  Although some might wish otherwise, there is no middle ground, no accommodation, no splitting the difference.  Our opponents on the Left understand this perfectly well.  Conservatives like to think that history, tradition, logic, and morality will win out in the end, and that our opponents will eventually see the error of their ways, if not the light.  The Left won't stop unless they are stopped, which means that total victory in the defense of Western civilization and the American ideal is the only option.  Ascribing good motives to our friends across the aisle is a fool's errand.  Like most villains, they think of themselves as the heroes of their own twisted morality play, casting themselves as noble superheroes for truth, silver-surfing the "arc of history" as it bends toward their definition of justice.  We, however, see their assault on our history, customs, and traditions as nothing of the sort; to us, they are the vandals who cannot abide something they had little or no hand in creating, and just want to see the world burn.  There can be no peace with the Left: in their zeal to destroy the pillars of the American Republic, they keep moving the goal posts, discarding positions faster than runway models can change clothes.  To conservatives, this appears to be inconsistency or hypocrisy, but to "progressives" there is nothing at all contradictory about it: whatever serves the cause will be wielded as a weapon against the established order.  The only consistency they have is their desire to win "by any means necessary."  Hence their current over-the-top rage, which began the night of Hillary's defeat and has only intensified since, as the president has reeled off a string of successes, and their transparently phony "Russian collusion" charges designed as a rearguard action to bring Trump down have utterly failed.  Instead, they have been reduced to pining for Barack Hussein Obama, still in their minds the "real" president.  That the Democrats sorely miss Obama, a prize con man all his life, is no surprise.  Their superannuated party is visibly falling apart, and the fact that the Democrat-Media Complex instantaneously made a star out of a young woman nobody had ever heard of before New York primaries tell you all you need to know about how desperate they are.  The Democrats, however, should be directing their anger not at Trump and the Republicans, but at themselves.  Had they let Hillary have her turn in 2008, instead of roundheeling for Barry, she very well might have won against either McCain or Romney and then passed the baton to Obama who, with four to eight years' more seasoning, would have been perfectly positioned to finish the "progressive" demolition of America.  As usual, however, they let their passions control their heads and just couldn't wait to "make history" by nominating the first plausible black candidate for president, and so got ahead of themselves when they should have been taking the long view.  By the time Clinton's turn finally came around, and only after rigging the primaries in order to be able to defeat the aging communist Bernie Sanders, who wasn't even a registered Democrat, she was flyblown and shopworn.  A more mature Obama would have been a very dangerous individual indeed, but the still-youthful Barry of 2008-16 was, luckily for us, too indolent and obsessed with golf and hip-hop parties to do as much damage as he might have.  Because Trump was not an ideological figure entering the White House, he's had to adopt his conservatism on the fly, and not from the "movement conservatives" who make up the decreasing ranks of the Nevertrumpumpkins, but from bitter experience. The more he's attacked by the Left, the more determined he is to become their worst nightmare.  Because Trump's never been an accommodationist, because he does not accept the movement-conservatives' notion that some wars cannot be won and therefore must go on forever, and because he's not afraid of total victory, Trump has a chance to defeat the cultural Marxists once and for all, dealing them a blow just as final as that which finished the economic Marxists when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.  Don't look for a re-run of the surrender at Appomattox, though, the modern Left lacks even an ounce of Robert E. Lee's grace and class.  On the other hand, Trump won't need to demonstrate Ulysses S. Grant's magnaminity to his defeated enemies, since he just has to crush them.

(“No Substitute for Total Victory” by Michael Walsh dated July 1, 2018 published by PJ Media at https://pjmedia.com/michaelwalsh/no-substitute-for-total-victory/ )


Liberals see Donald Trump as the embodiment of toxic masculinity.  Trump’s voters see a real man.  It took a year of intense economic and military and psychological pressure to bring North Korea’s Kim Jong-un to the negotiating table in Singapore.  Trump’s critics tried to spin the initial meeting as a diplomatic disaster.  Trump’s critics are going to fall on their faces with North Korea, as with their other predictions of doom.  They underestimate Trump time and again because his strengths are invisible to them.  The United States does not have to blink at threats from a squirt like Kim Jong-un.  When Kim tried some last-minute bluster before Singapore, Trump canceled the summit.  Setting clear lines is not a setback, it is a key to success. Trump was defining the relationship: Kim cannot make threats, but he can.  It’s easy to point to Trump’s character flaws. His virtues are discounted by liberals who adore the Ivy League finishing school polish of Barack Obama, but they never noticed the small, aggrieved, lying politician inside the fancy suit.  Trump’s critics do not understand the force of the president’s commitment to protect and defend America.  His voters do.  It is an essential, common sense, manly, American virtue, men protect their families and take care of danger.  The victory over ISIS came first and so fast that the partisan press had little trouble ignoring Trump’s achievement.  After years of Obama flapping his hands and disastrously inviting Russia into the Middle East to do the job for us, ISIS was out of Syria.  ISIS was in our weekly headlines, and then it was gone.  No success here, move along.  Trump focuses on his goals, like any good businessman, not on his re-election prospects, as politicians do.  His job as president is to protect the nation’s security and advance American prosperity.  North Korea will not be a nuclear power, period.  It’s too dangerous to let a rogue country, run like a slave-labor camp with a half-mad ruler, have nuclear missiles.  Add in the fact that Kim is already selling military technology to Iran, and the task is beyond urgent.  Trump sees that Kim is a dangerous weirdo murderer better than anyone, and that is why he decided Kim must “denuke.”  What is impressive is how Trump communicated the force of his decision to disarm North Korea to China and to Kim Jong-un.  It took a year of strategic, multifaceted diplomacy and intimidation.  China has been buying off and manipulating our politicians for decades.  Trump can’t be bought, and he does the manipulating himself.  Trump wants to upset the status quo with China.  Trump puts the American worker, his voters, first.  The powerful economic interests who profit from China’s predatory trade practices are less than nothing to him.  He wants to win the existing trade war with China, the one that the United States has been losing for more than two decades. Accommodating to China is over.  Politicians play things safe by doing what has been done before, solutions be damned.  Trump the builder likes to get things done.  It is not in him to follow Obama’s politically safe, irresponsible, do-nothing footsteps and call that “peace.”  China and North Korea and Trump’s critics are getting to experience how a tough man goes to work.  This is how a responsible president deals with a small but rabid country threatening the safety of our own nation.  President Trump understands we are a powerful country; he knows how to assert American power in our self-interest, and luckily he is on the job.

(“Trump’s ‘Deplorable’ Diplomacy” by Karin McQuillan dated July 3, 2018 published by American Greatness at https://amgreatness.com/2018/07/03/trumps-deplorable-diplomacy/ )


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David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY