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 July 8, 2017


Elite liberals seem to genuinely believe that people who didn’t vote for them were just poor, deluded saps who didn’t understand what was in their own best interest.  A CNN producer was caught on camera saying he thinks that the American voters are “stupid as shit.”  This sort of thinking comes from the fact that liberalism is shot through with narcissism. Narcissists believe they’re better than everyone else just by virtue of being who they are.  Liberals also believe they’re smarter, more compassionate and more caring just because they’re on the Left.  If you genuinely have high self-esteem, you can easily brush off challenges to your competence.  When you have high, but unstable self-esteem, you become much more upset when your self-image is challenged.  This can lead to anxiety, anger and lashing out as part of an effort to keep those doubts at bay.  It can also lead to unchecked hatred of anyone who makes you question your value.  Political violence has turned into an epidemic. The Steve Scalise shooting may have gotten the most attention, but some of the other politically motivated assaults have been almost as jarring.  Liberals project their own hatred onto conservatives regularly with their rhetoric.  There is almost no soul-searching by liberals after their defeat by Donald Trump.  There’s no talk of changing their agenda (other than making it more radical), no talk of appealing to people who didn’t vote for them, no wondering what they did wrong.  That’s the problem, they don’t believe they did anything wrong.  Liberals believe the real issue is that you’re racist, sexist, subhuman pieces of garbage who need to be punished, and when they get back into power, they’re going to do EXACTLY that and they will feel like you DESERVE IT.

(“If You’re Conservative, Here’s Why Elite Liberals Hate Your Guts” by John Hawkins dated July 1, 2017 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/johnhawkins/2017/07/01/if-youre-conservative-heres-why-elite-liberals-hate-your-guts-n2349277 )

As the left becomes more intolerant, its various factions are encountering more conflict with each other.  Black Lives Matter and other minorities create “spaces” where white people aren’t allowed, which exclude sympathetic white liberals.  Transgenders and feminists get into vicious fights over whether transwomen are really women.  Feminists on college campuses broadly paint male co-eds as rapists, even liberal men.  Comedians who mock conservatives are finding themselves chased away from college campuses by snowflakes who don’t like their LGBT and race jokes.  Bernie Sanders’ supporters are investigating the mysterious death of former DNC staffer Seth Rich, while Hillary Clinton supporters ridicule them as conspiracy theorists.  The left’s dominant factions are already running into conflicts with each other as a result of the left taking over much of society.  Since conservatives are increasingly blocked out of areas like education, the left is free to run rampant.  White liberal professors are finding themselves under siege in upper academia.  Today’s ‘Left’ is rife with the most obscene, abusive, nasty, spiritually ugly and utterly unethical, hypocritical and fanatically horrible people.  The media is also dominated by the left, and faces similar feuds.  Talking heads and journalists berate each other for using phrases like “illegal immigrant” instead of “migrant.”  Phrases like “illegal alien,” which conservatives still use, were purged earlier from mainstream publications.  Black Lives Matter pushes other left-wing factions out to promote its agenda.  Attend a modern day meeting of progressives and observe how everyone walks on eggshells.  Use the wrong term, such as an incorrect pronoun to describe someone, and you will feel the wrath of one faction.  If you’re a white male and speak up, you risk being silenced with the statement, “Check your privilege.”  Much of this sensitivity during meetings originated during the Occupy Wall Street encampments a few years ago.  White males were often told to stop talking and cede the floor to minorities.  As the infighting escalates, the left isn’t going to be able to hold all of its factions together.  The Democrat Party is already feeling the fallout.  Donald Trump won the presidential election in part due to feuding between the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrat Party and the establishment wing.  Sanders’ supporters became disillusioned by the Hillary Clinton campaign’s corruption and collusion with the Democrats, and failed to show up to vote for her in the general election.  Most of the left’s factions call for the hostile and violent confrontational tactics of Saul Alinsky.  Change is already happening.  Fed up with what they see on the left, and what has happened to the older, entitled, left-leaning Millennials, Generation Z is turning to the right.  They’ve grown up surrounded by “instant access to the world’s harsh realities on their smart phones” and “can only remember a news cycle ‘marred by economic stress, rising student debt… and war overseas.’” They take a “‘more pragmatic’ and conservative outlook on the world.”  The left’s philosophy is predicated upon a “me first,” take-from-others philosophy based on ever-changing, arbitrary standards of what is considered the most worthy causes.  These causes tend to be anything that undermines Christian values, since the left vehemently dislikes a moral code that gets under its skin for some reason.  Even if that moral code is just a small part of an overarching set of principles they agree with. The left’s model is unsustainable.  There is only so much hate and money from other people to go around, so eventually they will hate each other and run out of other people’s money.

(“The Left’s Factions Increasingly Turning Their Sights on Each Other” by Rachel Alexander dated July 3, 2017 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/rachelalexander/2017/07/03/the-lefts-factions-increasingly-turning-their-sights-on-each-other-n2349774 )


Americans don't need just a free press; they need access to accurate information in order to make up their own minds about what they want the government to do.  While it's true that a free press is a prerequisite for the people to have access to the data they need, it's not sufficient.  We currently, despite Democrat attempts to the contrary, have a free press in America.   Yet the systemic left-wing bias of the mainstream media(MSM): ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, Washington Post, L.A. Times, etc. means there is little difference between the accuracy of the information most Americans receive and the accuracy of the information people living in Communist China receive.  In both cases, highly skilled propagandists shape, through omission and commission, the news in order to create a false reality the ruling class uses to motivate people to go against what is in the people's  best interest and instead support policies that benefit the ruling elites.  Many Americans believe, because of the Fake News generated by the MSM, lots of things that aren't true, including:

·   Mankind is causing the Earth to warm in catastrophic ways.  Real science says that at worst, it's unclear, and at best, there's no catastrophe at all.

·   Twenty-five percent of the population harbors sexual attractions exclusively to members of the same sex.  The real number is more like 1-2%.

·   Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election.  No evidence has been found after months of investigations and illegal leaks.

·   Republicans are racists.  It's Democrats who oppose school choice for blacks; black women are five times as likely to abort their babies as white women; Dems bring in cheap foreign labor; black unemployment is twice white unemployment; and Dems don't care about thousands of blacks being shot in our inner cities each year.

·   The unborn aren't human.  Science says an unborn child is human from conception.

·   Planned Parenthood provides women's health care.  Baby part-selling PP really provides only contraception and abortion.

What liberal-driven discussion about a "free" press ignores is that to be useful to the American people, the press needs to be not just free, but also honest.  It's not honest for the MSM to say Bill Clinton lying under oath to protect himself from a sexual harassment lawsuit does not impact his ability to be President and then turn around and say that because President Trump makes some aggressive tweets, he's not fit to be president.  It's not honest for the MSM to scream about Trump's Russia problem when there is not a shred of evidence, given that the same MSM ignored copious evidence of Obama and the Clintons conspiring with Russia.  Nothing Trump has said threatens a free press; it only threatens a dishonest one.  This is why the MSM are so upset.  They know they aren't journalists; they know they are propagandists.  The MSM's fear is based on the solid fact that once people know they're being lied to, the ability of the propagandists to guide the people goes down dramatically.  Lincoln was right: you can't fool all the people all the time.  Dictatorships, and liberals in America, depend on having absolute control over what the people believe, something they can't have once the people get access to honest news.  A major reason for so many people voting for Hillary is that even though the number of news sources has exploded, the MSM are still able to mislead a large fraction of Americans.  A significant fraction of Hillary voters live in an alternative reality constructed by the MSM, where Hillary is honest, global warming is real, the unborn aren't human, and blacks aren't being shot by the thousands in Democrat-run inner cities.  Hillary voters believed the lies spewed by the MSM because unlike the liberals running the MSM, most Hillary voters are honest people who can't imagine the media so consistently lying to them.  While there are honest alternatives to the MSM's near monopoly, the MSM and liberal politicians have been demonizing them from the start, a policy that has been successful in keeping a significant fraction of the Democrat base from seeking out truthful news sites.  Since modern liberals are fascists at heart, ever since the MSM monopoly began to crumble, with the advent of conservative talk radio, liberals have been striving to stop any speech they don't agree with.  Trying to silence opposing voices occurs not because liberals are snowflakes, but because they are fascist storm troopers who know they can get the power they lust after only by keeping the people cocooned in a web of lies.  That's why the left has been demonizing Fox News with language far worse than anything Trump has said about CNN.  Similarly, the same liberals who condemn Trump's supposed attacks on the free press have no problem with attempts to silence Rush and conservative speakers on college campuses.  When you realize that in the minds of the MSM, a "free" press is free in the same sense that a college campus that bans conservative speakers is free, their double standards make perfect sense.  In liberal minds, we are free when we bow down to the beliefs of the liberal elites, who, in their own minds, merit our obedience because of their own greatness and altruism.  Modern liberal beliefs are not rational, nor can they be defended by facts. They are a new faith adhered to with the same fervor with which true-believing Communists believed in the New Soviet Man.  Since liberal ideas can't win a fair fight with conservative ideas, liberals' only hope is to ensure that the fight isn't fair.  Their weapon of choice is constructing a monolithically liberal media whose objective is advancing their faith, not informing the public.  They can no longer control what people know; essentially, too many Americans have taken the red pill and awoken from their MSM-inspired dream.  When given the facts, Americans are staunchly conservative.  Liberals know that once people see behind the curtain, they will stop doing what benefits the liberal elites and start doing what is best for themselves, the American people.

(“A Free Press Is Not Enough” by Tom Trinko dated July 3, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/07/a_free_press_is_not_enough.html )

The more the media and the establishment politicians scream about the President’s tweets, the more obvious it becomes that he should keep tweeting.  Trump has over 33 million followers on Twitter and his tweets are a terrific way to connect with his supporters without the filter of the liberal media.  This week he tweeted about critical issues such as the House passage of “Kate’s Law” and the “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act.”  These bills fulfill the President’s campaign promises to take decisive action against the threat of illegal aliens in this country.  He also tweeted about his meeting with the President of South Korea and his speech touting his plan to unleash the American energy industry.  Predictably, none of those issues received any coverage as all the media focused on was his tweets about the low rated MSNBC show, “Morning Joe.”  The President tweeted that during last New Year’s Eve at his Mar-a-Lago club, show host “low IQ crazy Mika” Brzezinski and her fiancé and co-host “Psycho Joe” Scarborough “insisted” on joining him.  His comments about Brzezinski led to a frenzy of biased coverage for several days throughout the mainstream news media.  The “Morning Joe” controversy only emboldened the many critics of the President’s use of Twitter to communicate.  This criticism is exactly why the President should continue to use his favorite form of social media.  Ever since he entered the presidential race, Trump has been the subject of unrelenting condemnation from his many political enemies.  He has succeeded without their approval and will continue to prosper despite the loud complaints of those who oppose his agenda.  In this case, the President responded only after months of unrelenting ridicule from the “Morning Joe” hosts.  They have called the President “unbalanced,” “unhinged,” a “liar,” a “child,” and claimed that he suffers from “mental illness.”  Brzezinski even had the audacity to cite the need for the 25th Amendment to be enacted and for the President to be removed from office because he is “unfit.”  The hosts have also been fixated on mocking his “teensy” hand size, making sophomoric implications about the President’s genitalia.  After months of on-air venom directed at him from both the hosts and their guests, Trump decided to return fire via Twitter, which is his way of responding to attacks.  This type of hardball tactic has helped Mr. Trump create a strong bond with Republican voters who wanted a President to respond to critics in a forceful way.  For too long, Republican Presidents, such as George W. Bush, refused to retort when attacked by their opponents.  In this respect Trump is different, certainly a breath of fresh air.  In a media environment that is almost universally aligned against him (89% negative coverage according to the Media Research Center), President Trump needs a way to respond to attacks.  His preferred method is not a fireside chat, like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or an address to the nation, like President Ronald Reagan, but a tweet, which occasionally is controversial, but, more often, is brilliant.  These tweets energize his supporters and helped President Trump, against all odds, win the GOP nomination and the presidency.  While the media and his political critics will continue to criticize his tweets, the President will undoubtedly not stop.  Trump’s critics, the so-called experts, want him to stop tweeting; however, these are the same “geniuses” who said that he never had a chance to win the presidency.

(“Keep Tweeting, Mr. President” by Jeff Crouere dated July 1, 2017 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/article/keep-tweeting-mr.-president )


Our nation has gradually been subverted from within.  Our national identity has been portrayed as hypocritical and unworthy of the claims of being a free society.  The left wing insists that the U.S. has not lived up to its so-called ideals from the very beginning.  For decades, the left and the Democrats have been pounding home the idea that we are not the land of opportunity but are the land of exploitation.  Further, the America haters insist that the ideals enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the statements of many of our early leaders are deceptions.  They are intended to deny that the seeking of power and wealth by a ruling elite are the motives that have driven the growth of our country, and that the ideals and legal strategies that are supposed to strengthen our rights, our liberties, and our prosperity are merely strategies by which white, male persons have gained and sustained control of the centers of power and wealth in the USA.  Abraham Lincoln’s assertion that we are a nation “of the people, by the people, and for the people” was a nice sounding but false slogan, according to the brainwashed ideologues.  Rather, under leftist dogma, the USA, from its very inception and even before that going back to Christopher Columbus is portrayed as anti-“the people.” The left portrays the USA as anti-black, anti-Latino, anti-Catholic, anti-worker, anti-women, anti-liberty, anti-farmer, anti-Native American, anti-blue collar, anti-Chicano, anti-Muslim, anti-world, anti-health, anti-freedom, anti-poor people, and anti-protected classes (such as the disabled, elderly, LGBQT individuals, or religious minorities).  Undocumented immigrants or illegals are referred to by the left simply as “immigrants” and are another victimized group.  This propaganda can come under the general rubric of “Zinnism,” named after the writings of Howard Zinn, a longtime professor of history at Boston University.  Zinn was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party, and wrote the bestselling American History college textbook A Peoples’ History of the United States.  In this textbook, he portrays the USA as a bastion of economic exploitation, militarism, racism, hypocrisy, and in fact as completely ignoble from its founding to the present day.  His textbook has become the best-selling textbook for introductions to American history in our universities, the Zinnian mindset has become dominant in a large portion of the population.  This extremely negative depiction of the U.S., a depiction intended to reverse the image of a righteous country that is the land of opportunity par excellence, is intended to drive us into acceptance of globalism and world government as the antidote for the social and economic problems that beset us.  If our Constitution is an outdated document, one which has allowed so many injustices to occur and to continue occurring in the name of “justice”, then the corrective must come from the outside.  Outside influence can only increase if there is a dilution of U.S. sovereignty.  That means more immigration, even though we already have the highest level of legal immigration in the world, more transfers of funds to other countries via the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and more contributions to the United Nations.  Under the Democrat Party dissent from patriotic nationalism, we are called by our bogus leadership to engage in multilateral trade agreements that sacrifice U.S. benefits in favor of benefits to other countries, and living beyond our means in order to spend moneys we do not have to correct perceived as well as real injustices.  The so-called unjust and selfish system of capitalist America will presumably be corrected by running up an incredibly shocking and nauseating debt of over $20 trillion, a debt that was doubled during President Barack Obama’s eight years in office.  Attempting to buy a secure future for ourselves, our national debt has created problems for future generations that are too disturbing to even contemplate.  Instead of budgeting ourselves with a prudent and thoughtful national policy, and instead of aiming for balance and not for overdrafts that bail out the top 1%, we have printed and borrowed ourselves into a desperate economic cul de sac.  Also, Democrats and Republicans have not openly challenged the Federal Reserve policy of keeping interest rates excessively low.  With the low interest rates, people who are thrifty and save find that their money growth cannot keep up with inflation, and they are losing buying power.  Nevertheless, inflation rates, and stock prices have continued to be high since the collapse of the housing market in 2008 and the concomitant venal bank bundling of mortgages with phony ratings of those bundles by rating agencies like Moody’s and Standard & Poor.  Because the government continues printing so much money and making the money more available to financial institutions, those institutions are buying stocks, which is why the stock market prices remain high.  Those higher stock prices and higher priced consumer products are not reflective of consumer demand or market projections.  Thus, Zinnism, excessive national debt, and globalist policies of law, economics, and government go hand in hand in hand.  As an empowered citizenry and as good deplorables, we must dedicate ourselves every day to a restoration of patriotic nationalism and the overthrow of Zinnian anti-Americanism and globalism. Zinnism and globalism are bonded twins of the public socioeconomic/political landscape. Together they continually attempt to destroy the morale of our republic by destroying our national identity. We need to include daily prayers for the restoration of our national patriotic identity just as prayers were lifted up regularly and often by those living in the thirteen original colonies for unity and relief from the oppressions of the mother country.  Without anger or vituperation but with firm righteousness, we need to affirm to others that we live in a land of opportunity not a land of exploitation.  We should often and freely express to others our gratitude at having the opportunities and enjoyments that life affords us here in the USA.  While the left will confront us with the drumbeat of their quest for “equality,” we must counter with the assertion that liberty takes precedence over equality.  Equality at best is a subset of liberty, and without liberty as first priority, the quest for “equality” can and will become oppressive.

(“Rejecting Globalism and Affirming Patriotic Nationalism” by E. Jeffrey Ludwig dated July 1, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/07/rejecting_globalism_and_affirming_patriotic_nationalism_.html )

When young people get educated, get a job, get married, and then have babies, and in that order, their lives go dramatically better.  A stunning 55% of young people have had children before marriage.  Only 25% of the youngest baby boomers (those born between 1957 and 1964) did that.  Over 85% of millennials who put “marriage before the baby carriage” have family incomes in the middle or top third of incomes.  Over 45% who did not follow the sequence are in the bottom third.  Parents who believe that education, self-sufficiency, and marriage before children are going to raise their kids with those beliefs and more importantly, choose environments that support those beliefs and strengthen those beliefs.  Their beliefs drive their reasoning which drives their decisions.  These beliefs, and the social pressure to keep those beliefs, are especially important for the economically fragile, those in the lower income strata for whom every deleterious choice can have economically devastating consequences.  With fewer social resources, savings, and prospects, a bad decision can mean an immediate and lifetime filled with pain and poverty.  Unfortunate new realities are the result of the disregard of old principles.  There’s no mention of who taught those “old principles” or even what those “old principles” are or how the community supported those principles.  It used to be understood that people should be married before babies came into the world.  It was shameful to have a child without a father; it was shameful to be unmarried; it was shameful to get divorced; and it was shameful to not support one’s children.  People knew they were wrong for having sex before or outside of marriage. They also knew a baby might come out of the union and that “problem” (thank you Barack Obama) would be dealt with by either a Shotgun Wedding, adoption, or shamefully, by a man running away from his responsibility.  Most pregnant girls today don’t feel shame.  Nor do the disinterested boys encouraging abortions.  Shame is so rarely used as a social tool that when a pregnant single mom in a parochial school wasn’t allowed to walk in graduation, even conservatives balked.  Why shouldn’t there be social consequences for violating the belief system that would protect her life and that of her child?  She and her baby would be far better off had she waited until marriage to have sex; waited until after marriage and graduation to have a baby.  Instead she was impulsive and selfish; she did not think of her family and community who would have to support her; she did not think of the strain on herself and how that would affect her baby; and she did not consider how that child needs a consistent father figure for whole development.  The father of that child did not think of those things, either.  Shame serves a purpose: it amplifies the social stakes for other women and men considering the same path.  In a day and age where abortion is an alternative, being shamed can make abortion appealing and this is abominable.  Whether with abortion, adoption, or raising a baby, a girl deals with the consequences of sexual liberties, and those consequences are not romantic and they’re forever.  No matter what, the woman has a lifetime of something should she get pregnant before she is educated, with a job, and married, or married to a man with a job.  The “old principles” are taught in church: don’t fornicate or adulterate; take care of your children (I Timothy 5:8); get married (I Corinthians 7:9); work hard (Ecclesiastes 9:10); don’t get divorced (Matthew 5:31); care for widows and orphans (James 1:27); and take care of the hungry and needy (Matthew 25:35-45).  Regular churchgoers do follow these social constructs more devotedly and enjoy more sex, happier marriages, better socioeconomic outcomes, fewer divorces, give more to charity, volunteer more, and are generally happier.  Devoted churchgoers are more likely to be conservative.  They’re more likely to see the cold indifference and limitations of the state.  The state is inadequate at shaping behavior.  The church and the families who attend can be extremely effective.  Millennials are less religious, less likely to see the tangible value in their educations, and less likely to interact with, have sex with, much less get married to and have kids with someone.  The late Boomers and the Gen X-er parents are less likely to take their kids to church, less likely to preach abstinence, less likely to stay married, oversold education generally (instead of job skills specifically), and undersold personal responsibility.  A generation of technologically connected but humanly isolated, morally ambivalent people with fewer community and spiritual ties will see few examples of solid, God-fearing, church-attending, job-holding, marriage-valuing people and are confused as to why poverty descends when he or she buys the moral-equivalence and lives it by having sex, getting pregnant (or an STD), dropping out of school, taking a menial job, with no supportive father, and ends up on food-stamps.  This single mother likely has little family support, less extended family support, and social isolation with no community.  She is exhausted; she is scraping by; she is alone; she is desperate; and she is confused because she has been sent the message her whole life that she doesn’t need a man, that men let you down, that there are no good men out there, and that only the weak-minded need God or those archaic beliefs.  Now the pointy heads are talking about the Success Sequence.  If a person admits that there is a good choice, then there is such thing as a bad choice.  Just as bad choices have consequences, so do good choices.  The problem is that most liberals and many conservatives and libertarians are loath to acknowledge that there are better choices (that’s moralizing) and that mores enforced by social pressure work.  The poverty-solution is not easy.  It’s time for the church and Christians to do better: teach better; evangelize better; convert better; and serve better.  The state stinks at these kind of solutions, and pretending that free sex is free while the social fabric unravels is a recipe for social and economic disaster!

(“Church, Family, Millennials, and the Success Sequence” by Melissa Mackenzie dated July 7, 2017 published by The American spectator at https://spectator.org/church-family-millennials-success-sequence/ )


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