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July 20, 2013


Our government is flush with officials, Republican, Democrat, and Independent, who hold a Progressive political ideology whose end result is collectivism and statism.  Not coincidentally these results are identical to those garnered from other specialized ideologies like Communism, Fabianism, socialism, National Socialism (Nazism), fascism, Globalism, corporatism, cronyism, Pan-Islam, etc. And they all have a common ethics as their root.  Bad political ideas come from bad ethical ideas, which are originally spread by the words of bad philosophers.  Progressives and their Utopian counterparts throughout history have pushed a corrupt and inverted morality on the world, causing man to act as his own destroyer.  Each ideology is convinced the government in whatever form, can make a perfect society in its own image by controlling every aspect of its citizens' lives; groups of men are cattle or chattel to be herded, shaped or re-educated. For the Progressives to progress to their Utopian end, they will do anything necessary. The ends always justify the means to Progressives and the ends are always a totalitarian state.  Progressives gain emotional control and the sanction of their victims by trapping them morally based on the ethical principle which will not only best suit Progressive needs, but one the whole world has come to accept - altruism.  By altruism French philosopher Auguste Comte did not mean being benevolent, charitable, kind, or generous.  Progressives see themselves as more "moral" than the average slob.  The Progressives, too, have accepted this sacrificial, altruistic moral code, and know sacrifices don't collect themselves, so they will decide who sacrifices what and collect how much is desired and to do so, Progressives must enslave the rest of us politically.  It is the ethics of sacrifice which lead to the politics of slavery.  The trend will continue until people have the ammunition to defend their individual rights, their lives, liberty, property, and wealth, on a moral basis.  The concept of the American form of government was to protect the individual rights of its citizens, especially against the actions of people who embrace statism.  Because people consider self-sacrifice moral, they never speak about defending their individual rights.  Most Americans now believe rational self-interest is immoral.  People have accepted an unearned guilt in their ethical code and consider being in bondage as justified, so they will accept ever more ridicule and damnation for being selfish, pay more taxes and suffer more regulations and let the government intrude farther and farther into their lives. Then Progressives will tell us the reason everything is still rotten is because of those selfish obstructionists in society who aren't willing to sacrifice themselves quickly enough.  Always keep in mind what Progressives are "progressing" away from: the ideals and principles of America, the Constitution, the Republic, the rule of law, hands-off capitalism; away from the recognition of individual rights and of property rights; away from personal responsibility and self reliance; away from the idea that man is born free and the American government was created as his servant.  Progressives are gleefully "progressing" towards tyranny and totalitarianism, towards sacrifices and slaves, towards control of your life and your mind, with their power lust leading them all the way, and to globally rule over collective man in shackles is their goal.  The pimps of the ethics of sacrifice should be regarded as enslavers of men in spirit and exposed for what they are really saying. Conversely, the preachers of the ethics of individualism should be regarded as liberators of man in spirit and be commended for what they are really saying.

(“The Ethics of Sacrifice, the Politics of Slavery” by Boyd Richard Boyd dated July 14, 2013 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/07/the_ethics_of_sacrifice_the_politics_of_slavery.html )

The President has more than proven that he is not a uniter, but instead is a committed divider.  It's getting harder to ignore what appears to be a burning desire on Obama's part to destroy the great and glorious house called America.  With an eye toward stepping in and reorganizing everything from our social and economic structure to the U.S. Constitution, it appears that Obama's plan to gain control involves stirring up discord and agitating every area of society to the point of near-collapse.  Barack Obama has managed to undermine the nation's unanimity through the deliberate fostering of racial, political, religious, and class-based conflict.  In other words, the President of the United States is actively endeavoring to community-organize America to death.  Saul Alinsky taught that in order to 'disorganize the old and organize the new' one must "stir up dissatisfaction and discontent" and "agitate to the point of conflict."  Unfortunately, Alinsky's instructions are alarmingly similar to the President's leadership style.  In his unending quest to "fundamentally transform" America, Barack Obama has stealthily managed to expose many a raw nerve.  Still, rather than make a blatant attempt to further divide Americans, the President cunningly pokes his finger into past grievances in hopes of creating festering sores he seems committed to exacerbating.  Yet even while employing doublespeak, blithe disregard for the facts, subterfuge, and occasional impulsivity, the president has been able to project the image to some of unifier as he carefully manipulates the tools of divisiveness to the benefit of his long-term agenda.  Now, in what appears to be the next phase, macro acrimony is being perpetrated on an increasingly micro level.  The Obama Administration's "Insider Threat Program" is now promoting suspicion among federal co-workers by asking colleagues to spy on and report one another based on a very subjective criteria.  Organized divisiveness masked as an attempt to keep America safe, the program asks federal employees and contractors to pay "particular attention to the lifestyles, attitudes and behaviors - like financial troubles, odd working hours or unexplained travel."  As a result, federal workers have officially been added to a list of potential threats that already includes pro-life advocates, ex-military, Christians of all denominations, Conservatives, Tea Party activists, and just about any group on the planet that is perceived to pose problems for Barack Obama's progressive vision for an Alinsky-inspired "world not as it is," but as he thinks "it should be."  From the first day he was elected, the President has consistently sown seeds of strife, and, as a result, it has become clear that Obama is indeed implementing Alinsky's strategy on a national level.  Apparently the President hopes that if he stirs up enough dissension, America's great and glorious house will be unable to stand, and then, it will be on to the coup de grâce, when Barack Obama finally gets to implement the type of control he so fervidly desires. 

(“The Obama Doctrine of Control Through Dissension” by Jeannie DeAngelis dated July 15, 2013 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/07/the_obama_doctrine_of_control_through_dissension.html )


Propaganda is the systematic distortion of the truth, usually by a government or with a government's explicit support, usually entailing the systematic exclusion of views that differ from the official view.  Those who would rule know one thing for certain: Win the battle of ideas and you win control of everything.  By controlling both the media and the message, rulers can bend people's minds to their will.  This isn't mere theory; it's a fact of history.  With the advent of new media including the Internet, cell phones, tablets, PCs, radio and TV, propaganda can reach nearly anyone.  From the 20th century on, propaganda has taken on a new, insidious meaning as a tool of murderous totalitarianism.  Propaganda in this era has been used to gain total control over a regime's subjects, both physically and mentally.  We see this most clearly in the rise of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and Communist China.  Each used totalitarian media control to ensure that one message, and only one message, got through to people.  In such scenarios, all competing ideas, and individuals, are crushed.  It is this latter use of propaganda to which this series is dedicated.  In the not-so-distant past, propaganda has been used both to facilitate and to rationalize mass slaughter, enslavement and oppression, and if we're not vigilant, it will be used this way again.

(“Propaganda Through the Ages Has Been the Enemy of Reason” dated July 12, 2013 published by Investor’s Business Daily at http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/071213-663623-propaganda-makes-free-speech-impossible.htm )

President Obama benefited from over 90% support from black Americans in the last two elections, but more and more blacks are questioning whether Democrats, with their divisive special interest politics, are really benefiting them.  When Obama came into office black unemployment was 12.7%; black unemployment remains at 13.7%.  The median income of black households declined more than twice as much as the income of white households under Obama's tenure.  Blacks have lost their homes to foreclosure at a higher rate than whites. Obama's policies have produced the worst recovery on record.  Dr. Benjamin Carson summed it up well: We need to bring back the kinds of Judeo-Christian values that helped establish this country and that made families strong.  We have lost a lot of that.  As a result, there is less respect for each other.  Young men are not respecting the young ladies.  They are going around impregnating them.  Young ladies are allowing that to happen by disrespecting themselves.  Babies are being born with no solid family or financial structure.  They have four to nine times the instance of poverty.  People are not learning how to turn over dollars in their own community a couple of times before they send them out. That's how you build wealth.”  Louisiana State Senator Elbert L. Guillory said: "In recent history, the Democrat Party has created the illusion that their agenda and their policies are what’s best for black people. ... At the heart of liberalism is the idea that only a great and powerful big government can be the benefactor of social justice for all Americans. But the left is only concerned with one thing -- control. And they disguise this control as charity. Programs such as welfare, food stamps, these programs aren’t designed to lift black Americans out of poverty, they were always intended as a mechanism for politicians to control the black community. The idea that blacks, or anyone for that matter, need the government to get ahead in life is despicable. And even more important, this idea is a failure. Our communities are just as poor as they’ve always been. Our schools continue to fail children. Our prisons are filled with young black men who should be at home being fathers. Our self-initiative and our self-reliance have been sacrificed in exchange for allegiance to our overseers who control us by making us dependent on them."  Senator Guillory continued, "The individual must be free to pursue his or her own happiness free from government dependence and free from government control. Because to be truly free is to be reliant on no one other than the author of our destiny. "  Special interest politics divide Americans and don't truly benefit those whom progressives promise to help. As Reagan loved to say, “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Blacks, Hispanics, and women take note: campaign promises are used to get your vote, but government dependence won't improve your future.

(“Time to Abandon the Government Plantation” by Terry Paulson dated July 15, 2013 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/terrypaulson/2013/07/15/time-to-abandon-the-government-plantation-n1639448 )

There is scant evidence that the Federal Reserve Quantitative Easing (QE) program is positive for growth.  Anything that can be pointed to as a positive is credited to QE while the negatives always seem to be blamed on exogenous forces.  Economic growth so far this year has been anemic by any measure. First quarter GDP grew at a subdued 1.8% annual rate. The consensus estimate for second quarter growth is less than 1%.  This is what we get for a multi-trillion dollar expansion of the Fed's balance sheet?  We have to at least start considering the possibility that QE is either wholly ineffective or possibly an impediment to growth rather than the magical growth elixir it is assumed to be.  If the Fed's goal was to reduce interest rates to spur borrowing and therefore housing, it would seem they would have been better off doing nothing.  This same logic would also apply to the other interest sensitive sectors of the economy such as autos.  The other "evidence" would be the stock market I suppose since it tends to rise during periods of QE and fall during the lulls.  While stocks do seem to respond to QE, to cite that as evidence of a strong economy is difficult at best and impossible at worst.  The fact is that over relatively short to medium time frames, stock prices are hardly correlated with economic activity at all.  There are any number of reasons why QE might be negatively impacting growth, from high oil prices to the diversion of capital to speculative purposes to its effects through exchange rates on other countries with which we trade.  Bernanke had it right when he started talking about ending the policy a few months ago.  It is time we found out how the economy would function without the psychological support, and the mood of stock market participants does seem to be the only tangible benefit to date, of the Fed's extraordinary policies.  We will find that even if stocks did worse for a while that the real economy might actually do better.  While stocks aren't correlated with economic growth in the short or medium term, they certainly are over the long run, and some short term stock market pain may be exactly what we need right now

(“QE, Growth, Cause & Effect” by Joseph Calhoun dated July 19, 2013 published by Real Clear Markets at http://www.realclearmarkets.com/blog/off_the_street/2013/07/19/qe_growth_cause__effect_100488.html )


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