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July 21, 2018


The angry demonstrators at the Supreme Court were against anyone Trump nominated, as they are against everything Trump wants to do.  They also know they are losing most of the political fights, and are on the verge of following their McGovernite predecessors into the trash bin of American political history.  If I had to predict near-term American politics, I’d forecast an anti-leftist electoral rout this fall, with a nasty period of infighting and restructuring of the Democrat Party to follow.  It’s a very volatile world and lots of unexpected things can take place, but for the moment the Dems look like big-time losers.  It seems that the leftist takeovers of the media and the education system are running out of steam.  I’ll not be astonished at violence in the streets over the Kavanaugh nomination, but I don’t think it will lead to mass protests of the sort that accompanied the McGovern disaster.  Worst of all for the Dems and their “intellectual” fellow-travelers, their distortion of the history of the past couple of centuries has caught up with them, and they are now speaking and writing on behalf of the modern world’s biggest losers.  It’s astonishing to see so many Democrat leaders proclaim their enthusiasm for “democratic socialism,” a doctrine that has never produced a successful American political movement, any more than it has produced a durable political/economic system anywhere in the modern world.  This is the payoff for the leftist domination of the media, schools and colleges: an elite of anti-American and pro-socialist grads who do not know much about history or about how the world actually works.  The Obama administration was dominated by these types.  Predictably, it failed, as most investors in the U.S. stock market will sadly tell you, or as any of the millions of refugees and migrants will testify.  If the lefties looked, they could see that their doctrines, largely 19th century doctrines, no longer applied to the real world.  Relegated to corners of the society, they could only retain power and prestige by attacking their opponents.  We call it “the politics of personal destruction,” but it is more than that.  It entails the creation of an imaginary world, where their doctrines can be advanced.  This stratagem is evident in the many fanciful accusation against Judge Kavanaugh, in the tireless smears of President Trump, and in the insistence of FBI official Peter Strzok that despite the considerable evidence to the contrary, he and his cohorts were not engaged in a political operation to “save the country” from a Trump presidency.  For those who care about real espionage, it is also a fundamental element in Russian disinformation campaigns against the United States.  The Soviets knew that if they could control our understanding of the past, they could more easily manipulate our present and future behavior.  If we were serious about Russian meddling in our affairs, we’d look carefully at their manipulation of our schools, universities, media and political class.  It’s not easy to undo all this damage to American minds.  Restoring a semblance of accuracy to scholarly endeavors takes a long time, and we’ve certainly lost at least a large part of a generation now living in an Orwellian universe.

(“Fall Forecast: An Anti-Leftist Electoral Rout” by Michael Ledeen dated July 13, 2018 published by PJ Media at https://pjmedia.com/michaelledeen/fall-forecast-an-anti-leftist-electoral-rout/ )


The President is a known quantity now. The left is also known and far more intolerant, angry, and violent.  The President's character still weighs on me.  The willingness of his supporters to turn a blind eye to his bad behavior weighs on me.  For all the problems I have with the President at a personal level, his policies have been mostly good.  Tariffs are going to wreck the economy, but the tax cuts were great and the President's judicial picks have been stellar.  President Trump's aggressive push to roll back the regulatory state is proceeding at a pace I did not expect and that I think is perfect.  The President does seem to be listening to good people.  I see a tendency more and more on the left to not care even for reasonable dissent on the right against the President.  If you embrace any part of the Trump agenda, you might as well be a white supremacist, racist, bigot, Trump deplorable, according to a growing number of voices on the left.  Some prominent evangelicals and Republicans have lost their minds over Trump, but I think even more on the left have done so to a dangerous, censorious level.  I am far more concerned about that these days than I am the President's behavior.  The President has been attacking the press for two years, and the media has been running and retracting an embarrassing number of stories over the past two years.  It doesn't make the President's attacks right, but it certainly makes it easier for his attacks to resonate.  Meanwhile, progressive activists are showing up a people's houses.  The liberal activists are chasing people out of restaurants and harassing people in public over public policy differences.  They promise to escalate and expand their agitation.  The left is ascribing morality to various public policies while threatening and chasing out of business the Christian small businesses and adoption agencies that have their own moral views and just want to live up to them.  The outright and growing hostility from the left towards anyone who disagrees with them is far more concerning to me than the President's temper tantrums.  So many on the left are losing the ability to distinguish between conservatives who didn't vote for the President, but agree with some of his policies, and his supporters, make me want to step right up to the President in as much as the President sometimes makes me want to step away.  Increasingly, I am thinking something I have not really seriously considered before.  I can see myself voting for Trump in 2020, though I'm not there yet.  The Trump we all know has lots of problems, but he is also a known quantity now, warts and all.  The left that would replace him is also a known quantity.  It seems one of the chief problems today is that the left believes more and more it has a monopoly on the news and entertainment and is far less willing to let a conservative be heard or seen.  I never thought I would head in the direction in which I seem to be headed, but at least for now I'm starting to think I'd rather another chaotic term for Trump than a Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren Presidency and all that would entail.  For now, however, I think it is absolutely vital for conservatives in my shoes, who remain skeptical of the President, some of his policies, and his character to show up in November and vote Republican.  To do otherwise will convince progressive radicals that the arc of history is bending toward them because they went lower than the lows of which they accuse Trump, and that'll be very bad for all of us.

(“I am Increasingly More Concerned About the Left Than Trump” by Erick Erickson dated July 16, 2018 published by The Resurgent at https://www.themaven.net/theresurgent/erick-erickson/i-am-increasingly-more-concerned-about-the-left-than-trump-JklMsPnj30qXxymcX8bd0A/?mc_cid=49f8c64155&mc_eid=3062050a98 )

While regaining control of our borders, reinvigorating the economy, and strongly challenging foreign nations that threaten us are all important objectives today, the only real victory for our nation is to defeat leftism itself.  This means grasping that leftism, like Nazism and communism, is totalitarianism immune to argument, truth, empiricism, and logic.  Leftism is just as profoundly unserious and simultaneously as grimly dangerous as any other hateful misology of modern life.  This accounts for the inconsistency and infantile sloganeering which even the most cursory glance at leftism reveals.   Leftists do not want to solve the problems which provide their claim to power.  So leftists encourage Hispanics not to learn English, because that would liberate Hispanics.  Leftists encourage blacks to speak pidgin English, because that makes blacks seem ignorant and childish.  Leftists manipulate language to invert meaning and prevent both clear thinking and communication.  Leftists want public schools to fail even as they snarl and hiss at any proposal to make home-schooling easier or to provide the same federal aid to private schools that public schools receive.  Leftists want academia to continue its descent into ideological intolerance, surreal idiocy, and pathetic narcissism.  Leftist economic ideas are little more than the shopworn failures of old, gray socialism, which have never produced any result except more poverty and hopelessness. What leftists seek is simply their continued power, wealth, and moral posturing.  What this means for conservatives is that the only true way to defeat leftism that nothing we can do will survive unless we single out leftism as the root cause of modern misery and take action to end the power of leftism and force leftists into the real world of work, responsibility, and prudence.   Systematically attack the props that hold up leftist power.  State legislatures could enact legislative changes that give parents and students non-institutional educational alternatives both at the public school level and the university level.  Allow students to test out of virtually any subject except for the few that can be taught only by laboratory study.  This would dramatically reduce the cost of education and also throw the vile cadres of leftism who infest education out to find real work.  The president could create a dozen "White House" locations throughout America and could consciously spend an equal amount of time at each.  He could direct Cabinet secretaries to do the same sort of periodic change of address so that the geography of power, so crucial to the "Capitolism" of the left, would be largely gutted.  The houses of Congress also could meet at different places around the nation, bringing a radically different (i.e., real world) perspective to issues.  Not only would these changes shrink the power of Washington, but they would take money out of that city and spread the money it laps up in property values, hyper-expensive restaurants, lobbyists, and so forth to conservative regions of America.  The judicial appointments of President Trump and his future Republican successors also should reject the idea of the Supreme Court exercising constitutional restraint.  Instead, these appointees ought to pursue an activist conservative agenda.  The purposes would be twofold: first, to quickly undue the past damage of leftist judicial incrementalism, and second, to create in the left a reflexive fear of judicial activism.  Conservatives also ought to take the leftist hysteria about conservative control of the levers of federal power, which has prompted plans to reassert states' rights, and publicly ask leftists to join with them in constitutional amendments that would provide practical ways for states to protect their sovereign rights.  These and other pointed weapons against the supporting structures of leftism can lead to the defeat of leftism as a power.

(“Defeating leftism is the only victory” by Bruce Walker dated July 15, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/07/defeating_leftism_is_the_only_victory.html )


After a sordid history of slavery, the KKK, and Jim Crow, the Democrat Party in the early 1960s enjoyed ‘one brief shining moment.’  Kennedy-style liberalism brought a pledge to further civil rights, equal rights under the law.  It stood up against communism, made a commitment to conquer space, lower taxes and fiscal responsibility.  Now we are witness to a takeover of a major political party in America and it’s a two-pronged attack, which has been in the works for decades and they are nearing its completion.  The first wave is the old socialists like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, John Conyers, Bernie Sanders and the like.  Hillary Clinton would probably deny she is a socialist, but that would depend on who she is talking to.  As of 2015, there were about 70 U.S. congressman who were members of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).  The second wave has taken two forms, Antifa and young socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, fresh from her primary victory in New York’s 14th congressional district.  They are brash and are not coy about what they believe and want to see for America.  Like a re-emergence of the KKK, the new young hate-filled Democrats that don black masks are determined to take on a party, a nation, and its people.  While they engage in violence and harassment, the Democrat Party gives them cover and watches their backs.  The hooded mob pretends to be righteous protectors of truth and justice, using terms like anti-fascist or Antifa to appear noble, but it is the vanguard of a major Marxist movement, and they’re coming for your freedoms.  They have found a home and intend to call it their own.  When they appear at Trump or prayer rallies they precipitate harassment and violence while police departments in Democrat-controlled cities stand by, having been given orders to stand down; call it assistance.  Their violence, black attire, and masks make the unmasked, traditionally clothed socialists, look moderate and reasonable, but, it’s a ruse because each will use one another until the final victory they hope for determines who will be at the top of the heap.  There is no tolerance in their world for contradictory opinion, having little use for free speech.  They have nothing but scorn for our country as founded and demand an end to capitalism, our Judeo-Christian culture, borders, ICE, prisons, our institutions and our Constitution.  They claim to have the answers to life’s vexing questions with little to no life experience from which to draw.  DNC Chairman, Tom Perez, says socialists like Cortez represent the future of the Democrat Party.  The group behind Cortez, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), is rampant with Marxists and radicals.  DSA rolls have swelled since the election of Donald Trump.  The old promises of free, free, free have led many to take to the streets with no thought as to who will pay or be willing to go to work knowing that what you earn will be confiscated.  They say they hate fascism, but most of them couldn’t define it.  They think if you put the word ‘democratic’ in front of ‘socialism’ it makes it new and exciting.  These Democratic-Socialists have crept into our political system and are now a force.  In heavily democrat-controlled areas, they are winning elections.  Democrats are playing a very dangerous game and hallucinating if you think they can control them and merely use them when you need to, because they are hard-core Marxists who will have you for breakfast and spit you out before lunch.

(“Requiem for a Party – Sleeping With the Enemy” by Ray DiLorenzo dated July 14, 2018 published by Canada Free Press at https://canadafreepress.com/article/requiem-for-a-party-sleeping-with-the-enemy )

Divided Germany demonstrated the differences between socialism and capitalism.  People in East Germany were equal: equally without opportunity and equally without freedom, that is unless you were part of the governing class.  The people were promised universal healthcare and a free education in a socialist utopia.  Instead, they got primitive health care, a so-called education that prepared them for the drudgery of an existence without prosperity and a polluted environment to boot. The leaders of the so-called “worker’s paradise” in the socialist East had it pretty good: special schools with passes to visit the West, special hospitals for their privileged class, and even special summer resorts.  For socialism to “work,” it must kill freedom by creating two types of people: those who rule and those who are nothing but cogs in the socialist machine.  Meanwhile, West Germany prospered under capitalism with economic opportunities, expanded freedoms and improved quality of life.  A socialist society is centrally controlled.  People must be reminded of what this truly means.  Theoretically you only get to do with your property, choose a career or get the health care or education you want if a bare majority of the people say you do.Democratically and socially controlling” the means of production mean has been a recipe for societal paralysis, since that is exactly what you get in a socialist society.  This ideology is at complete odds with our Declaration of Independence, which speaks of people being endowed with God-given inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and it is wholly inconsistent with our constitutional rights of not being deprived of life, liberty and property without due process of law.  Socialism is a dead-end ideology that countless Americans gave their lives to eradicate from the globe.  Venezuela and North Korea, where people are literally starving, are the modern realities of socialism.  The choice before voters this November could not be clearer: Freedom with prosperity, or, socialism with poverty.  More jobs and higher wages, or more government and higher taxes.  The socialists can keep Che Guevara, the murderous Cuban thug from the 1960s, as their icon.  I will stick with Lech Walesa, the freedom fighter from Gdansk who led the Solidarity trade union to victory over the Polish socialists.

(“DO NOT Repeat the Nightmare of Socialism” by Congressman Keith Rothfus dated July 17, 2018 published by The Daily Caller at http://dailycaller.com/2018/07/17/do-not-repeat-the-nightmare-of-socialism/ )

The antics of the left since the 2016 election have proven beyond any doubt that leftists are not going to give up their agenda quietly.  Their street activists have shown themselves more than willing to engage in violence, creating a mob to evict a Trump rally from Chicago even before the election, beating up Trump-supporters on numerous occasions, and threatening members of the administration in public.  Leftist-dominated universities have long lionized 1960s and '70s domestic terrorists, in some cases granting them professorships.  Also worth mentioning are various "lone wolf" assassinations and attempted assassinations almost certainly inspired by leftist rhetoric, notably a string of police killings by the Black Lives Matter movement and the shooting of Republican House whip Steve Scalise.  Antifa is no more a "protest organization" than Mussolini's blackshirts were.  Assaulting people in the streets doesn't normally fit under the constitutional rubric of "free speech." Antifa's goal is to influence politics by creating fear of bodily harm among its opponents, which is the very definition of terrorism.  Nevertheless, mob violence and even political assassination still fall far short of an actual civil war.  In the increasing volatile and dangerous atmosphere of our time, we cannot lose our heads.  Civil wars are made by certain distinct actions of public officials and are not simply an emergent condition that occurs after a certain level of street violence is reached.  Simply defined, a civil war occurs when two irreconcilable governing authorities seek to control a single country by mobilizing organized bodies of armed men to fight each other.  It is an attempt to accomplish by direct and unambiguous force what such authorities have given up accomplishing by ordinary political means.  The domestic terrorist incidents we have seen far have largely been attempts to cow either the public or our representatives into submission.  This is different from the deployment of actual troops to seize and hold key targets of military, political, or logistical value.  Both major political parties in the United States are themselves deeply divided.  The only "moderate" position left between them is a desire by corrupt establishment politicians on both sides to maintain their personal status quo.  Conservatives wish to roll back the damage that the socialists have done; socialists wish to finish their social experiment at any cost.  One or the other must now happen, because bipartisanship is dead.  We have, therefore, met one of the preconditions of civil war: we have two utterly irreconcilable camps of governing authorities.  At the same time, incidences of the collapse of the federal government's attachment to the rule of law have become too numerous to keep track of.  From Bush's signing statements to Obama's executive orders, the executive branch has made a mockery of the Constitution's spirit, and sometimes of its actual letter.  Administrations from both parties have felt free to pick and choose the laws they were inclined to enforce and blatantly disregard the rest.  States and municipalities, too, have snubbed federal law.  One need look no farther than marijuana legalization or sanctuary cities.  The law is no longer respected as an institutional framework for society; rather, it has become a kind of procedural plaything for politicians and their retinues of attorneys.  Since laws are only as meaningful as the willingness to enforce them, we have transitioned, little by little, from a nation of laws into a nation of authorities ruling by thinly disguised fiat.  Two things stand between the current situation and an actual civil war: The first obstacle is that most politicians and other high officials are lawyers and tend to think like lawyers. Politicians may have contempt for the Constitution, written as it was by old dead racist white men, but they still have considerable faith in vestigial human authority left over from more rational times.  The second obstacle to actual war is they have no standing army.  While politicians on the left are happy to make use of street agitators and domestic terrorists like BLM and Antifa, they still consider them merely as a means of rigging the legal game.  The political class doesn't think of such people as instruments of real military force.  Should the militant wings of the Democrat and Republican parties decide to settle their differences in the brutal and time-honored way, they will find themselves completely unprepared.  They will be rolling the dice on the loyalties of regular military units and state national guards.  There are currently no other viable troops.  Calling on the public to "resist" or even to "harass conservatives" is a kind of weaklings' road to violent conflict, knowing that the public will suffer the consequences and you won't.  Right or wrong, a true civil war would require the courage of real men.  It is not an undertaking for the apparatchiks and demagogues who now skulk around the halls of Congress or chair our political parties.  The biggest danger in the near term probably isn't a civil war per se.  Although the creation of large, well organized militias isn't utterly out of the question, they are not materializing yet.  There are still law enforcement entities willing to suppress them.  The immediate threat continues to be the uncontrolled escalation of social anarchy.  The left has let the genie out of the bottle, but the leftists' leaders are now beginning to discover that the genie has a mind of its own.  Decades of leftist indoctrination have created a weaponized generation of loosely organized, pseudo-anarchistic, multicultural dreamers.  A small but relevant proportion of them will be willing to burn, loot, and kill in the name of tolerance and social justice.  Unlike the hippies of the 1960s, today's young radicals have no state of normalcy to return to once the drugs and the political poetry wear off.  Many social justice warriors learned to hate long before they took their first tottering steps in a university-sponsored protest.  Even without the danger of militia armies, we are facing a kind of hideous synthesis of Mao's Red Guards and the Manson family.   The longer it takes the Trump administration to take them seriously and slap them down, the uglier and more destructive their actions will become.

(“Distinguishing Civil War from Social Anarchy” by E.M. Cadwaladr dated July 19, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/07/distinguishing_civil_war_from_social_anarchy.html )


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David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY