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 July 22, 2017


Does anyone actually believe that the President or his staff, colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton?  The surface answer is: no one can really believe something that inane for so long without one shred, or hint of evidence that it is true.  If you saw James O’Keefe’s devastating videos, you know that even the denizens of CNN do not believe it.  Making the jump that most news outlets don’t believe this Russian narrative is not hard to make.  It’s easy to find reasons why the story continues: the left is power mad; they are obsessed their ideas were rejected; they are psychotic; they are juvenile; they hate America; they hate themselves; they have no moral compass; they love the ratings and the money it brings; they need to be cocooned with lies to feed their snowflake egos; and their God is leftist politics, and she lost.  I happen to believe all those negatively charged phrases are generally true about the left.  Yet, it’s still hard to fathom why they stick with this narrative.  It’s old, stale, clearly manufactured, and obviously one of the dumbest we’ve had the pleasure to hear.  Consider that most leftists think they are the smartest people in the room, heck, in the world, yet they persist with the most banal narrative ever devised.  Winston Churchill said that Russia was a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.  A perfect description for the country of the Tsars, the Soviets, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Solzhenitsyn, Brezhnev, Gorbachev, and Putin.  It must be said, the left’s desire to take this mysteriously enigmatic country and impute them wanting to, and then installing Donald Trump as President over the goddess of world peace, light, and goodness is entirely absurd.  So why would Vladimir want to exchange the easy mark of Hillary for a candidate who wanted to strengthen the US military, foreign policy, energy policy, and restore the economy to lead the world once again?  At this point, it’s not possible.  Theories abound: one can blame Clinton bitterness; Obama weaponizing the government; the deep state fighting Trump; the Democrats gone mad; the media following them all over the cliff; and the Democrat base requiring blood for the loss.  One thing is for certain.  This irrationality should stop.  The left, its power brokers and media shills need to take a deep breath, look in the mirror, and simply stop making fools of themselves.   They will never regain power with this narrative, it’s actually driving more people towards the right; people would rather become the butt of jokes about believing in unicorns than this stuff.  The one thing that is no mystery:  Trump’s agenda is what America wants, and expects, and if he does not deliver it, he can kiss his power good bye.

(“The Mystery of the Russia Collusion Derangement Continues” by David Prentice dated July 15, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/07/the_mystery_of_the_russia_collusion_derangement_continues.html )

 “Whom do you trust?” and by inference, the related question: “Whom do you distrust?”  I trust President Trump; I trust most of his advisors; I trust his family; and I trust the instincts of his base.  I have not caught President Trump in a willful lie, despite the claims of the media.  I do not trust anyone at the NY Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN. They are willful, serial liars; I do not trust most climate scientists; I do not trust Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or Chuck Schumer; I especially distrust Hillary Clinton; and I distrust Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, and Jim Comey.  I distrust pretty much every Democrat politician and many Republicans, but I do trust Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul.  I may not always agree with their specific proposals, but they don’t lie and I generally trust their judgment.  Another easy one is John Bolton.  I trust him not to lie.  We live in an era where loyalty to ideology on the left has superseded loyalty to America.  It does not mean that every Democrat is untrustworthy, but it does mean that everything such people say needs to be scrutinized.  It is so bad that, Those on the left distrust the people I trust and trust the ones I distrust.  This is the great divide in America today.  I do not trust the leaders of the U.S. intelligence community to tell the truth to the American people or to the President; I do not trust senior career officials at the Justice Department or the FBI or federal prosecutors to be objective and impartial; and I do not trust half of the federal judiciary to uphold the Constitution.  We are asked to decide whom to believe on the question of whether or to what extent agents of the Russian government “meddled” in the recent election.  We are never given a clear definition of “meddle.”  The only concrete action alleged is that Russian agents gained access to some emails belonging to the Democrat National committee and/or Hillary Clinton.  Further that they revealed these emails to the public.  There is no doubt that somebody revealed them. The direct revealers seem to be Julian Assange and Wikileaks, perhaps in conjunction with an unknown hacker called Guccifer.  They have made a career of doing such things.  The question is whether they received the information from the Russian government or from some non-Russian hacker source or even an inside leak rather than a hacker.  Julian Assange says he did not receive the information from the Russians. Putin denies any involvement.   I know of no example of Assange releasing false information.  I trust him.  It is worth emphasizing at this point that we have not seen any evidence of actual hacking by anybody.  There is credible evidence that the information was copied by an insider and passed on to Assange.  The most likely leaker was a young DNC employee named Seth Rich, who was murdered.  People who cross the Clintons seem to have lower-than-average life expectancies.  Then there is the question of “collusion,” another conveniently undefined term.  Not even Trump’s enemies in the media and in politics have offered a concrete accusation of some quid pro quo from the Trump campaign in return for the truth about Hillary and the Democrat Party.  We were told by the New York Times that 17 U.S. intelligence agencies are certain “it” was the Russians, but then it turns out that it was not 17, but 4.  One of those 4 was the DNI (director of national intelligence), who made no independent investigation but simply aggregated reports from the other 3.  Those 3 are the FBI, CIA, and NSA.  Congressmen who supposedly examined classified evidence repeated the NYT lie about 17 agencies.  Yet now the NYT has retracted it.  What does that tell you about the reliability of those Congress critters?  No classified information has been made public.  Perhaps some has been made available to select members of Congress.  I hope it is obvious that they do not have the technical expertise to judge the validity of technical computer evidence as to who was behind any hacking.  It is the job of one man to fix this, and it may be as important and difficult as anything else President Trump does.  I trust him to try but the forces arrayed against him are formidable.  Secrets are the enemy of the truth. Yet privacy requires some secrecy.  In libel and slander cases, truth is an absolute defense.  So, too, it ought to be in cases where meddling is asserted.  I am loyal to the truth and I have no way to choose.  President Reagan famously quoted a Russian proverb to Gorbachev “trust but verify.”  My take-away is that absent verification, the safe path is to distrust.  Reagan never provided a playbook on how to verify, but he relied on onsite inspections.  Actual military secrets should be protected; the reasoning of intelligence officials, not so much. This is controversial, but we must weigh the secrecy craved by the intelligence community against the fact that all this information is ultimately the property of the American People.  The current crisis of confidence can only be resolved by full release of all relevant facts to the alleged Russia hacking.  Much of it gets selectively leaked anyway.  Too many people know it to keep it secret.  President Trump should immediately declassify all of it, publish it online, and let the proverbial chips fall where they may.  Even if the only source for important facts is a hostile source, it is better that the American people know the truth than that they remain in the dark.

(“Whom Do You Trust?” by Mike Razar dated July 17, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/07/whom_do_you_trust.html )

As the drumbeat to oust President Trump reaches near fever pitch, it is important for all fair-minded Americans to understand if that happens, America as we know it is finished.  Late last year, liberals were so close to their goal of destroying America they could almost touch it. They smelled the sweet aroma of victory in the distance, believing Hillary Clinton would carry across the finish line the torch that Barack Obama lit. Then use it like a flame thrower to incinerate what remained of American values. They were that close.  Then Donald Trump happened.  Now, media organizations as saturated in leftism as a urine-soaked puppy training pad broadcast non-stop anti-Trump propaganda.  The hypocrisy of the Fourth Estate is astounding.  Commentators inebriated with their mission to take down Trump had zero interest in aggressive “gotcha” journalism when Obama was in office.  They covered for the Obama administration’s culture of deceit from beginning to end.  They protected their smooth-talking President when his White House manufactured lies about what really happened in Benghazi and other scandals.  They covered for him when Obama repeatedly promised Americans that everyone could keep their doctors and healthcare plans and looked the other way when Obama said there was “not even a smidgeon” of corruption, while an IRS investigation was still in process.  They took their guy’s words at face value when he bragged his administration helped “broker a deal that successfully removed 100% of all the chemical weapons from Syria.”  Then, it was “mums the word” when Syria later executed a chemical weapons assault on its citizens and it became known the Obama administration trusted the same Russia they are now obsessed over, to broker the transfer of Syria’s banned weapons to the international community.  Now they are supposedly “digging for truth about collusion with Russia” while they use the dirt they shovel to cover over that Democrats likely colluded with Ukraine.  In 2014, a Fox News poll found that 81% of Americans believed that Obama lied at least “now and then” on what they interpreted as “important matters.”  To this day they continue to worship him because he moved them closer to their ideological goalpost.  Obama was a smooth-talking liar who, like them, would love nothing more than to hand over America’s sovereignty to the United Nations. His view that the U.S. Constitution was a “living document” soothed the souls of those who wish to ban free speech and gun rights, and eventually do away with the U.S. Constitution because they view it as an irrelevant racist rag.  The violent protests post-Trump election, show us they hate all things traditionally American, as well as the rule of law, absolute truth, Judeo-Christian values, capitalism, personal achievement, the Ten Commandments and about anything right of left.  They hate Trump, because he is doing something right.  America was on life support and establishment Republicans and “Never Trumpers” were happy to kick the ball down the field a little longer while whistling Dixie.  Trump has accomplished more for America and the Republican Party in his first five months than any normal Republican president could do in eight years.  Trump broke through the veil which separated Americans from hearing the truth.  His tweets skip over the middleman and land in the laps of Americans, most of whom no longer trust media organizations like CNN as reliable, but as “fake news.”  Trump’s refusal to take part in the left’s political correctness assault against free speech means normal Americans get to hear their president give voice to things many of them think (sans the saltiness) but were afraid to say.  America is again respected globally, thanks to Trump’s alpha male presence and innate leadership on the world stage which commands the respect Obama so severely lacked.  Some world leaders may not particularly like Trump, but they cannot help but respect him, because they once again recognize America as a leader.

(“Why They Hate Him” by Susan Stamper Brown dated July 17, 2017 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/susanstamperbrown/2017/07/17/why-they-hate-him-n2355724 )

The election of Donald Trump is the product of America’s discontent with an ineffectual and dysfunctional federal government.  Voters chose a candidate they believed would shake up Washington, D.C. rather than one they viewed as part of its establishment.  Our federal government is completely broken.  Congress has only managed to pass a true federal budget on four occasions in the past 40 years, and contrary to what you are told, none of those were actually balanced.  Pork-filled continuing resolutions are the order of the day.  Each presidential administration increasingly uses executive orders, federal regulation, and the power of agencies such as the IRS and FBI to further extend its influence and control over the lives of Americans.  Our Supreme and lower federal courts have become the political arm of whichever party is able to stack those courts with judges who share their views, and many judges are now unable to separate their partisan political bent from their constitutional duties.  Without structural changes, there is no solution to the problem.  Washington is driven by power and control, and both parties have been incredibly successful in securing their fiefdoms.  Although Congress’ approval rating is at 20%, the re-elect rate averages more than 90%!  Uncontrolled Washington spending is driving the federal government off the Thelma-and-Louise cliff.  Our entrenched government no longer cares about or shares the concerns of the voting public.  What kind of structural change can fix Washington?  We have already recognized three key areas, but unfortunately, Supreme Court edict has gutted legislative efforts at reforming each.  We are thus left with the only remedy available under the Constitution: the amendment process.  The solution starts with proposing three key amendments: a balanced budget amendment, term limits, and campaign finance reform.  Each would have to be carefully drafted to be effective.  They must not be harmful to the economy and must ensure essential safety nets, bureaucratic balance, and freedom of speech are maintained.  Multiple working groups have proven effective amendments are possible, but we know Congress is too partisan to propose such limiting amendments with the two-thirds constitutional majority required.  Congress has had numerous opportunities to propose a balanced budget amendment, an amendment supported by a majority of voters in both political parties and 70% of the public overall, but it has never succeeded in doing so.  To propose these amendments, we have no choice except to use the Article V convention of states process, a completely safe mechanism intended by the Founding Fathers to be used in precisely the circumstances we now find ourselves.  Article V allows 34 states to call a convention of delegates from all 50 states to meet and draft a proposed amendment.  That proposal must thereafter be ratified by 38 states to become law.  In September, the State of Arizona will host a non-Article V convention of states to establish rules and plan for a future Article V balanced budget amendment convention, which 27 states have already called for.  It will be the first national convention of states since 1861.  The Arizona Planning Convention will put to rest the negative fallacies surrounding this constitutional process, a process endorsed by George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan, to name only a few notable American patriots.  The time for partisan politics is behind us.  Let not the plague of corrupt Washington spread to the last bastion of hope left in our country: the states and the people.

(“The People’s Constitutional Solution to Fixing Washington” by David Guldenschuh dated July 20, 2017 published by The American Spectator at https://spectator.org/the-peoples-constitutional-solution-to-fixing-washington/ )

The U.S. is facing the largest, most predictable crisis in American history, and almost nobody is talking about it.  The national debt is currently $20 trillion and mounting.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) just altered its projections for this year, estimating that $700 billion will be added to the debt in 2017, which is $130 billion more than the CBO estimated in January.  In the next 30 years, the CBO projects that the national debt could climb to $92 trillion, and that’s what experts describe as a rosy scenario, assuming there are no wars, no major terrorist attacks, no recessions and interest rates remain low.  The national debt is measured as a percentage of gross domestic product, and the $20 trillion mark is in excess of what the entire U.S. economy is projected to produce in GDP this year.  That means that the U.S. is running at a 100% debt level.  The only other time that happened was at the end of World War II.  Around the mid-1970s, the national debt sank to 24% of GDP, but with today’s percentage, that means the economy is growing five times slower than the national debt.  According to the CBO, 100% of the projected debt growth is tied to Social Security, healthcare and interest on the debt.  The debt issue is a “spending problem,” and no amount of taxation, even on the wealthiest Americans, is going to solve it.  Even if a 100% tax were imposed on everything earned over $1 million annually, it would only raise the GDP by 3%.  The national debt is headed toward 10, 15, 20% of the GDP in the next 20 years.  The only way to address the issue through taxation is to follow the European model implementing a value-added tax, or national sales tax, of about 25 to 30%, which would be included in automobile and house sales.  The burden in that scenario would fall squarely on the middle class.  Short-term thinking has created the national debt crisis, and lawmakers are driven by short-term incentives because that’s what voters want.  The debt is going to be real for young people, who will eventually have to pay off “all these terrible decisions being made in Washington right now.”  As long as we as people don’t hold them accountable for that, we’re never going to get out of this problem because people prefer to get something today and put off tough decisions until later.  Lawmakers must agree to an overall spending cap as one remedy for the situation, with specific dollar-for-dollar decreases on Social Security, Medicaid and entitlement programs, as well as budget process reforms.

(“Mounting Debt Crisis Making America Poorer” by Karl Herchenroeder dated July 14, 2017 published by PJ Media at https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/2017/07/14/scholars-mounting-debt-crisis-making-america-poorer/ )


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David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY