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July 28, 2018


Trump Derangement Syndrome has become so bad this week that the “America Haters” are beginning to realize that their plans to destroy our Constitution and make America part of their “One World Order” dream are NOT GOING TO HAPPEN DURING A TRUMP PRESIDENCY!  They are also beginning to realize that: they are not going to be able to destroy the Trump Administration or impeach President Trump; they are not going to win control of the House or Senate on November 6, 2018, and they are not going win the 2020 Presidential election.  The “America Haters” are so obsessed with their hatred for President Trump that they prefer to cause really bad things to happen in America so it will hurt President Trump and his American values.  They simply cannot accept that he won and that he is “making America great again”.  When Trump won the election in November 2016 I immediately began to see things start to change.  Initially it was just a renewed sense of optimism about the future of America, but then I began to see positive changes everywhere I went:

·    There are new businesses popping up all over town.

·    Huge new industrial parks are being developed.

·    People are returning to the workforce in astonishing numbers.  The “Labor Participation Rateis at a record high number.  

·    There are so many new jobs being created now that there are not enough people in our workforce to fill them!

·    A great added benefit of this is wage increases for a lot of our workforce and some people are quitting their jobs so they can go to new better paying jobs.

·    The Trump Administration is actually talking to North Korea, while increasing sanctions against them.   Bribes did not work.

·    President Trump is talking to Russia about cooperating on issues important to the world, while increasing sanctions against them.  

·    President Trump IS NOT openly meddling in other countries elections or attempting to “empire build” in other countries.

·    President Trump has succeeded in his campaign promise to make NATO member nations agree to begin to pay their fair share of the cost of the combined peace keeping forces, and provide their fair share of troops to NATO’s peace keeping efforts.

These are just some examples of the great things that are happening as a result of Donald Trump being elected President.  Make America Great Again” was a brilliant campaign slogan, but it is even better as a description of what is actually happening!

(“Trump Derangement Syndrome is now an Epidemic” by Hardworking1 dated July 20, 2018 published by iPatriot at https://ipatriot.com/trump-derangement-syndrome-is-now-an-epidemic/ )

The 2018 midterms are fast approaching, and Democrats are still crowing about the coming "blue wave."  I suspect that this is just media-fueled propaganda.  The larger question is not whether Democratic voters will turn out, but what it is they are being asked to vote for.  The headlines offer some clues.  The latest Democrat wunderkind is 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a self-proclaimed "democratic socialist" who is explicitly anti-capitalist, and who has displayed remarkable ignorance about unemployment and about Israel despite degrees from Boston University in economics and international relations.  The left's comic darling, Michelle Wolf recently celebrated the Fourth of July with a vile video "Salute to Abortion."  Then there is their manufactured hysteria about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Democrats, once a reliable bastion of support for First Amendment rights, have largely abandoned them.  In place of litigation and legislation to protect speech, Democrats now use their political power to silence speech they don't like and compel that which they do.  The left has given up on the Second Amendment, which they now call to be repealed.  The left's callous disregard for the ability to defend one's self brings up Democrat positions on crime, homelessness and immigration.  Baltimore, a "Democrat stronghold," has endured "years of record-breaking homicide rates" rivaling those of Chicago, another city run for decades by Democrats.  When it comes to immigration, the party's platform is to "Abolish ICE" and embrace de facto open borders.  Nearly 70% of Americans identify as Christian (another 7% expressly identify with another faith), but Democrats notoriously booed God not once, but three times, at their 2012 national convention.  Democrats' political hypocrisy is off the charts.  The party stopped caring about personal character in its national candidates decades ago, Bill Clinton being the most salient example, but pretend to be outraged because Donald Trump has a potty mouth.  They profess to want civility and truth in politics, but routinely lie about political opponants.  Their latest Kabuki outrage is calling Trump a "traitor" for his statements at a press conference following a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.  They never blinked when Obama sent $1.7 billion in cold hard cash to Iran, one of the largest sponsors of terror on the planet.  Democrats hate Donald Trump, but that is not a platform.  Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders are all reportedly gearing up for a 2020 presidential run.  Warren claims she'll "clean up the mess" Trump will have left behind.  What mess is she referring to: record low unemployment for blacks and Hispanics; massive job creation; reduced taxes for taxpayers; defeat of ISIS in the Middle East?  Democrat politicians count on the party loyalty of third- and fourth-generation Democratic voters, but those voters are figuring out that the party left them a long time ago.  No wonder the #WalkAway movement is gaining such steam.

(“What are democrats Running On?” by Laura Hollis dated July 20, 2018 published by Real Clear Politics at https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2018/07/20/what_are_democrats_running_on_137572.html )

Progressivism has always been premised on deceit.  Progressive Democrats for a century have operated in the shadows, increasingly expanding state services in exchange for votes. We now have clear lines between our respective ideologies: constitutional republicanism, premised on free-market capitalism, versus democratic socialism.  Democratic socialism is socialism (or, more particularly, Marxism), but for the sake of clarity, it is important that we understand the distinction and its appeal, in order to defend against its rise.  Who doesn't want free stuff:  free health care; free tuition; free or subsidized housing; and universal basic wage ($1,000 per month of free money).  We informed, reasoned people know where this ends: destruction (as it always has), but to the vast collective of ill informed predominantly Millennials, the draw to free stuff is strong.  We speak of socialism having never worked, but we need to define what success means.  Socialism has worked swimmingly in helping collectivist politicians secure authoritarian power (see Cuba and Venezuela).  Socialism worked great for Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez; but for the people of Cuba and Venezuela, not so much.  We can't compete with free stuff on an emotional level.  Trying to reason with the ill informed against the current of lying media and our manipulative social media platforms will be a heavy lift, but it is a fight we must be fully prepared to engage, for our future (as a Republic) depends on our success.  With Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez coming out of the shadows and being described as the future of the Democrat Party, the fight card has been set: socialism versus free-market capitalism; socialism versus constitutional republicanism; socialism (authoritarianism) versus self-rule; in short, bondage versus freedom.  We should be thankful that the DNC embraced its true intentions, as we have, for too long, been punching shadows.  It is important that we expose the ill informed to the end of the road, not the utopian beginning.  If you want free health care, are you prepared to contribute 10-15% of your future earnings to grant the government permission to manage your health care choices?  If you want free tuition, are you prepared to contribute 5-10% of your future earnings for the right to go to college for free?  If you want free housing, are you prepared to contribute 10-15% of future earnings in order for the government to provide you a place to live (of its choosing)?  If you want universal basic wage, how much of that "free money" will you have left after you've paid for the free stuff above?  Lastly, are you prepared to give up your freedom, your liberty, your free-market choices, in order to empower government bureaucrats to make those choices on your behalf?

(“It’s not socialism, it’s free stuff” by Earick Ward dated July 24, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/07/its_not_socialism_its_free_stuff.html )

Socialism has come a long way since 1917, when socialist regimes ruled half the world, at a terrible cost, during the Cold War.  Then, with the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, socialism fell like a rocket crashing back to earth.  Yes, China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and other countries were still ruled by socialists, but, in general, socialism appeared to be a dying ideology.  There were different degrees of socialism.  The totalitarian socialism of Mao and the Soviet Union killed people, ruined economies, and snuffed out freedoms critical to both political and personal life.  The democratic socialism common in the West, softer and therefore less destructive, merely specialized in over-regulating the private economy and extreme redistribution of wealth.  Even in the West, socialism manifestly failed.  The democratic socialism of Great Britain reduced that country from a leading economic power to the “sick man of Europe,” and was firmly rejected by British voters during the Thatcher years.  Unfortunately, socialism has come slouching back onto our college campuses, settling itself comfortably among the students.  A 2015 Reason-Rupe poll showed that 58% of 18- to 24-year-olds viewed socialism favorably.  By contrast, only 28% of seniors ages 65 and above were favorable toward socialism.  To older adults, this fact probably seems disturbing and inexplicable, but the explanation boils down to two things: discontent and ignorance.   Most of today’s college students grew up during the Great Recession.  They are graduating with large debts and, for many, bleak prospects for employment.  They feel cheated, and believe that something is deeply wrong with our current system.  Since that system is capitalist, they see socialism as an alternative, but they misunderstand socialism.  Only 16% of millennials could define socialism as a government-managed economy.  Professors may not espouse socialism, but they seldom challenge its tenets focusing instead on the ways America has victimized the poor and downtrodden.  Professors equated capitalism with imperialism while failing to even mention the evils by totalitarian socialist countries or the economic destructiveness of democratic socialism.  Dismissing the atrocities committed under Mao Zedong’s regime by saying, “While there were certainly many failures with Mao’s reign, during his rule China’s literacy rate went up, as did migration to cities,” is airbrushing the 45 million who starved to death under Mao.  This same indifference to truth is what turned so many college students into enthusiastic supporters of Bernie Sanders during the last presidential campaign, giving him more youth votes in the primary than Clinton and Trump combined.  Sanders is no totalitarian, but he certainly supports the same democratic socialism that emaciated Britain in the postwar years.  Students loved the promises he made (free college, free healthcare, and forgiveness of debt) and were perfectly willing to believe that big and benevolent government could make almost anything “free” simply by raising taxes on the very rich.  This support for socialism isn’t necessarily permanent, as support for socialism drops after college and goes down as people earn higher salaries.  Young people aren’t stupid; they are just young, and some economic truths cannot be truly appreciated until experienced.  Many college students refuse to listen to conservative voices and cannot stand correction, or argument.  Nothing strengthens a lie quite like an echo chamber, so the lie of socialism has grown into a powerful force on campus that threatens competing (and worthier) ideas.  Most students are just young and will outgrow their revolutionary fervor, but right now, students are being cheated out of the best opportunity most will ever have to test competing political and economic ideas against one another.  Until our colleges have the courage to break through the echo chamber, students will get, at best, only half the education they’re paying for.

(“Socialism: The Slouching Beast on Our Campuses” by Christine Talent dated July 25, 2018 published by The American Spectator at https://spectator.org/socialism-the-slouching-beast-on-our-campuses/ )


Pedophilia will be accepted as main stream within 5 to 10 years.  Think it can’t happen, think again.  The groundwork is already being laid by Hollywood and the mainstream media.  The same groundwork and arguments used to legitimize gay marriage and trans-genderism is being used right now in regards to pedophilia with the almost exactly the same timeline.  The first step is to change the name.  Few of us remember forty or fifty years ago the words used to describe homosexuals and their lifestyles.  Also very few remember that, in many states, there were definite laws against gays, laws that included prison time.  Look how many years it took before transgendered people were allowed to use the wrong bathroom.  So how do you change the rules; you change the name.  You choose a more non-threatening name for your group.  Suddenly we were told by the MSM that we were to use the names of homosexual, and they had same-sex unions.  We are now being told that pedophiles would prefer to be called MAPs, which stands for Minor Attracted Persons.  They even have a prevention program which lays out exactly what their goals are.  The next step is get the support of the media and Hollywood.   Remember how the liberal media wrote a multitude of opinions on gay marriage calling anyone who disagreed backward and homophobic.  Today the NY Times is actually calling pedophilia a “disorder not a crime”.  Hollywood gave us both “Will and Grace” and “Brokeback Mountain” to make the gay lifestyle look normal.  What’s next: an all American comedy sitcom about a family of pedophiles?  How about a feel good Christmas movie about the struggles of a pedophile against an oppressive system?  Don’t laugh, with Hollywood nothing is off limits.  The last step will be use the power of the courts.  MAP will bypass the court of public opinion because they saw what happened when the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was placed on the ballot. States overwhelmingly stated their belief that marriage was between and man and a woman.  This was negated several years later by Obergefell v. Hodges in which the Supreme Court stated that gay marriage was covered by the 14th Amendment.  Many sounded this alarm after gay marriage was legislated in this country by the Supreme Court.  We believed that once the door was open other groups would follow to have their dysfunctions legitimized.  We were called homophobic, trans-phobic, belt-thumping, Bible beating bastards by the left who have no sense of morals and believe in no rules, just rights.  Expect the left to apply those same principles with MAP, with the legitimization of incest and bestiality to follow.

(“Map it Out, Liberals Take Pedophilia Mainstream” by Mad Anthony Wayne dated July 22, 2018 published by iPatriot at https://ipatriot.com/mad-thoughts-map-it-out-liberals-take-pedophilia-mainstream/ )


There is so much published each week that unless you search for it, you will miss important breaking news.  I try to package the best of this information into my “Views on the News” each Saturday morning.  Updates have been made this week to the following sections:

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David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY