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 July 29, 2017


If you want to get a balanced viewpoint, stop looking at just CNN.  Look at Infowars, Breitbart and IPatriot on the Internet.  CNN doesn’t admit it is biased, but anybody that looks at CNN can see that they are not only biased, they are clearly socialist propaganda in support of globalism.  That makes them against patriots and others who simply seek the best for population and country.  Trump is doing a good job.  He is an example of leadership for all nations in all the world.  He believes that the population is capable of discovering what is best for themselves and their country, by themselves instead of being told what to think.  They believe they can improve themselves and their country themselves, without global government telling them what they should do, should not do, and that they should pay for all their “recommendations” by borrowing their globalist, debt based money which is only backed by our promise to produce, but it makes us owe them and  not them owing us.  Each person, each company, each government has to yield to their conditions in each loan and each transaction.  What is important is that Trump is trying to FULFILL WHAT HE PROMISED.  CNN is being beat in ratings because almost all TV viewers prefer 30 year old cartoon reruns than irrelevant noise.  CNN is defending itself against Trump because he has the courage to say that the population is capable of thinking and deciding for themselves.  CNN’s greatest fear is that fewer people are unquestioning believers of “experts” in all areas of “expertise.”  You, too, suspect that columnists, politicians, academics and religious figures are not telling you truth that you can prove and thus believe in.  You would like to see not only the truth, but relevant truth that explains what is happening and why.  The only way to do this is to prove what others say for yourself, by yourself, and, people are doing so.  They no longer “believe in” experts.  They are learning that if you prove it for yourself you can defend it.  If not, no.  Who Trump is, is not important.  What is important is that you prove or debunk what you, he or I say and do.  That is the only way you will be able to defend your beliefs.  Many Tweeters, Facebookers and others demean the importance of writing clearly and convincingly.  Those who are not careless, know that what others think of what they say is important. That is why they make the effort to better how they present themselves in what they write, say and do.  Carelessness is lack of respect to others, but more important, lack of self respect.  Trump makes errors, but he tries to improve, every day.  While his aims favor the population and oppose the totalitarian globalism that is trying to take over our lives, our sovereignty and our freedom, I forgive errors.  I do not forgive treachery.  Treachery is doing the opposite of what was promised, selling out our country, selling out our sovereignty and selling out our freedom, and that is what we have been accustomed to seeing from the mainstream media, mainstream academia, mainstream religion and mainstream politicians.

(“Answer to a CNN Addict” by Herman Gazort dated July 21, 2017 published by iPatriot at http://ipatriot.com/answer-cnn-addict/ )

After six months of this President, I'm suffering from Trump fatigue, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.  I'm also suffering from Trump-bashing fatigue, the nonstop drumbeat of negative news about the President; the crazy speculation about whether he'll be impeached for high crimes including treason.  This isn't honest journalism; it's wishful thinking.  If Donald Trump didn't exist, the liberal pundits on MSNBC and CNN would have nothing to talk about.  Even when I agree with liberal journalists who point out the President's defects, I find myself thinking that I don't want to be on their team anymore.  As much as I dislike President Trump's demeanor, I dislike their demeanors at least as much.  They're smug, and if arrogance were a crime, they wouldn't be on TV or writing op-eds; they'd be behind bars.  A Harvard study released this year showed that on CNN and NBC, 93% of the news about the president during his first 100 days in office had a negative tone.  CBS wasn't much better, with 91% negative news.  At The New York Times, coverage had a negative tone 87% of the time.  Overall, the tone of the reporting at major news organizations in the survey showed only 20% of it was positive for the President, compared to Barack Obama's 59%.  No surprise there, because journalists adored Obama just as much as they detest Trump.  Such a massive truckload of negativity, even when the stories are accurate, is evidence of bias.  If someone wrote a series of stories about CNN and 93% of it had a negative tone, or let's say 93% of the stories about Barack Obama were negative, that wouldn't be honest journalism; It would be a hit job.  Then there's the double standard.  Liberal journalists are outraged at the President's shenanigans.  Where was the outrage over Hillary Clinton's and Susan Rice's deceptions about Benghazi, where four Americans were slaughtered?  Where was their outrage over the IRS scandal, where conservative nonprofits were targeted by a liberal middle manager who took the Fifth rather than testify before Congress?  Does anyone really think there'd be a media feeding frenzy if Chelsea Clinton had met with a Russian lawyer that claimed to have dirt on Donald Trump?  When so much of the hard news coverage and opinion journalism is overwhelmingly negative, and often laced with hatred for the President, this isn't honest journalism; It's the ugly work of a lynch mob.  Even though Donald Trump brings so much of this on himself, no President deserves this nonstop snarky onslaught, no matter how convinced journalists are that he should never have been elected in the first place.

(“If Arrogance Were a Crime, a Lot of Journalists Would Be in Jail” by Bernard Goldberg dated July 25, 2017 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/bernardgoldberg/2017/07/25/if-arrogance-were-a-crime-a-lot-of-journalists-would-be-in-jail-n2359095 )

These are the worst of times for the American news media, but they are also the best. The newspaper industry as a whole has been dying slowly for years.  For the handful of well funded journalistic enterprises that survive, the Trump era is turning out to be a “golden age”, a time of high purpose and moral vindication.  The people of the respectable east coast press loathe the President with an amazing unanimity.  They are obsessed with documenting his bad taste, with finding faults in his stupid tweets, with nailing him and his associates for this Russian scandal, etc.  The op-ed pages come to resemble Democrat fundraising pitches.  The news sections are all Trump all the time.  They have gone ballistic so many times the public now yawns when it sees their rockets lifting off.  It was last August that the New York Times published an essay approving of the profession’s collective understanding of Trump as a political mutation, an unacceptable deviation from the two-party norm, that journalists must cleanse from the political mainstream, but it hasn’t worked.  They correct and denounce; they cluck and deride and Trump seems to bask in it.  He reflects this incredible outpouring of disapprobation right back at the press itself.  The old “liberal bias” critique, a minor deity in the pantheon of Republican paranoia since the days of Trump’s hero Richard Nixon, has been elevated to first place.  Trump and company now use it to explain everything.  The news media’s reputation sinks lower and lower as they advance into their golden age.  As newspapers die off, their place in the American consciousness is taken by social networks of both the formal and informal variety.  Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, these days we read only that which confirms our biases.  The truth is that the unanimous anti-Trumpness of the respectable press is just one facet of a larger homogeneity.  The surviving press is unanimous about all sorts of things and is one of the factors that explains the many monstrous journalism failures of the last few decades: the dot-com bubble, which was actively cheered on by the business press; the Iraq war, which was abetted by journalism’s greatest sages; the almost complete failure to notice the epidemic of financial misconduct that preceeded the 2008 financial crisis; and the rise of Donald Trump, which caught nearly everyone flatfooted.  Everything they do, they do as a herd, even when it’s running headlong over a cliff.  They are professionals and they believe in the things that so many other professional groups believe in: consensus, “realism”, credentialing, the wisdom of their fellow professionals and (of course) the stupidity of the laity.  They know what a politician is supposed to look like and act like and sound like; they know that Trump does not conform to those rules; and they react to him as a kind of foreign object jammed rudely into their world, a Rodney Dangerfield defiling the fancy country club.  As long as they understand that war as a crusade to reestablish the old rules of legitimacy, they are going to continue to fail.

(“The media’s war on Trump is destined to fail. Why can’t it see that?” by Thomas Frank dated July 21, 2017 published by The Guardian at https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/jul/21/media-war-trump-destined-fail?CMP=share_btn_tw )


We're six months into the presidency and President Donald Trump has done a pretty darn good job so far.  Rough-hewn, inexperienced and sometimes too much of a loudmouth for his own and the country's good, he has nonetheless managed to increase American freedom and productivity while dragging us back from the brink of the Moribund European Socialist Please-Kill-Us-Mohammed anti-Western vision of the last guy who held the office.  There's the great Supreme Court pick, of course.  Plus he's eliminated sixteen old federal regulations for every new one put in place.  He's made American foreign policy sane again by re-aligning us with Israel and pulling out of the nonsense Paris climate accord.  The drop in illegal border crossings under this president is, according to the head of the National Border Patrol union, "nothing short of miraculous."  Stock market's up; unemployment's down; housing sales are up; and ISIS is down.  Trump's brutal thrashing of our utterly corrupt and dishonest news media has been a joy to behold.  The massive Senate fail on ObamaCare repeal is a disgrace and an embarrassment. Some blame Rand Paul's ceaseless I-Sure-Want-to-Repeal-Obamacare-But routine; some blame the weaksauce dithering of the RINOs; some blame the too-uncompromising posture of conservatives, but me, I blame them all, every damn one of them in The Party.  They need to get together and act for the good of the country and the president.  They voted to do it when they knew it didn't count. Each one of them needs to sacrifice something and all need to get to yes together.  It is the President's job to help make this happen.  Barack Obama knew this. When he was pushing the disaster of ObamaCare down our throats, the president got out there and made somewhere between thirty and forty speeches about how we could keep our doctors and how our premiums would go down.  President Trump said it well: "Democrats were always selling their plan... and we never sell our plan. If we're weak on anything, it's on letting people know how good it is."  Attacking ObamaCare; explaining the repeal plan; and holding GOP lawmakers' feet to the fire is what the President does.  The good news is: Trump has a real talent for it.  He can't just do it at one lunch, but rather do it and do it and do it again until you drag that damn bill over the finish line.  At this late date, he's probably not going to fix his personality flaws. CNN can cover his gaffes till their ratings match their credibility at zero.  If Trump can learn to do this one thing, shepherd the Congress from Big Talk Promise to Real Life Law, he will stand a chance of becoming a genuinely excellent President.  When he started out, I did not believe that was possible, but if he pulls it off, it will be the best crow I ever ate.

(“Trump May Yet Become a Terrific President” by Andrew Klavan dated July 21, 2017 published by PJ Media at https://pjmedia.com/andrewklavan/2017/07/21/the-once-and-future-president/ )

The United States could face a coup attempt against its duly elected President.  It’s similar to an old-fashioned third-world banana republic mob-style coup that is brewing against Trump.  It matters not that there is a lack of substance to the charges of Russian collusion.  It also begs the commonsense question of how a leader of the opposition party who lost thinks she can resurrect credibility by applying the extreme charge of treason to a man whose “America First” patriotism is so incontestable that even cynics don’t doubt it.  The real issue is that the party of the left, the Democrat Party, lost the presidential election and its members lost their minds.  The defeat of their seasoned, if corrupt, liberal heir apparent to an inexperienced politically incorrect Republican candidate was shocking and unacceptable, and has triggered new levels of outrage and intolerance.  Combined with the Democrats’ losing streak at the state and national ballot box every single election, for a grand total of 1,042 state and federal seats lost by Democrats to Republicans, during the Obama years, it’s all just too much to take. Unwilling to accept the outcome of the people’s choice of Trump and fearing the loss of power and control, many Democrats and their base in the mainstream and social media have become desperate, cranking up hatred and mob-behavior to obstruct and discredit President Trump and to peel off weak Republicans from supporting him.  An emotional mob psychology has been unleashed and is out to get Trump and intimidate and divide his party.  The locus of this mob is not among the unwashed masses in the rural areas, but rather it is among the leftist elites who inhabit urban America, people who shape the culture through the knowledge, information and entertainment industry, the base of the Democrat Party.  We are in the midst of a wave of insanity and destructiveness that has tens of millions shaking their heads in disbelief.  Mob behavior today is almost exclusively a phenomenon of the left.  There are simply no conservative or Republican mass movement analogs to Black Lives Matter, Animal Liberation Front (ALF), Women’s March, Peoples Climate Movement, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Earth First! and countless others.  Group think and mob behavior are not rational phenomena, and it appears causality is rooted in the atomized disposition of people with unmet relational and spiritual needs.  The cradle of Western democracy was ancient Greece, and Athens in particular.  Four hundred years before Christ, Athenian-style direct democracy gave a platform to demagogues to sway mobs, thousands packed into amphitheaters, to support irrational causes, such as voting to kill all the adult males on a single island.  The Romans recognized the problems with Greek-style direct democracy and the dangers of mob rule.  Their contribution to making democracy work was found in their constitution of a republic that redirected the people’s voice and power to a tripartite governing authority that consisted of two consuls in the executive, a senate and assembly in the legislative and magistrates who served a judiciary function.  The record longevity of the U.S. Constitution is a testament to their wisdom.  There were various philosophic differences between the key Founding Fathers: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison, but they favored a republican form of limited government over any derivative of direct democracy.  The requirements that every state have two senators irrespective of population and an Electoral College to decide Presidential elections were designed and implemented to curb the power of the densely populated states and urban areas, which were more prone to corruption, demagoguery and dependency.  A close look at the national electoral map shows that the rural areas of the U.S. are almost all red and the blue voting districts are cities and urban areas.  It seems that Jefferson’s forecast 220 years ago has been borne out, as cities suffer from more corrupt and insolvent governments than do states and rural areas.  Political correctness (PC), which has its origin and continuing sustenance amongst liberals and the Democrat Party and its base in mainstream and social media, the universities, and Hollywood, has robbed the soul of America, leaving the nation weaker, humorless, and more divided than ever.  In addition, America’s overbearing federal government has created a swamp in the nation’s capital, corrupting both political parties, the bureaucracies, and even the supposedly independent Federal Reserve, which enabled the federal government to recklessly double its indebtedness in a record eight years under Obama with hardly a cautionary peep in the Fed’s frequent meetings, the minutes of which are dutifully recorded for the public.  The task of turning around America is gargantuan.  It’s time to get past the unique, direct and sometimes abrasive style of President Trump, and unite around his positives, which are substantial: a tireless worker, commonsense, goal orientation, and a confident negotiator.  Unlike most politicians who prefer appeasement to confrontation, President Trump is direct and bold.  Unpredictable with adversaries, he is consistently and refreshingly patriotic.  The coup against President Trump will not succeed in removing him from office.  If the opposition and obstructionism continue to delay nominee confirmations and confound the legislative agenda and Trump initiatives the people voted for, the coup efforts will have effectively accomplished their objective.  It’s time for Republicans serving in Washington to get over obsession with reelection, get out of denial that business as usual is acceptable, and recognize that we are engaged in spiritual and political warfare to save the country.  It’s time for Republicans to unite, defend, and support their President.  

(“No Substitute for Victory” by Scott S. Powell dated July 23, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/07/no_substitute_for_victory.html )


Despite the continual drama surrounding President Trump and his administration, it is comforting to know that his political opposition is in total chaos.  Since the 2008 presidential election of Barack Obama, Democrats have lost over 1,000 state legislative seats across the country.  While Democrats have total control of the Governorship and state legislatures in only five states, today Republicans have the most legislative seats in the history of the party.  With 33 GOP Governors, control of the U.S. House, Senate and White House, the Republican Party dominates the national political scene today.  Unfortunately for the President, Democrats still maintain control over the liberal media and the “deep state,” the mammoth and powerful federal bureaucracy.  The President has to endure an unfair, biased and ever expanding investigation by a Special Prosecutor, who should have never been appointed.  The “Russia” investigation has given Democrats control of the political narrative, but that has not translated into success at the ballot box.  Despite plenty of favorable media coverage, Democrat Party leaders are having plenty of problems raising money.  Under the mediocre leadership of DNC Chairman Tom Perez, fundraising has been horrific.  The May 2017 contribution totals were the lowest in 14 years.  Perez is the former Secretary of Labor of the Obama administration and he secured the position because of his connections to the former President.  As DNC Chairman, he has traveled across the country with much fanfare.  Due to their own weaknesses, they are unable to take full advantage of the multi-pronged media and political attack on President Trump.  Over the last few months, Democrats are almost exclusively focused on the Trump-Russia fantasy, but their strategy is not resonating with average Americans. Polls show Americans have much more interest in healthcare, the economy and tax policy, but Democrat Party leaders are constantly ignoring the issues and pushing for more focus on the Russia investigation.  Their goal is to invalidate the results of the 2016 election and create another Watergate type scandal.  The one member of Congress who has been the most vocal in denouncing the President is 78-year old Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  She boycotted the President’s inauguration and has been calling for his impeachment from the very beginning of his term.  The Congresswoman never gave President Trump a chance and has boasted of her disinterest in meeting with him.  Since Waters is an African American woman with extremely leftist views, the media is very willing to promote her nonsensical comments about President Trump.  Even though she is incredibly partisan and quite ineffective in Congress, her outrageous comments guarantee her ample media coverage.  The Democrats could face a 2020 presidential campaign with four major candidates above the age of 72: Waters, Hillary Clinton, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and former Vice President Joe Biden; talk about a party devoid of new ideas and fresh leadership!  Instead of recruiting younger and more moderate leaders, Democrats are moving further to the left and relying on their tired and divisive political veterans.  

(“For Democrats, There’s No Fool Like an Old Fool” by Jeff Crouere dated July 22, 2017 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/jeffcrouere/2017/07/22/for-democrats-theres-no-fool-like-an-old-fool-n2358382 )


Modern liberalism or leftist ideology is much like an all-inclusive resort.  You pay one price, and that payment includes everything the resort has to offer.  If you can’t take advantage, or wish more of a bare bones or a-la carte experience, an all-inclusive experience is definitely not for you.  You pay for all or nothing.  It’s like ObamaCare; everything is included, whether you care to partake or not.  This is also the definition of modern leftism and the Democrat Party.  If you are a committed liberal, you are expected to collectively support all leftist causes.  It’s all-inclusive.  With the all-inclusive Democrat package deal, you, as part of the grand collective, must by unwritten rule, care about all the left’s wacky causes.  A liberal must support the collective – where no one is permitted to advocate individual interests without at least publically supporting the others.  For years, many on the right were confused by the reaction of the liberal feminist group, the National Organization of Women (NOW) to Bill Clinton’s womanizing.  It didn’t seem to matter how much Clinton abused women, the feminists still supported him.  Bubba was the left’s standard bearer at time, so the all-inclusive contract required them to defend him.  The same can be said of liberal Jews.  We watch in puzzlement as Jewish Democrats support the Palestinians and the two State solution over Israel’s sovereignty and safety.  Leftists in the LGBT wing of the collective, publically support Sharia-loving radical Linda Sarsour.  Why would a homosexual support someone who advocates for Sharia, the law that allows gays to be persecuted and thrown off buildings to their death?  Sarsour poses as a feminist and that is part of the all-inclusive package.  No one would mistake former Senator Joe Lieberman for a conservative, but toward the end of his career, he said, “I felt the Democrat Party left me.  It was no longer the party it was when I joined it in the image of President Kennedy.”  Joe refused to purchase the all or nothing package deal, particular their anti-military position, so he was effectively jettisoned.  We often marvel at the dems, at how they circle the wagons and march (or goose step) in lock-step on seemingly every issue.  The question is whether this is really an admirable trait?  The right may not be as “organized” in that respect, but we are at least afforded the opportunity to think for ourselves and be who we are, as individuals, and not just part some grand collective who are forced to buy in to an all-inclusive package in order to remain viable.

(“The All-Inclusive Democrat Package” by Brent Smith dated July 27, 2017 published by iPatriot at http://ipatriot.com/inclusive-democrat-package-deal/ )


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