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August 15, 2015


The philosophical foundation of the American Left and the Democrat Party is a proprietary hybrid of Fascism.  While in lockstep with the economic and political tenets of Fascism, the unique feature of the current American iteration is anti-nationalism as reflected in the belief that the United States is the locus of malevolence in the world as compared to militant nationalism of Italy and Germany in the 1920’s and 30’s.  The concept of a corporate state has been a staple of the American Left since Franklin Roosevelt.  It was FDR that initiated the National Labor Relations Board to make the Government the final arbiter in labor issues.  The National Recovery Act governed all aspects of manufacturing and commerce and the Agricultural Adjustment Act which introduced central planning to agriculture.  It is generally acknowledged today that this approach by Roosevelt prolonged the Great Depression by another five years.  Beginning in the 1960’s the American Left, while nominally in favor of Marxism, had as their foundational tenets narcissism and rampant anti-Americanism.  However, as the societal and economic seeds of Fascism were already planted and generally accepted by a sizable segment of the populace, it was a short logical leap, therefore, to become proponents of the economic and political precepts of Marxism’s closest cousin.  While the Fascism of Mussolini and Hitler incorporated extreme nationalism, the proponents of the American reincarnation believe that the United States, as founded, is malevolent and should surrender its position as the world’s economic and military superpower by showing deference to America’s enemies and casting aside any semblance of nationalism or uniqueness as penance for both domestic and international “sins” of the past.  Barack Obama, steeped in the stew that is the unique American version of Fascism since childhood, is the poster child for its success in becoming the dominate philosophy of the Democratic Party.  He has, during his two terms as President, been so successful in advancing the tenets of this distinctive American political system that it should be named after him. Obamism is the confluence of the economic and political tenets of Fascism and the narcissistic anti-Americanism of the 1960’s:

·    Within Obamism ideology reigns supreme, and the state not the individual is paramount.  Totalitarianism in the form of thought and speech control through threats and intimidation has become epidemic and any lie or fabrication is allowable in order to destroy a political opponent.  Additionally, as the United States is historically a racist and bigoted country, the society must be transformed through unfettered illegal immigration, de facto reparations through wealth redistribution, and re-education of the masses.

·    ObamaCare is not about health care, per se; rather it is intended to dictate to individuals what insurance they must buy, what health care they are allowed to access, and ultimately what behavior is acceptable, all at the whim of a centralized bureaucracy.  The Dodd-Frank Bill, which has spawned 28,000 pages of regulations, firmly establishes the concept of “too big to fail” for certain financial institutions, thereby subjecting them to the absolute control of the state while allowing, and in many cases forcing, others to cease doing business, as well as instituting lending and operating policies determined by government regulators.  The entire alphabet soup of federal agencies, particularly the EPA and the IRS, have become agents of the administration actively bypassing Congress and writing laws and regulations in order to either limit or to erode individual rights.

·    The Obama regime willfully ignores what laws they deem to be inconvenient, all the while busily packing the courts with like-minded proponents of Obamism.  They have set a precedent by throwing out the rule of law when it comes to the rights of private investors by their actions against the bondholders of Chrysler and General Motors.   They have chosen which businesses will succeed or fail by the use of taxpayer financing and subsidies or the arbitrary waving of rules and regulations.

·    A key characteristic of Fascist thinking is rampant cronyism and corruption.   Myopic capitalists, forced to ingratiate themselves with the state, are coerced into underwriting the election of those in power in exchange for favorable government contracts and avoidance of regulatory wrath.  Much of Wall Street, Hollywood, the Unions, major companies such as General Electric, and the super-wealthy such as Warren Buffet and various internet billionaires, are therefore willing to sleep with those in power and be used as props in any propaganda campaign initiated by the Democratic Party.

·    The Obama administration has, through the Justice Department and other agencies, behaved exactly as many quasi-fascist regimes in the past -- almost all of whom have been governed by groups of friends and associates who appoint each other to government positions and use governmental power and authority to protect themselves and their friends from accountability.

·    Barack Obama has traveled the world apologizing for the United States and, in his view, its innumerable failings of the past.  He has gutted the Defense Department and reneged on agreements with various allies such as the Czech Republic, Poland and Israel.  He has become an apologist for many of America’s adversaries such as China, Iran and Cuba.  His recent agreement with Iran regarding nuclear weapons guarantees instability through an inevitable nuclear arms race and eventual conflict in the Middle East which will involve the United States.  

There are many conservative and mainstream pundits that claim the Obama Presidency is a failure.  Within the Republican Presidential candidates, the vast majority are either ignorant or refuse to accept the reality of who the opponents are and the depth to which the nation has sunk.  The ultimate Republican nominee must recognize who the enemy is, their tactics and philosophical underpinning as well as the true depth of how far the nation has fallen.   

(“Obamism and Neo-fascist America” by Steve McCann dated August 10, 2015 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/08/obamism_and_neofascist_america.html )


Nowadays, millions of Americans are struggling to create lasting, fulfilling happy marriages, but Mom, Pop and the kids are in real danger of becoming obsolete.  One of the most turbulent decades in US history is the 1960s, because in just ten years, the moral values and traditions that shaped America were turned upside down.  The swinging sixties gave birth to the sexual revolution which changed the game of love dramatically, and the family unit, once the strong bedrock of the nation, has suffered the consequences.  In bygone days, couples met in their tightly-knit communities.  They shared the same moral values and traditions, firmly grounded in Judeo-Christian doctrine.  Prior to the sexual revolution, religion in America played a far more prominent role than it does today.  Back then, there was a sense of duty to something higher than the self.  Marriage was regarded as a sacrament ordained by God and couples married young and had large families.  During the wedding ceremony, they took serious vows of commitment to each other before their God.  For better, for worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and health till death do us part.  But the role of marriage meant so much more.  For the woman, it gave her love, security and a protector and provider for her children. Being married with children gave her respect and dignity. Just imagine how hard it would’ve been for a woman to raise a child on her own.  Remember, there was no welfare state back then.  For the man, it gave him love, support, stability and a caring nurturer for his children. Their roles were clearly defined as man, the breadwinner and protector; woman the nurturer of the children and the homemaker.  Both made sacrifices for the sake of the relationship, for mutual benefit but more importantly, for the children.  Such a strong foundation enabled values and traditions to be passed on by continuation of the bloodline.  The husband and wife complimented each other, a balance of feminine yin and masculine yang.  It sounds amazing but in those days, sex before marriage was deeply frowned upon again due to strict Judeo-Christian morality and certain sexual behaviors were criminalized. Homosexuality for example was outlawed.  Many other sexual acts now considered normal were regarded as perverted and depraved.  Should a woman have fallen pregnant outside wedlock, she was stigmatized and the child regarded as illegitimate, a “bastard,” a terrible insult back then.  Abortion was regarded as murder.  In those stricter moral times, loose women weren’t desirable partners.  Promiscuity was regarded as toxic to both society and individual and the virginity of a bride was valued by both sexes.  Women who didn’t save themselves for marriage were regarded as “easy” and branded as sluts, tarts, whores, hussies and many other similar and equally demeaning insults. All hammering home the sense of shame associated with ungodly promiscuous behavior.  Sexuality was regarded as a taboo topic, not to be openly discussed.  Even cursing in public was regarded as inappropriate.  Then along came the “swinging sixties” and the sexual revolution.  The rise of the second-wave feminist movement brought demands for equality of the sexes.  Feminists regarded marriage as oppression of women and anti-marriage propaganda made marriage undesirable.  They promoted independence for women and more young women entered the workplace.  Today, millions of women, and men to be fair, place a career above marrying and having children.  The invention of the contraceptive pill gave women the sexual freedom denied to their mothers and grandmothers.  Against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, the flower power movement adopted liberal attitudes towards sexuality. Their mantra was “make love not war” and it heralded the era of free love.  Promiscuity was strongly encouraged and enthusiastically practiced as more and more young people rejected traditional Judeo-Christian sexual morality and indulged in sex before marriage.  Every year in cities across America and throughout the West, gay pride parades will feature homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender and lesbian people all happily celebrating and flaunting their sexuality without restraint.  Gay marriage has just been legalized and in today’s America, Christians who refuse to tolerate homosexuality will be criminalized.  It’s not just homosexual people who openly flaunt their sexuality.  Abortion became legal in America in 1973 and since then, more than 58 million unwanted babies have been aborted.  Millions of people in America and throughout the entire West embraced all of these liberal attitudes as enlightened and progressive.  When I looked at what was happening to the family unit, I found out that it isn’t in a healthy state at all.  All of the dramatic changes to society discussed here are having serious consequences for the family unit.  Take marriage, once a cornerstone of society.  The marriage rate in America has decreased by a whopping 60% since 1970 and the US has the highest divorce rate in the Western world.  Between 40% and 50% of first marriages, 67% of second marriages and an incredible 74% of third marriages will end in divorce.  Children are feeling the effects.  In today’s America, one in three children is living without a father.  Without the balance of a feminine and a masculine influence in their lives, many kids turn to delinquency and are more inclined to indulge in violence, criminality and alcohol or drug abuse.  Thanks to the promotion of promiscuity in schools and universities, children are becoming sexualized at a younger age.  47% of high school students have had sex. Every year there are twenty million new sexually transmitted infections. Shockingly, 25% of teenage girls have had at least one sexually transmitted disease.  As you can see, the traditional family unit in America, and it’s in a similar sorry state throughout the West, is in severe decline.  All of the dramatic changes that have occurred since the sexual revolution of the sixties have had a toxic effect on what was once the bedrock of Western civilization.  It may well be that the legacy of the sexual revolution will be the end of the traditional family unit and with it, the end of America as we know it.

(“What Happened to Mom, Pop and the Traditional American Family?” by Christopher Green dated August 12, 2015 published by Intellectual Conservative at http://intellectualconservative.com/what-happened-to-mom-pop-and-the-traditional-american-family/ )

Whatever immigration policy prevails, it must be accompanied by the patriotic assimilation of immigrants and their children.  Support for patriotic assimilation should unite Republicans on both sides of the immigration issue.  The essential American ideal of E Pluribus Unum out of many one,” was put on the Great Seal of the United States during the American Revolution and came to signify our nation’s great success in assimilating immigrants.  Today, many of our institutions appear to focus almost exclusively on the pluribus, while ignoring the unum, preferring to emphasize what divides us into groups rather than what unites us as Americans.  This divisive group-based emphasis has been going on for decades.  In 1978, in one of his famous radio broadcasts, Ronald Reagan lauded the success of immigrant assimilation, while lamenting efforts “to change this land from a melting pot into an all nations smorgasbord.”  It has only gotten worse since, largely without an honest, serious, and open debate on what type of assimilation is best for our country.  To be clear, by patriotic assimilation we do not mean that newcomers to America must give up all ethnic traditions, customs, and birth languages.  Patriotic assimilation has nothing to do with the food one eats, the religion one practices, the affection that one feels for the land of one’s birth and the second languages that one speaks.  Multi-ethnicity and ethnic subcultures have enriched America since colonial days.  However, while we are a multiracial and multiethnic people, we are not and should not be, “multicultural” in the adversarial sense of clashing and conflicting world views, ways of life and habits of the heart.  We need to help newcomers form an attachment to and loyalty towards our constitutional democracy and affirm what used to proudly be called the American way of life.  It is not only immigrants who would benefit from a re-invigoration of patriotic assimilation. Our education system has failed to inculcate these values in native-born Americans as well.  First, if our democracy is going to work, Americans must be able to communicate with each other.  A common language is essential for the health of our constitutional republic and civic life.  For historical reasons, English has been that common language and we should make it our official language.  Encouraging newcomers to learn English benefits immigrants by allowing them to climb the economic ladder and integrate into the larger society.  Second, we should reject policies that deepen ethnic and cultural divisions, classifying Americans by artificial, bureaucratically-created groups that government officials then use to award preferences in hiring, contracting, and college admissions.  Past discrimination of racial and ethnic minorities in America was shameful. But contemporary “identity politics” and politically correct ethnic and racial discrimination that favors some groups over others is similarly divisive and wrong.  Third, our schools should teach the full story of America. Too often, trendy educators prefer to view American history through the distorted lens of race, ethnicity, gender, and class with an emphasis on ethnic, imperialist, and capitalist “exploitation,” ignoring the comprehensive narrative of our constitutional, intellectual, economic and cultural development and positive role in world affairs.  Demographic changes have made it more important than ever that our children are familiar first and foremost with American history as opposed to a “global” approach that focuses on other societies.  Since America is a “pluralistic, multiethnic, uncoordinated society” all citizens need a “prolonged schooling in the history of our free society, its martyrology, and its national tradition.”  Finally, newcomers preparing for citizenship should be taught that patriotism, love of their new country, is essential to good citizenship. Being a good citizen entails knowing one’s duty not just one’s rights, but it is not only immigrants who need this lesson. We need leaders in government, education, business and culture who are not embarrassed about speaking openly on the centrality of patriotism to the wellbeing of our nation.

(“Republican debate needs immigration unity” by Linda Chavez and John Fonte dated August 6, 2015 published by USA Today at http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2015/08/06/immigration-assimilation-patriotism-debate-column/31081875/ )

Wars, military or economic, are measured by whether you achieved your stated objectives. By this standard the U.S. and its allies lost the war against Iran, but we were able to negotiate terms that gave only our partial surrender, which forces Iran to at least delay its victory.  There have now been three big U.S. strategic defeats over the past several decades: Vietnam, Iraq and now Iran.  The big question is, why did we lose?  Sorry, but the U.S. chose to lose Vietnam, Iraq, and now Iran, just as we've chosen to throw a lifeline to the unpopular and corrupt ragtag regime in Cuba.  President Nixon and our armed forces defeated North Vietnam in January 1973.  The climax was the so-called Christmas bombing of 1972 that showed everyone that President Nixon was serious about ending matters.  We won every battle.  We forced the North to accept South Vietnam.  Then we just threw it all away in the spring of 1975, when Democrats in Congress were so full of themselves that they allowed a Viet Cong army to take over the south.  Even the USSR was amazed that we let the North Vietnam walk in.  In Iraq, we won and defeated al-Qaeda decisively.  Our armed forces did an amazing job, especially through General Petraeus and the surge of 2007.  The net result of the work of our troops was that a stable Iraq was handed to President Obama in January 2009.  Then we threw it all away because President Obama put a political promise to the "yes we can" screamers over our national security concerns.  And now Iran, where we chose to make a lousy deal that will preserve the bad guys in Iran.  This deal is so bad that a lot of Democrats are walking away.  Sadly, we lost Vietnam, and the 3 million people slaughtered by the communists after we left.  It looks like we've lost Iraq and the sacrifice of 4,000 brave young Americans who deserve a better commander in chief.  Now we are losing Iran.  We should speak out against our leaders who choose defeat when victory was in our hands.

(“We chose to lose Vietnam, Iraq, and now Iran” by Silvio Canto Jr. dated August 9, 2015 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/08/we_chose_to_lose_vietnam_iraq_and_now_iran.html )


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