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August 18, 2012

Views on the News*  

Romney will beat Obama by a landslide, and the signs are becoming clearer as we get closer to the election.  Romney’s choice of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as a running mate makes me even more confident that he will trounce “Mr. Hope ’n Change.”  Ryan is an adult.  Unlike Joe Biden, he does not regularly give the impression of having suffered a lobotomy.  Ryan, unlike the entire Democrat establishment, understands that money does not come from the stork.  He understands that individual liberty and limited government go together, and, what’s more, he is in favor of individual liberty, which the Democrat establishment certainly is not.  Ryan is energetic, articulate, personable, and mature and together, Romney and Ryan exude a spirit of competence.  Obama and Biden exude a spirit of obliviousness undergirded by viciousness and, increasingly, panic.  Barack Obama’s tenure as President has been such a conspicuous disaster that absent some enormous scandal in camp Romney, I believe he is a shoo-in.  The man who has added more than $5 trillion to the federal debt, who is running an annual deficit of some $1.4 trillion, who has burdened American business with a nightmare of stifling regulations, who has squandered hundreds of billions of dollars on failed “green” energy initiatives and non-stimulating “stimulus” packages, who has insinuated government into the private sector in blundering unproductive and fiscally ruinous ways and foisted on an unwilling public the horror of ObamaCare - that man (Obama) is going down and will lose big in a landslide.

(“The Comeback Team” by Roger Kimball dated August 11, 2012 published by PJ Media at http://pjmedia.com/rogerkimball/2012/08/11/the-comeback-team/ )

Voting for President Obama again is the definition of “politically insane,” expecting a different result from the same choice.  I wonder if some people even really care about what we have already done to the generations to follow, what kind of future they will have, burdened with the debt being left to them.  I can't help but ponder why people are still gullible enough to totally blame the ruinous state of the economy on George W. Bush after three and a half years of Obama's total and abject fiscal failure even after holding power over the White House and both houses of Congress for two full years.  It's a mystery to me why the American public believes or respects anything Harry Reid ever says after his outrageous remark about the surge not working while we still had military in the field executing it, and knowing that his statement was hurtful to America and our military, simply putting his petulant political interests ahead of his country and the people who protect him from being murdered in his bed by terrorists.  How can anybody ever again take seriously the inane remarks of a Congresswoman who says they have to pass a bill to find out what's in it?  How long will it take America to recognize the folly of turning down desperately needed oil from our best friends in the world just north of our continental border and sending billions of dollars to Brazil for oil exploration, telling them we want to be their best customer and then accepting that they send it to China instead?  How long will it take for the citizens of this nation to grasp the fact that cutting back our military is tantamount to national suicide, and that the incredible scientific and technological advances made as a benefit of the space program will be no more?  How about a President who totally took the word "reform" out of welfare and whose policies have lead to a larger number of the workforce applying for disability than for jobs?  How long will the citizens of America support a media that does not represent their values, morals, ideals or even their tastes?  Will we continue to allow an educational system that is based more on political power than learning, and that turns out semi-literate graduates who can repeat the lyrics to the latest hip-hop hit, but couldn't name the capitals of the 50 states if their lives depended on it?  I sometimes fear that the work ethic is being conditioned out of America, that too many people are starting to look at the federal government for all their needs and all their guidance, swallowing whole whatever the propaganda du jour happens to be.  I sometimes fear that America has gone past the point of no return, that we've developed a national "play now, pay later" mentality, that too many people have decided that living off the dole is better than working and believe that “if it feels good, do it " should set the bar.  Mark Steyn thinks the next election is the “last exit ramp before the death spiral which summarizes the impact if American voters make the wrong decision in November – the end of America as we know it.

(“What Will It Take to Make Some Americans Wake Up?” by Charlie Daniels dated August 10, 2012 published by Cybercast News Service at http://cnsnews.com/blog/charlie-daniels/what-will-it-take-make-some-americans-wake )

I am an American and my President has lied to me, not once, not twice, but frequently, regularly, and consistently about everything.  He has lied about his past.  He has lied about his beliefs.  He has lied about his religion.  He has lied about his friends, acquaintances, colleagues and associates.  He has lied about his commitment to freedom and democracy in America.  He has lied about his commitment to the rule of law.  He has lied about his commitment to the Constitution and his willingness to act within the boundaries and limitations of his office.  He has lied about America’s history, traditions, values and institutions, about America’s enormous and unprecedented achievements at home and around the world.  He has lied about the state of the nation.  He has lied about the economy.  He has lied about the environment.  He has lied about national security.  He has lied about America’s place in the world.  He has lied about his commitment to our friends and allies.  He has lied about Islam and the Islamic world.  He has lied about his rivals and opponents.  The most important thing in President Obama’s life is getting re-elected in November so that he can continue to transform America according to his socialist, big government, anti-American ideology.  His campaign to date has been full of exaggerations, distortions, denials, sleaze and blatant, outright lies.  This is because he has no real achievements to point to, because of his personality and philosophy and because his time in office has been destructive at best and catastrophic at worst.  Based on his track record there is no doubt that President Obama is a serial, pathological liar and that he will continue to lie to the American people in the future just as he has in the past.  That is why Americans cannot and should not believe a word he says about anything, because he simply cannot be trusted.  That is also why Americans should vote against him in November’s Presidential election, should not return him to office for a second term.  If Americans can’t trust their President who can they trust, and my President has lied to me and I am very, very angry, upset and worried.

(“Lies my president told me” by Jerry Philipson dated August 10, 2012 published by Canada Free Press at http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/48725 )


Those who understand that America is now on the wrong track cannot reasonably vote for Obama in November, because he is absolutely unwilling to change, perhaps even ideologically incapable of changing course.  First, consider his disastrous economic record and his rejection of any semblance of a course change.  He and his economic advisers told us his stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%, but it didn't.  He didn't consider for a second that his policies exacerbated the economic crisis.  He blamed Bush and said that if anything, he hadn't spent enough.  He demanded more stimulus packages: high-speed rail, other infrastructure, American Jobs Act.  He continued to grow government in a wide variety of areas; things continued to get worse.  No sign of any significant economic recovery; we had the worst recovery in 50 years.  No sign of unemployment relief.  He didn't change course.  Recently, he told us that successful entrepreneurs didn't build their businesses, or roads or bridges or whatever claptrap he pretended to have meant.  He refuses to reconsider his flawed notions - arrogance, as much as ignorance.  Obama won't change his economic policies, because he is addicted to spending and to growing government on several levels.  His economic philosophy, his ideology and his political survival demand that he stay the course.  He firmly believes that only government spending, Keynesian pump priming, can stimulate a moribund economy.  He believes it to the point that he's willing to bankrupt the nation to do it.  That's the economic philosophy component.  He also knows that the most efficient way to redistribute wealth and otherwise reallocate resources from groups he believes less deserving to those he believes more deserving is through an increasingly progressive tax code and more government spending.  That is, even if he shared the ordinary American's debt aversion and reasonable anxiety about our horrifying financial predicament, he wouldn't discontinue (hasn't discontinued) his pursuit of ever-greater taxing and spending, because to do so would be tantamount to abandoning his quest, his obsession to fundamentally transform America.  That's the ideological component.  He fully realizes that even if he didn't firmly believe in expanding the welfare state, incentivizing states to expand their food stamp rolls, extending unemployment benefits, sabotaging welfare reform, increasing the percentage of people not paying income taxes and presiding over the unprecedented swelling of the welfare state and those dependent on government aid of one form or another -- he would still be compelled to continue expanding it because he believes a great majority of his constituents depend on this expansion.  He couldn't win re-election without doing so.  That's the political component.  The same general themes hold true for Obama's extremist environmental agenda.  His policies are enormously destructive to our coal, oil, nuclear energy and natural gas industries, but he shows no signs of letting up, even though these policies are also manifestly destroying American jobs and otherwise harming the economy.  While sabotaging our reliable energy sources, he is also throwing as much federal money as he can at failed green energy projects, which are so ill-conceived that a reasonable person might conclude his goal is to waste money.  There were a dozen others, and despite these failures and the unconscionable waste, he has revealed nothing but a defiant determination to double down and spend more on other such projects. It's mind-blowing.  Likewise, he pursued ObamaCare with maniacal intensity, even when the public clearly and emphatically registered its dissent.  His response was more haranguing speeches to browbeat the recalcitrant, ignorant masses into seeing his superior wisdom.  Even after the stated purposes for his grand design have been shown to be fundamentally flawed, and it's going to leave 30 million people uninsured.  He is more determined than ever to implement it against the people's will.  The bottom line is this: If you like Obama's record, vote for him and give him a mandate; if you don’t like Obama, vote against him and begin the process to reverse the damage already done.

(“If You Like Obama’s Failed Policies, Vote for Him” by David Limbaugh dated August 10, 2012 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/davidlimbaugh/2012/08/10/if_you_like_obamas_failed_policies_vote_for_him )


Romney appeals to voters who are dissatisfied with the last four years, while Obama appeals to voters who are dissatisfied with America.  This basic gap was obscured in the 2008 campaign by the window trappings of inspiration.  In 2012, Obama can no longer run as a reformer or an optimist.  The coalition that he committed to last year is a coalition of those who are unhappy with America, not in the last four years, but in the last two-hundred years.  Its core is composed of groups that fear democracy and distrust the will of the people.  There is no optimism here, but a deeply rooted pessimism about human nature and the country as a whole.  It is the Democrat Party’s coalition against democracy.  After 2010, the numbers were crunched, and it was clear that Obama and the Democrats could not win a mainstream campaign.  Instead, they are targeting narrow groups, stirring up conflicts over issues aimed at that group, whether it was union pensions, racism or birth control.  There was no more pretense of a national election, only a frenzied rush to polarize as many groups as possible and join them together into an acrimonious coalition, not so much for anything, as against Republicans.  There isn’t any inspiration here, just paranoia over everything from gay marriage to abortion to racial profiling to illegal immigration.  From Occupy Wall Street to Wisconsin, from Trayvon Martin to Chick-fil-A, the goal of these manufactured conflicts has been to divide and conquer the electorate by emphasizing group rights over individual economic welfare.  Obama can’t win on the economy; he can’t win on foreign policy; and he can’t win on any aspect of his administration.  All he can do is stir up violence and then promise to heal the country in his second term while winking to all the representatives of the grievance groups.  National politics will have finally been reduced to the level of a Chicago election.  The typical Obama voter is not acting as an American, but as a representative of an entitled group looking to secure and expand those entitlements at the expense and the detriment of the country at large.  There is no policy justification for voting for a man with the worst economic and foreign policy record in the country’s history.  There is no American justification for voting for him; only the Un-American motivation of carving up a dying country into group fiefdoms privileging identity politics over the common good.  This is an Un-American campaign.  It is an Anti-American campaign.  It is a campaign by those who hate and fear what America was and who resent having to care about anyone outside their own group.  There is not a single Obama voter anywhere in the land who believes that another four years of him will make this country better.  That he will have four more years to sink their ideas deeper in the earth, regardless of how many families go hungry and how many fathers kill themselves because they can no longer take care of their families.  The abomination in Washington is a welfare-state technocracy that mixes crony capitalism with radical social policy.  It steals from everyone and gives back to some.  Every tyrant from Joseph Stalin to Saddam Hussein knew that a divided people are easier to rule.  The more you divide them, the less likely they are to give you any trouble when you’re raiding their last pennies to pay for the latest Green gimmick that your billionaire backers have thrown up all over Wall Street.  This is the Post-American, Anti-American and Un-American campaign to divide up, carve up and toss aside the laws and traditions of the United States and replace them with the power of arrogance.  It is a beleaguered nation facing barbarians inside its gate.  This is an election contest between the United States and an emerging Post-American order.  That entity will be an American EU run by unelected bureaucrats, governed by politically correct technocrats and upheld by corrupt financial pirates disguising the collective bankruptcy with numbers games so elaborate that they make every billion-dollar con game and pyramid scheme that has come before seem as simple as child’s play.  Obama cannot win an American election, but he isn’t running in an American election - he’s running in a Post-American election.

(“The Most Divisive Campaign in American History” by Daniel Greenfield dated August 12, 2012 published by Canada Free Press at http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/48748 )

Under President Obama, government welfare spending has grown 19%, increasing federal means-tested welfare spending during his first two years in office by two-and-a-half times greater than any previous increase in federal welfare spending in U.S. history.  There are now 79 means-tested federal welfare programs.  There are a dozen programs that provide food aid.  Another 12 deliver social services.  Eleven programs deal with housing.  Ten dole even out cash aid.  There are even seven medical assistance programs.  If Obama gets his way, Washington will spend more than $1 trillion on welfare programs in fiscal 2014, and by 2022, the spending would reach $1.57 trillion a year.  When President Johnson began the War on Poverty in 1964, means-tested welfare spending as a share of the economy was just 1.2%, and as of last year, it was 6.1%.  Most of Obama's spending increases are permanent expansions of the welfare state.  America is moving hard and fast in the wrong direction, because a dependent society is a society in decline.  Dependency breeds indifference, sloth, envy and greed.  Those with a developed sense of entitlement are emboldened to demand more, even to resort to violence to seize what they want because the government blesses the act of redistribution and demonizes those who produce.  A dependent culture lacks energy, innovation, entrepreneurship and meaningful productivity.  It is a society that feeds off itself and will, ultimately, die away because that is an unsustainable way to live.  As it is now, more than a third of Americans (107 million out of about 314 million) receive some type of government welfare, excluding Medicare and Social Security.  That figure is up by more than 10% from just over two years ago and does not include the professional and inessential bureaucracy that weighs down the economy.  At the same time, nearly half of Americans pay no federal income tax, while the top 1% of earners pay 38% of federal income taxes and the top 10% pay 71%.  So many dependents; so little independence; this is not what the founding fathers designed, but it is what Obama wants.

(“President Obama Cranks Up the American Welfare State” dated August 14, 2012 published by Investor’s Business Daily at http://news.investors.com/article/622189/201208141752/record-welfare-spending-puts-us-on-dependency-path.htm )


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