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August 18, 2018


In the era of social media, President Trump has taken Twitter to a new level by using it to not only address his supporters but also to help set his agenda with the media and his opponents.  Trump uses Twitter like no other politician to express his point of view and answer his critics.  The president’s tweets can be patriotic or responding to criticism of his family members.  Some are compliments for good deeds the president wants to recognize, and sometimes they respond to those opposing his administration’s policies.  Trump has learned to use Twitter to his advantage in a very masterful way.  It is a line of communication the president seems to have no intention of giving up, in the same way Obama refused to give up his Blackberry after entering the White House.  There is a competing chorus of dissenters who think his tweeting is too divisive, but such views tend to be divided along partisan lines.  For those who still refuse to accept him as president, everything he does seems to be wrong, and his tweets will forever be looked upon as an affront to their worldview and agenda.  To Trump’s ardent supporters, the tweets are a fresh alternative to the sound of crickets in the mainstream media when it comes to hearing good news about the president’s agenda and record.  Without these tweets, many Americans think they would lose an opportunity to learn about the president’s accomplishments and policies.  The media have repeatedly failed to report about administration policies regarding employment, housing and other issues that affect black Americans.  The president’s tweets communicate that his agenda and these policies are designed to help all Americans and not just a few.  Trump’s tweets also promote his “America First” policies that strengthen our nation’s position on the world stage.  It’s indisputable that using social media to demonstrate America’s strength, follow up on the president’s trips abroad and answer emerging threats from our adversaries seems to have brought about a new attention from foreign leaders.  These foreign leaders are now taking this administration more seriously because of the president’s social media activity.  The president’s tweets have also motivated others to use social media for purposes of civic engagement.  Social media is providing Americans with new avenues of political expression and robust debate.  At the same time, social media provides increased accountability for media outlets that are tempted to report “fake news,” and that’s a really good thing for America.  As he pushes his agenda, Trump is trying to wake up as many citizens as possible to actively pursue the American Dream, as he vigorously uses social media to get his message in front of them and update them on his progress.

(“Trump’s tweets are helpful to America” by Emery McClendon dated August 9, 2018 published by The Detroit News at https://www.detroitnews.com/story/opinion/2018/08/10/trumps-tweets-helpful-america/945970002/ )

With no platform to stand on and President Trump hitting the ball out of the economic ballpark, the left continually finds itself having to rely solely on its core strength: blatant lying and fabricating false narratives.  The ability to lie to promote a cause is one of the more powerful capabilities continuously utilized by the left.  It works to muddy the waters.  However, this does not mean that the freehanded application of lies told on the part of the left contains the energy to produce a good or positive result, because more often than not, the result is devastation and misery.  People of the lie attack others instead of facing their failures.  The differences between people of the lie and sociopaths in that evil people realize that they have a conscience but choose to ignore it, whereas sociopaths seem not to have a conscience.  People of the lie seek out positions of power and want to appear morally superior to others.  People of conscience sometimes struggle with deciding what is right.  To struggle is to feel discomfort, something the left avoids at all cost.  The lies told by the left are free of internal struggle with conscience, an escape from making tough decisions.  Free education, free housing, free transportation for everyone are comfortable lies to use to win elections.  Lies are told to allow leftists to avoid the hard choices of life while at the same time feeling superior to those who oppose them.  The left avoids painful decision-making and sets itself up to feel morally superior by ignoring the facts and vilifying conservatives with name-calling.  This kind of dysfunctional behavior by the left is witnessed by leftists' hypocritical views on Trump's achievements, Hillary Clinton's crimes, murder rates in gun-free zones, etc.  It would not be so damaging if the dissemination of information by the media to the rest of the country did not perpetuate the lies of the left.  Because the leftist media agree with the lies told by the left, the left takes full advantage to push its agenda deceitfully.  However, when it comes to the viewpoints held by people of conscience, the leftist media ignore their perspectives and instead launch into personal attacks, forcing the person into the uphill task of abandoning his cause and defending himself against the fabricated lies told by the left.  So, in the real sense, the political and social trials this country is facing are not between Democrat and Republican, but rather between those who struggle with a conscience who seek the good of others through telling the truth and those who avoid their conscience to avoid pain and seek power and control through the use of lies.  

(“The last remaining weapon of the left” by Rick Hayes dated August 15, 2018 published by American thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/08/the_last_remaining_weapon_of_the_left.html )

Like overinflated inner tubes, if Democrats were any more pumped up, they would explode.  Meanwhile, a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that a stunning 88% of Republican voters support Trump, but whether GOP turnout will keep Congress Republican is the most urgent question in American politics.  The far-Left Democrat base dreams of building the United States of Venezuela.  House Republicans should call the Resistance’s bluff and vote on the democratic-socialist agenda.  The risk of legitimizing this un-American platform, and perhaps attracting support for it, is outweighed by the opportunity for Republicans to expose it as a high-speed fiscal joyride, without seatbelts, and force Democrats to vote on it.  House Democrats include cautious traditionalists as well as radicals who sing the siren song of New York House candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Triggering this fault line would split Democrats.  Their leftist shock troops will be frustrated and depressed when they see fellow Democrats oppose College for All (ten-year price tag: $807 billion), Jobs for All ($6.8 trillion), Medicare for All ($32 trillion), ICE for None, and Impeachment for Trump.  Such a legislative schism will expose many Democrats who oppose these measures as, in the eyes of the increasingly pro–Bernie Sanders base, DINOs, Democrats in Name Only.  At the margin, this will leave Bernieites and Resistniks dejected and reluctant to walk precincts, man phone banks, and vote for Democrats who abandoned their neo-Marxist proposals.  In contrast, seeing unified Republicans defeat these far-left fantasies will rally GOP voters and remind them of what could happen if, God forbid, Democrats won the House.  If Democrats join arms and vote en masse for these socialist baubles, they will have outed themselves as spendthrift Chavistas. Republicans then can tie Democrats to what Manhattan Institute scholar Brian Riedl calculates as the tab for this democratic-socialist shopping list: $42.5 trillion, almost precisely double today’s $21.3 trillion national debt.

(“Energize the Elephants” by Deroy Murdock dated August 10, 2018 published by National Review Online at https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/08/ohios-special-election-gop-chances/ )


Democrats were once known as the party of rural families, union members and the white working class.  It is now associated with the coastal elites, nouveau socialists, the "resistance" and all manner of identity politics.  The point is that Democrats have turned their backs on the voters who once lifted them to consistent congressional majorities and occasionally into the White House.  They may win in dozens of districts scattered across the country in the fall, it may even be a "blue wave" election, but they still haven't come to terms with the fact that thousands of their former supporters believe that a wealthy, former reality TV star, casino mogul and New York real estate developer understands America's working class better than Democrats.  It was Republican Donald Trump's connection to the "heartland of America" workers and families that pushed him to an Electoral College victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016.  Perhaps no anecdote better explains the Democrats' failure than New York Times reporter Amy Chozick's story about the Clinton campaign's struggle to figure out how to talk about the middle class, let alone talk to them, and forget about talking for them.  Chozick says that Clinton "seemed like Rip Van Winkle, awake again after her stint as secretary of state to find a vastly different country.  She'd missed the rise of the Tea Party. She'd missed the Occupy Wall Street movement and the rage over health care and bank bailouts and the 1 percent."  When her advisers told her that "people no longer wanted to be called middle class, a data point that seemed a fundamental shift in the American psyche and as clear a sign as any that there was something stirring in this election, Hillary Clinton saw only a linguistic challenge."  Her high-paid consultants finally decided to label the 121 million Americans who were technically middle class as "Everyday Americans," which Chozick notes sounded a lot like "Walmart's Everyday Low Prices."  "Basket of deplorables," Clinton's own linguistic creation, rolled easily from her tongue but she had to call in focus groups to come up with a term to woo voters that had traditionally been the core of the Democrat Party.  It's not just semantics, because in that time they failed to stop the decline in working-class wages or provide much hope for economic security in the future.  Polls began to show more and more working class voters expressing concern that their children's lives would be worse than their own.  Democrat Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both pushed for free trade agreements that cost millions of blue-collar workers their jobs, so people felt betrayed.  The Democrat Party still doesn't seem to understand how deep the resentment is rooted.  Instead of healing rifts, the party is flirting with the ideas of the democratic socialists and a Clinton-like delusion that Trump is eminently beatable just because he is Trump.  An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that from 2016 to 2018, the percentage of voters describing Democrat candidates as "in the mainstream" fell from 48% to 33%.  The percentage describing Democratic candidates as "out of step with most Americans' thinking" rose from 42% to 56%.  Over the same period, the perception of Republican candidates remained virtually unchanged.  Voters don't seem to like the candidates from either party, but it is clear the mistrust of Democrats is growing, especially on the question of whether they are "out of step with most Americans' thinking."

(“Democrats used to be for the middle class, not anymore” by Tim Morris dated August 12, 2018 published by The Times-Picayune at https://www.nola.com/opinions/index.ssf/2018/08/democrats_used_to_be_for_the_m.html  )


The conservative movement is under attack.  The Marxist secular religious movement has always had the simple advantage of declaring that its members were on the side of the angels because they were fighting oppression.  The best defense is a good offense.  It is not good enough to defend the citadel, or revere marriage, family, and children.  We must seed every American mind with the notion that the left's century-long attack on the bourgeois culture is evil; that the marginalization of work, family, and the rule of law is unjust; and that it is right and proper for every American to resist the left with every fiber of his being.  I say the whole Marxian worldview is a Great Reaction, a cruel attempt to return humans to a world that never was.  The welfare state is neo-feudalism, identity politics is neo-tribalism, and taxing people up to 36% of GDP is neo-piracy.  It is not just that socialism fails whenever it is tried because the economy is no longer a feudal agriculture that is simple enough for dull warrior-nobles to keep going.  It is not just that the left's culture of revolution is nothing less than a religious war to the death that blows society apart.  The left's monumental blunder is to suppose that politics is a saving truth rather than a necessary evil, and that political power is a force for good rather than a battering ram that all too easily demolishes the fragile structures of social cooperation.  If the Left demands that the middle class, the bourgeoisie, has to make allowances for the poor helpless working class, and now women and minorities, because they don't have the power, then we say the same.  We deplorables demand that you godly, educated, and evolved ruling class make allowances for us, who don't have the education, the connections, the inside track, and the advanced culture to devise personal journeys of discovery along the arc of history for ourselves.  All we want is to live honorable lives obeying the law, going to work, and following the rules.  To put things into the language of rights, we deplorables demand the right to live our ordinary, responsible lives and not be stigmatized by the enlightened ones as bigots and bitter clingers.  If you are a shimmering glowing star in the MSM firm-a-mint, you find it easy to sneer at a rude, crude mortal like President Trump because you tend to treat ordinary humans as garbage.  The left's program of attacking the middle class and our responsibility culture is a vile injustice and that we will never rest until the left cries "uncle" and abandons its monstrous and inhuman program.

(“Defend Conservatism by Going on the Attack” by Christopher Chantrill dated August 14, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/08/defend_conservatism_by_going_on_the_attack.html )

Recently, Apple, Spotify, Facebook, and YouTube (owned by Google's parent, Alphabet) almost simultaneously tried to erase Infowars from existence (so-called deplatforming).

Libertarians and some Republican candidates for the U.S. Congress in the 2018 elections were similarly excommunicated soon after.  In a week, numerous conservatives got permanently banned from Twitter.  These companies feel entitled to be able to shut up dissenters.  The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees protection from the state, but not from individuals and companies.  Freedom of speech is freedom from persecution by the state and no more.  The fact is that these internet companies created a cartel to get rid of dissenters.  Exile from the virtual space does not mean the end of the world for the victims.  These sites from the very beginning were created as platforms for spreading exclusively leftist ideas, but for some time, they just closed their eyes to dissenters.  The defeat in the elections in 2016 led the leaders of these companies to the conclusion that without the organization of an anti-conservative cartel, the elections of 2018 will be lost, too.  Some results of the cartel are awe-inspiring.  For example, Facebook's removal of links it doesn't agree with has resulted in a 93% decrease in web traffic from this social network to leading conservative sites since the 2016 elections.  As a result of the action of the Facebook "algorithm," after a certain time, your feed loses most of the conservative posts.  Another achievement (together with Google) is the forced closure of the politically incorrect site The Liberty Conservative.  The censorship algorithm for Twitter works so that after some time, conservatives in this social network are isolated from the outside world – their tweets practically unread as Twitter artificially eliminates followers and restricts access to tweets.  At the same time, tweets of people of the left not only are not hustled up, but also receive the most extensive distribution.  Google applies yet another method of manipulating public opinion.  Google has introduced a practice nicknamed "expulsion to the 101st kilometer," referring the Soviets forcibly evicting dissenting citizens 100 kilometers or more from Moscow.  Now, Google decided to manipulate the results of internet searches in an analogous way.  As a result of these manipulations, Google shows links to leftist political sites at the top of the results page, and links to conservative sites are artificially moved beyond the first hundred links.  Google knows that people, as a rule, scan just the first ten to twenty links.  Google creates an impression that the whole world is full of leftist ideas only.  Leftist ideas are a stalemate in human history; when tried, they don't work.  Modern leftists have transformed into a miserable bunch of marginalized people whose continued existence must be based on censorship, silence, falsification, lies, deception, intolerance, and hatred.  Nothing surprising is happening in the internet space – the left is showing remarkable ability for self-organization and self-preservation.  It is necessary to stop currying favor with leftists, to stop nagging, and to fight them on their field and their terms.  That already happened in history, when the media were trendsetters.  However, they were replaced by the internet, and their monopoly is over.  Do not forget that the current internet monopolists are also not eternal, so it is up to us to stop their brainwashing.

(“Fahrenheit 404” by Gary Gindler dated August 16, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/08/fahrenheit_404.html )


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