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September 1, 2018


America’s economy has never been stronger.  It has been proven time and again that when government taxes away wealth it is not for the benefit of the people, but to line the pockets of politicians and their crony donors.  Of the $10 trillion dollars of deficit spending made by the Obama regime to add to the National Debt, $6 trillion of it went to Wall Street.  The economic crash, engineered by congressional Democrats in 2008 through their mortgage banks, was blamed on Bush in order to get Obama elected set the stage for Democrats to justify stealing wealth from the nation to repay their donors for their losses.  They artificially propped up Wall Street with taxpayer funding.  Now that Americans have a Republican leader who is not confiscating their wealth, and people are investing in America once again with faith that the government won’t steal it out from under them, the Stock Market and the economy are soaring.  All Democrats have is a promise to stop that economic boom by restoring Democrats to power, raising taxes, and squandering that wealth on foreign invaders to vote for them.  Trump has done away with Obama’s high taxes and business crushing regulations, but most Democrats are still too dense to see what is in front of their faces.  Democrat congressional candidate of the Queens/Bronx district, Ocasio-Cortez, laments (celebrates) the closing of her old coffee shop.  Socialists believe business owners do not go into business to make a better living, but to be a charity for deadbeats.  Only liberals living in the stagnant economy of Democrats think minimum wage jobs are a career.  This is the kind of economic stupidity, the kind of business malaise that has overtaken a country where Millennials are being taught that socialism is an ideology of rainbows and lollypops.  President Trump is the best chance America has of being restored to greatness, but he needs Republicans to be on the Trump Train with him, not working with Democrats. 

(Trumpism vs. Obamaism: Restoring American Prosperity vs. Managing America’s Decline” by Dustin Koellhoffer dated August 26, 2018 published by iPatriot at https://ipatriot.com/trumpism-vs-obamaism-restoring-american-prosperity-vs-managing-americas-decline/ )

In our nation’s history, only two U.S. Presidents have been impeached by the House of Representatives: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton; both remained in office, surviving a trial in the U.S. Senate.  President Richard Nixon resigned before he would have surely faced impeachment and removal from office.  The possibility of impeachment of the President has been continually raised by the corrupt, incompetent and hopelessly liberal mainstream news media infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome.  This hysteria was unleashed on viewers because of the guilty pleas of the President’s former attorney, Michael Cohen.  He admitted to committing eight federal crimes, including making “illegal payments” to women who alleged affairs with President Trump.  While prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan believe the payments violated both contribution limits and bans on corporate donations, some experts consider the activity to be perfectly legal.  A candidate who spends his own money or even corporate money for an event that occurred not because of the campaign is not a campaign expenditure.”  Regardless of the legality of Cohen’s conduct, the media used the admission to unleash holy hell on President Trump.  This is just the latest effort in their ongoing campaign to remove him from the office he won in an Electoral College landslide.  The phony Christopher Steele dossier, funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC, was used to convince judges from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to authorize a spying operation on Trump campaign aide Carter Page.  While former FBI Director James Comey incredibly exonerated Hillary Clinton, he intensified the investigation into Russian collusion and the Trump campaign.  This nonsense should have ended with the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States; however, a feckless and incompetent Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, was appointed.  Without informing the President, he recused himself from the Russia investigation and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, appointed Robert Mueller as the Special Counsel in May of 2017.  Since that time, life has been miserable for Donald Trump as Mueller has been given an almost unlimited mandate.  With no real restrictions on his activities, Mueller went after a Trump campaign volunteer and his pick to be National Security Adviser for lying to the FBI.  He has now been successful in convicting former Trump Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort, for a variety of tax and bank fraud charges from several years ago.  Of course, none of this relates to Russian collusion and as the wide-ranging investigation proceeds, no such wrongdoing by President Trump will be uncovered.  To justify the millions of dollars spent on the investigation, Mueller has joined forces with other prosecutors in an effort to destroy Donald Trump.  Now, the President is facing an unprecedented assault from Mueller’s team, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York, and the District Attorney’s Office in Manhattan.  If this leads to an impeachment by Congress, it would be a travesty and the equivalent of a political coup by the President’s enemies.  Whereas Bill Clinton clearly committed perjury and obstruction of justice, there is no proof that Donald Trump committed any crime and certainly, there was no collusion with Russia.  This campaign of political destruction is ongoing because the Deep State, the political establishment, and the corrupt news media abhor the President and are disgusted by his “America First” agenda.  These powerful forces will not stop and will continue to try to overturn the 2016 election results and drive President Trump from office.  If Democrats take control of Congress, impeachment hearings will begin, and this nonsense will intensify.  The best way to stop this travesty is to send more Republicans to Congress in the mid-term elections, even though most of them are weak and useless and refuse to show support for the President.  At this point, Trump must rely on the only group who has ever supported him, the “Deplorables,” the 63 million voters who withstood ridicule and biased media coverage to vote for him in November of 2016, since it is the only group not controlled by the swamp that destroyed both Washington and our entire political system.  

(“The Impeachment Insanity” by Jeff Crouere dated August 25, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/jeffcrouere/2018/08/25/the-impeachment-insanity-n2512902 )

For eight years, the idol worship of Barack Obama gave liberals confidence that they could remediate society and reeducate the citizens. Reality isn’t political because it doesn’t obey the principles of progressives, and some facts aren’t pliable:

·    The economy is roaring under the Trump tenure.  GDP and the stock market are up and unemployment and food stamp claims are down.  Trump’s economy is performing much better than predicted.  

·    People like walls.  Most people want a home and security.  They believe that good fences make good neighbors and a country without walls isn’t a country.

·    Men and women are different.  Liberals are committed to the elimination of sexual difference, which is why they lionize the trans- individual.  Difference leads to unequal outcomes, they believe, and so it must be attributed to patriarchy, not to nature.

·    The LGBT population is tiny.  Liberals wish to remove any implication of abnormality from non-heterosexual individuals, but the CDC count the LGBT group less than 4%.  If we subtract bisexuals from the cohort, the rate falls under 3%.  When 24 out of 25 people act in one way, we naturally judge them normal and the other one abnormal.

·    Different groups have different abilities, on average.  We can’t help but find evidence of average differences between racial groups. Whether they are biological or social/cultural, those differences are in some areas significant and steady, and the liberal demand that they disappear has been repeatedly frustrated. On the crucial yardstick of academic achievement, for instance, gap between blacks and whites hasn’t closed for many years, and the standard answer given by progressives (“systemic racism”) has no solid science to support it.  The more liberals refuse to consider other causes of achievement gaps such as single-parentage and cultural differences between races, the more obtuse and ideological they sound.

·    The traditional family is best.  Hundreds of studies demonstrate worse outcomes for children from broken homes.  The infamous “Life of Julia” ad for the Obama 2012 campaign peddled a feminist myth contrary to this mountain of evidence.  There is a long list of ills suffered by children in fatherless households.

·    Women are outdoing men. The “War-on-Women” motif worked well for Democrats for a time, but it collapses as soon as we look at educational trends.  In 2015, women earned 55% of all bachelor’s degrees.  In 2016, more women went to law school than men, and one year later women surpassed men going to medical school.  At the doctoral level, women have earned more PhDs than men for many years now, and there are 135 of them for every 100 men in graduate programs.

·    The “deplorables” have good reason to mistrust their betters.  It’s not just that politicians, economists and financiers, artists and entertainers, academics and intellectuals have failed so often in the 21st century to act as good stewards of their respective domains.  No surprise since you can’t trust people who despise you.

·    Religious people lead better lives. It’s been a long time since Hollywood presented faith in God and regular churchgoing as the basis of happiness.  In measures of well-being, believers keep coming up stronger than non-believers, and more charitable.

·    Donald Trump is not racist. The charge won’t go away because it has intimidated conservatives and Republicans for so long.  More Hispanics voted for Trump than for Romney, and a recent poll put the president’s approval rating among African Americans at an astounding 36%.

Believe your “lying eyes!”

(“Ten Inconvenient Facts” by Mark Bauerlein dated August 31, 2018 published by The American Spectator at https://spectator.org/ten-inconvenient-facts/ )



Social justice will not and cannot exist if leftists are in charge of the movement, because they have brought political division, animosity, cried for wages that have closed businesses, and ruined any good that may have been possible.  Liberalism and social justice go hand in hand.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines social justice as,” a state or doctrine of egalitarianism.”  SJWs believe that inequalities are evil, and should not exist.  Leftists promote an idea that all people should be the same.  While a noble thought, the implementation of making all things equal does not exist.  Leftists created the phrase social justice in a façade that they are the ones who care about other people that may be poor, or downtrodden.  The term social justice is a misnomer, since Leftism’s goal is to bring society down to an equal level, not to give an opportunity to all individuals to raise themselves up to a higher, equal level.  While there will never be complete equality, conservatism gives people the opportunity to become better.  There is no justice in a mob or government breaking down people and businesses in different ways for the sake of alleged equality.  Citizens who can sustain on their own, and rely less on the government have a better opportunity  succeeding more than anyone has with traditional left-wing social justice.  Technology such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has openly admitted that the censoring of conservative ideas does happen on their platforms.  These massive left-wing technology social media sites do not like the sense of individualism and self-reliance, so they pick and choose the material to shape opinions.  People need to hear more than one idea to decide.  Equality does not exist when only one way of thinking is available, because that is called mind control, or brainwashing, which is the only way the left will get their point across.  Opposing ideas is a threat.  SJWs boast that they fight injustice, which could not be further from the truth.  The truth is leftists do not care about injustice, since they only want power, along with the massive tech companies.  Loosely using the term, authentic social justice allows all citizens the ability to determine the best opportunities which fits their thoughts.  A company in Silicon Valley does not know what is best for society.  Realistically, the left and SJWs will not change because they will lose power.  Social justice did not begin with the intention to give the best to everyone.  The genesis is a violent power grab to change our society and culture away from traditional Judeo-Christian values and traditional patriotism for the United States.  Radical social justice and censoring are anti-American, and must go. 

(“Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Censorship Has Got to Go” by John Dempsey dated August 24, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/johndempsey/2018/08/24/hey-hey-ho-ho-censorship-has-got-to-go-n2512677 )

A serious problem is threatening to undermine the very foundations of America’s constitutional republic: we no longer have equal application of justice under the law. The rule of law has become trifurcated, with a different application of the law depending upon one’s position in the political hierarchy.  First, there’s one application of the law for members of the powerful elite who have the right political connections.  Here, the law is more a series of suggestions that might or might not be followed with almost no legal consequences for non-compliance.  Example A, of course, is Hillary Clinton.  Many people have gone to jail for doing what she did, including members of our armed forces.  Yet she paid no consequences for violating laws on the use of classified information on her unsecured and illegal private server. She played games, likely for personal gain, with our national security.  Yet she and her enablers and co-conspirators like her aides Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin are apparently above the law, even escaping consequences for lying to federal agents.  There is also the case of U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.).  Her erstwhile Pakistani IT staff, who also worked for dozens of Democrat members of the House, had a history of highly questionable behavior, with some even suggesting that they potentially were running a spy ring inside of Congress, accessing computers and uploading sensitive information to the cloud to be accessed by foreign powers.  Not only did federal prosecutors refuse to pursue anything regarding those allegations, but one of these staffers, Irwan Awan, got a slap on the wrist for a charge of bank fraud to which he pled guilty, will have no fines, and will serve no jail time.  It seems likely that an investigation of these staffers would have turned up too much dirt on Democratic members of Congress.  Second, there’s the application of the law for high-powered government bureaucrats.  They can abuse their power, lie under oath, spy on Congress, pass around fake dossiers, leak to the press while turning the bureaucracy into personal weapons against political opponents, but face no consequences save getting a fat contract as an on-air contributor from a news outlet.  Third, there is the application of the law for the rest of us, the normal everyday Americans who bear the full brunt of the law for a single violation of mishandling classified information or any other breach of national security law.  If you have the wrong political connections or align yourself against the establishment in any way, you get pre-dawn raids from an FBI that look more like the KGB’s modus operandi than that of a constitutional republic.  So if you try to tell me that we have equal application of justice under the law in America, you’re living in an alternate reality because what’s taking place around us points to arbitrary law.  This is a very real and fundamental problem for this country because if everything is arbitrary, nothing is sacred.  If nothing is sacred, and we start to just make up rules as we go along, society devolves.  When the idea of law becomes arbitrary all we are left with as a society is competing opinions.  Society cannot stand the tension for too long: one of the opinions must become the new “right” or absolute.  That is why all of this discussion about the equal application of justice and rule of law is so desperately important.  We were founded on the idea of rule of law, where all, regardless of last name or political affiliation or connections, stand equal before it.  However it has become a farce.  We have condoned political warfare by means of the law; aka “lawfare.”   There are two likely outcomes to this behavior: we risk our republic imploding and collapsing under the arbitrary hypocrisy of it all, or the people wake up and exact serious consequences for those guilty of such behavior; both are ugly and painful outcomes.  Throughout history, the powerful and elite thought they could play by different rules, and for periods of time they’re able to get away with it.  Whether we are talking about kings who think they are the state, or revolutionary parties of the Left that think they the sovereign, the people are abused when law is only a tool for the powerful to wield.  The ruling class and elites crushed those beneath them, living decadent and ostentatious lives, creating different rules that benefited themselves over the mere peasants.  It didn’t matter if the rule of law was being abused by kings or elected officials, the rule of law was still abused to the detriment of the nation.  The people throughout history have always cried out for justice, and if the ruling class in America is not careful and does not correct its mistakes and realize it too stands equal before the law, the people will come for them with pitchforks and torches.

(“America’s Crisis is Three-Tiered Justice” by Ned Ryun dated August 27, 2018 published by American Greatness at https://amgreatness.com/2018/08/27/americas-crisis-is-three-tiered-justice/ )


The simplified version of the Civil War, which lasted from 1861 to 1865 and cost over six hundred thousand American lives, is that it was started by Southern Democrats to protect and sustain their economic way of life and that although other factors caused friction between the North and the South, it was the Democrats' need to continue slavery that ultimately was the deciding factor in the South's decision to attack Fort Sumter in 1861.  Well, history is repeating itself right before our eyes.  Today's divide is no longer between the North and the South, but between those who want to continue to live free and peaceful lives under the current constitutional republic system of government and those who want to live in a socialist utopian society.  Realizing that America is too interwoven to divide or section off the land, as was attempted in the Civil War, today's socialist Democrat aims to secede from the Union not by leaving the Union, but by dismantling it.  Democrats of today are desperate to hold on to power, so increasing their voting ranks is of paramount importance.  Although Republicans in the North fought and died to abolish slavery successfully, there are many ways Democrats have subversively enslaved a group of people and today's Democrats have merely replaced chains with entitlements and promises of citizenship to those who enter the country illegally.  The ironic historical twist is that after the Civil War ended, the Democrat Party wanted to keep blacks as slaves by not allowing them the right to vote, while today's Democrats want to keep blacks in slave-like conditions by encouraging them to vote Democrat.  During the time of the Civil War, Democrats harbored deep hatred and resentment for President Lincoln and his Emancipation Proclamation in the same way they despise Trump's promised reconstruction of the southern wall with Mexico.  Much like the propaganda-filled newspapers of the past that ripped into Lincoln at every opportunity, today's mainstream propaganda media create and spread fake news against Trump, all to stop Trump's "America First" agenda and end any further talk about building a border wall with Mexico.  The old guard within the established Democrat Party may still talk a good game about unity and finding common ground, but today just as it was during the Civil War, their definition of a compromise is when the opposition gives in.  The growing ranks of leftist rebels inside the Democrat Party do not pretend to seek an agreement, but openly admit that their goal is to end Trump's presidency and take down the constitutional republic with him.  The midterm elections this November are the modern-day political equivalent of the results of the epic three-day Battle of Gettysburg, which was fought in July of the hot summer of 1863.  The election results will allow the country to view Trump's 2016 victory in one of two ways.   If Republicans can hold on to the House, the midterm elections will be seen as the left's high water mark against the Republic, which was historically made at Cemetery Ridge on July 3 at Gettysburg.  The South would never go farther north, and leftists will never have the same amount of influence to threaten the Republic.  Trump's 2016 victory will be seen by historians as a time conservative America fought back to regain her roots.  If Democrats win the House, the midterms can be viewed as if the Confederacy had used Gettysburg as a stepping stone to advance on Washington.  Trump's victory will be seen as a bump in the road toward socialism.  A Republican defeat will signify a long backward march to the days of a depressed economy with higher unemployment, higher taxes, and lower growth rates.  Iran will be back on track to have a nuclear weapon; China will be back on track to manipulate its currency and keep U.S. exporters out of its markets.  Most importantly, millions upon millions of low-skilled illegal aliens from around the world will obliterate the economic future of lower-income American citizens as well as exponentially increase the nation's chances for another 9-11.  Just as Gettysburg signified a turning point in the Civil War, the November midterm elections will act as a launching pad to either a prosperous, free capitalist society or a steady decline toward the historically failed programs of socialism.

(“Gettysburg in November” by Rick Hayes dated August 28, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/08/gettysburg_in_november.html )


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