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September 8, 2018


Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election because even on a subconscious level, we knew that Americans had lost unforgivably too much of that freedom.  Something we once had was gone and we were frantic to get it back.  For decades Republicans and Democrats alike had promised, in their respective vernaculars, comfortable conditions of being.  Too many of them had already forgotten the lessons of communist Russia, that had also guaranteed its citizens a safe existence.  For decades, Washington has assumed that people want government-mandated comfort.  Americans saw Hillary Clinton as the embodiment of that assumption, and they turned against it.  People remembered that America had once been better, before a generation’s worth of choking buildup.  Whatever flaws the man possessed, they saw Donald Trump as a break from the pattern.  Eighteen months after Trump took office, the domestic economy has roared to life as few dared imagine.  Long-dormant factories have been aroused and new factories are being built.  Unemployment rates are at the lowest in decades, especially among the black and Hispanic communities.  Wages are improving.  Taxes are being slashed.  There are long-needed competitive tariffs and trade policies.  Retailers are reporting record profits.  The American people are beginning to discover the pleasure of having both more money and more time.  They are getting to devote more of their free hours to their families, to their communities, or to their hobbies.  For many this is will be enough for contentment, and that is good.  For others, they will want to know if they can go further.  They are driven to find their limits and dreaming to exceed them.  They are daring to evolve and discover the individual that he or she is meant to be.  The American people love this improving economy, because it’s enabling them to improve themselves.  They have not been able to enjoy that in a very long time.  The politicians erred in thinking that people want mere work.  They require work, but they need purpose and they want to follow their dreams.  Yes, there are jobs.  More important than jobs, there are callings.  Americans are increasingly becoming free again to pursue those callings.  And as their spirits revitalize, so too will American culture with it.  It’s that “pursuit of happiness” thing quill-penned into the Declaration of Independence.  It’s the freedom to not be content with one’s station in life, and to be able to do something about it.  A person may be born into a place and circumstance, but nobody has to be locked in for life as a prisoner to that circumstance, which is the difference between mere job and a life’s career.

(“Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Happiness” by Christopher Knight dated September 3, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/09/donald_trump_and_the_pursuit_of_happiness.html )


The Left is out for blood.  In recent years, they have come to see their ideological opponents not as fellow Americans with whom they happen to disagree on certain issues, but as fundamentally bad people who do not deserve a voice and who should be silenced.  If they ever gain power in government again, they will not seek reconciliation with the other side or to bridge the partisan divide.  Instead, revenge will be the order of the day.  Someday, Democrats will regain control of the House, Senate and Presidency; if not in 2020, then in 2024 or later.  Conservatives must turn out to vote in November, because the stakes are too high for them to stay home.  Most Republicans don’t realize just how dire the situation is.  If Democrats regain the House in 2018, that will be the end of the Trump agenda, and conservatives may not get another chance to implement such an agenda.  Democrats in Congress will probably attempt to impeach President Trump, which will likely fail in the Senate, but the attempted impeachment will divide the country like nothing else since the Civil War.  The next Democrat president will likely appoint very liberal justices to the Supreme Court who have no respect whatsoever for the Constitution.  A Leftist Supreme Court would tear the Constitution to shreds, and you can say good-bye to your 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.  The slippery slope is the modus operandi of the Left.  Leftists just call it “evolving” on issues.  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton “evolved” on same-sex marriage a few years ago.  Republicans should focus on reducing immigration, supporting gun rights, economic nationalism and building the wall, which are far more popular both with their base and swing voters.  Many voters are not Leftist but vote for Democrats anyway because Republicans don’t have anything to offer them, while Democrats at least give them a social safety net.  The sad fact of the matter is, a welfare state once instituted is almost impossible to destroy.  Ronald Reagan, easily the most popular post-World War II Republican president, was a Democrat for the first few decades of his life.  He insisted that he hadn’t left the Democrat Party, but they had left him, and he hadn’t changed his views.  Since Reagan left office, a Republican had won the popular vote only once, in 2004, as a result of Americans not wanting to change horses in the middle of a stream during the Iraq War and after 9/11.  Trump won Pennsylvania and Michigan for the first time since 1988 and Wisconsin for the first time since 1984 because like Reagan he was seen as favorable to the working class, as opposed to other Republicans who are seen as more favorable to corporations.   The key to winning the Rust Belt is protectionism, since it protects jobs from foreign competition.  If the Republican Party is to have any future, it will be as a pro-workers party.  Perhaps the most important issue at stake right now is tech censorship of ideological dissidents.  Trump won the 2016 election in large part because his supporters were able to bypass the mainstream media and disseminate their views through the alternative media, which is almost entirely online.  Leftists in big tech want to ensure that such a victory can never happen again.  On Twitter countless accounts both big and small have been suspended for “inciting hate.”  Twitter, Facebook and other Internet platforms should be treated as public utilities, since that is essentially what they are.  Just as the telephone and water companies can’t ban you for your political views, tech companies shouldn’t be able to either.  Will the Trump presidency be seen as the beginning of a new era, or just be a speed bump on our road to oblivion?  

(“We Must Fight Back” by Thomas O’Malley dated September 1, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/09/we_must_fight_back.html )


The Constitution says the President can be impeached for "High Crimes and Misdemeanors."  The problem is that Trump has not done anything that would justify his impeachment.  Trump’s only “offense” is that he elected President when he “wasn't supposed to be.”  Blue-collar working people in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and West Virginia favored Trump over Hillary because they wanted a change in Obama's economic policies, which Hillary pledged to continue.  Those blue-collar voters have been proved right in voting for Trump.  The stock market took off on an historic boom the day after the 2016 votes were counted.  Six months later, the economy was already growing at over 3%.  The economy is now growing at over 4%.  Middle class household income is up over 4% as well, reflecting the resulting wage increases.  Democrats pledge that if they are returned to majorities in Congress, they will reverse the Trump/Republican tax reform/tax cuts and raise your taxes.  That means Democrats are running this year on raising taxes, like Mondale in 1984, when Reagan carried 49 states.  Since the tax reform tax cuts passed, 6.5 million jobs have been created.  Say good bye to all the bonuses and wage increases too when Democrats take back Congress.  Democrats pledge to abolish ICE, throwing open our borders to many foreign criminals, who commit senseless crimes like the recent murder of Mollie Tibbetts.  Democrats say they want Socialism if elected, even though it has never worked.  From Russia to China to India, wherever it was tried in the Third World, people starved and died.  Why would voters Impeach Success?  Only those nations like Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea still mired in Socialism keep their people suffering in bankruptcy, desperation and starvation.  Democrats have pledged to restore the federal regulations that squelched the economy under President Obama.  Today under Trump's deregulation, America is not only energy independent, but energy dominant as the world's number one producer of oil, number one producer of natural gas, and number one producer of coal.  That is another reason why under Trump, America's economy is great again.  Under Trump, and the Republican Congress, America has been restored to the health and wealth of the Kennedy / Reagan years.  Why would anyone "fall" for the socialist line that Trump should be impeached?  We must squash this Democrat lunacy in November. 

(“Democrats’ Agenda of Impeachment and Socialism Means Decline for America” by Lewis K. Uhler and Peter J. Ferrrara dated September 4, 2018 published by Investor’s Business Daily at https://www.investors.com/politics/commentary/democrats-impeachment-socialism-decline/ )


As Democrats, the media, and the rest of the left flail from one Trump accusation to another, they have not yet admitted what their real problem with him actually is.  It’s not obstruction of justice that offends them most, it is obstruction of liberalism.  Donald Trump poses a real and imminent threat to virtually everything liberals hold dear and much of everything that defines them.  It’s not just that Trump is obstructing liberalism, it’s that he’s doing it so efficiently and unconventionally.  The list of Trump’s offenses is long and growing.  Near the top is the near obliteration of Barack Obama’s legacy.  Fortunately, for conservatives, Obama was incompetent and lazy.  He frittered away most of his eight years in office.  Erasing the Obama legacy is an enormous step backward for liberalism, and it will be very difficult for liberalism to regain its momentum.  Liberal policies and goals are, in their minds, a birthright.  Resistance to those policies is blasphemous and sacrilegious.  They know that this is a fight for survival.  Their fear, hate, and panic are understandable, but it is not excusable.  Liberals have never encountered anything like Trump.  They can’t knock him off course.  Countless times the Trump despisers have believed he was a goner for sure, and it’s almost comical to watch.  Nothing they do to stop him works as it’s supposed to, because he doesn’t play by their rules. He makes liberals feel impotent.  He is relentless; he has no reverse gear.  His counter punches pack twice the wallop as the first punch.  Trump baits his opponents and they always take the bait.  They’re obviously not the sharpest knives in the drawer.  The left has no sense of humor, which is another way he makes them look foolish.  An amazing thing about Trump is that his behavior is not dictated by other people’s opinions.  That attitude is extremely rare and incredibly empowering.  One way to understand the over-the-top hatred of Trump is this: people who have no backbones hate people who do have backbones.  His words and deeds have smoked them out and they can no longer contain themselves.  They are showing their true colors.  Democrats are controlled by their hatred.  They hate every fiber of his being and everything about him: his personality, his attitude, his appointees, and his supporters. The same things liberals hate about him are the things his supporters love about him.  Because of their hatred, they cannot think straight.  They can only react; they’ve become reptilian.  Democrats remain in a state of shock that he won and that he is president.  Trump totally dominates Democrats thoughts and actions.  They are completely obsessed with resistance.” They have no energy or time left to define or advance their own objectives.  Trump’s uses tweets to communicate with his base.  The media and the rest of the Trump haters despise his tweets.  However, they absolutely cannot ignore them.  They read them all and report on many of them. In a very real sense, they act as his publicists.  Ironically, it’s one of the reasons he got elected.  Tweets have provided Trump with a direct and unfiltered connection with friends and foes alike.  It’s one of the ways he has neutered the media, because they are no longer the gatekeepers of his message.  For conservatives this is a fun time to be alive. 

(“Donald Trump’s Real Crime: Obstruction of Liberalism” by Ron Ross dated September 6, 2018 published by The American Spectator at https://spectator.org/donald-trumps-real-crime-obstruction-of-liberalism/ )


In the middle of the liberal media’s desperate efforts to convince us that President Trump is in trouble, there are an amazing number of victories that suggest he is winning.  In fact, there are indications that Trump is winning a lot.  In Florida, Ron DeSantis won the primary with a Trump endorsement and a Trump robocall to Florida Republicans.  The Democrat primary was won by a hard-left Bernie Sanders-backed progressive, Andrew Gillum.  The contrast between a pro-Trump DeSantis and Gillum will probably keep Florida in Republican hands in November.  Republicans Governor, Rick Scott, won the primary for the Senate seat.  Scott has proven in his two campaigns for governor that he is an aggressive, effective campaigner.  It is very likely the blue wave in Florida will disappear with the DeSantis and Scott victories.  It is clear that the president’s judicial and economic victories build his prestige, and that prestige is giving him the muscle to reshape the Republican Party.  In Arizona, President Trump praised Martha McSally, a congresswoman and Air Force veteran in the Republican Senate primary.  Republican chances of keeping the Arizona seat are dramatically better with McSally as the nominee.  Beyond the primaries, President Trump has been winning amazing victories in nominating and getting the Senate to confirm federal judges.  So far, President Trump and McConnell have confirmed 60 federal judges including Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, 33 district court judges, and 26 court of appeals judges.  Additionally, President Trump has nominated more than 80 other judges across the federal system (including Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh).  McConnell has been doggedly working to get these nominees confirmed, and he will drive them through the Senate before the end of the year.  So on judges, President Trump is winning an amazing victory for conservatism, so no wonder the left is in a frenzy.  Finally, the breakthrough in trade negotiations with Mexico is, to use one of President Trump’s favorite words, huge.  Making good on a big, disruptive pledge that set his 2016 campaign apart from every other candidate, the president kept his word and is forcing a difficult negotiation toward success.  President Trump proved, once again, that tough language and tough negotiating can actually lead to breakthroughs.  As a result of his seriousness on trade, other countries are now approaching President Trump about trade negotiations.  Canada now has virtually no leverage in trying to play catch-up with the U.S.-Mexico negotiations.  The Trump administration’s continued attention to economic matters is paying off.  The average American sees the economy getting better and better.  The average American increasingly thinks the success is due to President Trump.  It is clear that the president’s judicial and economic victories build his prestige, and that prestige is giving him the muscle to reshape the Republican Party.  It is an amazing story that no one in the liberal mainstream media understands.  What they see is a political-cultural battle between an aggressive, effective, successful president and a disoriented, defeated and demoralized news media. 

(“Trump keeps racking up the victories, despite liberal media’s desperate efforts” by Newt Gingrich dated August 30, 2018 published by Fox News at http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/08/30/newt-gingrich-trump-keeps-racking-up-victories-despite-liberal-medias-desperate-efforts.print.html )


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