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  September 10, 2016


Every time another damaging item of scandal comes to light about Hillary Clinton, a gaggle of Hillary idolaters and sycophantic media pundits fall all over themselves in making excuses for her indiscretions and lies.  The overwhelming litany of misdeeds and obfuscations of Hillary makes it difficult for these Clinton apologists to make their hero a moral, trustworthy and sincere figure.  Almost anybody with half a brain realizes that Hillary dodged a bullet by not being indicted by the Justice Department.  Thank goodness for Hillary that the Justice Department is under the control of her political “mentor”, President Obama, who doesn’t want another stain on his otherwise stained legacy.  The F.B.I. investigated Hillary for months, and when they were ready to make their recommendation to the Justice Department, F.B.I. Director, James Comey, spent 13 minutes of a 15 minute presentation, presenting a rehash of the damning evidence they had uncovered about her, but in the last two minutes of his diatribe, he did a complete 180 degree turn and recommended no indictment.  Something smelled rotten in Denmark, and it pointed out to most everyone that there is a “two-tier system” of justice, one for the Clintons, and one for the rest of us poor slobs.  Others have spent time in prison for doing much less than what Hillary has done in putting our national security at risk, and then constantly lying about it to the public and to the authorities, including a Congressional committee.  One thing you must admire is the fanaticism of the Clinton supporters and Democrat party hacks.  It seems that nothing that Hillary has done in the past would change their minds about her viability to be our next President.  That’s how fanatical and totally inured to her misdeeds they are and have become.  The empress has no clothes.  So no matter how hard these Hillary lovers try, they can’t polish horse manure.

(“You Can’t Polish Horse Manure!” by Chuck Lehmann dated September 4, 2016 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/article/you-cant-polish-horse-manure )

It’s easy to be an American liberal, because all that is required are hypocrisy and ignorance.  Ignorance is an absolute must, but especially ignorance of three things: economics, human nature and all of recorded history.  One has to be economically illiterate to believe that high taxes encourages productivity, that union-imposed labor regulations don't dis-incentivize hiring, that energy regulations don't raise prices on the poor and working class.  Likewise, to be a liberal you must pretend that men and women are exactly alike in every respect and that communism produces the most happiness for the most people.  Of course you can search the history books in vain for a communist society that did not produce poverty, misery and/or death on vast scales.  The Democrat Party proudly boasts the “most progressive platform” in its history.  To be an American liberal one must also positively revel and rejoice in hypocrisy. You must act enraged over the alleged privacy violations in the Patriot Act, which liberals raved could possibly allow a government agent to know what books you checked out at the public library.  You must simultaneously ignore or be silent on union bosses being granted permission to take workers' money, or ignore the fact that unions can be exempt from stalking and identity theft laws, because of solidarity.  More hypocrisy is needed on abortion debates as well. You must decry any restrictions on this procedure as a “war on women” while ignoring the fact that at least half of aborted babies would have grown up to be women.  The hypocrisy needed on race is an especially high bar that American liberals are able to hurdle in a single breathtaking bound.  You must uphold Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a hero of civil rights, while ignoring his most fevered wish and foundational conviction that people ought not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.  Dr. King’s maxim is of no use for modern liberals – they need to divide up people and categorize them by color and assign each to different standards.  Meanwhile affirmative action holds that people of color cannot be held to the same academic standards as white or Asian students.  But if you take a stand against affirmative action, liberals will charge you as the racist, which means of course, were Dr. King alive today, he would be considered a racist by these standards.  Immigration is another area where hypocrisy is an absolute must.  Hillary Clinton supporters can spit on and harass Republican donors, and liberals don’t say a word.  Hillary Clinton can hide, destroy, and scrub her public emails, hiding God knows what, but Donald Trump must produce his private tax returns.  Yes, it’s easy to be an American liberal to just close your eyes, close your ears, and close everyone’s mouth who disagrees with you, and it’s a formula for smug self-satisfaction and unfortunately, it is all too often a formula for electoral success.

(“How to Be a Liberal” by Matt Patterson dated September 5, 2016 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/09/how_to_be_a_liberal.html )

As we grope toward election day we’re hearing more foggy thinking than most of us can process. We hear people say that the sluggish, dwindling economy is Bush’s fault, or it’s proof that capitalism doesn’t work.  What passes for clear cause-and-effect reasoning is appalling.  First we have to understand the terms:

·    Equality is the poster principle for socialism. Everyone has to pay his “fair share” (whatever that means).  The system works like this: tax the rich, but since there aren’t enough rich with enough money to make much difference, you also overtax the middle class. This has two effects: 1) The rich either go elsewhere or quit producing because the returns are too low; and/or 2) The middle class doesn’t have enough expendable income to buy the products the rich were producing, so the factories shut down and neither the working class nor the middle class even have jobs, and the rich no longer have any capital.  The government is now responsible for providing for all three classes since no one is working, but the government can’t do it because it can no longer collect enough taxes.  This economic model affects society negatively by rewarding damaging attitudes and behaviors:- laziness, disrespect, boredom, hopelessness, anger.  These character traits cannot support a vibrant and prosperous economy.  They destroy trust, an essential in all business dealings. They do not support general moral integrity, therefore requiring more laws and government supervision.  If you add auxiliary socialist modalities like environmental activism, political correctness, government-run schools, and nationalized healthcare you have government controlling the means of production, control of personal property, personal health, and public speech.  Almost everyone is poor, but there is still no equality because those at the top of this heap. the government people, get very, very rich, yet they produce nothing.   Government becomes the god of the society because everyone is reliant on it for everything.

·    The capitalist view is that equality is not nearly as important as freedom, merit, and fairness. In a free market those with ideas, initiative, talent, and endurance end up with more money and power than those they hire, but they do hire a lot of people and they keep good workers by paying them and treating them well.  Those responsible for production are inspired to do so because they are rewarded for it.  The free market monitors itself since those who build and sell inferior products lose customers and therefore revenue.  Customer demand determines what and how much is produced. Businesses address environmental issues because they cannot afford to run out of natural resources or harm their customer base.  Because all this happens naturally there are always ups and downs.  These occasional retractions in the market serve to weed out nonfunctional businesses and they keep the market lean and efficient.  Such an economic system requires and produces people of determination, decency, high work ethic and social responsibility.  The society values and rewards those traits.  For those few who resist living responsibly, there is government.  The free market produces enough revenue to support a reasonably sized government designed to keep folks safe from the unproductive and dangerous people mentioned above, foreign and domestic.

The demarcation between these two economic models is simple and clear: one features government controlling everything, the other, the free market, calls the shots. i.e. the individual, but the two have become so tangled here in the last century that cause-and-effect is obvious only to those who read and grasp economic theory.  The American economy is supposed to be a free market economy, yet we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world, our government micromanages businesses via stringent and destructive EPA, OSHA, and union entanglements. The government now controls large parts of the auto industry, education, and healthcare.  Adding more to the confusion, when government begins encroaching on business, business has only three options: 1) Quit, 2) Move their business to another country, or 3) Get in bed with the regime.  Health insurance companies had little choice but to go along with ObamaCare.  We must realize that government schools are not going to teach economics in any way that isn’t flattering to government control of the economy.  It’s no wonder that most folks don’t realize that economic “laws” are just as unavoidable as scientific law.  The law of supply and demand is always true.  If cost of production goes up, the price automatically goes up.  Government can’t control the market any more than it can outlaw tornadoes or cockroaches. All government can do is slow down and strangle the natural processes of laissez faire economics.  Just ask a man on the street and he’ll tell you that all things bad are Republican; but he has no clue how the economy works, or what complications happen when government sticks its finger in, or how personal morality plays into the whole thing.  It’s all too complicated for the average man on the street and he’s been lied to so much that he has no idea which way is up.

(“What a Tangled Web” by Deana Chadwell dated September 4, 2016 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/09/what_a_tangled_web_.html )

If you want to study the weakness of American foreign policy under the Obama-Clinton-Kerry Administration, just look at the Turkish-Kurdish-Syrian triangle.  America’s formal position is that it opposes the Assad regime, that it looks on Turkey as a close ally, and that it arms the Kurds in their fight against ISIS.  ISIS is considered a potentially major threat within America and must be eliminated. The Kurds have been the bravest, boldest fighters against Islamic State.  The Kurds were the first and only force that took on ISIS in Iraq on behalf of the slaughtered Yezidi people.  They were the first to win significant victories and drove much of ISIS back into Syria where they pursued them.  If America is genuine about seeing the end of Assad, the Kurds are the ones that America should be supporting in the joint effort to rid the suffering Syrians from the cruel reign of Assad and the world of the abomination of ISIS.  Obama is silent about Turkey who sent tanks and troops over their border into Syria to attack and kill Kurdish fighters who are there, at great risk, to annihilate Islamic State.  Furthermore, there is something pathetic about Pentagon officials rebuking Turkey for going after the Kurds both in Iraq and Syria and then watch Turkey ignore them and continue targeting the Kurds.  It’s complicated, but the US should tell the Turks to lay off the Kurds.  America also gave Turkey close air support in the first two days of their incursion into Syria until they discovered the Turks were going after the towns and villages near Jarabulus which is where Kurdish-led Syrian rebels are located.  Understandably, the Kurds are furious with American inconsistency. It does look as if the Turks see that America needs them more than they need America.  The United States needs to get its act together or vote in a different Administration.

(“America’s Desperately Wrong Foreign Policy” by Barry Shaw dated September 4, 2016 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/article/americas-desperately-wrong-foreign-policy )


The latest atrocity was committed by a fanatic shouting “Allahu Akbar,” but police insist there’s no evidence showing he’d been radicalized or motivated by politics.  The media is downplaying any connection to Islam.  These kinds of desperate attempts to disconnect from Islam atrocities committed by Muslims in the name of their deity are deployed by both politicians and the media in the aftermath of each attack.  They’re deliberately concealing the truth about Islam in order to maintain the “it’s a religion of peace” narrative.  Here are five awkward facts about Islam that politicians and the media would rather you didn’t know.

·    Warlord Prophet - Muhammad was a mass-murdering warlord who waged brutal wars against unbelievers.  He also tortured criminals and enslaved women.  In Islam, Muhammad is regarded as “the ideal man, the perfect example” and every Muslim reveres him.  Islam the peaceful faith with a violent, murdering prophet makes as much sense as Christianity the violent religion with a peaceful, loving messiah.

·    War Zone - Islam divides the world into two houses:  The first is Dar al Islam, the house of Islam, the lands where Islam is dominant.  The second is Dar al Harb, the lands of the infidels, the house of war.  It is the duty of every Muslim to strive to make Islam dominant in the world by conquering the lands of Dar al Harb into Dar al Islam.  Such a division is clearly not a sign of peace and amounts to a declaration of war on all non-Islamic faiths.

·    Holy War - Islamic jihad has several forms involving the struggle of the individual to become more spiritual, but it also involves the fight to conquer Dar al Harb into Dar al Islam until religion beings solely to Allah.  History shows that Muslims have waged this holy war against unbelievers from all faiths almost non-stop since 622.  This holy war of conquest involves more than terror and violence and includes building a mosque, attending the mosque to give worship, wearing the burka, establishing Islamic customs such as halal food, sharia banking, prayer rooms, washing facilities, observing Ramadan and celebrating Eid.  Any action that enables Islam to flourish and become dominant in Dar al Harb isjihad.  Additionally, jihad is obligatory on all Muslims, you simply can't be a Muslim and not be a jihadist.

·    God Be Praised - When people in the West think of worship, they believe it involves visiting a church or temple, kneeling to pray, singing hymns and performing rituals such as vigils and Holy Communion.  Worship in Islam involves much more.  Any act that furthers Islam is considered as giving worship to Allah.  Muslims who gang rape infidels, who beat up and steal from unbelievers, who lie to infidels about the nature of Islam also give worship to Allah.  Devout Muslims waging war in the way of Allah who kill unbelievers by beheading them, bombing them, stabbing them, shooting them, mowing them down in cars and trucks are giving worship to Allah.  They also believe Allah is acting through them, meaning it’s actually Allah who is doing the killing, they are merely his willing instruments.

·    It’s The Law - Islam comes with its own legal system, the sharia.  This legal code is based on how Muhammad practised his faith and it controls all aspects of a Muslim's life.  Under sharia, the punishment for apostates and homosexuals is death.  Adulterers face being thrashed within an inch of their lives or even stoned to death.  Female rape victims unable to provide four male witnesses to their violation are criminalized and thieves will have their limbs amputated.

Even without the horrors of Islamic terrorism, it still wouldn’t be possible to describe Islam as peaceful.  Western governments are importing millions of Muslims, enabling Islam to flourish in the West and deceiving their own people about its true nature.  They're not the first to be sacrificed to Islam and they most certainly won’t be the last.

(“Exposing 5 Little Known Facts about Islam Politicians and the Media are Deliberatively Concealing from You” by Christopher J. Green dated September 3, 2016 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/09/exposing_5_littleknown_facts_about_islam_politicians_and_the_media_are_deliberately_concealing_from_you.html )

The time for complaining about President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran has passed.  The time has come to overcome the enormous damage his signature foreign policy accomplishment has caused.  It is important to understand the breadth and depth of Obama’s failure.  Everything that Obama said about the deal with Iran was a lie, and some of his lies became apparent within hours.  Obama claimed that Israel “acknowledges this has been a game changer and Iran has abided by the deal and they no longer have the sort of short-term breakout capacity that would allow them to develop nuclear weapons.”  Within hours, the Defense Ministry issued a stinging rebuke of Obama’s claim, parroted more diplomatically by the Prime Minister’s Office.  The US sent an unmarked plane to the Tehran airport filled with $400 million in cash, on the same day Iran released four US hostages. Obama angrily rejected allegations that the cash payment was a ransom payment for the hostages’ release.  He insisted that the US had made the payment as the first installment of a $1.7b. payment the administration made to settle an Iranian government lawsuit against America.  Within a day, Obama’s claims were exposed as lies, and the Justice Department lawyers opposed the cash payout to Iran.  The Iranians contemptuously mocked Obama, and stated openly that the $400m. was a ransom payment for the hostages.  Two weeks later, Obama’s State Department admitted that the $400m. was a hostage payment.  Obama’s principle claim is that due to his deal, Iran no longer has a short-term nuclear breakout capacity.  He also says that in accordance with the deal, Iran has shipped its nuclear materials out of the country.  These claims are both untrue and misleading.  Reuters reported that Iran did not ship the quantities of low-enriched uranium out of the country in the quantities the deal required.  They secretly decreased the amount of uranium the Iranians were required to part with.  The USA announced triumphantly that they were canceling UN sanctions because Iran had complied with the agreement.  Much of the low-enriched uranium that Iran did remove from its territory wasn’t actually removed from its possession.  Instead it was transferred to neighboring Oman, where it is held under Iranian guard and control.  Obama knows all of this, but his claims that the agreement “worked” are nothing more than a card trick meant to trick the American public.  The Iranians have suspended much of their prior centrifuge spinning. But that is only because they are now directing their efforts to developing and deploying more advanced centrifuges that will be able to enrich uranium to bomb grade material much quicker than the centrifuges they were required to retire.  Experts have already placed Iran’s post-deal nuclear breakout time at a mere six months.  Iran can leave the agreement, which it never actually signed or officially agreed to, anytime it wants.  While developing their next generation centrifuges, the Iranians are expanding the range and precision of their ballistic missiles, deploying them and increasing the size of their arsenals.  Despite the fact that these actions are prohibited under US law and breach what was initially claimed about the ever-changing nuclear deal, the Obama administration has refused to impose sanctions against Iran, insisting that its actions merely breach the spirit, rather than substance, of the deal.  The administration has had a similar response to Iran’s recent deployment of Russia’s S-300 missile defense battery around its military nuclear site at Fordo.  Iran’s deployment of the S-300 system places it in breach of three US sanctions laws. The White House announced that it has no intention of enforcing US law and applying sanctions on Iran.  The S-300 missiles can be used both as a defensive system and as an offensive one.  Tehran announced that it will be launching three satellites in the coming months.  Satellite launches are widely viewed as a means through which Iran is covertly developing a long-range ballistic missile capability. Rather than censure Iran for its actions, the Obama administration insists that such actions, as well as Iran’s recent long-range rocket tests, do not violate the nuclear deal or warrant US action.  Taken together, Iran’s actions since the nuclear deal was officially concluded make clear that it continues to pursue its nuclear program, and indeed, has become more brazen in its nuclear operations than it was before the agreement was announced last year.  In other words, not only has the deal not worked, contrary to Obama’s claims, it has been a colossal failure on every level.  The deal’s opponents were entirely right about the dangers it posed and Obama was entirely wrong.  Since it concluded the deal with Washington, Iran has surged its forces and massively expanded its power projection throughout the region.

(“Obama’s Greatest Achievement” by Caroline Glick dated September 2, 2016 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/article/obamas-greatest-achievement )


There is so much published each week that unless you search for it, you will miss important breaking news.  I try to package the best of this information into my “Views on the News” each Saturday morning.  No updates have been made this week to the issue sections.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY