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September 12, 2015


The GOP establishment managed to win back both houses of Congress and since then has accomplished exactly nothing.  President Fail is handing the mullahs the Bomb, ObamaCare remains a thing, and Planned Parenthood is still dismembering babies on our dime.  The creaky Boehner and McConnell machine can choose to succeed at something other than failure.  Congress can deal some pain to the left.  That will require guts and a commitment to the conservative cause, but maybe the rise of Donald Trump has scared these them enough to fake having them.  Here is some potential legislation that might do some good if enacted, but will put the Democrats in unpleasant, painful positions going into an election year:

·    The Second Amendment Protection Act. We need a law that will allow all American citizens the right to exercise their Second Amendment freedom to keep and bear arms, concealed or openly as each citizen chooses.

·    The National Voter ID and Election Integrity Act. The federal government can generate a national voting ID card and distribute it free to Americans who can't manage to find their local DMV.  The law will also require a photo ID for any federal election voter.

·    The Liberal Donor Class Windfall Profits Tax.  It’s time for the people who support Obama with lavish fundraisers to raise some funds for working American families! 50% of your earnings is a small price to pay for social justice!

·    The Use the Taxes on Drivers for Drivers Act. We need a law that forces gas taxes to be used solely for improving roads.  No more subsidies to underwrite Democrat inner city bus systems and light rail boondoggles.

·    The College Student Civil Rights Act. Let's make it easy to sue your university. It's time to protect our students' rights by applying expanded federal civil rights protections to the students of any university that takes even a penny of government funds.

There are many possible new laws that would be both great public policy and annoy our opponents.  Sure, Obama will veto them, but it’ll force his few remaining minions on Capitol Hill to take stands their constituents will hate.  We want and need the destruction of the liberal edifice Barack Obama and his cronies have built.  The GOP Establishment needs to use every bit of power at its disposal against Barack Obama and his cronies.

(“The GOP Congress Needs to Stop Failing – Here are 5 Ideas” by Kurt Schlichter dated September 7, 2015 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2015/09/07/the-gop-congress-needs-to-stop-failing--here-are-5-ideas-n2047978 )

Congress has increased its manufacturing output dramatically: legislative crises. Republicans have become adroit at flexing their manufacturing muscles: waiting until the legislative calendar absolutely requires that Congress acts on bills, then creating a crisis.  Congress then rushes to get the bills passed.  These must-pass bills are often constructed in a way contrary to conservative principles.  The past and current way the Republican establishment deals with major issues before it is to stall and pass: run the legislative clock and move legislation that won’t change anything.  It is about to happen again at the end of this month with a continuing resolution that Congress must pass to fund the government.  Senate Democrats have stalled the appropriations process in their chamber. Republicans have been unable to move spending bills in the House after the controversy over the Interior appropriations bill.  By the middle of July, it was clear that a continuing resolution would be needed to keep the government going after September 30, but the House is moving a continuing resolution, likely until the end of September.  Congress could take action imminently on the debt ceiling and not wait until the limit is days away.  When faced with difficult issues related to funding the federal government, increasing the debt ceiling, and continuing to authorize expiring programs that the federal government should turn over to the states, Congress delays action until the last minute, and then claim that there is no other alternative to the status quo, pass legislation that makes no meaningful reforms, and get it to Obama for his signature. The President is happy to sign these bills. Each time President Obama does, he ratifies Republican compromise with their own principles, and helps them weaken their relationship with their conservative base.  Waiting until the last minute to pass unimaginative legislation that perpetuates our nation’s problems has become the norm for Congress. The present congressional course is legislatively and fiscally unsustainable. To create durable reforms, Congress must pass deadline-driven legislation well before it needs to get to the President’s desk. That will allow lawmakers to be proactive and not reactive.  The result will be better legislation that will reflect conservative principles.  Congress needs to get out of the business of manufacturing crises.  Our national finances are in meltdown and big government is growing far out of proportion to what is should be in a constitutional republic.  Congress needs to manufacture real solutions to the challenges facing our nation.

(“Congress is Great at Manufacturing One Thing: Crises” by Neil Siefring dated September 4, 2015 published by The Daily Caller at http://dailycaller.com/2015/09/04/congress-is-great-at-manufacturing-one-thing-crises/ )

When academics have the objectivity to see what has been going on in the U.S., researchers may see the past two hundred years as the time when the Democrat Party of the U.S. created a politically convenient social caste system.  The U.S. was established upon the core belief that all persons are equal.  That government should be composed of representatives who come from all levels of society, that there should be no elite political class.  Nor should there be any permanent underclass.  Historically, nation states have established societies made up of at least three castes.  At the bottom, economically and politically speaking, there is the lowest class.  They were expected to perform the lowest paid jobs, those that required the least skill and education.  The largest class, what we would today call the middle class, is the class that both contains the most persons and performs most of the work in the economy, ranging from skilled labor to skilled professional work.  The highest class is always the class of political elites.  They seek to preserve the caste system that keeps them in power, and they always endeavor to force the middle class and lower class, or the masses, to support them financially.  It is interesting, using the language of sociologists and political scientists, to apply these caste concepts to the Democrat Party’s behavior.  For over two hundred years Democrats have worked to create and maintain a low caste based upon race.  It was Democrats who wanted to maintain the South’s system of race-based labor exploitation known as slavery.  In the 1820s Democrats who were anxious to maintain the low caste refused to follow federal laws that banned the existence of this caste in new states.  America’s Civil War was not started by the North to abolish slavery.  Rather, it was started by the South in order to preserve slavery.  This “caste creep” has been happening under Democrats since they, like political elites for millennia before them, want to create a low caste that is dependent on them.  They do not see an economic underclass as a long-term issue of economic oppression.  Rather, they see an underclass as a way of keeping themselves in power.  It is startling to consider that southern Democrats essentially treated black southerners in a manner similar to the way untouchables are treated in India.  They were forced, by law, to attend different schools, to keep away from whites on trains and buses; and to use their own water fountains and bathrooms.  A century later, in the early 1900s, Democrats brought former slaves into the Midwestern, eastern, and northeastern cities and placed them into carefully planned, racially segregated communities; a strategy called “apartheid” when it was practiced in South Africa.  The civil rights movement mandated that Democrats establish better employment conditions for minority black residents of the U.S., Democrats once again engaged in another startling and shameful effort to maintain their political control by creating another low caste: immigrant Hispanics.  Democrats encouraged persons from Mexico and Central America to flee their impoverished nations and move to Democrat-controlled cities. They promised them “sanctuary” from immigration law in their cities, and supported them with benefits such as subsidized housing, education and health care.  Like the blacks, these illegal immigrants found themselves forced into racially segregated communities.  While housing segregation is technically illegal, Democrats were able to create a legal loophole by saying that these new low caste members were entitled to have representation in Congress.  Today Hispanics in Chicago are concentrated into 14 supermajority Hispanic Wards and their daughters are becoming single mothers at a slightly higher rate than blacks.  Furthermore, their employment opportunities are limited to low-paid jobs no one else will do.  The schools run by Democrat-controlled unions are so dysfunctional that Hispanics drop out of high school at a rate twice as high as blacks.  This high dropout rate among minority blacks and Hispanics may be intentional.  Proof of this is that Democrats never provide minority students with other educational choices.  If they did have a good education they would move away from the racially segregated barrios and ghettoes and the caste system would gradually disappear.  Democrats have been able to maintain this caste strategy by manipulating the perceptions and expectations of the masses.  To this day, many blacks and Hispanics do not realize that the poverty and racial segregation they endure has been created by Democrats.  Democrats preach equality but seek to make the social castes unequal.  This is done to maintain their political power and control over the nation.  For their efforts in maintaining this caste system government workers are rewarded with highly paid jobs.  These government jobs serve two important functions: to maintain the teachings of the government, and to provide campaign contributions to the Party. Today four of the top seven contributors to national campaigns are members of the Democrat Party’s government unions.  The idea that Democrats have exclusive control over those economically dependent upon government entitlements is widely held.  If one accepted that Democrats want to control these dependents, it is a small step to realize and accept that they have actively created these dependents. The realization among black leaders that black lives don’t matter arises from the caste system created by Democrats and their progressive liberal policies.  It is unsettling to realize that a political party would create a social caste system and it is particularly disturbing to see how this is done by the Democrat Party that works to maintain the image of promoting social diversity and inclusion. 

(“How Democrats Created America’s Social Caste System” by Michael Bargo, Jr. dated September 7, 2015 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/09/how_democrats_created_americas_social_caste_system.html )

Ever since it came to light that Hillary Clinton used a home-brew server and a private email account for all her State Department emails, she has tried various excuses to explain it away.  She claimed: she didn't want to carry "multiple devices;" other government officials have done the same thing; she didn't handle classified material on her account; she turned over all her work-related emails; it was all allowed and perfectly legal; this is just a partisan witch hunt; and she's sorry, sort of.  As subsequent revelations undermined each of those excuses, Clinton simply dropped or modified them.  Her latest excuse for why she chose this highly unorthodox and risky way to handle her written communications is by far her most desperate, and ridiculous.  Clinton claimed there were so many problems inherited from President Bush that she didn’t have time to think about her silly email!  So, you see, it's really Bush's fault that she ended up with this now-troublesome clintonemail.com address.  Simply using the already created, government-approved and secured state.gov email would have been a no-brainer.  After spending her career complaining about imaginary "vast right-wing conspiracies," Hillary was so paranoid, she thought Bush did it intentionally, but no one else in their right minds should believe it, much less endorse a candidate who would utter such nonsense with a straight face.

(“Hillary is Now Blaming Bush for Her Email Scandal” dated September 9, 2015 published by Investor’s Business Daily at http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/090915-770321-clinton-blames-bush-for-her-email-problems.htm )

There are some 20 million college grads living at home and half of them who are two years out of college rely on their parents to pay some or all of their bills - it's the new normal for 20-somethings.  Parents sure are getting a great financial return on the $150,000 they've shelled out for four years of college.  Some of this dependency is an entitlement mentality of millennials, but it also reflects how dismal the economy still is today.  Today we have college grads, along with working moms and 60-somethings, flipping burgers at Wendy's and stocking the aisles at Wal-Mart.  Seven years ago, Barack Obama promised a progressive worker paradise, a recovery from recession that would leave no one behind.  "Hope and change" would deliver high employment and rising wages, and no one bought into this idyllic vision more than college kids.  President Obama and his supporters proclaim that he has saved America from the second great depression.  Even his own voters don't believe him anymore, now that we're ending the seventh summer of no real recovery.  Unemployment is down to 5.1% officially, but the real unemployment rate counting labor force quitters and those forced into part-time jobs is 10.5%.  Over 90 million Americans over the age of 16 are out of the full-time workforce and have given up looking for a good job.  If we had experienced a normal recovery from recession, we'd have roughly 5-6 million more of these Americans working today.  The more than 100 million Americans who are working are feeling a financial crunch, too.  Most of them haven't seen a pay raise that keeps pace with inflation for a decade.  The median income family has lost $1,700 in real income since Obama took the reins.  The sad irony is that the steepest declines in income have been suffered the Obama voters: blacks, Hispanics, single women and, of course, those stay-at-home millennials. Obama obsesses over income inequality, almost as fanatically as he does climate change.  The standard measure of income inequality, the so-called Gini Coefficient, shows a wider gap between rich and poor than during the Bush years.  Using his own metrics, Obamanomics is a dismal failure.  The employment recession didn't start with Barack Obama but with George W. Bush. Voters are distrustful of both parties and justifiably so.  Even the simplest reforms, like building pipelines, cutting the corporate tax rate, letting banks lend money to businesses and homebuyers, or requiring work for able-bodied welfare recipients, don't get done.  The President was up in the Arctic lecturing us about climate change, and the unemployed probably feel that if he relishes cold weather so much, he should stay there.

(“The sad state of the American worker” by Stephen Moore dated September 6, 2015 published by The Washington Times at http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/sep/6/stephen-moore-the-sad-state-of-the-american-worker/ )

Under the soft dictatorship of Barack Obama, the American people may be hard pressed to make realistic choices when they are too susceptible to the distortions of language.  Logical fallacies are really "weaponized irrationality" gussied up to catch people unaware.  Ad hominem attacks against an individual instead of the merit of an idea have been a hallmark of this administration.  Logical fallacies have long been the lifeblood of dishonest politicians and in Obama, we find an abundance of them.  A favorite fallacy is the strawman, which is an attack on a position that is not even held by the other side.  Some telltale indicators that the straw man tactic is being used are the words "there are those who say" or "some say" as in Obama's "some people say that maybe I'm being too idealistic."  Then there is the false choice embedded inside another straw man as in his "You can't have 100% security and then also have 100% privacy and zero inconvenience"-- yet no one ever asked for 100% of these things in the first place.  Americans who oppose the Iran nuclear deal need to recall that Islamic Iran allows lying to unbelievers in order to defeat them.  Taqiyya is saying something that isn't true while kitman is lying by omission.  To advance Islam, one gains the "trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them."  Demonizing conservatives as teabaggers is another ad hominem attack that eliminates Obama's need to actually defend his position since he has now demeaned his opponents.  His intentional "targeting of conservative and Christian organizations and individuals for harassment, intimidation, and ultimately for political destruction" shows his mastery of this fallacy.  The other blame-it-on-someone fallacy known as Post hoc ergo propter hoc has been in constant use by Obama as he blamed Bush, Israeli settlements, and gun owners, rather than taking responsibility for his actions.  When using a logical fallacy known as argumentum ad antiquitatem, or appeal to antiquity, Obama twists the truth.  "While invoking America's founding documents… to justify collective action" Obama brazenly and incorrectly makes parallels that simply do not exist.  In 2008, the U.S. imported 57% of its oil.  By 2010, dependence on foreign oil was down to under 50%, thus giving the impression that Obama had done a really fine job of reducing dependence on foreign oil, a notion that Obama was only too pleased to highlight.  But the 44th President conveniently neglected to state that such reduction in dependency had actually begun four years before he took office.  This is an example of a Post Hoc fallacy that Obama used to take credit for something he had nothing to do with.  The tu quoque fallacy or appeal to hypocrisy is the "you, also" appeal that tends to discredit the validity of an opponent's logical argument because after all someone else has done a similar thing.  It is the "wave it away" approach.  Thus, dismissing the ISIS bestiality that assails us every day, Obama will cite the Crusades, which happened centuries ago, implying an equivalency.  Another of Obama's favorite logical fallacies is that of oversimplification and exaggeration.  Consequently, the actual causes for an event are massaged to the point where there is no longer a genuine, causal connection.  There is the either/or false dilemma fallacy where "only two choices are presented yet more exist, or a spectrum of possible choices exists between two extremes."  According to Obama, either we sign this not-so-terrific Iranian deal or we go to war.  He has de facto eliminated other possibilities such as continuation of sanctions or making concrete non-negotiable demands.  The Jewish proverb that "a half-truth is a whole lie" surely describes Obama's moral stance. His whining about the nastiness of the [Iranian] pact's critics while at the same time being unwilling to own up to the toxic tone and insults that he has employed to pressure Congress to back the deal is a constant theme.  Regarding climate change/global warming, Obama uses the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy which "confuses correlation with causation."  Closely related to this is the "regression fallacy, which ascribes cause where none exists."  This fallacy is created by failing to account for natural fluctuations in global temperatures or other factors such as solar activity.  Obama and his ilk also employ the faulty generalization fallacy, where a broad generalization about climate change is concluded from weak premises, i.e., CO2 emissions hurt the environment.  Moreover, led by Obama, global warming "alarmists also rely heavily on the Argumentum ad populum, also known as the bandwagon argument, where a proposition is claimed to be true solely because many believe it to be so" notwithstanding the many scientific and credible challenges to their ideas.  If we cannot identify and comprehend the onslaught of logical fallacies being employed, then we ignore the real agenda which is that of "controlling, regulating, and taxing human activity."  Essentially, ObamaCare was a manipulation of peoples' emotions in order to initially induce them to accept a set of claims as being true.  Anyone daring to expose the manipulations became an object of scorn and humiliation, via ad hominem attacks.  The Obama White House knowingly mischaracterized the healthcare plan.  Obama is a pathological liar whether he engages in statistical fraud, i.e., the war on women, or claims in a 2007 speech that Congress did not assist New Orleans black residents during Hurricane Katrina. Obama was one of 14 senators who voted against the waiving of a provision that would have provided relief.  Obama is a hypocrite projecting his own worldview and claims his opponents are engaging in attacks, when he is the one doing the attacking.  He can decry racism, but continually "plays the race card in order to inflame racial tensions."   From contortions of logic to outright lies, Obama continues to "infect the body politic."

(“Strategic Lying and Obama” by Eileen F. Toplansky dated September 9, 2015 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/09/strategic_lying_and_obama.html )


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