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 October 7, 2017


One might argue that our nation’s flag is but a mere symbol.  True as that may be, symbols play an important role in the life of a nation.  Growing up, I was taught that whenever we heard the anthem playing and saw Old Glory waving, we would immediately show our respect.  I would stand.  I stand because the Stars and Stripes represent the strikingly simple principles of freedom outlined in the Declaration of Independence and enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Our nation, still the freest nation on earth, is founded on the sacred belief that all people are created equal and granted by God certain unalienable rights.  Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness.  Our magnificent Declaration foreshadowed the genius that would later permeate the Constitution.  We are the product of an experiment in self-governing freedom.  And so I stand.  I fully understand our nation’s history has been far from perfect.  Race in America has been the persistent stumbling-block of our experiment in freedom.  Birthing a new nation "conceived in liberty" while still enslaving, dehumanizing and denigrating an entire race of fellow humans was a corrupting contradiction for which our Founders provided no adequate explanation nor remedy.  Many times we have failed to achieve our noblest aspirations.  Although we may fall short, we can look to our history and see the great promise of freedom, as symbolized by our flag, and so we continue to strive to be true to what was “on paper.”  I stand because America stands for the right of all her people to live free in pursuit of our happiness.  I stand because despite our many differences and debates we are ultimately that one nation under God.  As I stand for my country, I do so with pride that I live in a nation of such great hope and promise.  I am energized by those who stand with me, united in our expression of love for freedom and respect for our nation.  I stand to honor all those who have sacrificed – who have fought and died, defending our flag and our way of life.  But I also stand to protect the freedom of those who choose not to stand, perhaps even of those who might choose, instead, to kneel.  Expressing respect for our nation, like praying, is something we all should do as we are blessed by the benefits of freedom every day. I choose to stand. 

(“As I stand for my country, I do so with pride” by Curtis Hill dated September 29, 2017 published by IndyStar at http://www.indystar.com/story/opinion/2017/09/29/hill-as-stand-my-country-do-so-pride/717256001/ )

Roy Moore’s victory in Alabama’s Republican primary puts him in position to become the state’s next junior senator and also a major embarrassment to the GOP.  Moore believes homosexual conduct should be illegal,” that former President Barack Obama isn’t a natural-born citizen, and that Muslims such as Congressman Keith Ellison shouldn’t be allowed to hold public office.  If he defeats Democrat Doug Jones, as expected, Moore will be the most extreme conservative in the U.S. Senate.  Even worse for the Republicans, Moore is likely not to be alone in his extremism, but rather the crest of a new wave of candidates who are more Trumpist than Trump himself and motivated by hatred of establishment Republicans like Senate Majority Mitch McConnell.  As The New York Times reports, “Republicans are confronting an insurrection on the right that is angry enough to imperil their grip on Congress, and senior party strategists have concluded that the conservative base now loathes its leaders in Washington the same way it detested President Barack Obama.”  All this talk of insurrection within the GOP is leading some pundits to predict the demise of the Republican Party.  Trygve Olson, a former adviser to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, told The Atlantic there could be a “fracturing” of the Republican coalition, arguing that “if this eruption is about differences in core values, which I believe is the case, it becomes hard for coalition members that don’t share any underlying values to stay together. The Republican Party isn’t cracking up under the stress of increased extremism; in fact, it seems to be getting only stronger.  There is a long history of analysts predicting the demise of one of the two major parties. In recent memory, the Tea Party wave of 2010 was allegedly making the GOP unelectable, and Trump’s extremism in 2016, especially on racial issues, was supposed to doom his presidential hopes.  Not only does the Republican party stay together, it flourishes.  The Tea Party helped the Republicans capture the House of Representatives.  GOP extremism didn’t stop the party from winning the Senate in 2014.  And Trump won a commanding electoral  college victory.  If the Republican Party is on the verge of a crack-up, it’s a very strange one indeed that sees them gaining a stranglehold on all three branches of government.  There are very good reasons to suspect that the Republican Party will survive whatever problems the rise of Moore-style extremism will create.  Ever since the North defeated the South in the Civil War, America’s two-party system, fostered by a first-past-the-post voting system and the need to build electoral coalitions, has been remarkably stable.  Despite the efforts of a myriad of third parties, most American voters think in binary terms, as if the only option is Republicans or Democrats.  This means that voters are quick to look past flaws and keep voting for their side: The Republican Party has survived the Great Depression, Watergate, the Iraq war and the Great Recession of 2008 because, at the end of the day, they have enough voters who prefer even a flawed GOP to the Democrats.  Trump had massive flaws as a candidate and was widely disliked or distrusted even by Republicans, but Trump was able to keep the Republican coalition together because GOP voters hated “Crooked Hillary” even more, for a host of reasons good and bad.  It’s easy to imagine Republicans who might blanch at Moore’s homophobia or Islamophobia who will still vote Republican because they hate an array of left-wing bogeymen like Antifa, Colin Kaepernick, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Negative partisanship enables the GOP to move as far to the right as they want without suffering measurable electoral penalty.  Moreover, a Moore-style GOP can remain an electoral force in the same way that the current GOP does: with a combination of gerrymandering, voter suppression, and the Senate and Electoral College’s overrepresentation of small, rural, overwhelmingly white states with their bias toward conservative voters.  While such a Republican Party eventually might have a harder time winning national elections, it can do well enough in Congress to block Democrat legislation.  Over the past quarter-century, Republican politics have routinely been upended by angry populist outbursts of this sort,from the rise of Ross Perot to the revolt of the religious right, from the Tea Party wave to the Trump insurgency.  What’s striking is that this so-called war between the establishment and the populists always ends in the same way: with the establishment absorbing elements of the populist agenda to win elections.  These so-called insurgencies or civil wars never really hurt the Republican Party, rather, they give it more energy by riling up the base. 

(“The Republican Party Isn’t Cracking Up. It’s Getting Even stronger” by Jeet Heer dated October 4, 2017 published by New republic at https://newrepublic.com/article/145157/republican-party-isnt-cracking-up-its-getting-even-stronger )


We have witnessed national realignments in the past, but this one with President Trump energizing it and winning office as a result, has now moved on to Judge Roy Moore capturing the Alabama Senate seat.  The causes of realignment are manyfold: a national media that has become partisan leftist, the Deep State, with its own intrenched anti-American interests, the two national parties, each of which has betrayed America and her ideals in different ways.  Abetted by all the above, the betrayal of our national institutions has been brutal and enabled by huge numbers of Americans who are the ones realigning.  It’s a deep revulsion for everything the left has become.  Recent signs of it include Trump’s election, the ongoing inability of the Democrat party to stand for anything other than hating Trump, the Deep State’s multiple failures, and the fraudulent GOP facing primaries, i.e. Judge Roy Moore beating Luther Strange in Alabama, the resignation of Bob Corker, the writing on the wall for Senator Jeff Flake.  The Democrat party cannot win in 2018 because they cannot see that they have been rejected.  They stand for nothing, and are aligned on the wrong side of history.  The Republican Party is seen by its base as fraudulent, in line with its donors rather than its own professed principles.  The GOP has two choices, reform and realign or go the way of the Whigs.  2018 will be a barometer of which way this will go, because the GOP cannot continue to govern against its base and the will of the American people.  The only thing that will prevent Trump from winning reelection in the biggest landslide since 1984 would be if he betrayed the principles he ran on. Here are the principles forcing realignment:

·    Illegal immigration - This was the number one issue that won Trump the presidency.  It helped reclaim the Reagan Democrats, the blue-collar vote.  In spite of the demagoguery of the left, it’s not about racism, it’s simply about the right of a sovereign country to maintain its borders and control who is allowed in. To blue collar Americans, it’s about having rising wages, and a better life for their children.

·    Unleashing the Economy - The abusive regulation and anti-business rhetoric and policy of the Obama years resulted in subpar growth numbers.  America felt trapped in the nanny state, with a stagnant future to look forward to.  Called the “new normal”, Americans simply would not accept a vision of defeat.  Americans want the freedom to be upwardly mobile, the opportunity for their children to have a better lifestyle.  Trump saw this, and his own past success became a signature.  Economic freedom is a realignment issue.  One of the few good things accomplished by Republicans has been the undoing of the horrid regulatory mass left by Obama.  If you continue with a better our tax policy, the economy will thrive, and people will stand up and notice.

·    America First - In 20/20 hindsight, the Democrat party insistence on tearing down America was its biggest mistake.  It has destroyed its own image to Americans, blue collar as well as the white collar middle class.  Witness what the NFL did to itself by denigrating America’s national anthem and its flag.  RINOs don’t understand either. America, for all its flaws, still is the best place in the world to be, still has the best ideals and ways to become great.  It’s not his idea, but Trump sees this clearly, and realignment will take this principle on, not as an unflinching demagogic “America is always best”, but through a simple recognition that American ideals are good.  

·    Anti-Racialism - The left needs us to be divided along racial lines.  They cannot win without this division, so they shamefully push it.  Witness the evolving race baiting. Opposing Obama in anything was racist.  Opposing the NFL kneelers is racist. Everything Trump does is racist.  Every white American is racist, by virtue of race. Martin Luther King said “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  The left has brutally savaged that dream by becoming race baiters. They have used the club of “racism” far too long, arriving at racialism, their pathetic attempt to balkanize America.   A big part of the realignment is a rejection of this evil racialist idea. Whites did not vote for Trump because they were racist, just like women did not vote for Trump because they were sexist.  They simply rejected the idea that racialism is a good thing.  A coalition that learns to defeat the race baiting is emerging as part of the realignment.

·    Rejecting America’s Negative Elitism - It’s no secret that America’s elites have gone awry.  Our media is so far left you can see them as bad as Pravda.  Our cultural institutions are so far left they are unrecognizable.  The universities, Hollywood, and the media have become arrogant, ignorant, and blind.  The realignment will capitalize on our elites’ negativity - it’s simple: you replace negativity, their wrong choice of ideas, and their anti-Americanism with something better.  America is a country that stands for good things, including itself as a sovereign country.  It will have borders, and stop illegal immigration.  America is a country that believes in equal opportunity for all. It believes in economic freedom, and the American dream to do and be better.  America believes in its ideals because they have done far more good than harm.  That is why “America first” will resonate.  America can open the door of racial equality and walk through it, rather than balkanize itself.  Martin Luther King’s dream is still there to achieve.  Racism in the form of Racialism needs to die.  America’s failed negative leftist elites must go.

It doesn’t matter if the GOP takes on the realignment or a new party is formed, but the realignment has come.  These two quotes from Alexis de Tocqueville are more germane than ever:  “The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.”  “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” 

(“America’s Millennial Realignment” by David Prentice dated October 3, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/10/americas_millennial_realignment.html )

Anyone who follows current events like the NFL kneelers must be asking what the endgame is.  Bill O'Reilly brilliantly explained that the recent Civil War statue removals, NFL kneeling, free speech thuggery, attacks on the electoral college, rise of Antifa and BLM, excoriations of Trump, and dishonoring of our slave-owning Founding Fathers is all related, because if the left successfully erases our past and brands America as a rogue racist nation ruled by white supremacists, then they can delegitimize our Constitution.  The left can then replace our founding documents with its own warped version of reality.  The long march of the left through America's institutions must have some goal or purpose.  Many of us in our lifetimes have seen the left increasingly pollute our social, educational, political, and cultural mechanisms, and even our sense of morality.  Today, we see the left nibbling away at the edges of our military and even recently professional sports.  Today's weather predictions and hurricane warnings have become polluted with hyper-politicized global warming claptrap.  "The Politicization of Everythingmisses the final goal.  That goal is to "repeal" our Constitution by declaring it unfit for a diverse, multicultural 21st-century super-state and "replace" it with a leftist political architecture.  That architecture will be based on AGW, or the economics of government-controlled and constrained energy allocation, and diversity with the institutionalized subjugation and oppression of conservatives and white males.  If this looks to the reader disturbingly similar to a Bizarro-like mirror image of the twin pillars of Nazi political philosophy, liebesraum and Aryan supremacy, that is because it is.  Today, the right has become complacent, patting ourselves on the backs for securing the legislative and executive branches of the federal government, with the judicial branch perhaps soon to follow.  They control 69/99 statehouses and 34 governorships, and have won well over 900 state legislative seats since the beginning of the Obama nightmare era.  These gains have achieved little.  The left still controls many of the organs of civil society and has become even more aggressive from its powerful perch in the supposedly high ground of social justice.  The right may be winning battles, but we may also be losing the war for control of the country.  What we see today in so many large blue cities is disorder and lawlessness engineered by leftists, and this may be spreading into the red heartland.  The eventual goal is to fundamentally transform America through attacks on the Constitution, and to repeal and replace.  Already many amendments have come under withering fire from the left, most recently the First Amendment.  This is why Americans must support Donald Trump, because he understands this, and he alone stands between America and chaos. 

(“The real ‘repeal and replace’” by Douglas Herz dated September 30, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/09/the_real_repeal_and_replace.html )


Hillary Clinton wrote a whole book entitled What Happened, which purports to explain why she lost the 2016 election to political newcomer Donald Trump.  Instead, she inadvertently revealed that she doesn’t know what happened or why.  Democrats are all missing the biggest clue as to what happened.  It wasn’t just Hillary who lost in 2016.  Democrats lost the House, the Senate, and now the Supreme Court as well.  On top of this, they also lost badly at the state level.  In over half the states, Republicans control the governor’s office, the state Senate, and the state House.  Democrats hold all three in only five states.  During President Barack Obama’s disastrous administration, Democrats lost over 1,000 federal and state offices.  This is all due to a single, fundamental problem: Democrats will not admit they are wrong on any issue, but a majority of Americans increasingly think they are wrong on every issue, from taxes, to government spending, deficits and debt, to global warming, to economic growth and prosperity, gun control, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, national defense, and even whether little girls should use the girls bathroom (and showers) and little boys should use the boy’s room (and showers).  Democrats, like JFK, used to know that they cannot run on economic stagnation, high taxes, gun control, weak national defense, and against the Bill of Rights.  Kennedy never would have run on a claim that if elected, thousands of coal miners would lose their jobs, as Hillary did.  Democrats have lost sight of the American Dream and have no idea how to get it back.  Crucially, they don’t understand that the economy never really recovered from the very steep 2008-09 recession.  Historically speaking, the deeper the recession, the stronger the recovery.  Given how steep the 2008 recession was, a boom should have followed.  The economy should have been growing even faster than the typical three to four percent for a couple of years, until it caught up to the long term economic trend line, meaning where it should have been otherwise.  But eight years later, this still has not happened, except for a Trump boomlet due to the promise of pro-growth policies.  Instead, under anti-growth Obamanomics, the U.S. got eight years of less than 2% growth, a pace on par with a stagnant third world country.  Due to this performance, America is still $2 to $3 trillion below where it should be on its long term economic growth trend line.  Hillary lost because she had no idea how to restore economic growth and the American Dream.  Instead, she promised more of the same: failed Obamanomics.  As a result, Democrats are losing blue collar workers to Republicans.  This is worst case scenario for a political party that was founded on carrying the flag for working people and their unions.  But the worst is yet to come.  Wait until the 2018 elections, when 25 Senate Democrats are up for reelection, which is over half of Democratic Senators who have managed to hold onto their seats.  Instead of realizing the problem and correcting it, Democrats have doubled down in a political suicide mission, moving to the extreme Left by embracing soft Socialism.  It is only Democrats that don’t know that the whole point of the 20th century was that the Socialism they are embracing was thoroughly tried, and it failed miserably.  This Socialist extremism has never played well among blue collar voters.  The rest of the world knows that Socialism and its twin brother Communism proved a miserable failure in the 20th century. Even the Chinese Communist Party knows that. Russia’s former Communist Party gave up entirely.  The only people who don’t seem to know yet that communism doesn’t work are in the Democrat Party. 

(“What Democrats Don’t Understand: Why Blue Collar Voters Are Fleeing the Party” by Peter Ferrara dated September 29, 2017 published by Observer at http://observer.com/2017/09/democrats-dont-understand-the-economy-why-they-are-losing/ )

For all of Donald Trump’s often baffling social commentary, he could not have asked for better opponents in an ongoing culture war that has the political left crying foul.  On everything from statues, to sports protests, the left seems eager to somehow try to out-do Trump’s bombastic absurdity.  Everyone from activists to journalists and Democrat Party members have decided that moderation is all but DOA and the cultural pendulum which swung far left for eight years is swinging back right with equal velocity.  The national anthem protests by NFL players is just the latest example of overreach (a word only seen in media to describe the right’s response to Democrat scandals) by a side of the political aisle that has been drummed down to their largest governing minority since World War II.  Trump’s comments in Alabama resurrected a mostly dormant discussion about NFL players kneeling in protest over perceived police brutality that started with 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick last year, in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.  I don’t need to debate the merits or the wisdom behind Kaepernick’s actions.  What is up for debate is the wisdom of the political left throwing in with a gesture that still, to this day and despite what you see on cable news and social media, remains largely unpopular with the voting public.  In 2016, a Quinnipac poll found that only 38% of those supported NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem.  A Reuters poll found that 72% found the protest to be unpatriotic.  Thanks to Trump’s reinvigoration of the debate, it didn’t take long for pundits on the left to start suggesting that taking a knee during the national anthem is now a direct protest of Trump himself.  Jon Schwarz from the left leaning site The Intercept even wrote “The National Anthem is a Celebration of Slavery.  Americans can differentiate between the man in the Oval Office and the country he represents, and know the politicization of the sport they used to love didn’t start with Donald Trump.  This is not a fight they will win, but like removing monuments of the founders, journalists excusing Antifa under the guise they are no different than the Greatest Generation storming Normandy on D-Day, endorsing North Korea’s Kim Jong Un over Trump, or writing off ‘jihad’ as a noble struggle, they continue to pick unpopular battles in culture and against a large chunk of the country they lost with Hillary Clinton in 2016.  On top of all this, Democrats also seem to be embracing such noble causes as coming out against due process for Americans accused of crimes, such as sexual assault. Senator Diane Feinstein is demanding her party stand up against the right of due process, the very thing Kaepernick was protesting.  My question to the Democrats (and media) is simple: What voters in that big chunk of the country turned red do you plan to win back on a platform of kneeling for the national anthem, revoking due process, removing monuments of our founders, sympathizing with jihad, glorifying property-destroying (and journalist-punching) thugs or backing Kim Jong Un in a nuclear showdown?  The more the left has ramped up its cultural war, the more their governing power has diminished.  Trump’s election should have been a giant wake up call to both the media and the left that the causes they care about and blast out with their bylines are not the issues Americans care about.  The media may view Donald Trump’s twitter commentary as beneath the office of the presidency, but they can forgive a lot when the other party is demanding they bend the knee.  

(“NFL anthem controversy: Does the left ever want to win elections again?” by Stephen L. Miller dated September 26, 2017 published by Fox News at http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/09/26/nfl-anthem-controversy-begs-question-does-left-ever-want-to-win-elections-again.html )


Democrats never miss a chance to call for “national conversations” on gun control, racism, etc.   What we need is a national conversation on lies, because without this one, all the other conversations are worse than useless.  The most self-destructive lies are the ones we tell ourselves to avoid the discomfort of admitting our imperfections.  Honest people use the discomfort of self-awareness as a spur to self-correction and self-improvement.  The Democrat mind evades the pain.  This is how Democrats concoct lies to convince themselves that their faults lie anywhere but in themselves.  The varieties of lies are as common as crabgrass, so here’s a list you need when talking to a Democrat: 

·    Scapegoating is the act of blaming someone or something innocent for our faults.  When Congressman Scalise was shot by a Bernie Sanders fanatic, Nancy Pelosi scapegoated Republicans, because “Somewhere in the ’90s, Republicans decided on a politics of personal destruction when they went after the Clintons.”  

·    This last example is a twofer, with the lie requiring both scapegoating and intellectual deviousness, where the rules of logic are broken to make the lie work.  Consider “Islam is a religion of peace.”  Told for Democrat electoral benefit, this steaming shovelful is disproven by the mounting body count and 1400 years of historical fact.  Using the same intellectually devious logic, Southern white culture a century ago was a model of racial equality, where only a small minority of Caucasians belonged to the Ku Klux Klan, and an even smaller number had ever participated in a lynching. 

·    The previous example also illustrates Democrat sanctimony or pretentiousness.  Appearing good is more important than being good.  Democrats strut their faux virtue and courage by fighting imaginary villains instead of real ones; Islamaphobes instead of Islamism, Confederate statues and carbon emissions rather than Antifa’s war on free speech. 

·    Phony altruism is a kind of pretentiousness but has a different and far more destructive purpose, so it deserves its own category.  You’re too pathetic to decide for yourself how to live.  Combating imagined helplessness is the self-fulfilling prophecy used to bribe people into becoming supporters and sycophants. 

·    The crisis is upon us.  Democrats love to lie that nothing is more important or urgent than their grievances, because when you get what you want in an emergency suddenly everything becomes an emergency.  That allows disregard and contempt for the conventional rules and restraints of behavior.  Obama displayed this type of lie when he violated his Constitutional limits with his Libyan incursion, selectively ignored healthcare enforcement and immigration laws, created the DACA program, and weaponized the IRS to harass conservatives.

·    I’m so great you must be desperate to hear me talk about me.  Obama is so ensnared in lies that the world only makes sense “under the dome” of Obamaworld.  Saint Barack claimed heroism in killing bin Laden, completed two autobiographies before accomplishing anything, and made two cringe-worthy self-referential tributes at the passing of Neil Armstrong and Daniel Inouye.

Screaming “LIAR!” at Democrats only deepens the pain of self-awareness and reinforces their withdrawal into self-deception.  Instead, we must break the thrall of Democrat leaders over the rank-and-file by patiently explaining their leaders’ lies.  Most importantly, we must set the example and invite them to join us in honest self-examination and rejection of lies.    

(“Democrats Are Addicted to Lies” by Howard McCrum dated October 1, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/10/democrats_are_addicted_to_lies.html )

The conversation surrounding illegal immigration is deeply personal for many people; it is emotionally-charged and politically divisive, and debates often devolve into mud-slinging contests, and arguments morph into feigned outrage, even violent protests.  From an economic perspective the question is settled science: illegal aliens cost taxpayers billions, impoverish American workers, and are completely unnecessary for America’s economic success.  To begin with, illegal immigrants are expensive.  According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s 2017 report, illegal immigrants, and their children, cost American taxpayers a net $116 billion annually, roughly $7,000 per alien annually. While high, this number is not an outlier: a recent study by the Heritage Foundation found that low-skilled immigrants (including those here illegally) cost Americans trillions over the course of their lifetimes, and a study from the National Economics Editorial found that illegal immigration costs America over $140 billion annually.  Although border control is a federal responsibility, state and local governments shoulder two-thirds of the costs associated with illegal immigration: California spends $30.3 billion on illegal aliens annually (17.7% of the state budget); Texas spends $12.4 billion (10% of the state budget); and New York spends $7.4 billion.  Illegal immigration also distorts the labor market, hurting American workers.  In a free market: when demand increases, prices increase (more people bid-up the price); conversely, when supply increases, prices decrease (less scarcity means less urgency), and vice versa.  Supply and demand underpins the price of everything from gasoline, to apples, to the value of a person’s labor.  Surgeons command high prices because there is a limited supply of surgeons, whereas store clerks make minimum wage because anyone can be a store clerk.  According to Pew Research, illegal immigration has flooded America’s labor market with at least 12 million new workers. This has dramatically, and rapidly increased the labor supply and therefore decreased wages for American workers.  President Trump’s crackdown on illegal aliens caused wages for construction workers to rise by 30% in Texas (half of Texas’ construction workers were illegal aliens).  Likewise, businesses in Maine were forced to hire American workers after the availability of visas for temporary foreign workers were restricted.  As a result, unemployment decreased, wages increased, and working conditions improved in order to attract American workers.  Illegal labor has distorted America’s labor markets, and hurt American workers in the process.  Finally, America’s economy will not collapse without easy access to illegal labor.  The standard refrain can be summed up as: “we need illegals to do the jobs Americans won’t do,” but that is nonsense.  Americans are willing to work any job, provided they are compensated at fair market value.  This is not currently happening precisely because many illegals work under-the-table.  Believe it or not, states without illegal immigrants, like Montana or Ohio, are not economic backwaters with exorbitantly high costs of living.  People in Idaho can still afford McDonald’s and Starbucks, they just pay teenagers to work the drive-thrus.  In fact, the cost of living in said states is often cheaper, because their governments do not require high taxes to subsidize legions of illegal aliens.  It is also worth mentioning that America is the only developed nation, until very recently, that imports millions of illegal immigrants to work in its service sector -- other rich nations like Japan and Canada, do not.  Yet despite this, the GDP per capita of Japan has actually grown faster than America’s during the same period. The same is true of Canada and Australia.  If illegal immigration is such an economic bonanza, why are Americans being left behind by nations without this “advantage”?  University professors, Silicon Valley CEOs, and politicians are not losing their jobs to illegals, ordinary folk are. Illegal immigration is a contentious issue, but it remains important to couch policy discussions in facts, not just abstract principles. 

(“Illegal Immigration: An Economic Poison Pill” by Spencer P. Morrison dated October 4, 2017 published by American thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/10/illegal_immigration_an_economic_poison_pill.html )


There is so much published each week that unless you search for it, you will miss important breaking news.  I try to package the best of this information into my “Views on the News” each Saturday morning.  No updates have been made this week to the issue sections.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY