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October 11, 2014


Obama is what you get when you sell your soul to identity politics, placing surface appearances above character, substance and not properly vetting candidates.  It looks like many Americans are about to be manipulated into making the same stupid mistake again when Hillary Clinton throws her bonnet into the ring, running as the first female presidential candidate. The MSM will ignore all her scandals and disastrous policy failures.  Hillary’s gender will be the major qualifier for her to become leader of the free world.  Sadly, millions of Americans will go brain-dead and vote for her, suckered again by identity politics.  The same way O.J.‘s defense team worked black Americans into a frenzy against white America, causing millions of blacks to rally around Simpson while ignoring the fact that he practically beheaded the mother of his children, Democrats and the MSM will play America’s women against America’s men.  Come election day, the Democrats and MSM will have low-info voters believing that any man not voting Hillary Clinton for President is obviously a Neanderthal, a wife beater, an abortion clinic bomber or a Christian throwback chauvinist who desires to keep women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.  Rest assured there will be dudes guilt-ridden for being born with testicles who will become metro-sexual brain-dead zombies and vote for Hillary to prove they are not who the MSM and Dems say they are; the same way a lot of whites voted for Obama to prove they were not racist.  To look beyond surface appearances such as gender and skin color and select our leaders based on who they are inside and their vision for our nation is now considered extreme, racist, sexist and hateful.  Despite six years of Democrat Party and MSM slander, lies and spin, at the heart of the Tea Party is decent patriotic Americans who seek to elect honest character driven candidates who will place the best interest of our country and the American people above personal gain and secret agendas.  I have faith that America is strong enough to recover after enduring eight years of a far left radical empty black suit in the Oval Office.  I am less confident in our ability to restore our great nation back to the vision of our Founding Fathers after several years of a Leftist empty dress at the helm.

(“Identity Politics: Fool Us Twice Shame on Me” by Lloyd Marcus dated October 5, 2014 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/66514 )

With almost six years of the Obama administration under our collective belts, the time has come to acknowledge a painful truth: This is an astoundingly idea-free Presidency.  Obama stunned the world by saying, out loud and openly, that “we don’t have a strategy yet” on how to deal with ISIS.  In the parlance of the universities where Obama spent so much of his time before 2004, when it came to a terror army running rampant through Iraq and beheading Americans, Obama was admitting he hadn’t done the reading, needed an extension on the paper, had to take an “incomplete.”  Well, there was no one there to grant him his incomplete which is why, two weeks later, he found it necessary to give a nationally televised address to inform the American people and the world that he’d come up with a strategy at last.  This maddening directionlessness was also on display in the American response to Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza in July, which would involve statements of support for Israel, followed by statements of anger about Israel’s conduct, which would be followed by more statements of support for Israel, and then word that the administration had delayed a standard-issue arms replenishment for Israel as punishment for its bad behavior.  This kind of policy and public-relations whiplash also characterizes the White House’s behavior when it comes to the failures of the Secret Service, with Obama press secretary one day saying the USSS’s director had the President’s full confidence and the next day announcing her resignation as though it had been what the president wished for all along.  There’s also the handling of the Ebola patient in Dallas, with the administration so desirous of not causing a panic that it spent several days misinforming Americans about whom the patient had come in contact with, how many people there had been, how many plane flights he’d been on, and so forth.  This inconstancy is the result of the administration’s elevation of cool and calm above all other qualities - leadership qualities like urgency, firmness, focus and determination.  Consider his two signature legislative accomplishments (one 5 ½ years old, the other 4 ½ years old): The post-meltdown stimulus and ObamaCare.  These, arguably the two most expensive domestic programs ever put on the books, weren’t carefully formulated and rigorously conceived.  They were jerry-rigged assemblages of ideas, policies pulled down off the shelves of Congressional subcommittees.  Because the stimulus was so poorly designed, the stimulus was used in large measure by states to pay down their own debts rather than on “shovel-ready” projects intended to employ the unemployed.  ObamaCare’s manifold sloppinesses and disasters both in the drafting and in the execution have gone off like time bombs every few months ever since the law was passed.  Consider one of the issues nearest and dearest to his heart, immigration reform.  In the most dramatic case of the law of unintended consequences in our time, the President’s decision to grant permanent-resident status to the children of illegal aliens led to the border crisis of 2013-14, with tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors flooding across the border under incredibly dangerous conditions.  We can all name the ideas of Presidencies, from the New Deal to Reaganomics to the Bush Doctrine.  Obama’s self-described strategy for world affairs is “don’t do stupid shit.”  His economic strategy is “print money.”  These aren’t ideas; they aren’t even ideology; they’re voting “present.”  What matters most to this administration is perception.  It’s why Obama made such a spectacular subject for a “HOPE” poster and why his choice of suit provoked so much discussion. As a two-dimensional object, he’s endlessly fascinating, but add the third dimension of depth of any kind and he’s lost.

(“Obama hasn’t come up with one original idea yet” by John Podhoretz dated October 4, 2014 published by New York Post at http://nypost.com/2014/10/04/obama-hasnt-come-up-with-one-original-policy-or-strategy/ )


Obama’s left never accepts responsibility for anything.  Weaned on the sour milk of thuggish, tenured academicians and marinated in the surreal stew of lawyer-land, the odd creatures that infest our White House have no notion of work or honor or duty.  Mendacity has been elevated almost to a secular religion.  Obama, his officials, his armies of minor minions prevaricate with such aplomb that one wonders if they truly know when they are lying or telling the truth.  The disgraceful trail of obfuscations, dissimulations, and quarter-truths are invariably defended by the administration’s flacks with the mantra “we have seen no evidence.”  Politicians lie and have as long as government has been around, but the sheer audacity of fabrications rise to the level of Orwellian thought control, compounded by the utter indifference of the establishment media to calling out these lies.  Profound isolation from the governed is also a hallmark of our pathetic President and his hapless helpers.  The starkest manifestation is the culture of incompetence that pervades everything surrounding Obama and his friends.  The botched rollout of ObamaCare led naturally to more noisy activity and more hilarious promises but these are precisely the sorts of things Obama considers real work.  The hideous crimes of the VA, carbuncles that even candidate Obama noted when he ran for President, suit him better unchanged, because that allows him to claim future victories against malfeasance and maliciousness in the VA.   Pain, misery, despair, confusion, hopelessness, and fear are the only sustenance of leftists.  All but the most diabolical leftists refuse to chant the old black magic of Bolshevism.  So Obama and his cabal instead graciously embrace a slovenly, casual, and dismissive incompetence.  They plow, they seed, and they sow a culture of incompetence.  Obama has surrounded himself with the most breathtakingly banal, ignorant and dull-witted caste of retainers of any President in our nation’s history.  His own utter lack of any executive experience, or any experience at all in any productive work for which he could be held accountable by anyone, simply blesses the inevitable incompetence, idiocies, and boneheaded blunders that seem to follow every step he takes.  His frantic Democrats may even now be trying to end his sleepwalking, at least in time to preserve their chance at electing his successor.  The worship of failure, the culture of incompetence, is deeply rooted in the sort of transcendent nihilism that is the lightless soul of leftism today, and Obama is simply its present avatar.

(“A Culture of Incompetence” by Bruce Walker dated October 6, 2014 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2014/10/a_culture_of_incompetence.html )

Few market indicators reflect the power of the U.S. economy and stock market as much as a strong dollar, and the deep liquidity and strength of the U.S. economy is clear in how the dollar has traded this year.  Stronger U.S. growth and higher interest rates make the U.S. a more attractive place for investment and triggers even more buying of dollars.  The U.S. might not be firing on all cylinders yet, but relative to the rest of the world, it is leading.  The once hot BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) long perceived to be the growth engines of the world, have slowed considerably from the highs of 10 years ago. Meanwhile the slow, yet consistent stability of the U.S. economy has attracted foreign investors in a world of geopolitical worry.  The U.S. is far stronger than other economies globally, U.S. Treasury debt yields are relatively attractive vs. Germany and Japan, and there is no shortage of negative headlines from global hot spots in places such as the Mideast and Russia.  The perceived safe haven status of the dollar has also stoked worry about deflation and whether the U.S. is simply getting too expensive to stay competitive with the rest of the world.  The strong currency is a surefire sign that international investors have faith in the slow U.S. economy.  A strong dollar makes U.S. exports much more expensive and will create a drag on U.S. GDP of 0.375% during the next 12 months.  There are certainly benefits to a strong dollar, including lower import prices for things like oil and auto's, as well as cheaper travel for Americans overseas, but that might not be enough as we approach year end and the pressure is on companies to deliver strong profits to justify a red hot stock market.

(“Implications of the big, bad buck” by Maria Bartiromo dated October 5, 2014 published by http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/markets/2014/10/05/dollar-maria-bartiromo-federal-reserve-stocks-economy/16658517/ )

Islam is violent and repressive, and its sacred texts are the heart of darkness at the center of the Islamic State's inspiration and motivation, despite Barack Obama's assertions in September 10th's address to the nation that the Islamic State "is not Islamic" and that "no religion condones the killing of innocents."  Violence is an integral part of Islamic doctrine, following the example set by its Prophet Mohammed, and in the name of Islam and Allah, Muslims have been murdering innocents, since 656 AD.  Six hundred years after Mohammed, the holy war is religious duty, because of the universalism of the Muslim mission and [the obligation to] convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or force.  The Hindu Kush, seventy-five thousand square miles between Afghanistan and Pakistan, was populated by Hindus until approximately 1000 AD and the Muslim invasions.  An estimated 60 million Hindus were murdered by Muslims over a thousand year reign, and Hindu Kush is the Muslim name for the region.  It means "Hindu Killer.”  Now today, the majority of the Muslim community worldwide, including the U.S., does not completely frown on their "holy warriors" in the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Jaamat e-Islami and any other terror group one cares to mention, for fear of being called heretics or apostates themselves. The murderous "holy warriors" are following a literal interpretation of Koranic scripture, without omissions, innovation or revision.  Logical minded Americans were not fooled by the big lie Obama delivered before the United Nations on September 24th, when he spoke of Islam's "great tradition that stands for ... the dignity of life, not murder.” Americans see a significant number of Muslims still support Sharia Law, slavery, rape and Islamic inspired violence and murder in this 21st century, and rather than "a religion of peace," Islam always has been and always will be an ideology of violence and conquest.  I am thankful for the many Muslims who simply adhere to the first early peaceful verses of the Koran, but let's not allow that to dissuade us from seeing and revealing the fact that Islam was propagated through violence, staying with Mohammed's teachings, and it is still utilizing violence today.  This can clearly be seen by examining the teachings of Islam, the daily news reports and practically any good, scholarly history book.  Now Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and several others, who helped create, train and fund the Islamic State, are screaming for the U.S. and the West to end the vicious advance of the Islamic State.  They look to destroy the Islamic State, only because they can no longer control its self-appointed "caliph," Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who has announced his intentions to take Mecca and Medina; so, it is fear of losing their power and their regimes that motivates, not any disagreement with the Islamic State's implementation of jihad and the violent doctrines of Islam.  Millions of devout fundamentalist orthodox Muslims, devout in the manner of Osama bin Laden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, are making preparations and have already been waging a divinely endorsed war against Europe, America and Israel.  Rather than continue against all reason and, in the light of Islam's sacred texts, to propagate the lie that "Islam is peace," which is placing America within a quagmire of reoccurring expansionist jihad, this administration and future administrations must cut all funding to all Islamic nations and acknowledge that "extremism" and violence are the basis of Islam, if America is to win the future war against Islam.

(“Islam: The Awful Truth” by Justin O. Smith dated October 4, 2014 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2014/10/islam_the_awful_truth.html )


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