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October 12, 2013


The Tea Party advocates fiscal responsibility, Constitutionally-limited government and politicians that are accountable to the people they have sworn to serve.  The Republican Party was born because the Whig Party would not stand up for all Americans.  The Tea Party was born because the Republican Party would not stand up for real Americans.  The Tea Party opposes policies that call for borrowing endlessly to support a gigantic, unsustainable government, and opposes policies that increase the role of government in the lives of citizens and that includes a healthcare takeover that will bankrupt America and inserts government into the lives of every American and run as smoothly as the notorious DMV.  When something drastic happens to challenge Democrat’s concept of supreme rule, they are the first to jump to shout their assertions that the Tea Party, those nefarious anti-government zealots, are at it once again, masterminding chaos and destruction and succeeding in wounding the government with their far-reaching capabilities.  The government shutdown is a sad illustration of the inability of government to work properly.  By everyone’s estimation, something is broken.  While the Democrats feverishly work to assign blame to some omnipotent, omnipresent supposed faction of the GOP that are true masterminds of havoc, the simple fact is that they have refused to take a look at the tired, deeply-flawed ideology they espouse.  It’s time that the left discovers what the Soviets discovered 25 years ago.  It’s not hard; habitually spending more money than one brings in is an unsustainable practice.  Furthermore, a government that jumps from one crisis to another is a government in need of desperate repair and revision.  If a government shutdown is what it takes to get America’s government pointed the right direction, then fine.  The left’s willingness to blame the Tea Party is telling of their colossal failures and even more telling of their underlying narcissism that forbids accepting responsibility for their failed policies.

(“The Tea Party: The Liberal Boogeyman” by Todd Cefaratti dated October 7, 2013 published by Tea Party News Network at http://www.tpnn.com/the-tea-party-the-liberals-boogeyman/ )

Obama thrives on crises, not solutions, and that's the key to this whole administration.  The budget crisis is the direct result of five years of over-the-top deficit spending, all demanded by Obama, who doesn't really care if the economy gets better or not.  Either way, he will blame the Republicans, with the unanimous support of our Soviet-style media.  He believes that politically he can't lose with a completely obedient media spinning everything his way.  As long as Americans are suckered by our monopoly media, we will never solve any real problems.  Instead, we will be drawn into phony crises instigated by Obama and the Democrats.  Any real dangers, like nuclear proliferation and the Jihad War, will be ignored as long as Democrats are in power.  Obama operates the same way domestically, where white and black unemployment is peaking, and he doesn't even bother to express concern. Obama is a crisis-maker, not a healer.  He stirs up trouble every chance he gets.  Ask yourself how any U.S. President could willfully try to worsen race relations in the United States by flipping the judicial verdict in the Zimmerman trial, and you will begin to see the real Obama. He doesn't care whether justice was done.  He only whips up more racial rage.  The chaotic launch of ObamaCare was done without adequate planning and testing.  It is meant to give essentially unlimited powers to a bureaucracy that does not understand it, either, but which will use pieces of the giant law to implement what it wants.  ObamaCare is intended to drive the best health care system in the world out of business.  That is perverse and malignant.  This is Obama's standard operating procedure: make a rigid demand; drive it through Congress, come hell or high water; and blame Republicans for the crash.  In foreign affairs, undermine the Arab nations, blame Israel for all the trouble in the ever-violent Middle East, and praise the murderous mullahs for their peaceful intentions.  All American values are turned upside-down in this administration, which is why it has to tell an endless stream of lies.  Nobody can trust a single word.  As long as this President controls the U.S. media, it doesn't matter how much disaster he creates.  His corrupt media servants will tell their Lo-Fos that he is not responsible.  Obama is the first American president to have abandoned the moral high ground in his foreign policy.  Like Bill Clinton and unlike George W. Bush, Obama has never used the bully pulpit of the Presidency to explain why we are at war.  Never doubt for a moment that war has been declared on us by every jihadist regime from Ayatollah Khomeini to Muhammed Morsi.  The Obama Presidency pre-emptively surrenders to the enemy whenever it gets a chance.  It has appointed Muslim Brotherhood loyalists to high positions in this administration.  It has swept under the rug jihadist assaults on our military and our civilian population.  It has failed to stop the aggressive jihadist regime in Iran in its assault -- not just on Israel, but on America itself.  As long as Obama is President, the United States will act like a helpless giant, flailing about incoherently and ineffectively.

(“Dangerous Times: The Crisis-Monger” by James Lewis dated October 5, 2013 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/10/dangerous_times_the_crisis-monger.html )

When it came time to debut Obama’s signature achievement the implementation was every bit as disastrous as if the project had been outsourced to someone’s cousin who had once taken a web design course in 1996.  The ObamaCare websites didn’t go down because of high demand, but instead because of bad design.  But that is where the border between competency and incompetence for Team Obama begins. Team Obama excels at promoting Obama and attacking Republicans, but it isn’t actually good at anything else.  The left excels at one thing and only one thing; propaganda.  Great products and bad marketing are a familiar business story, but what the left has today is a terrible product with great marketing.  Confronted with a website that didn’t work, Team Obama immediately spun straw into bread declaring that it had gone down because ObamaCare was so popular.  It was a familiar narrative shift that once again put the best possible face on a disaster.  The website wasn’t bad.  The product was that good.  The Obama myth is that he is a reasonable man being blocked by unreasonable Republicans at every turn. There are plenty of things wrong with that myth, but the biggest one is that Obama isn’t being handicapped by Republican obstructionism.  He seeks out and cultivates Republican opposition.  The ideas of the left don’t just fail because they’re bad.  They also fail because the left is more energized by hostilities than by any of the progressive programs that its leaders claim to be passionate about.  Obama isn’t a reluctant warrior; he’s a happy warrior.  He cares far more about fighting Republicans than about winning amnesty for illegal aliens, gay marriage or ObamaCare—all things that he introduced haphazardly to win elections.  Obama came up with ObamaCare because he needed something to offer at a political appearance.  And then it grew into the usual government monstrosity that no one can fully take in.  ObamaCare is both a planned and unplanned disaster.  Its planned provisions will seriously damage health care in America, but its unplanned measures, the collision between the incompetence of its planners and legislators and the real world, may prove to be even more disastrous in the end.  The ObamaCare website took itself down; ObamaCare may do the same thing.  The left runs on conflict.  It excels at propaganda because that is a vehicle for conflict. You can ask it to organize a committee to denounce American foreign policy, but don’t ask it to change a tire or bring in the crops or run a health care system.  It may talk about how important it is to drive out the capitalist pigs so it can do those things, but it doesn’t actually care about doing them.  The most important thing about Obama is that he is a community organizer.  He has never been anything else.  He is not capable of being anything else.  ObamaCare isn’t his policy achievement.  It’s a pack of lies that his people came up with in time to sell him to a progressive group.  The pack of lies has grown into a mountain, and now the avalanche begins.  Obama doesn’t care about the collapse of his signature policy achievement.  To him ObamaCare is just another way of picking a fight with the “reactionary forces.”  He isn’t interested in helping people, not even in the misguided way that some liberals are.  Obama’s politics and his passion are those of conflict and he doesn’t care if ObamaCare succeeds or fails, since all that he cares about is using it as a weapon against the Republican Party.

(“Obama’s Competent Incompetence” by Daniel Greenfield dated October 9, 2013 published by Front Page Magazine at )


We know Obama loves the poor because he's been hell-bent on making more of them since the day he was elected.  All of Obama's policies have been about increasing government power, and none of them have been about helping Americans get jobs.  Even though the only product of Obama's economic policies has been a massive increase in poverty and dependency in America, Obama continues to either demand more of the same or ignore any attempt to bring those the Obama economy pushed into poverty back into the American economic mainstream.  To understand what motivates Obama, it's important to understand a critical aspect of liberalism: liberals are all about a will for power, not about caring for the poor:

·    Atheist liberals believe they are better than those fools who believe in God.

·    Liberals who give little of their own money to charity believe they are better than Christians who sacrifice to help the poor.

·    Liberals who have no children believe they know better how to raise children than do families who actually have children.

·    Racist liberals believe that they are better than blacks, which is why white liberals believe they can define who is authentically black.

·    Liberals who've never run a business or created a job believe they know better than American businessmen how to run a business

Like all those who think of themselves as superior but are not, liberals feel that they have the right to dictate how everyone else lives.  They truly believe that the nanny state is the right approach because the benighted folk who cling to their guns and religion in flyover country can't manage their lives without the benevolent guidance of liberal elites.  Unfortunately, from the liberal perspective, people generally don't like to be told how to live their lives by pompous elitists.  People yearn to be free to make their own successes and failures.  The liberal solution to this "problem" is to make people dependent on liberals.  We can tell that liberals don't really care about the poor because if they did, they'd be trying to alleviate poverty rather than just ensuring that the poor don't starve to death.  With real unemployment running at insanely high levels, liberals are only concerned with increasing the already bloated welfare system.  Nothing liberals are even claiming to do is designed to get America back to work.  When Obama took office, instead of trying to stop the "Great Recession," he moved to vastly increase the national debt and the size of the federal government through his "shovel-ready" Chicago-style payoff for those who supported his election.  Even though that effort failed miserably, instead of trying something different, Obama's primary objective in his first term was a massive government takeover of the health care system.  Obama and his backers always respond to his miserable economic track record by saying that if it weren't for his paying off his cronies with the stimulus, things would be worse.  Obama's policies all increase the cost of doing business and add huge amounts of uncertainty to the business world, which simple common sense indicates will increase unemployment.  Instead of worrying about that, Obama works hard to generate class envy and blame the "rich" for everything.  If he cared about the unemployed, he'd be working to unleash the private sector and enlist the "rich" to help get jobs.  When Republicans tell the American people that liberals are well-intentioned but their solutions don't work, we've already handed the people who support killing unborn girls because they're girls and eliminating religious freedom a huge victory.  We've seen how effective Democrats and the MSM have been in tarnishing the Republican brand with lies, so imagine what we can do with truth on our side.  We need to point out that the Democrats are in the business of making and feeding the poor, not helping them.  We need to get people talking about how racist Democrats are -- oppressing blacks by keeping inner-city schools hell-holes with success rates that would never be tolerated in white schools.  No more Mr. Nice Guy, because it's time for Republicans to stop being dishonest about who Democrats really are.

(“What Democrats Really Care About” by Tom Trinko dated October 6, 2013 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/10/what_democrats_really_care_about.html )

A close and objective look at the facts shows that the Obama-led and Obama-owned economy tells one and only one story -- FAILURE.  The unemployment rate currently stands at 7.3%.  Understand that the unemployment rate is a rather simplistic calculation.  The reason the number has been declining is that the numerator, which is composed of the total labor force in America, continues to fall, because they gave up looking for a job.  The far more accurate and factual representation of the labor market is the labor force participation rate. This rate is simply the percent of the population who are either working or actively looking for work - actively engaged in the labor market.  The labor force participation rate fell to 63.2% in August, its lowest level since 1978, the lowest percent of people participating in the labor market in 35 years and a rate that has continued to decline since the recession supposedly ended in June 2009.  On the earnings front as of 2012, the median U.S. household inflation-adjusted income was $51,017, which has dropped every year during Obama's tenure as president, and also at its lowest level since 1995, which means that we're earning no more than a typical household was in 1995, almost 20 years ago.  Even the poorest of the poor have had it worse under Obama. Last year 15% of Americans were considered to be living in poverty with little sign of improvement, a theme characterizing the poor throughout the Obama presidency.  That percentage equates to some 46.5 million Americans.  All of these negative aspects of the Obama economy, from joblessness to poor-paying jobs to outright poverty, has resulted in challenging times for Americans.  According to an Associated Press report, a whopping four out of five Americans are struggling to make ends meet financially.  Whether you think of economic progress by the number of Americans employed, or their level of earnings, or whether the poor are escaping poverty, the cold hard facts reveal that the Obama-led and owned economy has been and remains a disaster.

(“The Cold Hard Facts of Obama’s Economy” by Chad Stafko dated October 7, 2013 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/10/the_cold_hard_facts_of_obamas_economy.html )


As much as people may like President Obama, we have to be honest enough to admit that our communities are suffering because of his policies.  We have to judge this President not by the color of his skin, but by the results of his policies.  President Obama’s policies have been devastating to minority communities and to the most vulnerable in our society. America is suffering through the longest period of high unemployment since the Great Depression: unemployment has been stuck over 7.3% for almost five years under Obama, after averaging only 5.3% under President George W. Bush.  Minority communities have been hit much harder: African-American unemployment is 14.4%, and black youth unemployment is an obscene 44.2%.  Unable to defend his own record, the President has launched an avalanche of attack ads that even the liberal Washington Post has decried as dishonest.  At a time when we need to do everything possible to make it easier to create jobs in America, President Obama has done everything possible to make it harder.  Those who are struggling the most in this economy, the people who really need jobs, are the ones who are hurt the most by his policies.  Despite his best intentions, President Obama has consistently thwarted job creation.  He has created a hostile regulatory environment that has made businesses afraid to expand and banks afraid to lend.  Companies are afraid to make job-creating investments: the threat of higher taxes makes it harder to justify risking money in an abysmal economy.  Employers are afraid to hire because they have no idea how much ObamaCare will increase the cost of each additional worker.  The President’s job-killing policies cause great hardship, but his negligence on the debt crisis could destroy our future.  President Obama will run up more debt in eight years than the previous 43 Presidents ran up in their combined terms.  Our record debt will cripple the ability of our children and grandchildren to use government as a means to help people. The most vulnerable in our society, the people who must depend on government the most, will suffer the most when government no longer has the means to protect them. We now spend hundreds of billions of dollars each year just to pay interest on our debt, which cannot be used to make life better in America, but is being used to make life better in China and other foreign nations that hold our debt.

(“Obama’s sense of ‘fairness’ is unfair to minorities” by David Cohen dated July 24, 2012 published by The Daily Caller at http://dailycaller.com/2012/07/24/obamas-sense-of-fairness-is-unfair-to-minorities/ )

If Congress does not raise the debt ceiling, the result will be no different than the Jones family deciding that they have maxed out their credit cards; and that if they continue borrowing and spending over their means, there will be significant pain to the family at best and bankruptcy at worst.  The economics of government is no different.  Mr. and Mrs. Jones want to be able to provide for themselves in their retirement and hopefully leave a little something after they are gone to provide a better life for their children and grandchildren. They understand living in the moment and not planning for the future is a plan for failure.  The economics of government is no different.  The Joneses know if they stop borrowing they will not become destitute, or default on their loan payments and obligations, because they will continue to work and earn income. (Just as the government will still take in tax revenue). They know that if they reallocate and budget, which includes paying the interest and some of the principle on their credit card debts, and live within their means - nothing disastrous will happen!  The economics of government is no different.  The Joneses know they have a spending problem -not a revenue problem, and their extravagance must end. They will have to define what is essential for the family to provide stability. This will not be fun or easy, but the Joneses know their free spending choices have costs and they have decided personal responsibility to their accounts now is better than painful accountability later.  The economics of government is no different.  Sure the kids will whine and their friends will begrudge losing the benefits of cozying up to their big spending neighbors; but the basic family obligations of securing the home, providing food for the table, and making sure the children have clothes will ensure the health of the family.  The economics of government is no different.  If the Joneses want some things they can't afford, they can become more efficient, increase their productivity, sell some of their assets, hold a garage sale, or just plain old save for that special purchase on a rainy day.  The economics of government is no different.  Over time the Joneses will adjust to their new financial way of life, pay off their bills, and get back on solid economic footing. At that time, they will have the option of having more credit extended to them because their credit rating will not only be secured, it will be enhanced.  The economics of government is no different.  Character and integrity are important to the Joneses, because living up to their commitments is not a slogan, it's a moral obligation. Over time the self-respect they have shown turns those who were once resentful of their bounty and scornful of their austerity into neighbors who view them with admiration and strength.  The economics of government should be no different.  If Congress decides to stop borrowing money and not raise the debt ceiling - nothing disastrous will happen, and any attempt to prove otherwise is futile because it's just not true.

(“With the Debt Ceiling, Government’s the Same as You and Me” by Dean Kalahar dated October 10, 2013 published by Real Clear Markets at http://www.realclearmarkets.com/articles/2013/10/10/with_the_debt_ceiling_governments_the_same_as_you_and_me_100660.html )


What is astonishing and dismaying is that Obama recently said that the world is more stable now than in the last five years, but what world is he talking about?  His foreign policy failures in the Middle East are ceding much of it and the African Maghreb to militant Islamists.  Withdrawing from America’s superpower role since the end of World War II, Obama has managed to render America too weak to even gain the support of our most steadfast ally, Great Britain, when he ventured to threaten Syria over its use of poison gas.  The result of that fiasco was a victory for Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation for intervening to initiate talks regarding the removal of the poison gas.  The power of the United States came from more than just its military capabilities. Much of the developed world and even those who resent its power understand America is a bastion of democracy and a stalwart for liberty.  Now, however, that moral power is in question, we can thank Obama for that.  Deep in debt due initially to the two wars that followed 9/11 and mostly from the policies of the Obama administration, the U.S. is on shaky ground when it reaches a point of shutdown over disputes between the President and the Republican Party because the issue is ObamaCare.

(“The Absent Superpower” by Alan Caruba dated October 8, 2013 published by Tea Party Network News at http://www.tpnn.com/the-absent-superpower/ )


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