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 October  21, 2017


“This populist-nationalist conservative revolt that is going on, that drove Donald Trump to victory, that will drive 15 candidates to victory in 2018, and I hate to break the news... to the folks at Vanity Fair. President Trump is not only going to finish this term, he is going to win with 400 electoral votes in 2020.  You guys have more common sense, more understanding of what we need to do.  The first order of business is to undo all the damage of globalism.  The reason we need populism is there are bigger, more crucial decisions coming down the road in the next ten years on such things as the convergence of biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and the computer chip.  There are going to be decisions in front of mankind in the next 20 years that man has never had to face before.  If you think that the elites who got the world into the situation it is today are going to make the right judgments 20 years from now, you're sadly mistaken.  It is folks like you who have to tell folks that this is not a science experiment and this is not an engineering exercise.  You're free men and women in the greatest republic in the history of Earth.  It is economic nationalism, and it doesn't matter what your race is, your ethnicity, your gender, your sexual preference, it doesn't matter. It does not matter, as long as you are a citizen of this Republic, because that is what matters.”  by Steve Bannon at 2017 Values Voter Summit.

(“The Populist Revolt Is Still Rolling Full Force” by Tim Hains dated October 15, 2017 published by Real Clear Politics at https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2017/10/15/the_populist_revolt_is_still_rolling_full_force_.html )

I know I won the lottery when I was born in America.  All North and South Americans are Americans, but when anyone says “America,” they are talking about these United States of America.  Most people don’t really understand what America is.  Ask anyone on the street to define this country and most will inevitably say it is a democracy, which, to almost universal surprise, is wrong.  America is not a democracy; it is a republic.  When I talk to people about this, I tell them to imagine 50 separate countries bound together by a set of rules, our Constitution, which while among the briefest of world constitutions, is a document that forged a nation, which became the longest lasting of free republics to have ever graced this planet.  This glorious nation, this America, is the envy of the world.  I don’t see people walking through the desert for days to get into Russia, or making a boat out of old tires to get to Cuba.  Another thing to note is that America, in its two-hundred-odd years of existence has always had relatively open borders.  America is also the most ethnically diverse place on the planet.  America is a nation of immigrants founded by immigrants.  That shouldn’t preclude us from being careful in this day of rampant religious terrorism from picking and choosing who we want to allow access to this most bountiful of Edens.  Picking and choosing is not racism, as many would have you believe; it is due diligence, it is prudence.  Let’s review the motives of the progressive plan to throw open our borders to anyone who wants to come here.  They do this as a deliberate scheme to create enough new voters to guarantee their dream of eternal progressive governance, with them of course, in total control of everything.   They will always be on top of the food chain and it won’t be them, or their families, or even their friends who will do the suffering.  It will be the little people, who will pay for progressive hopes and dreams.  They care so much about us that if they have to kill us to make our lives better they will.  They view themselves as the ones we’ve been waiting for and because of that, if they break the rules for our own good, then, we should grant them a dispensation.  If they wanted the Clean Power Plan, or DACA, or any of the things Barry thought he could create out of thin air with his pen and phone, they should have enacted legislation to implement them.  When President Trump canceled the illegal ObamaCare payments to insurance companies to cover losses from trying to work within a program destined, without intervention, to failure, he was merely abiding by our Constitution, which clearly requires that any money spent must first be appropriated by Congress.  He was merely following the Constitution, which after all, is our founding document.  Next time they want to partake in “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” they should probably read a thing or two on how the law works in this land -- but that is probably too much to expect from the “ones we’ve been waiting for.”  Maybe they could read our constitution; it is only 7,591 words, including all 27 amendments.  

(“Misunderstanding America and Its Constitution” by William L. Gensert dated October 18, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/10/misunderstanding_america_and_its_constitution.html )


The Democrats were once a political party, but today, they have metastasized from a political party into a religious movement and the beliefs of that movement are inviolable.  As the Ten Commandments were the basis for Judeo-Christian religious tradition, the idea that politics transcend all things is the basis of the progressive mindset: Democrats = Politics = God = the Progressive Movement.  To the Democrat of today, all things are political and everything can be framed within their vision of how the nation, and the world should be run.  That this country should be run by them is at the core of their beliefs: the identity politics, the idea that there are no legitimate leaders except their own, full control of the economy, where people live, where they go and how they get there, what they do, what they eat, and lastly what they think, are merely tools to facilitate their total control.  Climate control has never been about the climate; it is the perfect means of control.  It is about forcing people to live in densely populated cities, without cars, in an ever-smaller living space, with everything within walking distance.  To those that refuse to give up their cars they will make fossil fuels impossibly expensive, while passing laws to force them into electric cars, limiting the distance they can travel. They will monitor everywhere they go with EZ Pass, and mileage taxation made possible by GPS tracking.  They will triple or even quadruple electric bills. A population without the funds and means to travel is so much easier to control.  Identity politics is never about identity. America is the land of opportunity and the poor performance of Blacks economically and educationally is more about culture and the welfare state incentivizing non-work and stifling ambition, than any kind of racial animus.  The war against police is about reversing the gains made in the fight against crime because the Democrats can’t let that happen.  Any electoral chance they have depends almost exclusively on keeping blacks and other minorities voting Democrat at better than 90% in perpetuity.  If minorities move out of the ghetto and realize how the Democrats have destroyed their lives and prospects, they will no longer vote for them.  To the Democrats, the “Ferguson Effect,” is a good thing.  The result will be more crime in minority areas and that’s good for getting out the Democrat vote.  The fact that it costs lives is immaterial.  If thousands of more young black men have to die to guarantee perpetual progressive governance then that is a small price to pay for the Democrats.  Critical Race Theory with its concentration on “white privilege,” institutional racism, and the multidimensionality of oppression, as well as Implicit Bias, and the theory that equality of results is more important than equal opportunity are all significantly effective tools at stoking racial resentment to increase votes for Democrats.  The key is to convince minorities that they are always oppressed despite any success they might have, and to convince whites that they are somehow at fault for this and must vote Democrat to atone.  The smothering of conservative thought on our campuses and through media shaming is another very effective tool.  If you want people to believe in a bankrupt orthodoxy, you have a better shot if you start training them when they are still young, instead of waiting until they are older and harder to brainwash.  Of course, full control of academia is necessary and they already have that.  Media in America was never the epitome of “fair and balanced.”  Yet, there was a time when media at least maintained the facade of fairness.  For the eight long years of Barack Obama’s royal reign, the media was on its knees, the customary position of fealty and obeisance, praying to the man who was going to halt the rise of the oceans and heal the planet.  Today the members of the media aren’t even embarrassed that they have allowed themselves to become an arm of the Democrat Party.  They lie in wait for any non-Democrat to say the wrong thing so they can be publicly shamed and driven out of any position of power they might have.  Having the media in your pocket is good for getting your message out and the Democrats use it extensively to further their goal of full control.  The Democrats believe every elected official who is not a Democrat is illegitimate and they want to rectify that.  The recent Supreme Court case about gerrymandering is not about gerrymandering, it is about guaranteeing Democrats a chance to win in every election not just on the coasts where they have huge registration advantages.  They plan to use the pseudo-science of the “Efficiency Gap” to do so.  Note that the Democrats had no problem with gerrymandering when they controlled most of the state houses, but now, with Barack Obama having devastated the Democrat Party and the Republicans controlling most of the state houses it’s suddenly unfair.  Controlling the economy is a little bit harder.  Capitalism is the truest form of freedom and if people were truly free, they would reject the progressive message.  Barack Obama did his best with countless regulations and anti-business executive orders, but he tried too hard, and he killed the golden goose there would not be any money to reward friends, cronies, and members of the elite who have the right opinions on progressive policies.  That’s another benefit of progressive governance; those who are in on the game and think the right way will be rewarded.  ObamaCare was never about healthcare; it was about controlling a large part the economy while also dictating to the people what healthcare they were allowed to have.  If all this leaves nothing for the rest of us who don’t believe, it is a small price to pay for progressive control and, we better like it because if we don’t, they will take away what we have left.  Make no mistake, if you think you should be able to live where you want, or drive where you want, or own the car you want, or say what you want, or believe in God, or think for yourself, or simply want to live safe in a free country while being your own person, the Democrats are coming for you.  We either rise up now and fight back, or the war will be lost, and the future described above will be all we have to look forward to.  

(“For Democrats, Politics is the Only True God” by William L. Gensert dated October 14, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/10/for_democrats_politics_is_the_only_true_god.html )

From Washington, D.C. to the NFL and Hollywood, America's idols are tumbling down. For too long, we have wasted precious time and money worshipping these so-called “social justice” warrior hypocrites who continue to disappoint.  Huge swaths of Americans still bow at the altar of social justice, where government-forced “charity” will advance us to a utopian paradise where everyone enjoys the same outcome, despite personal effort, upbringing, unique abilities and education.  Truth is, social justice is an oxymoron based on the false premise that the cure for injustice is leveling the playing field and redistributing wealth.  Marx hated religion, private property and Judeo-Christian values as much as leftists do today.  That’s why you should bolt out of any place of worship that combines Jesus, social justice and the government in the same sentence.  Economist Friedrich Hayek states: “The aim of socialism is no less than to affect a complete redesigning of our traditional morals, law and language, and on this basis to stamp out the old order and the supposedly inexorable, unjustifiable conditions that prevent the institution of reason, fulfillment, true freedom and justice.”  They harp about injustice and claim only they can fix it, which is one of the most arrogant, egotistical piles of hogwash you’ll ever hear.  They divide us into two groups: normal folks and them.  They believe normal folks are about as smart as slugs, incapable of coherent reasoning and self-care.  To them, everyday Americans aren’t diamonds in the rough, they are pliable, moldable objects used to reshape America into a socialist nightmare like Venezuela.  Democrats’ sacrosanct belief that the government was created to control how fairness is spread around is nothing more than a modern-day effort to reinvent Robin Hood, without all the chivalry and green tights.  Those who romantically embrace the concept of social justice believe the misnomer that stealing from some and passing it on to those who should have had it in the first place will result in some sort of righteous leveling.  The social justice crowd should dust off the knees they protest with and try it sometime. 

(“Social Justice is an Oxymoron” by Susan Stamper Brown dated October 16, 2017 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/susanstamperbrown/2017/10/16/draft-n2395462 )


For over forty years the left has been successfully reshaping American culture.  Social mores and government policies about sexuality, marriage, the sexes, race relations, morality, and ethics have changed radically.  The collective wisdom of the human race that we call tradition has been marginalized or discarded completely.  The role of religion in public life has been reduced to a private preference.  Politics has been increasingly driven by the assumptions of progressivism: internationalism privileged over nationalism, centralization of power over its dispersal in federalism, elitist technocracy over democratic republicanism, “human sciences” over common sense, and dependent clients over autonomous citizens.  The election of Donald Trump, and the overreach of the left’s response to that victory, suggest that we may be seeing the beginning of the end of the left’s cultural, social, and political dominance.  The two terms of Barack Obama seemed to be the crowning validation of the left’s victory.  Despite Obama’s “no blue state, no red state” campaign rhetoric, he governed as the most leftist, and ineffectual, president in history.  Deficits exploded, taxes were raised, new entitlements created, and government expanded far beyond the dreams of center-left Democrats.  Marriage and sex identities were redefined.  The narrative of permanent white racism was endorsed and promoted.  Tradition-minded Americans were scorned as “bitter clingers to guns and religion.”  Hollywood and Silicon Valley became even more powerful cultural arbiters and left-wing publicists. Cosmopolitan internationalism was privileged over patriotic nationalism, while American exceptionalism was reduced to an irrational parochial prejudice.  The shocking repudiation of the establishment left’s anointed successor, Hillary Clinton, was the first sign that perhaps the hubristic left had overreached, and summoned nemesis in the form of a vulgar, braggadocios reality television star and casino developer who scorned the hypocritical rules of decorum and political correctness that even many Republicans adopted to avoid censure and calumny.  The left overreached yet again with its outlandish, hysterical tantrums over Trump’s victory.  The result has been a stark exposure of the left’s incoherence and hypocrisy so graphic and preposterous that they can no longer be ignored.  First, the now decidedly leftist Democrats refused to acknowledge their political miscalculations.  Rather than admit that their party has drifted too far left beyond the beliefs of the bulk of the states’ citizens, they shifted blame onto a whole catalogue of miscreants: Russian meddling, a careerist FBI director, their own lap-dog media, endemic sexism, an out-of-date Electoral College, FOX News, and irredeemable “deplorables” were just a few.  The bathos and ridiculous hyperbole of their whining exposed for all to see their rank egotism and lack of discernment and judgment.  This childish behavior came hard on the whole “snowflake” and “microagression” phenomenon in colleges and universities.  Normal people watched as some of the most privileged young people in history turned their subjective slights and bathetic discontents into weapons of tyranny, shouting down or driving away speakers they didn’t like, and calling for “muscle” to enforce their assault on the First Amendment. These antics galvanized large swaths of American voters who used to be amused, but now were disgusted by such displays of rank ingratitude and arrogant dismissal of Constitutional rights.  Voters could see that the Democrats encouraged and enabled this nonsense.  The prestige of America’s best universities, where most of these rites of passage for the scions of the well-heeled occurred, was even more damaged than it had been in the previous decades.  The spectacle of moral preening coming from the entertainment industry, one that trades in vulgarity, misogyny, sexual exploitation, the glorification of violence, and, worst of all, the production of banal, mindless movies and television shows recycling predictable plots, villains, and heroes, has disgusted millions of voters, who are sick of being lectured to by overpaid carnies. So they vote with their feet for the alternatives, while movie grosses and television ratings decline.  As for the media, their long-time habit of substituting political activism for journalism, unleashed during the Obama years, has been freed from its last restraints while covering Trump.  The contrast between the “slobbering love affair,” and the obsessive Javert-like hounding of Trump has stripped the last veil of objectivity from the media. They’ve been exposed as flacks no longer seeking the truth, but manufacturing partisan narratives.  The long cover-up of the Weinstein scandal is further confirmation of the media’s amoral principles and selective outrage.  With numerous alternatives to the activism of the mainstream media now available, the legacy media that once dominated the reporting of news and political commentary are now shrinking in influence and lashing out in fury at their diminished prestige and profits.  Two recent events have focused this turn against the sixties’ hijacking of the culture. The preposterous “protests” by NFL players disrespecting the flag during pregame ceremonies has angered large numbers of Americans and hit the League in the wallet.  The spectacle of rich one-percenters recycling lies about police encounters with blacks and the endemic racism of American society has discredited the decades-long racial narrative constantly peddled by Democrats, movies, television shows, and school curricula from grade-school to university.  The endless scolding of white people by blacks more privileged than the majority of human beings who ever existed has lost its credibility.  The racial good will that got a polished mediocrity like Barack Obama twice elected president perhaps has been squandered in this attempt of rich people who play games to pose as perpetual victims.  The second is the Harvey Weinstein scandal.  A lavish donor to Democrats, praised by Hillary Clinton and the Obamas, given standing ovations at awards shows by the politically correct, slavishly courted and feted by progressive actors and entertainers, and long known to be a vicious sexual predator by these same progressive “feminists” supposedly anguished by the plight of women, perhaps will become the straw that breaks the back of progressive ideology.  Just as ultrasounds, Planned Parenthood’s dismemberment of babies to harvest and sell their organs, and murderous ghouls like Kermit Gosnell have turned people against abortion, perhaps the lies, cover-ups, and rationalizations of Weinstein’s creepy assaults on more than 30 women will discredit Hollywood’s pompous posing and smug virtue-signaling on the part of self-proclaimed champions of women’s rights.  These signs portend at last the end of the leftist “fundamental transformation” of America!”  Other signs suggest we shouldn’t start celebrating.  The lefts’ demolition of the American social and political order has reached deep into our schools, popular culture, and political policies.  There are 66 million Millennials, the worst-educated cohort in American history, steeped in the progressive world-view since kindergarten. The shibboleths, clichés, mythemes, and transparent lies of that world view are second nature to them, signs of intellectual sophistication and class superiority.  Their favorite oracles, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube, are morphing into Big Brother censors and manipulators of information on behalf of progressives.  These Millennials are going to be around for a long time, unlike the aging Boomers, among whom are most of the last remnants of the old America.  More ominous, the progressive redistributionist entitlement state and the habits of dependence it fosters are unlikely to be reformed, even as the increasing debt to finance this “kinder, gentler” Leviathan continues to drive us toward bankruptcy.  So, beginning of the end of the leftist cultural regime, or a transient, doomed resistance?  One thing for sure, we have a couple of national elections coming in 2018 and 2020 that will answer that question. 

(“The Beginning of the End of Progressive Domination?” by Bruce Thornton dated October 16, 2017 published by Front Page Magazine at http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/268129/beginning-end-progressive-domination-bruce-thornton )

America’s culture war is on full display and the left is losing badly.  Public opinion is not on the side of left-wing social justice causes and moral preening: NFL players disrespecting law enforcement and the national anthem, kneeling or sitting to protest “oppression” and “injustice.”  Ratings are down and the NFL is now one of the most divisive brands in the U.S., not a winning business formula.  Harvey Weinstein, darling of the left, Mr. Hollywood himself, Democrat fundraiser extraordinaire, an actual “god” to Meryl Streep and other liberal entertainers, falling from grace faster than his pants fell in front of an aspiring actress.  Ginned-up protests, designed to make Trump look bad, to paint him as a racist, white supremacist, the narrative set by the media and their Democrat allies.  Where are the Republicans; where is the pushback?  Progressive politics and behaviors are on full display, ruining the NFL, lifting the veil off the Hollywood cesspool.  Recall the “hand up don’t shoot” hoax, bought hook, line and sinker by the media, President Obama, and Congressional Democrats, who wasted no time in seizing the moral high ground, posing in Congress and for the cameras with their hands up.  Their high ground turned out to be quicksand, but that didn’t stop them.  I’m not suggesting that Republicans engage in silly theater or stunts like their Democrat brethren do, but their silence is deafening.  Any other Congressional Republicans want to chime in?  Despite all the preening, moralizing, and virtue signaling, Hollywood is a trash bin of bad behavior and hypocrisy.  Those who claim to be for women’s rights prefer to degrade and abuse women.  Or stand by and say nothing until the pile-on is well underway and it’s politically safe to tweet a bit of outrage.  Ditto the NFL, which has become the sports branch of Hollywood.  What a golden opportunity for Republicans to rightly take the moral high ground and condemn trashy behavior.  Big media, part of the left-wing establishment, has joined the progressive deplorables.  Whether the New York Times sitting on the Harvey Weinstein story for over a decade, or NBC refusing to run Ronan Farrow’s Weinstein exposé.  Why is it only Trump calling out fake news?  This is a perfect chance for Republicans to speak out, to push back.  Public opinion is on their side.  Democrats keep losing elections at the national, state, and local levels. Four of the five most polarizing brands in the U.S. are CNN, NY Times, NBC News and MSNBC.  A George Soros funded study found that Trump voters feel, “disconnected and disrupted by the conflation of economic and cultural change.”  They “feel muzzled” by politically-correct dogma.  These are winning issues for Trump, and for Republicans, if they choose to speak out about it.  The Democrats never let a crisis go to waste.  They find the TV cameras and microphones, making their case against their political opponents.  What to Republicans do?  They remain silent.  If you don’t stand for something, you stand for nothing.  Why is it only President Trump speaking up, aside from a few talk radio and Fox News hosts?  Where are the elected Republicans?  Is their dislike of President Trump so intense that they are willing to squander their once-in-a-lifetime electoral majorities over petty grudges?  Now Trump is at bat, swinging the axe at ObamaCare through his recent executive order, decertifying the Iran deal, putting the ball back in the lap of Congress, which means little will happen. Republicans grimace and whine but still they do nothing.  Trump, as a party of one, along with 63 million supporters, will do his best to carry out his campaign promises.  The 2018 midterms are just a year away, a potential bloodbath for do-nothing Republicans.  They will either be sent packing in the primaries as Steve Bannon is pushing for, or ignored on election day as frustrated Republican voters stay home.  The silence of the Republican lambs is deafening.  Get out in front of the culture war. Pound the left on the issues Republicans always talk about when campaigning, but are now silent about.  Advance the President’s agenda, the same one they supported when running for reelection and chosen by the 63 million Americans who voted for the same last November. 

(“Silence of the Republican Lambs” by Brian Joondeph dated Ocytober 16, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/10/silence_of_the_republican_lambs.html )

President Trump is busy doing the job the voters asked for him to do, but this isn't stopping the mainstream press and other establishment cognoscenti from whining about "the Obama legacy" and the dreadful loss these actions by President Trump supposedly represent.  The real issue here is how tissue-paper flimsy the Obama legacy really is.  Virtually all of the things Trump has done to destroy the Obama legacy were actions taken by the previous president on his own initiative without any of the building blocks of legislation or consent of the public that really do ensure a legacy.  Executive orders, treaties, even Obamacare were never executed in any bipartisan spirit or with consideration for the sentiment.  Obama issued the executive orders on his own and did the treaties on his own, and even on the one legislative achievement, ObamaCare, he passed the law on a mono-partisan basis.  Of course it was an unstable house of cards.  The Obama legacy was never grounded in the institutional framework that could really ensure a lasting legacy.  The Paris Accord on global warming was done unilaterally, never mind what the American people thought of it, the validity of the science, or the jobs it cost.  The designation of large swaths of the West for environmental "national monuments" was done without the consent of the states involved.  The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was basically an executive order, enacted after Congress refused to pass the DREAM Act.  The large free trade pact known as the Trans Pacific Partnership was the work of professional negotiators, not lawmakers, with opponents saying they were shut out of seeing the contents.  The Cuba rapprochement and the Iran deal were done by presidential fiat rather than treaty, which would have involved Congress, and there was plenty of contempt for the public.  The Iran deal, in fact, was sold to the public after the fact through lies.  The encouragement of transgenders in the military was also done by executive fiat.  ObamaCare itself failed to attract a single Republican vote and was passed only by exerting muscle on every single Democrat for passage.  In Obama's mind, these were justified acts because they amounted to "change."  If Americans didn't like them, well, the justification was that it was all for their own good, even if it had to be justified through lies.  The actions were heavy-handed but not grounded in institutions.  They were grounded only by Obama's own personality, which Americans tended to like.  In the minds of the American people, these acts ran roughshod over their own views and governing by diktat.  Like it or not, the U.S. has always tended to be a center-right country that takes a dim view of radical acts imposed.  Of course they were easy for Trump to shut down.  Obama never spent time with Congress trying to create a lasting legacy by building consensus or creating a bipartisan basis for legislation.  His agenda was too radical for that.  He preferred just to shove his priorities in Americans' faces and tell them to like it, since it was a lot easier that way, governing by executive order.  Well, it's just as easy to reverse the diktats and decrees, which President Trump was elected to do.  Live by the executive order, die by the executive order.   Obama's real legacy was that in ruling by fiat and bypassing Congress, he left the Democrat Party in tatters, with more than 1,000 lost offices at the state and federal levels.  That is Obama’s real legacy, which came of his failure to build an authentic legacy on institutional, bipartisan, consensual grounds. 

(“The flimsiness of Obama’s ‘legacy’” by Monica Showalter dated October 16, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/10/the_flimsiness_of_obamas_legacy_.html )


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