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 October 22, 2016


The world is so desirous of proving it is not prejudiced that 49% of the people applauded the election of Obama.  Foreigners all felt that Obama' s election would improve the world.  Eight years later, we have violent racial divisiveness like the '60s.  We are at war with Islam even though Obama won't admit it.  We are twenty trillion dollars in debt and have more poverty than ever.  Our internal violence has gone up in places like Ferguson and Baltimore.  ObamaCare is falling apart.  We have failed America and failed women like Kate Steinle, who is dead because of an illegal immigrant.  The world is worried about a Donald Trump presidency.  Yet anything Trump does contrary to Obama would be to our good.  Obama meretriciously quotes Reagan to pretend he is strong.  Only Trump is strong and defensive like Reagan.  Trump is action, not rhetoric.  Trump wants to build a wall in the south.  He rightly said Mexico is sending up not its aristocrats, but its lowest peasants.  Mexicans were using coyotes to take advantage of immigrants.  Violence was proliferating.  The firm Brand Finance wrote that Donald Trump's "xenophobic stance and protectionist rhetoric threatens to antagonize businesses, prospective foreign workers, students and governments."  There is nothing xenophobic about wanting to limit illegals It is called love of the law.  Furthermore, it's about time we antagonized foreign interests.  We must let them know they have no right to control our country or steal our businesses.  Reagan tore down that wall, so now we must tear down the wall of liberalism that is dividing our country. 

(“The world was wrong about Obama” by David Lawrence dated October 19, 2016 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/10/the_world_was_wrong_about_obama.html )

This election is not about Donald Trump, since the Republican name doesn’t matter. What matters is the reason for winning, since the reason is to restore the heart of America.  Ask yourself, do you really want ObamCare for the rest of your lives, your children’s lives?  Each year it gets engrained more and more into our society making it harder to get rid of.  If the Democrats win it stays; if they gain back control of the House and Senate, they may add to it.  Ask yourself; can I really trust Mrs. Clinton?  If she wins, we have heard her statements on issues like Benghazi.  They asked for increased security and the State Department never gave it.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the attack was due to a video, but we found out later she knew different.  She has a long history of lying to the American people.  Back in 1996 she claimed when she landed in Bosnia she had to run cause she was under sniper fire.  These are just two of her many, many lies to the American people.  Do you really fear Donald Trump more?  Don’t let Donald Trump being President scare you.  With all his faults, you can trust him a whole lot more than Hillary.  His hundreds of business ventures went bankrupt; millions of people in America have, and yes his was way larger.  He is a businessman and business people use bankruptcy all the time to improve their positions, to save money, keep jobs.  I’m sure some of you have had loses and carried them forward to avoid paying taxes just as Trump did, except his were larger than yours or mine.  Republicans are different in many ways from Democrats and I am not talking political views.  The overall view of Democrats seems to be, the end justifies the means.  Hard working union Democrats still love Bill Clinton even if he signed NAFTA into law and cost many of them their jobs.  Many Democrats are great Catholic believing people, but they still vote for Democrats who are pro-abortion.  Democrats are willing to divide their beliefs in order to get the ends that they want and stay united in the process.  To get elected Republicans have to pass a whole set of litmus tests to see if you are conservative enough, if you agree on all the right issues, get the proper endorsements, then you have to get elected with only partial support of all GOP voters since you may not have passed all their tests. Then if you drop the ball somewhere along the way, you get beat up on by your own party and if it’s bad enough you are thrown out, while the Democrats just watch while we do their work for them.  The GOP needs to do something it may have never done, and that is getting united against a common foe.  Look at Hillary Rodham Clinton and do you really want her, America?  I consider myself a conservative first, then a Republican, but I am a realist too.  I want a candidate to walk and talk and believe in a certain way, but I want to first of all make sure the other side doesn’t win, because their beliefs are truly not my beliefs.  I know it’s rare, if not impossible to get a candidate that matches up 100% to what you want. So we have to choose.  I plead with you to really look at what Hillary will and can do if elected president. If you say I am still voting for Hillary cause I just can’t stand Trump, well don’t complain about what you will get in the next 8 years.  That means liberal laws, liberal judges, more lies to the America people.  You will have wished you had voted for Trump.  If Trump wins he still will have to deal with Congress to get his ideas past and that isn’t so easy.  So I say for the last time, this election is not about Donald Trump because the name doesn’t matter.  What matters is the reason for winning because the reason is to restore the heart of America.  

(“This Election Isn’t about Trump” by Lee Owen dated October 16, 2016 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/10/this_election_isnt_about_trump.html )

America has never faced such a presidential voting dilemma.  We can at least vote against progressive totalitarianism.  I do not want to see the Constitution further annihilated, increased Supreme Court judicial lawless activism, perilous overspending, federally imposed Common Core, domestic energy stifled, taxation worsened, the military laid waste, small businesses collapsing because of overregulation, political corruption multiplied, welfare recipients increasingly stigmatized, terrorism increased, policies crushing freedom of religion, inflamed race-baiting, identity politicizing, an unabated abortion epidemic, farcical anthropomorphic global warming policies bankrupting our country, pathetic international weakness, surrender to the U.N.'s Agenda 21 communitarianism, law and order continuing to decline, and the best health care system in the world blighted by ObamaCare.  We need to be responsibly informed about all these assaults on the principles undergirding American exceptionalism.  Welcome to the results of 100 years of American citizens' and state legislators' violating their obligation to deploy the Constitution's Article V power to rein in tyrannical government (fully anticipated by the Constitution's drafters, despite the fact that they carefully enumerated only thirty powers to Congress) and enable our political discourse to prioritize objective constitutional interpretation and natural law principles rather than trivial, juvenile, scurrilous sensationalism, with voters now cathartically beating their chests about a candidate's lack of character.  Conservatives have been comatose since Teddy Roosevelt's genesis of Progressivism, until now the government-public schools-academia-mainstream media-popular culture have become so complicit in diminishing their freedoms, and so ethically debased, that many of them have overreacted by nominating a politically incorrect bombastic candidate who they thought could reverse our descent into socialism.  Our founders provided a constitutional self-repair tool in Article V to prevent central government's theft of local and state powers.  Six of the needed 34 states so far have passed resolutions to hold a convention to propose constitutional amendments.  A century of government-administered social justice would have been prevented if state legislators had reinforced and amended the Constitution to restrict executive orders, impose congressional single terms, prohibiting lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court, restoring power to the states to overturn unconstitutional decisions by Congress and the Supreme Court, stopping the pervasive faulty application of the Commerce and General Welfare Clauses.  We've relinquished self-government to the statists.  Take back your birthright; get educated; get active.  Ask your state reps why they refuse to enforce and restore the U.S.  Constitution using their Article V powers.  

(“What could have prevented our dilemma with Trump” by Jeff Hogan dated October 16, 2016 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/10/what_could_have_prevented_our_dilemma_with_trump.html )


Anyone who is certain that the Presidential polls are solid evidence of a Hillary Clinton victory over Donald Trump in November might want to take a look at what happened in the U.K.'s "Brexit" vote just a few months ago.  In the week before voters decided whether Britain should leave the European Union, all but two of nine polls showed the "remain" side winning.  Even exit polls suggested that the U.K. would decide to stay in the EU, but the final tally was: leave 52%, remain 48%.  The results left pollsters, and many others, scratching their heads.  You don't have to go across the Atlantic to find examples of pollsters getting election outcomes wildly wrong.   During the Democrat primaries, pollsters were sure that Hillary Clinton would win in Michigan.  The Real Clear Politics average of poll results had Clinton crushing Bernie Sanders by 21 points.  Final tally was: Sanders 50%, Clinton 48%.  In the 2012 Presidential election, five of the nine final tracking polls had either Mitt Romney winning the election or in a tie with Barack Obama.  When the votes were counted, Obama beat Romney by nearly four points.  Gallup, which had flubbed three Presidential elections in a row, decided after 2012 to give up doing Presidential election polls altogether.  So how did those polls, particularly on Brexit, get the outcomes so wrong, and could this election be as difficult to gauge accurately?  At the moment, Trump appears to be in a death spiral.  On average, Clinton now holds a lead over Trump of 6.7 points, up from a less than one-point lead a month ago.  Even the Los Angeles Times' tracking poll, which had Trump up by several points since mid-September, now shows the race tied.  Could there be a hidden majority for Trump that pollsters aren't catching, just as there was a hidden majority of U.K. voters who wanted to leave the EU?  In both the Brexit vote and the Presidential campaign, a surge in populist sentiment has occurred within each electorate. As the British people felt that they were not benefiting from their nation's membership in the European Union, everyday Americans, who do not feel that the economy is working for them, are frustrated by the impact of trade deals on jobs and the economy.  Immigration is another shared concern among voters in Britain and the U.S.  In the case of Brexit, the voter turnout models used in most polls underestimated certain demographic groups, such as non-graduates and working-class Brits that would end up voting en masse to leave the EU.  Clinton's and Trump's historically high negatives make it more difficult to predict who will actually cast a ballot.  Some people might not want to tell pollsters what they really think.  Then there's the uncertainty of how various scandals, from Clinton's emails and Clinton Foundation controversies to Trump's groping scandal, will play out.  While the ethos of populism is sweeping the country, and could boost turnout, scandal fatigue could depress turnout, Such a dynamic has not happened in the past four elections, so we will have to wait and see! 

(“Could Trump Pull a Brexit Surprise Win Over Clinton” by John Merline dated October 17, 2016 published by Investor’s Business Daily at http://www.investors.com/politics/trump-brexit-surprise-win-over-clinton/ )


Ronald Reagan talked about the power of ideas; the individual’s "right to reach as far and as high" as his or her talents would permit; the free market as an engine for progress; and “the value of work, of family, of religion, and of the love of freedom that God places in each of us.  He called America “a city of hope in a land that is free.”   In the spirit of Jefferson,” Reagan declared in his last State of the Union Address to Congress, “let us affirm that… there are no Republicans, no Democrats—just Americans.”  He said that Americans always embrace the future, Americans like “the idea of it, the hope of it.”  Reagan stated that others feared trade, but Americans saw “opportunities for creating new wealth.” “Where others seek to throw up barriers, we seek to bring them down. Where others take counsel of their fears, we follow our hopes.”  We know that Trump is no Reagan, far from it.  However, let’s not forget that Hillary is an entitled, corrupt, reprobate who has spent decades punishing and intimidating anyone who stood in her way.  She’s deplorable. He’s deplorable. They make up their own “basket of deplorables.”  Donald Trump is unprepared in ways unlike any major candidate for President in our nation’s history.  He is uniquely unqualified, but it’s equally true that Hillary Clinton is uniquely unqualified to be President.  Hillary is a smear-artist, a dirt digger.  She’ll do whatever it takes to maintain her grip on power.  She has bullied and threatened her way to the top.  Her scandals go back forty years, from Whitewater to Benghazi.  In public life, Hillary has purposely mishandled classified information putting American security at risk.  She’s lied about her private email server.  Hillary’s woeful tenure as Secretary of State gave rise to ISIS, human tragedy in Syria, and chaos in Libya.  Her “Russian reset” was a disaster.  Hillary’s failed leadership cost four Americans their lives in Benghazi.  Her legacy as Secretary of State is a worldwide refugee crisis.  For his hardcore followers, what makes Trump so appealing is the absolute failure of the political class. Trump’s followers want to smash the system and its elites.  Trump pollutes our national discourse by confusing vulgarity for standing up to political correctness.  He engages in all manner of conspiracy, dishonesty, and misogyny. Trump has revealed an alarming lack of policy knowledge and intellectual curiosity.  Conservatism’s recovery will require facing unflattering facts about a country that currently is indifferent to its founding.  Hillary Clinton is criminal, corrupt, entitled, she is uniquely unqualified to be President of the United States. Trump is narcissistic, absurd, unprincipled, he is uniquely unqualified to be President of the United States.  George Will is half right when he says the “rise of Donald Trump reflects America’s decay.” So does Hillary’s ascendancy to the heights of American politics.  America is greater without him, and we’re stronger together without her.  America can be “a city of hope in a land that is free” again if we trust everyday Americans over the Washington, Hollywood, and media elites.

(“The Deplorables: Trump vs. Hillary” by Jerry Rogers dated October 14, 2016 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/jerryrogers/2016/10/14/the-deplorables-trump-vs-hillary-n2232326 )

Despite constant claims to the contrary, the issue is not whether greenhouse gas emissions affect Earth’s climate.  The questions are whether those emissions are overwhelming the powerful natural forces that have always driven climate fluctuations, and whether humans are causing dangerous climate change.  No Real-World evidence supports a “dangerous manmade climate change” thesis.  In fact, a moderately warmer planet with more atmospheric carbon dioxide would hugely benefit crop, forest and other plant growth, wildlife and humans, with no or minimal climate effect.  A colder planet with less CO2 would punish them.  A chillier CO2-deprived planet with less reliable, less affordable energy (from massive wind, solar and biofuel projects) would threaten habitats, species, nutrition and the poorest among us.  As Hurricane Matthew neared Florida on the very day the Paris climate accord secured enough signatures to bring it into force, politicians, activists and reporters refused to let that crisis go to waste.  What nonsense; what hubris; suggesting that humans can control planetary temperatures and prevent hurricanes, tornadoes and other severe weather is absurd. Saying an October hurricane augurs year-long chaos is either grossly ill-informed or deliberately disingenuous.  Despite the rain and floods, that makes a record eleven years since a major (Category 3-5) hurricane last made landfall in the United States (Wilma in October 2005).  The previous record major hurricane hiatus was nine years, 1860-1869, according to NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division.  Plenty of alarmist charlatans claim that any violent or “unseasonal” storms are due to “too much” CO2.  Since recordkeeping began in 1851, the US has been hit by 63 Category 3 hurricanes, 21 Cat 4 storms and three Category 5s (1935, 1969 and 1995).  Of 51 hurricanes that struck in October, 15 were Category 3-4.  Other significant gaps in major hurricane strikes on US coasts occurred in 1882-86, 1910-15 and 1921-26.  The worst periods were 1893-1900 (8 Category 3-5 ‘canes), 1915-21 (8 Cat 3-4), 1926-35 (8 Cat 3-5), 1944-50 (8 Cat 3-4), 1959-69 (7 Cat 3-5), and 2004-05 (7 Category 3-4 hurricanes in just two years).  There is no pattern or trend in this record, and certainly no link to carbon dioxide levels.  It is clearly not climate change that threatens the poor.  It is policies imposed in the name of preventing climate change that imperil poor, minority, blue-collar, farm and factory families.  A new study by the Institute for Competition Economics concludes that Germany’s “green energy transition” will cost €520 billion ($572 billion) by 2025, just to switch from gas and coal to renewable electricity generation.  These costs will keep accumulating long after 2025, and do not cover “decarbonizing” the country’s transportation, heating and agriculture sectors.  This €520-billion bill amounts to a €25,000 ($27,500) surcharge for every German family, and 70% of it will come due over the next nine years.  That bill is nearly equal to the average German family’s total net worth: €27,000.  It is a massive regressive tax that will disproportionately impact low-income families, which already spend a far higher portion of their annual incomes on energy, and rarely have air conditioning.  All of this strongly suggests that a forced transition from fossil fuels to wind, solar and biofuel energy would cost the United States tens of trillions of dollars, hundreds of thousands per American family.  The impacts of climate change obsession on developing nations would be far worse, if they bowed to President Obama’s suggestions and agendas.  African nations, he has said, should “leapfrog” “dirty” fossil fuels and instead utilize their “bountiful” wind, solar, geothermal and biofuel resources.  In practice, that would mean having expensive, intermittent electricity and growing biofuel crops on Africa’s nutrient-depleted, drought-stricken lands, with no fertilizer, mechanized farming equipment or GMO seeds.  It reflects an elitist preference that the world’s poor should die, rather than emit carbon dioxide “pollution,” drive cars, build modern homes, or engage in other “unsustainable” practices.  Thankfully, few developing countries are listening to such nonsense.  Instead, they are using oil, natural gas and especially coal, in ever-increasing amounts, to lift their people out of abject poverty, because the “climate-saving” Paris non-treaty imposes no restrictions on their use of fossil fuels.  The USEPA nevertheless stands ready to issue tough new methane rules for oil and gas operations, while Al Gore and assorted regulators advocate forcing farmers to control cow flatulence to combat climate change.”  Meanwhile, even Hillary Clinton has recognized that Russia provides millions of dollars in support for anti-fracking and anti-pipeline agitators in Europe and the United States.  Keeping fossil fuels in the ground really means depriving people of reliable, affordable electricity; prolonging unemployment and poverty; having no feed stocks for plastics and petrochemicals, except what might come from biofuels; and blanketing hundreds of millions of acres of farm, scenic and habitat areas with biofuel crops, 400-foot-tall wind turbines, vast solar arrays and new transmission lines.  As the UN’s top climate officials have proudly affirmed, “preventing climate change” is really about replacing free enterprise capitalism with “a new economic development model” and having an excuse to “distribute the world’s wealth” to crony corporatists and other “more deserving” parties.  When taxpayers, consumers, unemployed workers and poor families finally recognize these inconvenient truths that “climate change” is really only about wealth redistribution, the world will be a far better place, with true freedom, justice and opportunity for all. 

(“Stormy Climate Deception” by Paul Driessen dated October 15, 2016 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/pauldriessen/2016/10/15/stormy-climate-deception-n2232693 )


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