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October 26, 2013


When it comes to presidencies, Obama is not the worst since Nixon, Carter, Clinton, et al, he’s the worst.  The Obama administration’s hostility toward media and efforts to crack down on whistleblowers and leakers has created “a tremendous chilling effect” said the Committee to Protect Journalists.  The CPJ issued a scathing report on the effects of the Obama administration’s efforts to control press coverage, burnish its image, and thwart unauthorized leaks.  The Obama administration’s aggressive war on leaks, and its determined efforts to control information that the news media needs to hold the government accountable for its actions, are without equal since the Nixon administration and in direct conflict with President Obama’s often-stated goal of making his administration the most transparent in history.”  The growing trend to compare Barack Hussein Obama to other Presidents is a trend that takes its source from Barack Hussein Obama, who started it all back in 2006.  No matter why the mainstream media of the day is trying to portray Obama as Presidents Nixon or Lincoln, Obama is unique.  Obama is unique both in loathing America and in insulting America at every opportunity when he’s abroad.  The mainstream media, which ignores Obama’s obsession for hating the US and all it stands for, has plenty of evidence to make the case.  Obama, after all, is not hiding his agenda or his sentiments.  Because of his imperious conduct in office, Daily Caller now dubs Obama ‘King Barry the 1st’ and many worldwide would happily rename him, ‘King Barry, the Last’.

(“Obama not Nixon, Carter or Clinton but the president who hates the U.S.” by Judi McLeod dated October 18, 2013 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/58654 )

Barack Obama is on schedule to leave office, widely acknowledged as America's worst president, and somewhere, Jimmy Carter is smiling.  Everything Barry has touched in four years and three quarters has turned to dog excrement.  He has the reverse Midas touch, although there is always plenty of gold for friends, associates and cronies.  Take ObamaCare, for instance: Despite polls showing that 85% of Americans were happy with their health insurance, Barry insisted that there was a healthcare "crisis."  Then, never the hardest worker, he allowed Nancy Pelosi and her minions, along with Harry Reid and his minions, to write a 2,000-plus-page monstrosity of a bill, including every liberal fantasy wish from the last half-century.  Afterward, the "I won" President, through bribes and legislative trickery, shoved the Affordable Care Act down the throat of America, on a strictly partisan vote and before anyone even knew what was in it.  Barry, surely not having read the bill, welcomed it being nicknamed "ObamaCare."   It never occurred to him that having his handpicked mandarins take over one sixth of the nation's economy might turn out to be a disaster.  America is a nation founded on the tenets of capitalism and freedom.  During the last 100 years, capitalism has been successful in improving the quality of life for billions.  This is because it is the only societal system that takes into account man's inherent greed and selfishness.  Free people striving for more, to serve their self-interest, created a world where everyone had more.  He actually believes that people will do things not in their best interest financially to make ObamaCare function and keep his signature accomplishment accomplished.  With huge deductibles, and the several=hundred-dollar monthly cost, it's not really insurance; it's wealth transfer from the young and healthy to the old, poor, and sick.  Yet Barry thought it wouldn't be a problem.  He thought the young and healthy would jump, in an altruistic frenzy, at the opportunity to pay more for less.  Barry's "Fast and Furious," where his administration shipped guns to Mexican drug cartels to be used to kill Mexicans and Americans in order to build a better case for gun control... was nothing.  The IRS deliberately thwarting political opponents of Barry to help him beat Mitt Romney in last year's election... was nothing.  The deliberate obfuscation of the Benghazi narrative, where Chris Stevens, the United States ambassador to Libya, was sodomized and murdered along with three other brave Americans while Barry went to bed early, so he could be fresh for a campaign event the next day in Las Vegas... was nothing.  The NSA spying on basically everyone... was nothing.  The Keystone pipeline, the vitriol, the humiliation of America on the world stage... all these were nothing.  ObamaCare will finish little Barry, because it was designed to punish somewhere around 300 million people to reward 30 million or so voters whom Barry believes can be counted on to vote Barack and his minions.  Karl Marx said history repeats itself "first as tragedy, second as farce," and while Barry's first term was certainly tragedy, it was also farce, while Barry's second term has surely been farce, it is assuredly becoming tragedy also.

(“The Fall of Barack” by William L. Gensert dated October 25, 2013 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/10/the_fall_of_barack.html )

Of all the bitter fruit of the Barack Obama disaster, the most bitter may be the sense of hopelessness that has descended on Americans, especially the young.  For a simple measure of how the Obama administration has crushed any sense of hopefulness in the American people, take a look at the survey that Rasmussen Reports does periodically on whether America’s best days are behind her, or still in the future. It’s a great question that tells a lot about how Americans are feeling.  Rasmussen found in August 2008, 45% of voters think America’s best days lie ahead, while 37% think they have come and gone. After nearly eight years of the supposedly disastrous Bush administration, this now looks more like a golden age every day, compared with what has followed.  After nearly five years of the Obama administration, 31% of Likely U.S. Voters think America’s best days are still to come… Just over half (52%) think the nation’s best days are in the past. So the Age of Obama has brought the percentage who think America’s best days are still ahead down from 45% to 31%, while the number who think our best days are gone has risen from 37% to 52% - This is your true legacy: hopelessness.

(“Barack Obama’s Era of Hopelessness” by John Hinderaker dated October 18, 2013 published by Powerline at http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2013/10/barack-obamas-era-of-hopelessness.php )

The mainstream press continues to protect Obama, often rather blatantly, and the curious thing about this is that it is not reciprocated.  More and more, the press acts and sounds like an abused wife.  A case in point is the way the networks (ABC, NBC and CBS) covered the government shutdown.  A new report from the Media Research Center analyzed the coverage, finding 41 stories that blamed the Republican Party and zero that blamed the Democrats.  There were 17 stories that blamed both sides.  Recall, please, the shutdown continued because the President refused to negotiate and the Democrat-controlled Senate refused to vote on any bills sent over from the House.  Journalists pride themselves for being on the cutting edge of events and trends, but they have been slow to realize or to admit that they have been instrumental in electing a pathological liar to the highest office in the land.  Another liability… like an ObamaCare from which Congress is exempt, the Benghazi attack last year, the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal, the revelations about the National Security Agency, and the fact that the IRS no longer can be trusted with your private and personal information?  That’s the short list!  Many reporters chafed at difficulties they encountered during George W. Bush’s two terms, but the hostility to Bush43 was no secret.  All administrations are reluctant to share information that might not make them look good.  This is a description of the adversarial relationship that has existed since the days of George Washington.  Like the proverbial frog in a pot of water being slowly brought to a boil, it took reporters a while to get beyond the glow emanating from the administration’s directives to the reality of dealing with government agencies and departments.  A recent report by The Committee to Protect Journalists spelled out the assault on U.S. and foreign journalists, saying that “the White House curbs routine disclosure of information and deploys its own media to evade scrutiny by the press.”  What this means is that the Obama administration has a lot to hide and the front line of defense against its machinations, the press, continues to protect it despite having become a target for oppression.

(“The Press Endures Obama’s Unrequited Love” by Alan Caruba dated October 20, 2013 published by Canada  Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/58684 )


Obama does many things: He prevaricates, manipulates, defrauds, abuses and usurps, but one thing that he does not do is compromise.  Any strategy built on forcing Obama to compromise is inherently flawed.  Obama never compromises because he has never really lost.  He has been insulated from defeat by his fanaticism, his arrogance and his media… and by Republican incompetence.  Obama can only be beaten on his own terms.  He can’t be beaten legislatively or judicially as long as he wields executive powers whose limits he refuses to accept.  If Congress passes something, he can and will choose to ignore it.  If the Supreme Court strikes something down, he will do it anyway.  Republicans may gamble, but they never gamble everything because they see themselves as custodians of a political system, a legal traditional and a national heritage.  Obama, who has no concern or use for any of those things, always comes to the table prepared to gamble everything.  There is only one way to beat Obama and that is on his own terms.  Obama does not see his power in legal terms, since the Constitutional limits on his power mean nothing to him.  Instead he sees his right to rule in terms of popular will.  He isn’t afraid of being on the wrong side of the law, but he is afraid of his agenda being stranded on the wrong side of public opinion.  As long as he is moving forward, then he is in control, because what he fears is losing that momentum.  The rise of the Tea Party panicked Obama because suddenly there were agendas in the public eye that were not his.  He was forced to pivot, briefly, to the deficit.  He was forced, uncomfortably, to talk about responsible spending.  The ObamaCare steamroller rolled on, but it was now doomed to be unpopular.  The dedicated opposition had crippled it by making it suspect, but it was less the damage to ObamaCare that worried him than the fear of losing the ability to set the public agenda.  Without that power, he would have become completely impotent.  Obama can only be beaten in the popular arena.  In his mind, he derives his power from the bully pulpit.  He is a creature of the media age and popularity is his only law and the only verdict that he will accept.  The Republican Party is still playing this game by Washington rules while Obama is playing it by Chicago rules where the only rule is to do whatever you can get away with for as long as the people let you.  The Tea Party instinctively understood Obama’s uncompromising political grammar, as do men like Ted Cruz.  Most people don’t understand the inner workings of government, but what they know is that they are unhappy with the state of the country and looking for someone to fight for a better life for them.  The modern Tea Party, like the classical one, was fed by a sense of desperation from a middle class that sensed its property, its prosperity and its future slipping away under the boot of government.  It went out prepared to gamble everything.  The dirty little secret of the Republican Party is that no one wants to run it or take responsibility for it.  That complacency is at the heart of everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. It is why it is losing. It is why it deserves to lose.  Obama can only be beaten with sustained opposition.  Innate to his plans is the assumption that his enemies will give up and let him have his victory.  When they don’t, he begins making mistakes.  The ObamaCare website went live in a disastrous state because he was too afraid of postponing it and letting Republicans smell weakness.  Their sustained effect was to make ObamaCare controversial and to make Obama paranoid about its image.  The Tea Party has done a good job of wearing down ObamaCare, but its real triumph will come if it succeeds in stealing enough momentum from Obama to make its own agenda into a national topic.

(“Beating Obama” by Daniel Greenfield dated October 22, 2013 published by Front Page Magazine at http://frontpagemag.com/2013/dgreenfield/beating-obama/ )


The shutdown fight demonstrated once again today's Republicans don't have anywhere near the messaging or strategic skills of the Reagan era.  Ted Cruz gave it a go, but the most memorable lines of all his speechmaking were the ones where he read from Dr. Seuss on the Senate floor.  If they don't make conservatives like they used to, liberals are nowhere near as clever as they were either.  FDR and LBJ, for instance, set up Social Security and Medicare as stand-alone, trust fund entitlements.  No one really "signed up" for them, the payroll taxes were just taken out automatically and pretty soon everyone felt they were invested in the system and due their fair share of what they already paid in.  ObamaCare though, has no trust fund. It's a perennial beggar that Congress must fund every year out of general revenues.  As we are starting to learn, millions of customers, mostly young people, have to sign up by February of next year to avoid the ObamaCare penalties.  That should leave a pretty good issue to run on for the GOP in the 2014 mid-terms. Young people just need to be informed they will soon be paying penalties for not buying lousy, unaffordable insurance through unworkable internet exchanges. Even with the Republican's clumsy media skills, it shouldn't be too hard to make ObamaCare registration as popular for today's young adults as Selective Service registration was for a previous generation.

(“Obama the Zax” by Frank Friday dated October 19, 2013 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/10/obama_the_zax.html )


The gradual erosion of the U.S. dollar's status as the world's reserve currency has been greatly hastened of late, due not only to the perpetual gridlock in D.C., but also our government's inability to articulate a strategy to deal with the $126 trillion of unfunded liabilities.  Our addictions to debt and cheap money have finally caused our major international creditors to call for an end to dollar hegemony and to push for a "de-Americanized" world.  The sad truth is we have become completely reliant on China and Japan for the stability of our bond market and currency.  We arrived at this condition because our central bank has compelled the nation to rely on asset bubbles for growth and prevented the deleveraging of the economy by forcing down interest rates far below a market-based level.  Instead of allowing debt levels to shrink, the Fed's virtually free money has now caused consumer credit to surge past the $3 trillion mark by the second quarter 2013; that is up 22% in the past three years.  Meanwhile the Federal government massively stepped up its borrowing beginning in 2008, piling on over $6.8 trillion in additional publicly traded debt since the start of the Great Recession.  While most are now celebrating the end of government gridlock (however ephemeral it may be), the truth is few understand the consequences of our addictions.  The real problems of government largess, money printing, artificial interest rates, asset bubbles and debt have not been addressed at all.  Rather, Washington has merely agreed to perpetually extend its lines of credit and to have the central bank purchase most of that new debt.  Instead of placating the fears of our foreign creditors we have cemented into their minds that the U.S. dollar and bond market cannot be safe repositories of their savings, so the eventual and inevitable loss of that confidence will ensure nothing less than surging prices and a complete collapse of our economy.

(“Decrowning the dollar, and the ‘collapse’ ahead” by Michael Prento dated October 23, 2013 published by Yahoo Finance at http://finance.yahoo.com/news/crowning-dollar-collapse-ahead-152341765.html )


Republicans better get wise to the President’s next fiscal gambit when the three-month stop-gap budget and debt measures come due.  As was the case with his hard-line defense of ObamaCare, the president likely will be inflexible on ending sequestration budget caps, pushing for massive tax hikes, and permitting only the most inconsequential entitlement reforms.  Obama is interested in busting the GOP in 2014, and he’s not interested in true budget restraint or other economic-growth measures.  It was Obama who wouldn’t negotiate.  It was also Obama and his followers who demonized the GOP with words like “hostage,” “ransom,” and “terrorists.”  The real agenda is to jack up taxes on businesses and the wealthy.  On top of this year’s $700 billion tax hike, the Democrats are going back to the $1 trillion tax-hike idea mentioned in recent years by Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi.  True pro-growth tax reform should broaden the base, lower marginal rates, and simplify the code.  The Democrat objective, however, is to raise as much additional taxpayer money as possible.  Closing tax loopholes is a good idea so long as it is accompanied by lower marginal tax rates on the other side.  Government spending cuts amount to tax cuts, which provide economic stimulus, but Obama and the Democrats want no part of it.  When you read the President’s economic speeches in August and September, you see a pattern: Raise taxes on business and successful entrepreneurs, kill the sequester, and use the new tax revenues to spend more and grow the government, and even finance ObamaCare, which is going bankrupt even before it starts, and has become the laughingstock of the country with its catastrophic breakout.  Finally, while Obama may occasionally say otherwise, the Democrat Party opposes all manner of entitlement reforms.  GOP better be careful not to end the sequester budget caps in return for phony entitlement reforms.  Republicans had no coherent message going into the shutdown fiasco, but they can change that.  They can adopt a clear policy that maintains the sequester budget caps, pushes hard for pro-growth tax reform, and makes no apologies for rolling back the taxing, spending, mandating, budget-busting behemoth that is ObamaCare.  The budget and debt battle of the next three months is actually going to be war, and Obama knows this, but not sure the GOP does.

(“Republicans Must Get Wise to Obama’s Hard-line Fiscal Strategy” by Larry Kudlow dated October 19, 2013 published by Town Hall at http://finance.townhall.com/columnists/larrykudlow/2013/10/19/republicans-must-get-wise-to-obamas-hardline-fiscal-strategy-n1727629 )

The media are doing a good job covering the ObamaCare launch problems. The media want ObamaCare to succeed and believe that pounding away at the site problems will motivate the White House to get the site fixed.  While the tech problems are real and worth covering, so are five other ObamaCare catastrophes, but the media won't cover those because to do so might further undermine the program:

·    Millions are Losing Their Health Insurance - About 14 million Americans (not enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid) purchase their health insurance privately as opposed to through an employer.  Because a large percentage of these plans do not cover everything ObamaCare mandates a policy cover, among other things: birth control, dental health, maternity, vision, dental, these plans are being cancelled, no matter how happy people might be with them.  Moreover, because their old insurance plans were dumped for not covering everything the government now demands be covered, you can bet that the new plans will be more expensive.  Do not forget that with a new health insurance plan, you can lose the doctor you had and liked under the old one.

·    Premium Increases on Working and Middle Class - For many more millions among the working and middle class, premiums are going up, sometimes by as much as 50% to 150%.  Millions are about to have their standard of living hit and their ability to save for college and retirement undermined, mostly because the government is forcing them to give up a health care premium they were happy with, and purchase another loaded with services they neither need nor want.

·    Obama's One-Year Delay On Business Mandate Strands the Middle and Working Class - In 2015, and in an anemic job growth-era that is entering year five of creating mostly part-time jobs, ObamaCare will sock small business owners with a massive tax. If a company has more than 50 full-time employees, they are either required to provide them with ObamaCare or pay a fine of $2000 a year per employee.  The most cynical part of this mandate, though, is that this is the employer mandate Obama delayed for a year, but he didn't delay it to help business as much as he did it to increase the number of people who would be forced to enroll for ObamaCare during this crucial first year.    

·    ObamaCare's Effect On the Unemployed and Under-Employed - While it is a sad thing that ObamaCare means that many small businesses can't expand their workforce in a way that benefits everyone, the real victims are the many unemployed and under-employed who won't be hired for full-time jobs by these companies.

·    The Working Poor are Getting Hammered - Hundreds of thousands among the working poor losing their employer-based health insurance and having their hours cut, all due to ObamaCare, are everywhere, but the media intentionally refuse to do anything other than dutifully cover these individual stories.

While the media's coverage of the rolling disaster that is the ObamaCare launch is both welcome and appropriate, what the media will not cover is what is now and is always going to be the real ObamaCare disaster: the economic chaos ObamaCare is forcing millions upon millions of everyday Americans to needlessly pay for and deal with.  

(“Top Five ObamaCare Catastrophes the Media Refuse to Cover” by John Nolte dated October 21, 2013 published by Breitbart at http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2013/10/21/Top-five-obamacare-catastrophes-media-refuse-to-cover )


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