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October 27, 2018


As we approach the 2018 midterms, there is great anticipation as to whether we'll see the reported blue wave being touted by pollsters and media acolytes or Republicans will hold our ground in the House and Senate.  If fundamentals were an indicator, we could feel confident that we would hold both houses.  The economy is humming, unemployment is at record levels, consumer and corporate confidence are at all-time highs, domestic safety (from terrorism) is much improved from a couple of years ago, and foreign affairs that bodes well for America generally and Americans specifically.  By all accounts, Americans are better off than they were two years ago.  The force of the narrative and emotion have taken over where facts and reason (and sanity) once stood.  The advantage for the left is once their elites determine a path forward and marching orders disseminated to the mass of social justice warriors, media sycophants, tenured professors, unthinking drones, and election committees, they all work together to pull in exact same direction.  There are five socio-political macro-hurdles that are working against our success in 2018, into 2020 and beyond:

·    The Media Industrial Complex - The drumbeat of nonsense emanating from leftist media is nauseating, but sadly it is effective.  Yesterday, it was #BelieveHer.  When that petered out, it morphed into President Trump, through Jared Kushner, put a hit on a journalist to serve his business interests.  Now it is the (bogus) humanitarian crisis at the Mexico border. 

·    Technology and Social Media Platforms - Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, et al.  are all working against our interests.  Facebook and Twitter are banning and shadow-banning conservatives.  Google manipulates to return leftist-favored search results.  

·    Election Integrity and Voter Manipulation and Intimidation - The legitimacy and integrity of our election systems are highly suspect.  California and Illinois have issued IDs that could theoretically allow illegal aliens to vote.  Texas Democrats have been caught red-handed handing out registration forms with citizenship boxes pre-checked.  A study found that the "U.S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults – A Red Flag For Electoral Fraud."  We all recall the Black Panthers blocking polling places in Philadelphia in 2008.  Do not think for a minute that we won't see this type of effort again.  

·    Education - Progressives ingeniously infiltrated our education system a century ago.  A 2016 study found that liberal professors outnumbered conservative professors 12:1.  Inculcation of liberal thought is now being pushed into K-12 classrooms, with "diversity" and LGBTQ lessons being hoisted upon students, often against parental wishes. 

·    Free Stuff - Who doesn't want free stuff: Free health care; Free tuition; Free or subsidized housing; Universal basic wage?  Students want free college; The elderly want free health care; The middle-aged want free or subsidized housing; and Everyone would take $1,000 a month to sit on his duff.  While we understand where this "free stuff" leads (see Venezuela), our reasoning and historical perspective are being drowned out.

With lying media, manipulative social media platforms, voter integrity and intimidation, mass centers of indoctrination, and the promise of free stuff, we will have many hurdles to overcome going into the midterms and beyond.  I pray that we have the stamina and heart to run the race and claim victory, because the hurdles, win or lose, will only get worse.

(“Don’t Get Cocky: Republican Election Hurdles for November” by Earick Ward dated October 21, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/10/dont_get_cocky_republican_election_hurdles_for_november.html )

The 60-year experiment in the progressive government-run education system in this country has cheated and defrauded not only those it purports to educate, but also the taxpayers who funded this sham.  It is apparent that no longer are American history, values, and civics taught.  In their place, the students at all levels of the educational system are being and have been indoctrinated with the communist-socialist-progressive philosophy of hatred of capitalism, envy and jealousy of the successful, denial of individual responsibility, and the belief that government can solve all of life's problems.  Let us not forget that the German movement headed by Adolf Hitler was called the National Socialists (Nazis).  Reminiscent of the Antifa- and Democrat-supported rioters of today are dressed in black, many with face masks, like the blackshirts of Fascist Italy.  The only thing lacking are the logo armbands with the appropriate symbol.  This radical philosophy and activity is being accepted and adopted by more and more so-called mainstream Democrats.  The Democrat appeal for violence against those who oppose them becomes louder and more strident every day.  Throughout history, this type of political activity has been embraced by basically two types of people.  The first is the person who seeks unbridled power over others and will use any means to achieve that end.  These people use the power of envy and jealousy to persuade, convince, and motivate the gullible to do their dirty work in order to gain power.  They will lie, cheat, and use the media to influence the masses by repeating over and over the "Big Lie."  Once in power, they will resort to violence, re-education camps, and "disappearing" of opponents.  Some of the first to "disappear" will be their most dedicated initial supporters.  The second group is the vast majority of ill educated dupes who refuse to admit the base level of human nature and are naïve enough to believe the utopian siren song of "free everything for everyone" the leaders of the movement keep singing.  Too late will they come to realize that there is no such thing as "free" anything and that someone has to pay for it.  Only when they spend hours if not days in line to purchase a loaf of bread or a quart of milk that may not be there will they come to realize the fallacy of their beliefs, but by then, it is too late.  These people are the cannon fodder of the manipulators and potential dictators, who, because of their lack of knowledge and understanding of history, will be sacrificed by those who take the reins of power over the great unwashed masses.  When we try to highlight the dangers and pitfalls of socialism by whatever name is currently in vogue, we are not heard.  Despite pre-war Germany, the Soviet Union, Cuba, and even the chaos of Venezuela, the young have been so indoctrinated and taught not to look at history so trying to reason with them is an exercise in futility.  Attempting to change their way of thinking, philosophy, or ideology in time to make a difference in their November voting preferences is really a waste of time.  The only solution to the problems they will cause is to raise the awareness of conservatives and other true patriots at every corner of the country and convince them to get out and vote in November in massive numbers.  Defeating the socialist Democrats at the ballot box before they retake power is the only hope for the country.

(“American socialism, 2018” by Michael N. Mattia dated October 19, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/10/american_socialism_2018.html )


In all this battling over what set of particular policy positions now constitutes one as a conservative, we are at risk of missing a greater paradigm shift in American politics and culture – one which has arguably rendered the traditional “liberal versus conservative” conflict obsolete.  The catalyst of this shift has been the rise of contemporary progressivism, an ideology which sees all formerly accepted elements of our social order (human beings as created male and female, marriage as the union of man and woman, the family as the bedrock institution of a healthy society) as unjust artifices and obstructions to progress.  In addition, unlike the American liberalism of old, progressives don’t believe in liberty for their religious, pro-life, gun-owning opponents.  Instead, the progressive left has taken a totalitarian, faux messianic turn, caring less and less whether Americans are free to do as they wish and instead focusing on ensuring that non-progressives are barred from doing as they wish.  The problem is not merely that this ideology goes radically beyond previous iterations of the American left – it is that progressivism is fundamentally opposed to America’s very foundational principles.  The Declaration of Independence, for example, takes for granted that human beings inhabit a natural order: there exist “Laws of Nature,” and we are “created” equal and “endowed with certain inalienable rights” which precede us.  Furthermore, the Founders’ keen understanding of human weakness led them, eventually, to craft a Constitution with institutions (the electoral college, the Senate, the Supreme Court) designed to thwart radical change rather than promote it.  Is it any surprise, then, that these very same institutions are now under attack by the progressive left today?  This presents an entirely new conflict in the history of our country.  While liberals and conservatives battled, sometimes very intensely, in the previous half-century over various policy agendas, they could usually at least agree on the objective being sought: the preservation and further advancement of the ideals America was founded on.  This end defined conservative causes but also liberal ones as well: women’s suffrage, the New Deal, the civil rights movement, and others.  However, today, this is increasingly no longer the case.  Progressives, disagreeing as they do over the question of the ultimate social good, often see their opponents as not only wrongheaded but also essentially unjust and immoral, and are beginning to treat them as such.  It is as a reaction to this change that the election of President Trump and the movement he has energized ought to be seen.  Progressives, in their bid for revolutionary social change, have captured, corrupted and weaponized nearly every significant institution of American culture: the press, the entertainment industry, academia, big business, etc. to advance their vision and marginalize all who oppose it.  Trump has been the anti-progressive, populist response to this elitist, progressive takeover, and in winning the White House, he has firmly entrenched the new “anti-progressive versus progressive” paradigm.  For political observers still seeking to interpret recent developments through the old conservative-liberal lens, it’s time to wake up and get with the times.  We have entered a new era in American politics, one where the divide is no longer over support of “fiscal discipline” or “free trade” but rather the very understanding of America itself.

(“Goodbye, Liberalism vs. Conservatism.  There’s a New Political Paradigm” by Frank Cannon dated October 26, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/frankcannon/2018/10/26/goodbye-liberalism-vs-conservatism-theres-a-new-political-paradigm-n2531875 )

With all that is going on today in our social and political culture, especially the audacious unmasking of what liberals and the Democrat Party are now demanding, it would not be difficult to imagine an America ruled by the Left, the modern liberal, the modern Democrat Party.  I say modern liberal because it is a far cry from the classic liberal of the forgotten past.  The classic liberal would advocate Constitutional Republicanism, a limited government with basic inalienable rights entrusted upon its people, shared equally by all its citizens, of all races, bestowed by God.  It was envisioned by our founders that all were created equal in the law and then allowed to be let loose to become all you can be with limited government and few limits.  Liberalism and the Democrat Party have morphed, into a shape that is no longer recognizable.  More likely they were stolen by nefarious groups who waited for their opportunity to affect a docile and pliable generation more concerned with getting high.  Liberals have achieved much power over the decades: almost completely taking over the media, the entertainment industry and the education system.  The internet has proven difficult for liberals.  They fear the totally free exchange of ideas…people thinking for themselves.  Facebook, Google and others are trying desperately to control what we all read.  Liberals live in a bizarre world of contradictions, intolerance, violence, and a narrow-minded world of strict conformity.  They are intellectually dishonest, without principle, continually in search of the perfect road to utopia where none exists.  It is a creed that feeds on emotion, their only approach to debate.  They advocate and promote a strong centralization of all political power, massive in size.  The liberal wants freedom from moral consequence and craves a collectivist, totalitarian state to achieve it.  They freely use catchy phrases like “social justice” to dupe the masses into thinking it will be a new and just world.  The liberal today clings to Socialist/Marxist principles in spite of decades of failure. It is their religion.  The liberal makes the State their god.  They will accept no others.  They believe government can solve all problems, and meet all needs, material, social, or spiritual.  They use their god to totally reinvent culture and society and eliminate all moral precepts.  This is an essential element to necessitate change…a transformation of American culture.  When you eliminate God, you eliminate the proposition that God is above human government, granting rights that government has no power or influence.  To destroy a nation, you must first destroy its culture and beliefs.  Judeo-Christianity is a natural antagonist of liberals because it is the perfect balance between the social contract and government.  As a result of our Judeo-Christian heritage, we have self-government, not in spite of it.  There was no need for an imperious, tyrannical state with a self-governing moral code.  To the liberal, codes like the Ten Commandments are unacceptable because they presuppose a law greater than government.  A Commandment such as “honor thy father and thy mother” reminds government that they are not the head of the household in spite of their attempts to weaken or destroy parental rights. “Thou shalt not steal” presupposes you have private property.  How many Ten Commandment plaques have been removed from public sight?  Liberals want our children, as early as possible, to indoctrinate and mold in their image. They loath innocence, especially of the young, and take it upon themselves to give them their ‘liberal morality’ as early as possible.  The 2nd Amendment possesses the greatest menace to the liberal/Democrat Socialist agenda.  It is a real and symbolic symbol of individual power.  They cannot tolerate it. Any true-believer who says they are for ‘responsible gun ownership’, is lying!  They will only accept total confiscation.  The essence of modern Liberalism is Communism.  Never mind labels like Democratic Socialism or Progressivism, it’s all Communism at its fulfillment.  The liberal creed is only for the masses, not the elite.  The Bolshevik Revolution did nothing for the Russian people.  Power merely exchanged hands to a select few.  The end result can only be world communism with no place to hide.  The mobs with the black masks do not understand that.  The U.S. will be liberalism’s most prized possession and its people its most formidable enemy.  It is the last great holdout of belief in God, individualism and freedom, the nemesis of the Left.  No American should be confused or undecided this November, because if America falls, the world will fall with it.

(“If the Left Had Their Way What Would It Be Like” by Ray DiLorenzo dated October 20, 2018 published by Canada Free Press at https://canadafreepress.com/article/if-the-left-had-their-way-what-would-it-be-like )


Tribalism is now the operative word to describe the political landscape since Donald Trump's electoral victory in 2016.  Rush Limbaugh described it well.  "The Washington establishment, to this day, does not understand Donald Trump.  They don't understand his voters, and they are not curious to find out why.  They just resent it."  The divide in American politics is not tribalism.  Instead of the traditional Republican versus Democrat version, we now live in a nation divided by elites and regular people.  Victor Davis Hanson writes, "An elite is defined by education (preferably Ivy League and its coastal counterparts), residence (primarily between Boston and Washington on the East Coast and from San Diego to Berkeley on the Pacific), profession (executive positions in government, media, law, foundations, the arts and academia), celebrity (name recognition from television, Hollywood, network news, finance, etc.) and ideology, such as those prominent in the progressive movement."  Elites are part of both political parties and make up what is generally called the "establishment."  While they often are accomplished people, they occasionally appear arrogant.  They tend to preach to regular folks about what is acceptable and what isn't.  They use their platforms to decry what is wrong with the values of regular Americans.  Regular people think there's nothing wrong with wanting to have a 1,500-square-foot house, watch football and go to church on Sunday.  They don't want to leave their hometowns to come to Silicon Valley or Washington, DC, or Manhattan.  They place great value on community and living near family and carrying out family traditions.  That's not hate, that's not stupidity, that's not racism – it's their own version of the American dream.  How did a Queens, New York real estate mogul become the champion of the regular people?  Donald Trump is loved by many people across this country.  He boldly speaks out against the elites.  He says what regular people across the country wish they had a platform to say.  Calling out the bias of the media (CNN, MSNBC, and others) by labeling them "fake news" rankles the establishment but is revered by regular folks who think the media have been twisting the truth for a long time.  President Trump also keeps his promises to the regular people.  Two excellent conservative jurists have been appointed to the Supreme Court.  Large numbers of conservative judges have passed through the Senate, leaving an indelible mark on the judiciary.  He pulled out of the Iran deal, as he said he would.  He moved the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, as he promised.  He pushed through Congress a huge tax cut, which was also promised.  The presidency of Donald Trump has not divided us into tribes.  It has been a revolt against the excesses of the elite.  Regular people have a champion and a voice.  It is the bond between Trump and his voters that will likely hold the Senate for the Republicans.  It is loyalty to the president that keeps the House in play for the Republicans, even though, historically, it shouldn't be.  It is that passion and trust that may fuel a Trump second term in 2020.

(“No, Donald Trump Did Not Infect America with ‘Tribalism’” by Bill Thomas dated October 21, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/10/no_donald_trump_did_not_infect_america_with_tribalism.html )


Turn a page in a newspaper, change the channel on your television, open an Email, visit a college or university campus, attend a democrat gathering, and there is a good chance you will read, see or hear something about white privilege, white supremacy, white imperialism, white racism, and old white men in positions of power.  Over the past decade, a new dynamic has emerged. The Caucasian race has been reduced in status and subjected to criticism and ridicule and usually blamed for most of the transgressions and ills that have one way or another plagued the entire planet. This is being used by the Left in all its ugly manifestations in politics, the media, and Hollywood.  If one were to set aside partisan and ideological bias and sit down and analyze this intolerant construct, I believe you will find the Left is intentionally employing race to subjugate white people they see as obstacles to their agenda and future plans and relegate whites to obscurity and eventually the trash heap of history.  In the Left’s mind, America is not big enough for the Caucasian race, and a diversified and multicultural nation of people of color, where white is passé and unacceptable.  The fact that it was white men that laid the foundation of this great nation, and brought modernity to the world through invention and innovation, apparently means very little to radicals.  So what are white people to do about this dilemma?  I believe we should issue an ultimatum to these anti-white bigots, cease and desist your aggressive and ignorant rhetoric, or we the descendants of Western Civilization will demand that you refrain from appropriating and using all the modern conveniences that the descendants of the West have introduced over the centuries for the betterment of mankind.

(“Anti-White Bigotry on Display” by Bob Pascarella dated October 19, 2018 published by iPatriot at https://ipatriot.com/anti-white-bigotry-on-display/ )

Has there been a subject lied about more for a longer time than immigration?  Republicans lie about it; Democrats lie about it until the proverbial cows come home; and then they lie about it some more.  You can start with the term "undocumented immigrants", a piece of newspeak that would make Orwell blush.  There's no such thing as undocumented immigrants or workers, as it is sometimes written, unless you mean actual U.S. citizens who have lost or had their IDs (Social Security cards, driver's licenses, passports, etc.) stolen.  The people being referred to are "illegal aliens," according to the law of the United States of America.  Therein lies one of the Big Lies about immigration: that Democrats, liberals, progressives, whatever they want to call themselves this week, really want secure borders; it's just the wall that bothers them.  What they want are votes and everyone, including them if they're faintly honest, knows it.  The pretense is they care about the downtrodden: Give me your tired, your poor and all that.  Activists, who tend to be uneducated, don't realize it, but Chicano hero Cesar Chavez of United Farm Workers fame opposed illegal immigration in favor of those who were lawful citizens or green card holders.  The caravan, largely from Honduras, is being exploited for political purposes.  Their migration does no good for anybody, especially the migrants themselves who will have spent what little savings they have in search of a "better life" only, to languish in holding pens for months before being sent home.  If they're lucky, they will slip away during the process to spend the rest of their lives in suspended animation living outside the law, scarcely a happy ending.  Meanwhile, if there are children involved, left-wing politicos and their press lackeys are all too eager to sponsor this tawdry enterprise in order, they hope, to embarrass Donald Trump.  The truth is the lefties are themselves the child abusers, exploiting not just the immigrants but their kids for political gains.  Beyond this dumb show, and far more important in the long run, allowing the U.S. to be an eternal safety valve for Honduras, and other failed states, is the best way to assure those states remain failed.  No one will be left to fix them, which seems to be what is  happening in Venezuela.)  Rather than providing this safety valve, we have a vested interest in the success of the Hondurases of the world, particularly when they are so close to our Southern border. Otherwise, the process will repeat forever.  We absolutely must start by finally closing the door as thoroughly as humanly possible on illegal immigration.  A Yale study revealed the unsurprising news that there were 22 million "undocumented immigrants" in the USA, rather than the 11 million we have been told ad nauseam for years.  This caravan may backfire and one of the reasons that Republicans hold the House.  If that happens, Congress should move swiftly on new immigration legislation overdue by decades.  

(“As Caravan Approaches, Quit lying about Immigration” by Roger L. Simon dated October 19, 2018 published by PJ Media at https://pjmedia.com/rogerlsimon/as-caravan-approaches-quit-lying-about-immigration/ )


There is so much published each week that unless you search for it, you will miss important breaking news.  I try to package the best of this information into my “Views on the News” each Saturday morning.  No updates have been made this week to the issue sections.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY