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October 30, 2010

Views on the News*

It is time to thank Barack Obama for waking up this country from the lethargy that it had been experiencing... the frogs no longer will let you boil them! The Tea Party, instead of protesting, should be grateful for the transformation he has been bringing about since it was so egregious that Americans could be silent no longer. The ungrateful masses look at what Obama hath wrought and see a federal government taking over their lives, debt biblically extending to "our children's children," and a ruling class that lives large while taxpayers now spend a quarter of their lives working to pay for its excesses. The President is creating a nation of "vile schools, lawless slums, economic stagnation, and social immobility." This "progressive feudalism" condemns the average American to a grim subsistence with "more and more of our lives ... regulated by government bureaucrats setting rules and regulations and licensing people." Gratitude is what the President wants, and gratitude is what he will get on Tuesday. Barack Obama, through a unique blend of excess and incompetence, has authored a new Great Awakening, where Americans are once again united to take back their country.

(“Thank You, Lord Barack, for the Great Awakening” by Stuart Schwartz dated October 29, 2010 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/10/thank_you_lord_barack_for_the.html )

Every election is about choices and politicians and the mainstream media is doing their best to obscure those choices.  In reality, the 2010 elections boils down to a few key questions:

·    Will we return to our capitalist free-market roots, or continue to pursue European style socialism? 

·    Will we secure our borders and enforce the laws already on the books as a result of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, or legalize millions of illegals again

·    Will Americans allow the government to dismantle a free-market health care system incrementally and thereby to take over one-sixth of the economy, or will they toss ObamaCare on the ash heap of history? 

·    Will we make it clear that politicians are responsible for what they do, or continue to allow them to blame others for their problems?

·    Do Americans believe we’re in a war with radical Islam or not? 

·    Will Americans continue to embrace “moral hazard” or not? 

·    Do Americans believe in the Constitution as written, or as a “living” document? 

Unfortunately, unless Republicans capture the Senate, Americans concerned with judicial overreach will have to hold their breaths for at least two more years.  Americans should remember that, absent a historically unprecedented turn of events, progressivism can only be contained, not defeated, in this election.  As long as the Radical-in-Chief occupies the White House, we will see two things: the continued blunting of anything other than a progressive agenda via the veto, and the attempt to bypass Congress completely through unelected Czars and Congressionally unaccountable agencies like the EPA. The former will produce gridlock, which is tolerable.  The latter may produce a Constitutional crisis regarding the limits of executive power because to date, Obama has shown no indication whatsoever of Bill Clinton’s ability to “triangulate” towards the center.  A large-scale repudiation on November 2nd will do nothing to chasten perhaps the most narcissistic individual ever elected to the Oval Office.

(“Over the Cliff, or Back from the Abyss?” By Arnold Ahlert dated October 29, 2010 published by Human Events at http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=39627 )

Many are preoccupied speculating about the magnitude of the impending Republican electoral victory, but the real question is what will they do, when they do recapture control. The Republicans' power will obviously be limited, even if they emerge with majorities in both chambers, because Obama will remain in charge of the coequal executive branch. Washington has wrought such destruction that remedial legislation is imperative to fix the damage. Seeing as Republicans presumably won't be able to pass such remedial legislation while Obama's president, what should they do? Republicans should initiate comprehensive reforms, along the lines of Congressman Paul Ryan's Roadmap for America rolling back government, severely cutting discretionary spending and seriously tackling entitlement reform. Republicans should do this even anticipating Obama will veto their legislation. They will then have remained true to their mandate and to conservative principles and kept faith with their base. They'll be able to go into the 2012 elections with their heads held high and offering a clear alternative to Obamaism. Complete legislative gridlock is infinitely superior to compromise en route to Obama-statism-light, which would not only advance statism but also unleash the righteous wrath of the conservative grass roots, who might then form a third party, possibly reducing the GOP to permanent irrelevance. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his colleagues have no intention of repealing ObamaCare, only repealing the "bad parts" of the law -- as if this monstrosity can be sanitized of its pernicious elements. We know all we need to know about the ruling class, including many establishment Republicans. Senator McConnell also said "We need to have a humble, grateful response about this election," he said. "Incidentally, there is no polling data that suggests (the voters) love us." Humility suggests Republican conformity to the nation's wishes, not abject compromise with the President, and maybe the GOP will regain the support they squandered.

(“What Should a Republican Majority” by David Limbaugh dated October 22, 2010 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/DavidLimbaugh/2010/10/22/what_should_a_republican_majority_do )

Europe is a sobering reminder that socialism has failed wherever it has been tried and will always do so despite the best efforts of the die-hard true believers, but within the halls of power in Washington, D.C. there is a socialist/progressive cabal, and its titular leader Barack Obama, oblivious to this reality. The riots in the streets of France and Greece, the announced layoffs of nearly 500,000 government employees in the United Kingdom, and the potential national bankruptcy of Ireland, Spain, Italy, and Portugal are the current face of this failure. The Washington, DC ideologues continue to cling to the belief that they have a unique ability to succeed where so many others have failed. The egocentric American Left know no bounds, and their determination to impose their will upon the United States has not and will not abate despite the results of any election. The original and present-day proponents of socialism fail to take into account one very basic but immutable factor: the fundamental nature of the human race as manifested in the industrial age. The most dominant trait mankind has, as do all living creatures, is an innate desire to survive and prosper. A secondary characteristic of human race, and the most dangerous, is the need by some to conquer or maintain total control over their fellow man. The easiest course to assume this power was to promise, in return for the support of the people, that the state, through a new ruling class, would provide the citizenry cradle-to-grave economic security. Thus, a Faustian bargain encompassing the desire by the majority for ease of survival and others for the need to rule was entered into. However, within this arrangement is the seed of its own destruction. For socialism to succeed, it must have an economic underpinning that can provide the foundation for massive social spending. The Soviet Union, as early as the 1920s and '30s, proved that complete state control of the means of production was a colossal failure, as it could not produce sufficient wealth to support the population, and their version of socialism (Communism) had to be enforced at the point of a gun or by starvation. Only the capitalist economic system, which is anathema to a powerful central government and its attendant oligarchy, can produce sufficient wealth necessary to underwrite a social safety net for the general public, promulgate upward mobility, and finance the security of any nation. Capitalism, reflective of that portion of mankind choosing to seek subsistence on their own terms, does by its nature celebrate the success of the individual, not the collective. Individuals, separately or together, driven by the motive of self-enrichment, produce goods or services desired by others. As the state inherently has more power than the individual, once socialist doctrine dominates the ruling class, government begins a relentless process of injecting itself into the affairs of the individual and producer class. Despite the history of failure, every new generation of adherents to socialist ideology believe that they can make this arrangement work and maintain their unwritten agreement with the citizenry. But the reality is that they cannot, as the economic engine of capitalism will not continue to produce wealth if it is increasingly put under the thumb of bureaucrats and central planners inevitably attempting not only to institute governmental management of the economy, but also to regulate the day-to-day activities of all citizens. In due course, centralized governments will, as history has shown, turn to excessive and unsustainable borrowing, as well as inflation, to finance their societal obligations. Social and economic chaos resulting in dramatically lower standard of living must inevitably ensue, and in some cases, these circumstances will lead to violence or revolution. No amount of promises, demonization of capitalism, seizure of the means of production, takeover of the media, confiscatory taxes, or printing of money will reinstitute prosperity or security for the populace. Within the United States, because of the socialist indoctrination of the governing class, this process is well on its way and will culminate, if not stopped now, in the end of this nation as an economic and military power. President Obama and his minions represent the greatest threat to the United States since its founding. The images of failure from around the globe must not be lost on the America since the country's destiny rests in utilizing the governmental structure bequeathed to them by the founders to strip away, as quickly as possible, the power expropriated by today's ruling class and the first step is winning of elections.

(“Socialism and Reality” by Steve McCann dated October 25, 2010 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/10/socialism_and_reality.html )


Democrats are invested in black racism and have enabled its maintenance and growth throughout our country’s history. When the all-Democrat, devilish slave masters dressed themselves up as high society, donned the big-hooped skirts, the fashionable sideburns, and waistcoats, they flaunted their "goodness" in America's finest high society by preening and prancing and claiming that they were the good white people who gave their slaves far better lives than they could have had in the jungles of Africa. When Abe Lincoln ran as the first Republican president, the devilish Democrats took out the hate card faster than they could flip their bullwhips at a black man's back. Historically speaking, it took less than a Chicago minute for those Democrat slaveholders to secede from the Union and start a war that came within a hair's breadth of killing America. Since outright slavery was abolished by the evil Abe, they first killed him, then morphed their evil ways into a little system, almost like slavery, called Jim Crow.  Democrats claimed they were always looking out for the black man, don't you know; trying to keep him separate for his own good. When Democrat President Johnson concocted his plan to change the color of the old racist beast's spots, he stumbled onto a winner that's lasted half a century and shows no real sign of letting go.  LBJ ushered in the age of condescending racism which transformed it into the same old ugly beast as slavery and Jim Crow. It's designed to addict the still-inferior black man to the slavers' handouts. Before the Great Society (the new Jim Crow) was enacted, black incomes were rising dramatically; black education levels were catching up fast; the middle-class black community was as strong as or stronger than its white counterpart; and out-of-wedlock pregnancies in the black community were just a sliver above the tiny percentages in the white community. It took less than a decade of LBJ's diabolical plan to see all that destroyed, and presto! The devil's party had got the majority of blacks right back on the plantation, held firmly in place there with the invisible shackles of addiction to handouts.  The federal housing ghettos promptly took the place of the old slave quarters, where no white man dared to tread -- not even police officers. The welfare office and the food stamp office became the new slave master's rations queue. ACORN took the place of the overseer. The most diabolical part of all was that the new system was even better than Jim Crow at producing more numbers of dependent offspring. The black nuclear family that had thrived under Jim Crow, with just a tiny percentage of illegitimate births, suddenly disintegrated under LBJ's diabolical plot to give more in handouts for the more dependent kids a black (slave) could produce. The black community now keeps itself voluntarily in slavery with a never-ending explosion of out-of-wedlock births. To top that off, Democrat devils ushered in control of the public schools by teachers' unions. They promptly destroyed public education in America, insuring that the black ghetto (slave quarters) will go on and on and on.  And here we are, full circle after all these years. If the election of Barack Obama has taught this country a single worthy thing, it's this: souls come in only one color. Just like the African continent has discovered to its dismay and disgust, the color of a man's skin doesn't mean a thing; as Martin Luther King said, “The only thing that counts is a man's character.”

(“The Big, Blue D Stands for ‘Devil’” by Kyle-Anne Shiver dated October 26, 2010 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/10/the_big_blue_d_stands_for_devi.html )


The Washington Post has finally exposed the blatant racial discrimination involved in the dismissal of the New Black Panther case which is extremely bad news for the Eric Holder Justice Department. Through multiple deep sourcing within the Voting Section and Civil Rights Division, it confirms everything that Christopher Coates about before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. It also has administration officials defending the dismissal by arguing that the civil rights laws weren’t intended to protect whites. Alas, they confess to their true beliefs after more than a year of lies and misdirection. It does omit the fact that the New Black Panthers are a virulent, anti-Semitic organization which routinely rage against “the Jews!” and who have called for the murder of “cracker babies in their cribs.” It also reveals that various Justice Department officials were less than truthful in their statements to Congress and the public, sometimes under oath. The cover-up is always worse. For example, administration officials told the Civil Rights Commission they were unaware of any hostile attitudes in the DOJ toward equal enforcement of the law. Others have run interference for them in communications to Congress and the Commission. The admission by an administration official that the civil rights laws were made to protect only minorities is nothing new. The biggest threat to the DOJ spin, and the officials who have made incorrect statements under oath, is the fact that Justice attorneys inside the Voting Section are now talking to the Washington Post. Maybe one day soon we will see blind Justice, unhampered by partisan politics or racial discrimination, but the DOJ will protect itself as best it can.

(“Time for Heads to Roll Over New Black Panther Dismissal” by J. Christian Adams dated October 23, 2010 published by Pajamas Media at http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/time-for-heads-to-roll-over-new-black-panther-dismissal/ )


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