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October 31, 2015


The dreaded conservatives are in the driver’s seat, forcing the caucus kicking and screaming to the right.  The conservatives have won and we need to understand and accept that so we can move on to the next phase in our campaign to destroy progressivism and restore America.  The fact that conservatives have taken the reins away from the moderates makes people mad, mostly moderate people.  Their problem is that we conservatives just won’t cooperate and compromise and lose.  That’s not to say that many of us on the right are not also frustrated and annoyed at the hardcore conservatives.  Paul Ryan was saying “Yes” when he agreed to not push amnesty, to maintain the Hastert Rule, and to reform House procedures.  Yes, hardcore conservatives are a pain, but it’s a good hurt, like when your legs get sore after a run or your knuckles ache after punching a hippie.  Let’s face facts, without the hardcore conservatives, Paul Ryan would be happily wonking out as Ways and Means chairman instead of promising to giving us about 90% of what we want.  The “Craziest Guy in the Room” strategy involves being the guy willing to pull a Samson and bring it all down on top of everyone because he’s perfectly happy to get crushed in the collapse just as long as he takes you all with him.  That’s the role of the hardcore conservatives who won’t settle for anything less than 110% of what they want.  All hail conservatives who won’t compromise, who won’t buckle, who won’t let the go-along/get-along gang keep going along and getting along.  There’s no turning back either.  Every election cycle, more of the old guard retires and more of the new breed comes on board.  Boehner made no secret that he held conservatives in contempt, and for that the conservatives broke him.  This isn’t some phase the GOP is going to outgrow.  We’re not afraid to demand that those who lead us be conservative.  Yeah, conservatives can be annoying, but people who actually believe in something often are annoying.  Here’s the reality, we conservatives have won!  As we exchange our place on the fringes of the party with the RINOs, we are dealing with a whole new set of challenges. We conservatives now represent the GOP consensus, and power struggles we have seen are our growing pains.

(“Deal With It – We Conservatives are Here to Stay” by Kurt Schlichter dated October 26, 2015 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2015/10/26/deal-with-it--we-conservatives-are-here-to-stay-n2070099 )

I am the first to say all people are solely responsible for their behavior.  The latest horrific incidents of the racial Knockout Game were ignored by the mainstream media.  The media refused to mention in their coverage that the attackers were black, and yet, race is the first thing out of reporters' mouths in those rare incidences in which whites assault blacks.  Stats show that blacks assault whites far more than vice versa.  Democrats with MSM assistance have successfully convinced many black youths to believe that white America is a collection of racist murderers and responsible for all of black America's woes.  This Democrat-media insidious lie has caused black youths to feel morally justified in punishing their white nemesis.  Few people realize that the Democrat Party is at war with America.  I am saying everything the Democrat Party does is an attack on traditional morals and values.  The party leadership is repulsed by our God-given freedom and rights written in the Constitution.  Due to his radical education and perverted view of morality, President Obama believes that the world has too little because America has too much, and he is using his presidency to dethrone America as the world power.  These elitists live in massive mansions, drive gas-guzzlers, and use colossal amounts of fuel flying their private planes.  Meanwhile, they lobby to force us peons to drive tiny tin cans, use public transportation, and “lower our carbon footprint” to “save the planet.”  The nationwide epidemic of blacks attacking innocent whites is due to a clarion call to attack by Democrat-inspired and supported Black Lives Matter.  What is so frustrating and crazy is that the BLM movement was founded on the lie that white cops and white civilians routinely murder blacks.  Then there is Kate's Law, which was voted down in the Senate by 44 Democrats.  Kate's Law is a mandatory five years in jail for felony illegals who keep coming back.  To protect our families, a majority of Americans want Kate's Law. Democrats said, Screw you, America.  Democrats want to roll out the welcome mat to illegals because they want to give them the right to vote.  Another reason why Obama and the Democrats ignore federal law, encouraging the invasion of illegals, is because they believe that America has been too white for too long.  Despite national protest rallies and massive opposition from the American people, President Obama officially signed his insane Iran nuke deal, giving the world's largest sponsors of terrorism $150 billion.  Iranians boldly chant, “Death to America.”  Obama lied, claiming there are ballistic missile restrictions in his Iran nuke deal.  There are not, and those missiles will be pointed at America.  A majority of American voters still oppose ObamaCare. It is just another example of the Democrats saying, Screw you.  We're taking over your health care, deciding who lives or dies, whether you like it or not. It is chilling that a political party places its liberal agenda above the lives and best interest of Americans, and this is how their party rolls: Democrats versus the People.

(“Democrats at War with the People” by Lloyd Marcus dated October 25, 2015 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/10/wake_up_america_democrats_at_war_with_the_people.html )

Confronted with disappointing data from around the world, economists are whispering a word that hasn’t seemed like a real possibility in years: recession.  It starts with the slowdown in China, which is already straining the global recovery.  Slower growth abroad translates into weaker foreign currencies and a stronger U.S. dollar, which makes American goods harder to sell in the global marketplace.  A growing chorus of prominent economists and analysts are arguing those dynamics could tip the world into recession within the next two years.  The pace of U.S. job growth has slowed substantially compared to last year.  The final months of the year are a potential minefield for the U.S. recovery: Congress must raise the nation’s borrowing limit before November 3rd to avert a catastrophic default; and lawmakers also need to approve the budget for the federal government or face a confidence-sapping shutdown.  Most analysts still believe the most likely scenario is that the country continues to chug along: Congress reaches an eleventh-hour compromise, the nation’s central bank maintains its balancing act, and the U.S. recovery is weighed down but not derailed by international turmoil.  Currently, estimates of economic growth are around a sluggish 1% annual rate.  Though expectations for next year have been repeatedly lowered, they are still positive.  Countries such as Brazil and Australia that once boomed by exporting raw materials to China are now suffering a reversal of fortune as commodity prices plunge.  As growth slows, their currencies are weakening against the dollar, which, in turn, makes U.S. exports more expensive and drags down on the recovery.  Since World War II, recessions have occurred an average of every five years.  The current expansion is more than six years old, beginning in July 2009.  The Great Recession started in December 2007 but was not officially diagnosed until a year later, after the Dow Jones Industrial average had already fallen roughly 40% and more than 3.5 million workers had lost their jobs.  A common refrain in economics is that expansions do not die of old age.  Rather they are victims of policy decisions, such as the Fed interest rate hikes in the early 1980s to tame double-digit inflation, or of unexpected shocks, such as the implosion of the subprime mortgage industry.  Most economists believe the next recession will likely be mild, but the problem is that the nation’s top policymakers may have less power to combat it.  Bitterly divided lawmakers have no clear plan for averting a catastrophic default on the nation’s debt obligations next month or a shutdown of the federal government in December.  The hurdle for any stimulus may be insurmountable.  The other backstop during the financial crisis was the Fed.  The nation’s central bank slashed its key interest rate to zero in December 2008 and has pumped trillions of dollars into the economy.  Seven years later, rates are still at zero and the Fed has maintained a $4.5 trillion balance sheet.  In other words, most of the central bank’s arsenal is already deployed.  The nation’s labor force has shrunk to the lowest level since the 1970s, partly because many people have given up looking for work.  Those working part-time even though they would prefer full-time jobs remain well above the pre-recession level.  Perhaps most importantly, wage growth has remained stuck at about 2% despite a drop in the unemployment rate and a pickup in hiring.  For many Americans, the difference between recovery and recession is blurry at best.

(“Economists are starting to warn about the risk of a new U.S. recession” by Yian Q. Mui dated October 23, 2015 published by The Washington Post at http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonkblog/wp/2015/10/23/economists-are-starting-to-sound-alarm-about-the-risk-of-a-new-u-s-recession/ )

Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has a good point, America needs to be more like Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries, but he’s wrong about the reason why.  He thinks socialism is the cause of their success, but the true cause is their older free-market culture and their recent efforts to return toward market and economic freedom.  Since the 1990s, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway have expanded private property rights, business freedom, investment freedom and financial freedom.  Sanders sees the size of the Scandinavian welfare states and the relative health and happiness they enjoy, and thinks this correlation proves causation.  These countries’ benefits arguably spring from their free-market pasts, not their brief dalliance with big government.  Scandinavian countries are well known for their unusually high levels of trust, a strong work ethic and an emphasis on individual responsibility.  These traits are not the result of socialistic welfare states, but the explanation for why such bloated government programs could be implemented in the first place.  The culture of hard work meant few people tried to live off of welfare and “game the system,” but after big governments were introduced however, the culture changed — for the worse.  Contrary to Bernie Sanders’ belief, the 1960s – 1990s expansion of welfare states actually held the Nordic countries back.  Big government has weakened the strong culture which enabled welfare states in the first place, and these countries know it.  With little fuss or political protest, or notice abroad, Denmark has been at work overhauling entitlements, trying to prod Danes into working more or longer or both.  Denmark has been hard at work at reform.  In 2013, it reduced early-retirement plans, and cut the term for unemployment benefits from four years to two.  In recent years, all the Nordic countries have decreased their corporate tax rates, each one is lower than in the United States.  They also support free trade, unlike American Socialists like Bernie Sanders, who opposed the 1990s North American Free Trade Agreement.  There are clear lessons a huge, diverse country can learn from the recent experiences of these small, homogeneous nations.  The biggest lesson might surprise Bernie Sanders: socialism doesn’t work.  A cradle-to-grave welfare state has transformed the strong work ethic of the Scandinavian countries into a sad complacency.  People in the Nordic countries are suffering from the ill effects of the very socialism which Bernie Sanders wants to bring to America.  They know it doesn’t work, and they are working hard to achieve robust, free-market reforms.  We should strive to copy their recent reforms: they have woken up to the woes of dependency and big government; they have cut their corporate tax rates and have made their country a better place to do business; we should follow their example.

(“Yes, America Needs to be More Like Denmark” by Tyler O’Neil dated October 27, 2015 published by PJ Media at http://pjmedia.com/blog/yes-america-needs-to-be-more-like-denmark/ )


The treatment of Christians in Islamist-dominated nations is well known.  Islamists throughout the Middle East and Central Asia are beheading and crucifying the Christians they don't use as slaves.  Europe is inexplicably importing even more Muslims who proclaim openly that their ideology gives them the Allah-given right to kill, rob, rape, and/or enslave those not like themselves, including the wrong kinds of Muslims.  You can take the Muslim out of the Islamic State but you cannot take the Islamic State out of the IS Muslim, as shown by the honor killing of a rape victim in Germany.  The Obama Administration wants to import hundreds if not thousands of school shootings, Fort Hood massacres, Boston Marathon bombings, and 9/11s waiting for times and places to happen.  Militant Islamists have declared open war on the entire civilized world, which gives us both the right and the duty to destroy their entire ideology and, if Islam cannot reform itself, the entire Islamic religion.  The instant the Islamist uses their Koran, their prophet, and their deity to menace us with physical harm and/or violation of our human rights, the inherent right of self-defense entitles us to destroy all three.  Millions of Muslims throughout the world already practice a civilized religion that retains the positive and constructive aspects of Mohammad’s original creation while discarding the negative and violent ones.  These Muslims are our friends, and the mufsidun or evildoers would kill them for being the wrong kinds of Muslims as readily as they would kill us for being Jews or Christians.  There is nothing to stop a Muslim Martin Luther from creating an Islamic faith as different from Islamism as Protestantism is from Catholicism as the latter was practiced during the Middle Ages.  The Left's standard reaction to condemnation of militant Islam is to accuse the critics of racism and hate speech.  When the Left bleats "racism," it similarly bluffs and intimidates with a weapon that relies entirely on intimidation rather than substance.  Islamism gets away with (literally) murder because most of us are raised to respect the religious faiths of others, but an ideology is not a religion. Islamism is simply Nazism with a crescent rather than a swastika and, before anybody invokes Godwin's Law, here is the proof:

·    Both ideologies define their members as superior: the Herrenvolk or Master Race, and the Dar-al-Islam or House of Submission.

·    Both ideologies define non-members as inferiors: Untermenschen or subhumans, and kafirs and infidels.

·    Both ideologies claim the right to kill, rape, rob, and/or enslave those they deem inferior.  Islamism adds that kafirs and infidels, including the wrong kinds of Muslims, are part of the Dar-al-Harb or House of War.  If Islamists want war, we need to give it to them until their ideology is no more socially acceptable than Nazism.

·    Both ideologies claim the right to rule the world.  The Palestinian Mickey Mouse clone Farfur says, "We are setting with you the cornerstone for world leadership under Islamic leadership." This sounds very familiar. 

·    The Nazis used the Hitler Youth to indoctrinate children, while the Palestinian TV show Pioneers of Tomorrow (starring Farfur) indoctrinates children to hate infidels and become suicide bombers.

·    The ideologies behind Nazism and Islamism are described in Mein Kampf and the Koran respectively.

Islamism and Nazism differ significantly in only two respects: (1) Aryan women are members of the Master Race while women in fundamentalist Islamic countries are chattel property like livestock, and (2) Hitler never raped a nine year old girl.  Islamism's religious foundations raise some grave doubts:

·    Jesus died for Christians, Muslims died for Mohammad. In India, by the way, Vishnu died for Hindus, Muslims died for Mohammad. Mohammad obviously created his own religion to get his deluded followers to murder and die for his personal benefit.

·    Islamism the only "religion" that has to use violence to convince people to join and compel them to stay.

·    The Koran defines Allah as the greatest of deceivers, as in the Father of Lies.

·    Islamism promises shahids or martyrs a giant whorehouse in the sky where Allah provides them with beautiful women.

·    If Allah is all-knowing and all-powerful, and his followers are the Master Ideology, why do infidel nations such as the United States, Japan, and Israel have much higher standards of living than even oil-rich Islamic nations? 

The things that happened in Germany during the 1930s are happening again throughout the world, but this time with a Koran rather than a swastika, so the civilized world needs to stop this Islamist agenda, and stop it hard.

(“Time to Fight Back in the Holy War of Islamism” by William A. Levinson dated October 25, 2015 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/10/time_to_fight_back_in_the_holy_war_of_islamism.html )


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