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November 4, 2017


The media seldom mentions the Democrats when discussing President Donald Trump’s adversaries.  They almost never brought up Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi or any other party official.  Almost all conversations about roadblocks Trump faces or opposition to his initiatives centered on what was perceived as the media’s biased portrayal of him and his administration, rather than on anything the Democrats were doing.  Republicans and conservatives have grumbled about unfair coverage from the “mainstream media” for decades, but the Trump era has brought us to a new plateau, one where the media has moved from adversarial to oppositional.  Many observers, on both right and left, have come to see the media as the leader of the resistance.  Many in the me dia would undoubtedly lay much of the blame on Trump’s “fake news” attacks.  Peruse the pages or websites of most of our nation’s leading news providers, and it’s easy to understand why such a perception has taken hold. Former Democratic president Jimmy Carter’s widely reported comments in Maureen Dowd’s recent New York Times column about the media’s coverage of Trump were a welcome acknowledgment of the obvious from someone other than a Trump loyalist.  We are at a dangerous precipice in how Americans receive and digest information and, ultimately, form opinions.  The concern is no longer just the violation of journalistic ethics.  The real danger is that millions of Americans no longer view the news media as merely left-leaning but instead as an all-but- declared political movement.  All that remains is to nominate a standard-bearer in the next election.  Trump and his administration deserve close scrutiny and an adversarial press.  The media should keep reporting what they identify as his lies, his failures and his blunders, wherever the facts lead, in every instance.  There are other stories that are being ignored or buried, success stories that more accurately reflect the whole picture, but such stories are seldom assigned, and when they are, they’re usually given a negative spin.  The media’s anti-Trump fever has shown small signs of breaking lately.  CNN, the worst offender among the cable networks, “fact checked” claims by press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about the president’s accomplishments so far, and, lo and behold, did not pronounce any of them a lie.  Reversing the path they’re on would require a significant internal overhaul by the nation’s leading media organizations, but doing so could help them regain their lost credibility and restore the majority of Americans’ faith in them as unbiased arbiters of truth and evenhanded watchdogs of government.

(“Media needs o find balance in its coverage of Trump” by Gary Abernathy dated October 27, 2017 published by Times-Gazette at https://dailygazette.com/article/2017/10/27/media-needs-to-find-balance-in-its-coverage-of-trump )

America is at war, but not with a particular country, in spite of our endless entanglements in the Middle East.  The war is against a more nebulous enemy, one that goes by many names: the status quo; the deep state; the establishment; the elites.  The enemy is everywhere: media, entertainment, sports, academia, and among the ruling class in Washington, DC.  Singleminded in focus, the enemy wants to “fundamentally transform America”, creating a “new world order,” to borrow phrases from both sides of the political aisle.  A slide toward socialism, communism, fascism, or any other “ism” leaving the anointed ones in power deciding for the masses what is best, how they should live, what they should think, how they should behave.  Yet the GOP is not pushing back, instead its members acquiescing or cowering in fear of being called mean names by the prominent newspapers and television networks, acting like wimps, and not willing to fight.  The pushback is instead coming from one man, Donald Trump, his assembled team, and 65 million citizen supporters.  It's such a shame that so much of this man’s political party has not joined him in the fight, content to sit on the sidelines at best, or at worst actively working to thwart his efforts.  Republicans should be delighted to have a like-minded occupant in the White House. Trump favors most of the issues that Republicans traditionally campaign on: lower taxes, less government spending, repealing ObamaCare, strengthening our borders, and conservative judges.  Now nine months into the Trump presidency, ObamaCare is still in place, so are high taxes, and the border wall isn’t funded.  There is little Congressional support for Trump blowing up the Iran nuke deal and the Paris climate accords, for cutting regulations, cleaning out the swamp creatures of the deep state, and expeditiously confirming conservative judges.  This is a recipe for disaster, the GOP prefers to lose rather than fight.  Voters are weary of GOP lack of agenda, ineptitude, squandering a once-in-a-lifetime electoral majority.  The heirs to Trump’s likely eight years in the White House are Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, to name a few.  So, why are Cruz and Rubio not leading the charge for advancing Trump’s agenda through Congress?  That’s what winners do.  Losers remain quiet or else fuss and pout like spurned schoolgirls.  Cruz finally broke his silence on a talk radio show a few days ago, telling his GOP colleagues to “shut up and do your job.”  What a concept, do your job.  "The job" being what Republicans were elected to do, what they promised voters they would do if elected and given Congressional majorities and the White House.  Democrats are sure fighting.  Turn on the news and there’s Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and other Democrats fighting for their agenda.  The only fighters on the Republican side are the #NeverTrumpers. McCain, Flake, and Corker.  Where is the fight?  ObamaCare repeal has been kicked down the road til next year, tax cuts are questionable, and same for funding the wall, one of the President’s signature campaign issues.  If Republicans joined Trump in the fight, they would win, remaking the political and electoral landscape for a generation, maintaining electoral majorities for decades. Instead they choose not to be barbarians, but wimps, and in the battle for civilization, and reelection, they will lose.

(“GOP Would Rather Lose than Fight” by Brian C. Joondeph dated October 29, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/10/gop_would_rather_lose_than_fight.html )


As Majority Leader Mitch McConnell  is fond of saying, “winners make policy, losers go home.”  Unfortunately, Republicans in the Senate refuse to take the phrase to heart.  We are just under 280 days into the Trump presidency, yet beyond nominations, Congress has made almost no progress passing the agenda America elected them to enact.  They have promised us for years that they’d repeal ObamaCare, lower taxes, decrease burdensome regulation, but they finally have the chance with a president willing and eager to sign legislation and they simply can’t get their act together.  Donald Trump’s victory last November was not just a repudiation of the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton.  No, 2016 was a revolt against the entire Washington establishment, both on the left and the right.  Don’t forget, Trump blew away everyone in the Republican primary too, from accomplished governors to Jeb Bush from Tea Party darlings to washed up Senators.  The message from this trouncing is clear: the American people are tired of the status quo, of business as usual.  So, while Republicans in D.C. are still lost in the mindset that voters will still support them because "they're not the other guys," that's not entirely true: promises were made, tens of millions of dollars were raised off said promises.  Time to man up, Republicans, and fulfill those promises or else people might call you what you're acting like: liars.  There will be consequences for inaction, and for every establishment action against the America First agenda and its advocates, there will be an even greater reaction.  Elected Republicans had better prepare for primary challengers from the right, just like the Tea Party candidates in 2010.  The same forces that sent conservatives to Congress in waves are ready and waiting to remove the members of Congress that refuse to do what they promised.  Unfortunately, too many Republicans in Congress are spending more time preparing to respond to tweets than they are to passing legislation.  Do the work you were elected to do, or get out. Remember, winners make policy and losers go home, and I'd love for you to go out as winners, but since some of your loser colors have shown through, maybe it is just best you go home.

(“Losers are going to ‘Flake’ because winners make policy and whiners go home” by Ned Ryun dated October 29, 2017 published by The Hill at http://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/357585-losers-gonna-flake-because-winners-make-policy-and-whiners-go-home )

The problem with liberalism is that it is not only the opposite of conservatism, but liberals do not understand that it is the negative, detrimental ideology.  A liberal believes in liberty without responsibility.  When a person starts taking responsibility for their lives rather than blaming others that is when they become conservatives.  Conservatism is about choosing what is right, vs. Liberalism that is always about choosing what is easy.  For example, it is easier to believe what someone else says than it is to find the facts for yourself.  Recently a pollster went out among educated students to ask them what they thought of Bernie Sander’s tax plan.  Liberals believe what they are told without thought.  They are told Trump is bad and Bernie is good.  They are told Trump will steal from the middle class to give tax cuts to the rich.  Bernie has said he would tax the rich more, which is part of what makes this poll so funny.  If they exercised even a modicum of critical thought they would have asked why Bernie would propose tax cuts for corporations, but these mindless drones were not educated, but were indoctrinated into liberal leftist thinking.  These students start out rejecting Trump’s tax plan even though they don’t know what it is, and find themselves cheering for the proposed tax reform plan they believe is Bernie’s until they find out it is Trump’s.  What is needed to prevent liberal indoctrination are classes in real history and logic to create students who think critically for themselves rather than the automatons being churned out on the Democrat assembly line.  The Obamas and Clintons are masters of deflection, projection, disassembly, and distraction.  The phony Russian collusion with Trump went down the drain long ago, but Mueller continues to push to find some kind of evidence with which to charge Trump.  The actual crimes of Hillary and Obama working with Russians are coming into light at long last.  The Russian stick Hillary has been trying to hit Trump with has just boomeranged into the back of Hillary’s head.  Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  Football players who think they are used as slaves and oppressed as they live like kings are the poster children for cognitive dissonance.  Democrat taught students are not educated, but indoctrinated.  Liberalism vs. conservatism is the difference between blaming others for your problems vs. taking responsibility.  That’s why liberals love authoritarianism over liberty and want to exercise control while claiming to be tolerant.  The difference between being a liberal and a conservative is when one learns to take responsibility rather than blame others for their own failings.  Democrats blame Trump and Republicans for their sorry lives when Obama and the Democrats with their RINO allies have been running the country for the last eight years.  The greed and envy of the Left are not positive qualities.  What they and their children need is education to learn logic and critical thinking.  They need to be deprogrammed from their brainwashed state that Republicans are for corporate greed and Democrats are for the little guy.  Leftists accuse Trump of appealing using populism as his platform.  Their interpretation of “populism” is pandering to the popular bigotry of nationalist racism.  They equate nationalism with the National Socialism of the Nazi Party, but they have to ignore the fact that Nazism is part of their socialist totalitarian ideology.  Like the KKK and BLM, both are Democrat creatures used as militant arms to promote their racist ideology of the day.  The definitions of the ideologies of Right and Left are completely different from what leftists pretend them to be.  The Left blindly detest Trump because they know the corruption in Washington is mostly the Democrat Party, the party of slavery, segregation, oppression, and totalitarian socialism in which the government rules over the people rather than serves the people.  As Trump is draining the swamp and undoing Obamaism, the Left has been raging for over a year.  The economy is preparing to skyrocket, the nation is recovering from Obama’s forced depression, and swamp dwellers in the Republican Party are seeking favor from the leftist media by slandering Trump.  Nothing is more imperative than that Trump succeeds in getting RINOs out of the party and cleaning up Washington; Nothing is more imperative than continuing to defeat and expose the lies of Democrats; and nothing is more imperative than taking leftists out of schools and media and teaching future generations righteous critical thinking and how to keep their children from being indoctrinated into the leftist ideology of hate and lies.

(“Liberal Lemmings and the Follower Mentality” by Dustin Koellhoffer dated October 27, 2017 published by iPatriot at http://ipatriot.com/liberal-lemmings-follower-mentality/ )

The Left has been desperately working for months to find any shred of evidence that Donald Trump had even the slightest connection to Russia during the presidential campaign.  Despite having the full support of their friends in the media, they have consistently failed to find anything substantive.  At first, I assumed the liberal elites were simply driven by their inability to accept that the American people elected Donald Trump as their 45th president.  Now, I have another theory: The Trump-Russia story is meant to serve as a pure distraction aimed at masking real corruption by the Clinton political machine.  As The Hill reported on Sunday, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, a Kremlin-linked bank paid her husband, former President Bill Clinton, hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Also during her tenure as top diplomat, earlier reports indicate Canadian and Russian business executives directed many millions more to the Clinton Foundation.  In fact, citing recently unsealed Federal Bureau of Investigation reports, The Hill described a thorough Russian campaign aimed at gaining access to the Clintons and capitalizing on their influence, while also spying on them to advance a pro-Russia agenda.  In 2010, the FBI arrested 10 so-called “sleeper cell” Russian spies who had reportedly become too close to Hillary Clinton.  Meanwhile, while serving as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was also overseeing a laundry list of U.S.-Russian initiatives and dealings.  Among other things, she served on the Committee on Foreign Investment, where she voted in favor of President Obama’s approval of the sale of Uranium One, a Canadian business, to a state-owned Russian nuclear energy outfit.  At the time, the Canadian company controlled 20% of the U.S. uranium reserves.  Before the sale was approved, a Kremlin-linked bank that supported the deal paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for a 90-minute speech in Moscow to promote the Uranium One’s stock.  Bill then met personally with Vladimir Putin.  All the while, people linked with Uranium One, and its previous incarnation UrAsia, reportedly paid the Clinton Foundation $145 million in donations.  You can’t make this stuff up, and while the news media continues to acknowledge the facts, they still claim there is no foul play on behalf of the Clintons in terms of the uranium deal.  The Media Research Center found that the ABC, NBC, and CBS evening shows have “spent only 3 minutes and 1 second on the Clinton Foundation scandal in more than two years.”  In comparison, another Media Research Center report found that since Inauguration Day evening shows on these three networks have aired “1,000 minutes of coverage discussing Russia’s attempt to boost Trump in 2016, and speculation that Trump’s campaign may have colluded with the Russians in this project.”  Remember: The so-called collusion story came out of supposed opposition research we now know was funded by Clinton and her Democrat allies.  Thankfully, House and Senate Republicans have now launched new investigations into the Clintons’ ties to Russia, as well as Hillary’s illegal use of a private email server as Secretary of State.  The email scandal is now even more significant given that we know that she continued to use a private, insecure email server despite the FBI arresting a ring of Russian agents who were specifically targeting her.  This may become the greatest corruption scandal in American history.  The first thing Congress should do is demand that every single dollar donated to the Clinton Foundation and its charity initiatives be made public to show exactly where the Clintons derived their money.  The truth about the level of foreign donation, influence peddling, and outright corruption involved in the Clinton world could change American politics forever.  The great irony of all this though, is that the Clintons started the so-called Russian collusion scandal, and in the end, they may be the ones destroyed by it.

(“The Clintons started the so-called Russian collusion scandal and may be destroyed by it” by Newt Gingrich dated October 27, 2017 published by Fax News at http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/10/27/newt-gingrich-clintons-started-so-called-russian-collusion-scandal-and-may-be-destroyed-by-it.html )


Donald Trump is not on the ropes and, in fact, politically and legally he is doing just fine.  The latest revelations from special prosecutor Robert Mueller have produced little new relevant information and nothing that implicates the president in criminal activities.  His approval ratings remain low, but among Republicans roughly 80% think he is doing a good job.  He has begun to redefine the Republican Party in his own image. Those who disapprove of him are being forced to either recant or drop out of politics.  All of this is worth keeping in mind when trying to assess the significance of the three charges announced by Mueller.  All three men charged were involved in the Trump campaign, but the charges against two of them, former campaign chair Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates, have nothing to do with the campaign or alleged Russian efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential race.  The third man, George Papadopoulos, has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his connections with Russia, but those connections apparently led to nothing.  The charges against Manafort and Gates are based on allegations that they laundered millions of dollars earned by working for pro-Moscow Ukrainian politicians between 2006 and 2015, before they joined the Trump campaign.  For most of the period, it wasn’t considered illegitimate in Washington to work for Ukraine’s then pro-Russian regime.  Democrats as well as Republicans did so.  When that changed and Manafort’s connection to Ukrainian oligarchs became a political liability, Trump did what most politicians do: He fired him.  The Papadopoulos charge hits closer to home.  It directly links the Trump campaign to the Russians.  Papadopoulos told the FBI that he made contact with a mysterious professor in London and a woman who was identified as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s niece.  In April 2016, he reported that the mysterious professor had offered him a treasure trove of emails that would reflect badly on Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ presidential nominee.  These may have been the e-mails eventually released by WikiLeaks that outlined embarrassing conflicts within the Clinton campaign, as well as efforts by the Democrat establishment to sandbag maverick challenger Bernie Sanders.  Nothing came of Papadopoulos’ efforts to arrange a Trump-Putin meeting.  By June, someone with connections to Russia was again offering damaging information about Clinton, this time to Donald Trump Jr., but according to Trump Jr. nothing came of that either.  These revelations confirm what we already knew, that someone allegedly connected to Russia offered the Trump campaign emails critical of Clinton.  There is no indication that Trump or his campaign took part in a criminal conspiracy to obtain those emails.  There is no evidence that Republican voters, who currently control both houses of Congress, care.

(“Donald Trump handily survives latest Russia revelations” by Thomas Walkom dated October 31, 2017 published by Toronto Star at https://www.thestar.com/opinion/star-columnists/2017/10/31/donald-trump-handily-survives-latest-russia-revelations-walkom.html )


Daniel Lang argues: I think that the political landscape in America is going to be drifting towards conservatism for the next 20-40 years.”  Here are his five reasons for his beliefs, and I agree with him, and if all things continue as they have for the last ten months, we should to prepare for a compelling conservative pre-eminence:

·    The Federal judiciary will be more conservative - The Number One argument from Trump supporters to convince dubious fellow conservatives to vote for Trump was the United State Supreme Court.  Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to replace Antonin Scalia has confirmed that he will reshape SCOTUS with a clear and convincing constitutionalist temperament.  Trump’s long list of potential judicial nominees, along with toughened resolve in the US Senate to confirm judges despite politicized filibusters, all but assure a federal judiciary that will preserve and protect conservative ideals.

·    Mass immigration (including illegal immigration) will decline - Immigrant populations tend to vote Democrat, want government largesse, or they find more appeal from the political party playing identity politics.  Now that immigration is declining due to enforcement and robust international economic growth, the large immigrant communities in the United States will settle down, assimilate, develop prosperous careers, lasting legacies, and commit to limited governance and self-rule.

·    The next generation of voters is already conservative - Post-Millennials, or Generation Z have lived through the hard times of 9-11 and the housing crises during their formative years.  They experienced the devastating policies of the Obama Administration and are now rebelling against liberalism.  They are also enjoying the opportunities of a more open, entrepreneurial economy and society, brought by conservative policies.  Recent discoveries in biological sciences have made them staunchly pro-life, too.

·    Liberals are not reproducing - The sexual resolution of abject liberals and progressive leftists has ended up decimating their numbers.  Christians, populists, and nationalists believe in natural marriage, biological recognition of gender, and the sanctity of life.  They will continue to have children, and they will replace the liberal cohorts which are dying out of their own free, misguided will.

·    Academia is going down, and with it left-wing indoctrination - Young college graduates realize that they got sold a bill of goods, with nothing to show for it but grievance and debt.  All that useless theory and fantasy shoved down their throats, with the tens of thousands of dollars attached as a price tag, has woken then out of the dogmatic slumbers of subtle socialism.  The excessive costs of a college education are turning off prospective students.  Fewer kids will enroll, and the universities will have to lower costs while grappling with their overleveraged assets, including non-essential programs.  Students will go straight into the workforce rather than take on massive debt for a worthless diploma.  Nothing ensures a conservative populace than facing, embracing, and overcoming the vagaries of the real world.

Daniel Lang’s analysis was thorough and engaging.  His examples were consistent enough to justify political and cultural projections in our favor, based on facts and discernible trends.  With all things considered, including a consistently conservative Trump administration and effective Congress in terms of political appointments and policy, America will not only become more conservative, but witness a dominance of center-right political victories.

(“5 Reasons America Will Be More Conservative” by Arthur Schaper dated October 30, 2017 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/arthurschaper/2017/10/30/5-reasons-america-will-be-more-conservative-via-daniel-lang-n2402111 )


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