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Views on the News*

November 1, 2014


The Republicans are going to recapture the Senate; the House GOP is going to add to its majority; but the big 2014 story is that this is the beginning of a new conservative revolution.  The idea that nothing much will change if the GOP captures the whole Congress is just plain wrong.  The politics and policies in Washington are about to change in a major way.  Obama may still be President, but he is going to be immediately confronted with a flood of new bills that will change the debate on tax reform, energy, health care, education, international trade and regulations.  Obama will no longer be able to hide behind Harry Reid, who has stopped all voting on these matters.  Of course, because of his left-wing ideology, Obama may veto everything which will set up a new Republican agenda for the 2016 Presidential race.  Unfortunately, the current GOP never put together a clear national-policy election agenda.  Two Big Thoughts for the first 100 days of the new Congress:

·    First is optimism: We know what the problems are, we know what the solutions should be, and we can make these changes quickly.

·    Second is a re-energized evangelism by the Republican Party for pro-growth, market-oriented, consumer-driven, pro-family policies.

Energy and tax reform are going to be at the top of the list.  Fairer, flatter, simpler taxes will do the most for economic growth to rescue the country from the worst recovery since World War II.  Expand the energy revolution and stop the massive overregulation that has stunted growth.   A Keystone Pipeline Authorization Act should include energy reforms that would open federal lands to development and drilling and remove all restrictions to energy exports.  A business tax-reform plan should slash the corporate tax rate to 20%, stop double taxation of foreign profits and allow small business S-corps to take advantage of the new lower corporate tax rate.  The key here is that the GOP regains its footing as the party of optimism and growth.  A new Republican Congress should message that they're tired of obsessing about Obama's mistakes.  The trick now is to focus on solutions.  Emphasis should be to remind everyone that a nation that's strong at home is one that becomes strong abroad, because not only can Republicans put people back to work with real take-home pay, but a new recovery will regain respect from our allies, and new fear from our enemies.

(“The Optimistic GOP Story Everyone is Missing” by Larry Kudlow dated October 25, 2014 published by Town Hall at http://finance.townhall.com/columnists/larrykudlow/2014/10/25/the-optimistic-gop-story-everyone-is-missing-n1909837 )

In the areas of marriage, race, and victimhood, if it hurts America, it helps the Democrat Party.  The better things are, the worse it is for the Democrat party, and vice versa:

·    MARRIAGE - Today, after decades of feminism, most Americans agree that it is better for women and better for society when women marry.  When women marry, it is bad for the Democrats; and when women do not marry, even after having children, it is good for Democrats.  Married women vote Republican; unmarried women vote Democrat.

·    BLACKS - Blacks who are not angry at America, especially white America, are more likely than those who harbor such anger to vote Republican.  On the other hand, the more a black American considers America a racist society, the more he or she is a guaranteed Democrat voter.  Therefore, it is in the Democrat’s interest to ensure that as many blacks as possible regard America negatively.  There does not appear to be any level of black anger at white America that is too much for Democrats, who would rather see riots, no matter how unwarranted, than potentially lose black votes.

·    LATINOS - The more a Latino assimilates into American society, the more likely he or she is to vote Republican.  The more Latinos continue to identify with the country they or their parents fled, the more likely they are to vote Democrat.  Democrats have pushed two massive undertakings for decades: One labels Republicans “nativist,” “anti-Hispanic,” “xenophobic,” and “anti-immigrant”; the other promotes “multiculturalism,” the anti-assimilation doctrine that cultivates ethnic identity over American identity.

·    VICTIM IDENTITY - Americans who do not see themselves as victims of an “unfair” or “racist” or “misogynist” society are more likely to vote Republican.  Americans who see themselves as victims of American society are likely to vote Democrat.  The Democrat Party cultivates victimhood among almost all Americans who are not white and male.

·    DEPENDENCY - The more Americans depend on themselves or on their family or community, the more likely they are to vote Republican.  The more Americans depend on the government, whether for a job or for economic assistance, the more likely they are to vote Democrat.  Democrats encourage Americans to depend on the state.  In almost every area of life, the better things are, the worse it is for the Democrats.

The Democrat Party has been become a wholly destructive force in this country, and even though you may not intend to, if you vote for Democrats, you contribute to the damage.

(“What’s Bad for America is Good for Democrats” by Dennis Prager dated October 28, 2014 published by National Review Online at http://www.nationalreview.com/article/391277/whats-bad-america-good-democrats-dennis-prager )

It has been six years since the first permit application for the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline was submitted to the federal government, and it has still not been acted upon.  A Washington Post/ABC News poll found that 65% of Americans support building the pipeline, while only 22% oppose it.  In Washington three-to-one margins are usually referred to as mandates.  U.S. Bureau of Land Management is currently sitting on a backlog of 3,500 applications that need approval to move forward on drilling for oil and natural gas on federal land.  These are all part of Obama’s “War on U.S. Energy.”  According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, fossil fuels met 82% of U.S. energy demand in 2013.  Petroleum, primarily used for transportation, supplied 36% of the energy demand in 2013. Natural gas represented 27%.  Coal represented 20% and generated almost 40% of all electricity.  In the six years since Obama took office that is a loss of 10%!  The much ballyhooed “renewable sources” of energy, justified by the false claim that carbon dioxide emissions are causing global warming or climate change, are a very small part of the nation’s power providers.  Wind power represented 1.6% and solar power represented three-tenths of 1%!  Hydropower supplied 2.6% making it the largest source of so-called renewable energy.  It’s not just natural gas that is helping the economy improve. The U.S. is overtaking Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of liquid petroleum.  The energy industry has been transformed by the shale revolution, with advances in the techniques of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling enabling the exploitation of oilfields.  The only places you won’t find oil drilling are on federally controlled lands, and the same holds for coal and natural gas.  Americans are afflicted by a President that for political and environmental reasons are costing them trillions in needless, senseless energy costs, loans and subsidies, and efforts to impose laws that have no basis whatever in science.

(“Obama’s War on U.S. Energy” by Alan Caruba dated October 26, 2014 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/67035 )

The educated, privileged, and protected believe, against millennia of evidence, that all human problems can be resolved through discussion, but this approach has not been very successful.  Throughout history, the only effective response to remorseless force has been resolute force.  The latest vogue in Washington is a bastard, idiot child of liberal parentage, of the “non-judgmental” Left’s conviction that Iran can be talked into giving up any thought of nuclear weapons; that Vladimir Putin will succumb to our logic and vacate Ukrainian territory; and that people who hate each other (with good reason) can be cajoled to resurrect Iraq.  Our mindless insistence is that better “messaging” will dissuade aspiring, home-grown terrorists from violence, while simultaneously persuading foreign actors committed to mass murder, Internet beheadings, and a quick bit of rape on the side (in Allah’s name) to stop their nastiness.  So we assign Ivy League grads to implement programs intended to convince men ablaze with revelation, rage, and holy frenzy that we understand their faith better than they do, that Muslims are just like Episcopalians, except for that alcohol thing.  We assume that we can persuade men who, for the first time in their lives, have found meaning and a powerful sense of belonging that we know what’s best for them.  Take the profoundly un-Washingtonian step of suspending our cultural vanity to consider what jihad offers the young and adrift, the failed and embittered, or the simmering convict.  Then weigh that “Allah wants you!” package against our pathetic counter-bid.  Like it or not, the Islam of al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, Jabhat al-Nusra, and the rest is, indeed, a branch of the faith, because Muslims believe it is.  Neo-Wahhabi fanaticism certainly is not all of Islam, but we lack the authority, credibility, or evidence to declare it un-Islamic.  If Muslim fanatics justify their atrocities by citing the Koran, befuddled presidents and nervous prime ministers don’t get to contradict them.  The final nail in the “messaging” coffin is the fanatics’ easy dominance of the media. Our unavoidable, all-but-exclusive focus on the unfolding attack gave the murderer-for-Allah riveting international publicity. Islamist terror got more air time for the price of one self-radicalized thug than any political candidate facing our midterm elections has managed to pay for.  An individual determined to kill publicly can command the attention of a nation, even the world.  Islamist fanaticism offers the powerless, bitter, and hopeless license on earth and luxury in paradise, and by comparison we’re scolds who offer minimum-wage jobs. 

(“The Joy of Killing for Allah” by Ralph Peters dated October 27, 2014 published by National Review Online at http://www.nationalreview.com/article/391186/joy-killing-allah-ralph-peters )


A multitude of forces are arrayed against the historical and cultural integrity of Western civilization, of which Islam is one of the most potent and longstanding, dating back a millennium and a half.  We are being indoctrinated to embrace manifest lies, evasions and grotesqueries that render us prey to a destructive ideology of guilt, fear, and self-contempt.  The distinction between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and falsehood, noble and ignoble has been generally annulled, or selectively manipulated, chiefly by the left, in the interests of an ideological program.  We in the West are now living in a cognitive pseudo-world of contra-factual beliefs and specious assertions of Orwellian dimensions, prompted by ignorance, the denaturing of language and the marasmus of mind - a world in which everyone is regarded as equal but some are less equal than others.  Truth-tellers are less equal than professional liars, white people are less equal than colored people, men are less equal than women, Christians and Jews are less equal than Muslims, capitalists are less equal than socialists, nationals are less equal than immigrants, in particular Muslim immigrants, and the list goes on.  What is happening is truly astonishing and almost impossible to believe, for what we are experiencing is a cultural pathology on a global scale, a spreading and apparently unstoppable plague of sociopolitical ebola willingly contracted.  It is indeed a disheartening spectacle: a great civilization, centered in Europe and ramifying into North America, rapidly imploding, opening the gates to those who will destroy it while eating itself up from inside, with no assurance that this process of self-immolation can be reversed.  Europe may already be lost, subject to failing socialist economies, sub-replacement fertility rates, a top-down unelected transnational governing body that has arrogated autocratic powers to itself, the re-emergence of a vicious anti-Semitism, and exploding Islamic demographics.  It is a continent busy jettisoning its Judeo-Hellenic-Christian inheritance, millennia in the making, a mere century or even decades in the dismantling.  As for North America, its situation is not appreciably better.  Mexico has always been a basket case, mired in poverty and lawlessness and alien to the ecumenical and democratic tradition of the West.  Canada is a multicultural circus, boasting the highest rate of per-capita immigration in the world, consisting chiefly of aggressive and expanding Muslim enclaves exploiting an increasingly burdensome, welfare-oriented tax system that bids fair to shrink the economy-sustaining middle class into a rump constituency.  At the same time, we are destabilized by the pestilence of political correctness.  The lynchpin of our civilizational patrimony, now starting to break apart, is the United States, on whose vitality, basic conservative values and prosperity the so-called “free world” depends, or has depended.  Foundering in sidereal levels of debt, ravaged by a parasitical entitlement cohort and crushing numbers of real unemployment, together amounting, according to some estimates, to 47% of the census which does not pay taxes,, crippled by government transfers, refunds and benefits than they pay into the system), crippled by a left-leaning governing party, a complicit media establishment, and an academic fifth column, the U.S. has also been infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood operatives and riddled by subversive Islamic organizations that may be ultimately sufficient in themselves to turn the American dream into an American nightmare.  What is perhaps most disturbing and mind-numbing is that the U.S. has chosen to elect, not once but twice, a palpably anti-American President, profoundly influenced by avowed enemies of the state (Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and others), and now finds itself saddled by a commander-in-chief whose foreign and domestic agendas are disastrously changing the political, social, economic, military and constitutional face of the nation.  The central battleground is plainly the United States, but the front is expanding to the Commonwealth nations as well.  To put it another way, the West in its refusal to exercise its residual mental abilities is being systematically beheaded.  Countering cultural dereliction is an uphill fight, considering our growing susceptibility to the rhetorical ectoplasms of the left, our eagerness to divest ourselves of the labor of critical thought and submit to the shamanistic placebos of the political echelon, the media witch doctors and the academic charlatans, and the tendency to accept the radical inversions of perverted and incantatory language.  It’s time to return to the 21st century. We’ve been absent too long.”  It may be too late to halt the collapse of the temple of reason, but we are embroiled in a struggle that must be waged to the end. Dick Morris said remarked we must “wage a new kind of political guerilla war…house-to-house, hand-to-hand…to protect our cherished democracy.”

(“We Have Met the Enemy” by David Solway dated October 27, 2014 published by PJ Media at http://pjmedia.com/blog/we-have-met-the-enemy/ )


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