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November 10, 2012

Views on the News*  

Democrats live in an alternative reality where whatever Obama said “must be true” and all evidence to the contrary is attacked as partisan falsehoods.  The Republican strawmen that Obama paints only exist in the liberal Bizarro World, because these exaggerated stereotypes do not exist in reality.  Republicans pounced on the President’s assertion that his economic planned "worked," accusing conservatives of taking the President's words "out of context." Obama was referring to President Clinton's tax policies, you see, not his programs, per se, which was tacit admission that his plans hadn't worked.  Obama now proclaimsWe tried our ideas. They worked. The economy grew. We created jobs. Deficits went down. We tried their ideas. They didn't work. The economy didn't grow, not as many jobs, and the deficit went up.”  This is nonsense and the context is crystal clear.  There's a reason why people disapprove of the President's economic stewardship and strongly disapprove of his performance on deficits.  His wildly expensive "stimulus" and other so-called economic solutions have fallen woefully short of the metrics his own administration established for them.  Last month, the unemployment U-3 rate rose to 7.9%, higher than when Obama took office.  The economy is growing, but at a dreadfully slow rate.  It has slowed over the last two years, leading even the mainstream media to describe the recovery as the "weakest since the Great Depression."  After pledging to half the deficit, budget discipline has been an unmitigated disaster with four consecutive trillion-dollar deficits.  Yet on literally the last day before the election, the President is reiterating his short-lived "it worked" mantra.  If Team Obama were so confident about the assertion that the President's policies on jobs, GDP growth and deficits were glowing successes, why wasn't that the central message of his re-election campaign?  It is obvious that Obama and the Democrats have lost touch with reality, and America’s respect and influence has declined across the globe.

(“The President’s Alternative Universe” by Guy Benson dated November 5, 2012 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2012/11/05/the_presidents_alternate_universe )

The mainstream media (MSM) largely ignored several major problems to protect President Obama during the election, but these issues now must be addressed.  The MSM haven't covered Obama as much as they've covered up for him, whether it's the dismal state of the economy, the failure of his policies or the increased troubles abroad.  The effort worked remarkably well, helping to shield Obama from responsibility, protecting his image and providing a solid floor under his approval ratings.  The fact remains that the country faces huge problems that must be addressed, and after the election, the MSM is sure to churn out what can charitably be called "now they tell us" stories about these matters:

·    The economy really does stink. The MSM will finally start to notice that three years of subpar growth have left the middle class further behind and more mired in poverty, and created a vast pool of long-term unemployed.

·    Massive debt and entitlement crises loom. Despite four straight years of $1 trillion-plus deficits, a national debt that now exceeds total GDP, and the looming bankruptcy of Medicare and Social Security, the MSM largely ignored the debt crisis.

·    The debt ceiling limit is fast approaching. The country is approaching the new debt ceiling limit and the Treasury Dept. warned that it expects the government to reach its borrowing limit before the end of the year, so Congress and the White House will have to deal with these issues just as they're trying to avoid the fiscal cliff.

·    ObamaCare isn't what it was cracked up to be. After two years of ignoring health reform's fundamental flaws, the MSM will likely admit that ObamaCare is fundamentally flawed with a lack of cost controls, its adverse impact on doctors and hospitals, and even after spending $1.76 trillion, it will still leave 30 million uninsured.

·    Obama's deficit-cutting plan won't work. The MSM will be “shocked” to find that Obama’s tax hikes on "the rich" will not be enough to pay for his spending binge and bring down the deficit $4 trillion.

·    Questions about Benghazi still demand answers. After almost two full months spent burying the Benghazi story, expect the MSM to wake up and notice that there are a number of unanswered questions about administration lack of support.

The MSM was an open supporter of Obama for President, which required suppressing inconvenient stories until after the election, but these news stories did not go away!

(“5 Big Stories the Media Will ‘Discover” After the Election” dated November 6, 2012 published by Investor’s Business Daily at http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/110612-632397-five-stories-the-media-have-buried-.htm )

The United States of America is different from all other nations and the (exceptionalism) attributes that made it different were vividly evident from the day of its birth.  We have excelled by following our Founding Fathers in directing our energies, as our Constitution exhorts us to do, to the preservation of the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, as well as to the pursuit of happiness tacitly understood by the Declaration of Independence to require prosperity as a precondition.

·    First of all, unlike all other nations past or present, all men are created equal is accepted as a self-evident truth. The Founders aimed to create a society in which the individual’s fate would be determined not by who his father was, but by his own freely chosen pursuit of his own ambitions.

·    Secondly, to become a full-fledged American citizen, it was only necessary to pledge allegiance to the new Republic and to the principles for which it stands.  In all other countries membership or citizenship was a matter of birth, of blood, of lineage.

·    Thirdly, In America, citizen’s rights come from God and are “inalienable” thus immune to legitimate revocation.  In other nations, the rights enjoyed by their citizens were conferred by human agencies: kings and princes and occasionally parliaments, thus these rights amounted to privileges that could be revoked at will by the same human agencies.

The crassly philistine attitude of the love of money and “the exclusively commercial habits” that went with it has done more than anything else ever invented to lift masses of people out of poverty and that would later be known as capitalism.  The absence of the economic leveling passion is that it has been starved by the opportunities America has afforded millions upon millions to better their lot and the advantage they have been free to take of those opportunities, which in turn explains how unprecedented and unmatched levels of prosperity have been created here and how they have come to be shared more widely here than anywhere else.  The poor, instead of forming the immense majority of the nation, as is always the case in aristocratic communities, are comparatively few in number, and the laws do not bind them together by the ties of irremediable and hereditary penury.  Many of today’s low-income households will rise to become tomorrow’s high-income households, and many of today’s top income quintile members are tomorrow’s middle or lower class households, reflecting the significant upward and downward mobility in the dynamic U.S. labor market.  What liberals mainly see when they look at America today is injustice and oppression crying out for redress. By sharp contrast, conservatives see a complex of traditions and institutions built upon the principles that animated the American Revolution and that have made it possible for more freedom and more prosperity to be enjoyed by more of its citizens than in any other society in human history.  It follows that what liberals, who concentrate their attention on the relatively little that is wrong with America instead of the enormous good embodied with it, seek to change or discard is precisely what conservatives are dedicated to preserving, reinvigorating, and defending.  A similar divide separates liberals and conservatives as to the role America has played in world affairs. Consider the many apologies President Obama has issued for the misdeeds of which he imagines Americans have been guilty in our relations with other countries in general and the Muslim world in particular. Never mind that the United States has spilled blood and treasure to liberate and protect many millions of people from the totalitarian horrors first of Nazism and then of Communism, and that since 9/11 we have spilled yet more blood and treasure fighting against Islamo-fascism, the totalitarian successor to Nazism. And as to the Muslim world in particular, never mind that of the last six wars in which the United States was involved (Kuwait, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, four were undertaken to rescue Muslims and the other two (Afghanistan and Iraq) had the side benefit of liberating Muslims.  In spite of all this, the liberal community seems to think that the rest of the world would be better off without the United States, or at least with it following the policy of “leading from behind.”  Most conservatives do not believe that a radical diminution of American power and influence would be good for us or for the world.  Obama declared that he would usher in “a fundamental transformation of America,” which would entail the wiping away of as many more traces of American exceptionalism as it will take to turn this country into a facsimile of the social-democratic regimes of Western Europe. In this election, President Obama will feel empowered to continue his decimation of American influence.

(“Is America Exceptional?” by Norman Podhoretz dated October 2012 published by Hillsdale College at https://www.hillsdale.edu/news/imprimis/archive/issue.asp?year=2012&month=10 )

For the past 25 years, the Muslim Brotherhood in North America has been pursuing a strategy to control what non-Muslims know about Islam, and this multi-pronged threat doctrine seeks to prohibit open discussion and to abridge free speech.  It also seeks to curtail education and training given to the military, law enforcement, intelligence, and government about the true nature of Islam.  Overall, the Brotherhood's agenda seeks to block a fair and critical appraisal of Islamic doctrine, pursue a stealth civilization jihad against the West to render us impotent to defend ourselves.  A review of the Brotherhood's progress in this effort over the past two decades presents a chilling picture of the extent to which our safety and way of life have been compromised.  It serves as a wake-up call for action now:

·    Background - The General Strategic Plan for the Muslim Brotherhood in North America, written and adopted in 1987, established the grand mission for Muslims as a mandatory civilization jihad against the West, led and directed by the Brotherhood.  The stated goal was to establish Islam as "victorious over all other religions."  Specific steps were laid out in the document to bring about a global Islamic state under sharia, or Islamic doctrine.  

·    Stopping military and government training - the Muslim Brotherhood has developed well-placed inside-influence operators who wield considerable power with high-level officials who set policy to control what is known about Islam and to block education and training to law enforcement and government.  Islam was welcomed into the U.S. inner circle despite its close ties to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a Muslim Brotherhood front group and an unindicted co-conspirator in the Hamas terrorist funding trial. 

·    Invoking "Islamophobia" and "Blasphemy" - Another key tactic cited in the Brotherhood's strategic plan is to prevent infidels from learning the truth about Islam by controlling how Islamic doctrine is discussed and the language used to describe Islam and Muslims.  This method is effectively aided by the West's culture of multiculturalism, in which charges of prejudice and racism.  The charge of "Islamophobia" has been proclaimed when non-Muslims have critically evaluated the tenets of Islam, denounced terrorist activities, called attention to inappropriate or threatening behavior, denied requests for accommodations beyond what is customary and normal, depicted Mohammed in unflattering ways, or even quoted directly from Islamic scriptures.  This dissembling or disingenuous focus on "Islamophobia" obfuscates the real danger of jihad and Islamic supremacism.   

·    Advancing false theories - Another arrow in the quiver of Muslim tactics is to seize control of the education of military and government employees about Islamic doctrine.  CAIR has provided Muslim sensitivity training for the FBI, U.S. Armed Forces, state and local law enforcement agencies, and others, all of it under the guise of fostering a "better relationship between law enforcement and the Muslim community." 

·    Monitoring news reports and media portrayals - Managing the image of Muslims portrayed in the media is another aspect of the Islamic inside-influence operation to prevent accurate knowledge of the enemy.  Muslim Brotherhood operatives and their non-Muslim enablers have insisted that jihadist acts be described in ordinary criminal terms without any reference to the tenets of Islam.  This serves to isolate jihadists and acts of jihad as a misunderstanding of true Islam when it is an integral part of Islamic doctrine.  

·    Portraying Islam as "a religion of peace" - The language used to discuss Islam was sanitized in less than a decade following the deadliest attack on American soil.  By 2009, the Department of Homeland Security excluded accurate descriptions of the enemy and its actions, substituting "man-caused disasters" for "terrorist attacks" and "overseas contingency operations" for the Global War on Terror.  The words "jihad," "Islam," and "Muslim Brotherhood" were eliminated from the FBI lexicon, as well as from the National Intelligence Strategy of the U.S. 

The shutting down of military and government training, the close monitoring of news reports and media portrayals, the advancing of false theories, the use of free speech-curtailing anti-blasphemy legislation, and the denial of jihadist terrorism as an integral part of Islam, "a religion of peace," are all tactics used in the service of keeping infidels totally in the dark about the true nature of the civilization jihad well in place to defeat them.  It's evident that the Muslim Brotherhood's General Strategic Plan for North America has achieved great success within the past few decades.  Ultimately, the control of all knowledge of Islam and the civilization jihad operation facilitates the attack against the West and effectively prevents any counter to Islamic expansionism, and we are well on our way to being subdued by an enemy that has cleverly silenced us.

(“The Threat Doctrine that Cries ‘Blasphemy’” by Janet Levy dated November 4, 2012 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/11/the_threat_doctrine_that_cries_blasphemy.html )


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