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November 10, 2018


America's founders demonstrated that government is art, not science, and the secret is in balance.  Biennial congressional elections strike the right balance for the need for stability with the need for change.  Midterm elections take place with the continuity of a sitting president.  Whoever is in the White House will continue in this position for another two years, regardless of the outcome of midterms.  Donald Trump is still the president.  I know that whatever happens, Trump will stay focused, as he must, on the agenda that he ran on and the vision he articulated in his inaugural address.  His commitment to those ideas and principles took him across the nation to insert his persona and agenda into the campaign.  As we approach the two-year mark of this presidency, facts bear out that the nation is turning around and "Make America Great Again" is more than a slogan.  We are a deeply divided country with a culture war raging.  The battle for steering the country's direction will continue.  This election just determines the army that the general in the White House will have to support him in the fight.  Trump has made it fashionable again to feel proud to be an American because our nation is indeed unique and exceptional.  The Dems have distorted this message of nationalism, claiming it disrespects our diversity and individual differences.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The changes we see in realizing the MAGA goals are tangible and palpable.  Globally, Trump's idea that the best way to influence the world is to recapture our national greatness is working.  He has shaken up the UN and is creating new realities in Asia, South America and the Middle East.  Despite warnings against his promise to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Trump did it.  Miracles are occurring all over the Middle East.  Israel and Persian Gulf States are forming new relationships that once were unheard of.  The economy is booming.  Black and Hispanic unemployment are at all-time lows, and even high school dropouts are finding work as result of the new opportunities.  Constitutionally, the GOP Senate has confirmed 68 conservative judges, with 125 left to go.  Fiscally, every federal department getting anti-poverty money (one-fourth of the federal budget) is under Executive Order to cut spending and strike new efficiencies.  We need secure borders. Terrorists from the Middle East could penetrate Central and South America, looking to cross our borders under the guise of being refugees.  We must stay the course and continue to help this president get the nation's work done.  We must continue the fight for freedom and personal responsibility and national destiny through MAGA.

(“The Battle to MAGA Continues” by Star Parker dated July 7, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/starparker/2018/11/07/the-battle-to-maga-continues-n2535407 )

Liberals are creating an ideal juxtaposition for President Trump: Jobs versus mobs.  The president would be strong with the “Peace and Prosperity” mantle he can legitimately claim, but is even more so against the left’s confrontation and stagnation.  In their blind rage against him, liberals cannot see that they are widening the gulf they must cross to get to him in 2020.  The president’s economic variables are almost too many to mention and too good to be believed.  When he took office, unemployment was 4.8%.  Less than two years later, it was 3.7% last month.  In its most recent quarter, America’s economy grew 3.5%.  In its previous one it grew 4.2%.  Both came after what was already solid growth.  In eight years, Barack Obama had just four quarters that equaled or exceeded 4.2%.  Of those, three came directly after negative growth quarters, rebound inflating their performance.  The lone one that did not, 2009’s Q4, was just one quarter removed from the financial crisis’ three consecutive negative quarters.  While Trump has earned the economy, liberals have gifted him their anarchy.  If the president has taken people off the street looking for work, the left have put people on the street looking for trouble.  Obama, America’s most liberal president, made the left likeable; now they have made themselves threatening.  Unquestionably, Trump also has earned himself a portion of “peace.”   The defanging of ISIS, if not the destruction, and rapprochement with North Korea for the first time, the press would have lauded both had Obama achieved them.  However, the left have given Trump an even bigger share of peace by embracing civil disturbance.  Important as peace abroad is, peace at home is where America lives.  By threatening domestic peace, liberals have cast Trump as seemingly standing between America and unrest.  This acute comparison is decidedly positive for the president.  He has provided America with what it wants, and lacked for years, jobs.  Liberals have provided America with what it does not want, and has not experienced, to this degree, for years, and always abhorred, mobs.  Trump’s economy is well above Obama‘s.  Only the left would argue this point; for the rest of America, it is an open and shut case.  Liberals’ association with civil disturbance, has left them well below Obama’s standing with the nation.  The distance between Trump and the left is therefore wider than it would otherwise be.  The president would be benefitting from either comparison; thanks to the left, he benefits from both.  The economy has not been this strong, and the disturbances have not been going on, that long.  Also, congressional Republicans are not the president himself.  In two years, all that could change.  Sustained economic growth over an entire first term would thoroughly punctuate the point between the Trump and Obama presidencies’ prosperity performance.  Nor is there any reason to believe that the left’s penchant for disturbance will dissipate.  Instead, it could well intensify worse as liberal frustration continues to mount over two more years and the left see themselves falling further behind.  In such a case, it is possible liberals reach the conclusion they did not go far enough and raise the stakes.  Of course in two years, Trump will be on the ballot, and not by proxy.  This will personify the comparison for America’s benefit, and likely for the left’s detriment.  Peace and prosperity make for a powerful presidential resume; they are even stronger when juxtaposed to social anarchy and economic ennui.

(“Jobs versus mobs” by J.T. Young dated October 31, 2018 published by Washington Times at https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/oct/31/by-threatening-domestic-peace-liberals-cement-the-/ )


The fury of leftists is a constant today, and it's not just because they hate President Donald Trump.  Despite all their dreamy talk of compassion and love, they seem to be a miserable lot.  Democrats recaptured control of the House of Representatives, and leftists are already grinding their teeth over Trump and salivating at the prospect of putting him and Justice Brett Kavanaugh through investigatory and impeachment hell for the next two years.  Leftists are perpetually agitated.  They're not happy unless they're unhappy; they populate protests with their crude gender caps and scream about perceived slights, discrimination and inequality; they usurp law enforcement authority to stop traffic in Portland, Oregon; and they threateningly protest at conservative celebrities' homes.  They are not pleased that the economy is growing and people are prospering under President Trump but choose instead to mire in angst over alleged income inequality among Americans.  With a Republican president in office, it wouldn't matter if every American family were earning $250,000 a year.  As long as some people were making substantially more, they'd demand government action.  This unhappiness is also of the environment, abortion, health care, public education and immigration.  Leftists would never be satisfied even if the government outlawed the coal industry, mandated prohibitive automobile emission standards, funded abortion on demand, fully socialized medicine, doubled the already obscenely bloated federal education budget and removed all restrictions on our borders.  They can't afford for their constituencies to be satisfied, because their political power hinges on perpetuating categories of victimhood and assuming de facto guardianship over them.  To us, they preach bipartisanship and collegiality; to their wards, they proclaim that they are with them and that conservatives are against them.  Consider their uniformly negative and irrational reaction to the objectively improved economy under President Trump.  It seems that it is not improvement in the lives of minorities they seek but minorities' permanent dependence on them.  They are utterly unmoved by minority unemployment's being at historic lows and minorities' wages being at historic highs.  Real-world, empirical evidence means nothing.  All that matters is that leftists claim to care more than conservatives about minorities; minorities must ignore their lying eyes.  Leftists, who now dominate the Democrat Party, no longer have a vision for the country, other than to fundamentally transform it; to divest it of its founding principles.  Most of them are outright socialists who don't believe enough in America's uniqueness to care about protecting its borders.  They support ever increasing taxes, but not because they want to balance the budget or improve people's lives.  Rather, they prefer that the government, as opposed to individuals, control the expenditures of money.  In the past few years, the left doesn't spend much time even on these issues.  Leftists' singular focus is on Trump: getting rid of this monster whose very presence is destroying their lives.  Opposing Trump, his agenda and his appointments and deriding him around the clock is their be-all and end-all.  It is their negative life force; the energy that drives and sustains them.  The silver lining to all this negativity is that they will continue to overplay their hand into the 2020 election, losing credibility and faith with the majority of Americans by exchanging whatever semblance of optimism they had for the perverse privilege of obsessing over Trump.

(“The Gloomy American Left” by David Limbaugh dated November 9, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/davidlimbaugh/2018/11/09/the-gloomy-american-left-n2535616 )

It’s annoying to lose anything, especially to a party that is so manifestly unworthy, but the nature of an electorate that is split 50/50 is splitting.  Remember, we have the other half of Congress and the presidency and the courts too, so our agenda is not totally stalled.  If you are going to lose anything, lose the House, because it’s the Maroon 5 of our governmental institutions, always there, but no one really likes it.  We won more seats in the Senate, meaning Cocaine Mitch’s expanded cartel is going to be pushing even more conservative judges into our lib-infested courts.  We’re rid of Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, but on the downside, we still have the useless Ben Sasse, until a real conservative primaries him, and Utah decided it would be funny to send us Mitt Romney for some reason that remains unclear.  The Fredocon contingent is definitely in decline.  No, you never win by losing, but there is opportunity for the GOP in this win.  While the loss of the House is annoying, Trump has options because he can play it successfully whether the Democrats make the smart move, pretending to be bipartisan, or do what they are inclined to do and act like horrible creepy fascist weirdos Nancy Pelosi’s problem is that though she’s smart enough to see that “Everybody hug” is the smart play, her insane caucus is likely to demand the horrible creepy fascist weirdo option.  Pelosi outlined the foundations of a bipartisan charade in her odd victory speech with the clown car crew that will make up the new House leadership.  Drug price reform and infrastructure programs were her top objectives.  The thing is, both ideas are shovel-ready for Trump to steal.  After all, Trump was promising an infrastructure plan back during his campaign; it was the GOP that was stalling it, not the Democrats.  If he wants to be really aggressive, he should aim it towards minority communities that the Democrats have traditionally paid attention to right before elections and then ignored for the next two years.  He should insist that those communities get a share of the work and the skill training that goes with it, and he should go to them and take credit for it.  Polls already show minority approval of Trump is higher than for any other Republican, so time to push that.  Trump has no lingering attachment to conservative doctrine that would stop him from brutalizing Big Pharma for its drug price shenanigans.  The giant drug companies still manage to exploit Republicans who defend them with talk of “free markets” and stuff.  Big Pharma pushed Obamacare down our throats and has been paying off the GOP suckers to do its duty work for decades because of Muh Capitalism.  Remember how Bill Clinton triangulated after the 1994 election: that's the model.  Normal Americans are not bound by ideology, they are mad at being shafted, and when they see Canadians paying a fraction of what it costs for drugs, they get ticked.  Trump won’t hesitate for a second to join the Dems in neutering the drug companies’ ability to do what they’ve been doing to us for years.  Now, the smart move for the Democrats is to go along and rack up accomplishments, because these purple districts that just elected Democrats want to see progress.  The leftist crew from the coastal urban strongholds are the ones with the seniority and the ones who will guide the Democrat Party over the next two years.  They do not want to work together for a brighter tomorrow.  They want all #resistance, all of the time, and they are going to do everything they can to appease their looney base by launching investigations and screaming and yelling.  It’s going to be especially funny when all these rookies who promised the suckers back home they would never vote for that San Francisco liberal monster get strong-armed into casting their very first vote for Mistress Nancy.  If they decide to obstruct and agitate, then Trump can be in opposition to them and run against the do-nothing House in 2020.  Nobody is better than Trump when he has an enemy, so I can’t wait to read the nicknames in his tweets.

(“Look for Democrats to Blow Their Meager Success By Being Jerks” by Kurt Schlichter dated November 8, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2018/11/08/look-for-democrats-to-blow-their-meager-success-by-being-jerks-n2535507 )

One thing the American Right has forgotten through their bromides in favor of hyper individualism and the meandering status quo-ism is that humans are inherently collective beings.  Now while things like land collectivization and seizing the means of production are terrible as public policies, humans do yearn to connect with others under the banner of a shared, common culture, language, background, and history.  Families, tribes, churches, fraternities, and other voluntary organic collectives are an integral and necessary part of the human experience.  One such collective is more important than all of those: the nation.  Without a strong nation, all else collapses beneath it.  When Americans are united amongst a common patriotism, everything else seems to fall into place. When they are not, the Constitution becomes little more than a piece of paper and society crumbles.  The neoliberal and neoconservative consensus, two wings on the same bird of prey feasting away at what's left of the health and prosperity of America, have pushed a false ideology upon us.  This ideology rewards rampant consumerism instead of thrift.  It rewards selfishness at the expense of the greater good.  It has caused free-falling birth rates, widespread cultural degeneracy, a fractured and atomized populous, the dumbing down of society, and now jeopardizes the future of Western Civilization as we know it.  This consensus is under attack like never before.  With the legacy media faltering and public rage on the uptick, the perfect storm was formed and the inconceivable effect of President Trump happened.  This has sent shockwaves through the world, as the madman-in-chief dances to the beat of his own drummer.  There is clearly a method to his madness: he has re-introduced nationalism back into the public zeitgeist at a time when it is desperately needed.  This is the antidote to the failed Republican dogma that has allowed the left to grow so formidable over the years.  Conservatives, many of whom are well-meaning polite individuals, fell into the trap of being assimilated to the establishment and adopting their value system. After years in the Beltway, they grew to care more about how some cocktail parties viewed them than doing what was right for their nation.  Unfashionable issues on borders, foreign policy, trade, etc. can get you isolated in Washington DC and quickly out of a job. These conservatives were happy to cling to their think-tank credentials, their media perches, their bureaucratic positions, and other establishment spoils while America was pissed away on their watch.  Trump's aggressive push for nationalism will make it difficult for the mistakes of conservatism and libertarianism to be replicated once more.  By keeping the focus on 'America First', it makes it difficult for special interests and oligarchs to co-opt the phenomenon he built.  When the Koch Brothers propose globalist trade deals under 'free market' pretenses, it was hard for a tea party conservative or libertarian to mount an effective argument against that policy.  For a nationalistic Trump Republican, it is second nature: if it doesn't put America first, the policy must be rejected every single time without exception.  It's not about big government or small government.  It is not about a set of esoteric principles that are no longer germane.  It is not about maintaining the facade of prestige within rotting government institutions.  It is about making America as independent, secure, healthy and prosperous as possible.  Nationalism is the only possible defense of Western Civilization against radical leftist globalism, and we are blessed to have a President in the oval office who understands that reality.

(“Trump’s Nationalism Is Undoing Decades of GOP Failure” by Gavin Wax dated November 4, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/gavinwax/2018/11/04/trumps-nationalism-is-undoing-decades-of-gop-failure-n2534402 )


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