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November 14, 2015


In 2008, the Democrats pulled a big-eared rabbit out of the hat by electing a senator, with a sketchy attendance record, whose only claim to fame was community organizing with unrepentant domestic terrorist Billy Ayers, masquerading as ‘the Messiah’ and life, not just in America but the world over.  Unvetted by the mainstream media, no one could prove Barack Obama’s background, but time soon proved that he was America’s very first undocumented President.  Had we only known back then that seven years later, not only an open border U.S.,  but Europe would be overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands of undocumented Obamas forging their way to a world-wide Islamic Caliphate.  Presidential nightmare, Part Two (Hillary Clinton) is careening toward us one year from today, but this one should at least be no surprise.  The Benghazi scandal, ongoing email controversies, Clinton Foundation pay-for-play corruption notwithstanding, unsavory Hillary Clinton is well on her way as America’s 45th president.  Only the hopelessly gullible refuse to believe that Google-stamped Clinton is all but inevitable as the Democrats’ presidential candidate.  That she and Obama are sworn enemies is an orchestration of establishment propaganda.  Bernie Sanders will be seen for what he really was during the primaries, a strategically mounted sideshow to grease the skids for the nightmare return of Hillary Clinton to the White House.  People who believe that Hillary and Obama are enemies are only fooling themselves.  Clinton and Obama are the Alinsky twins, one comes decked out in an empty business suit, the other in a less than flattering pantsuit.  Instead of going to jail for the ongoing email server scandal; called to justice for the lie-ridden role she played in Benghazi, Hillary is being promoted by Google.  There’s but one year to turn the election around.  On the Dem’s side, they’ve got Google, the social media, the millennials and mainstream media.  On the GOP side, they’ve got Drudge, Mark Levin, Breitbart News, Rush Limbaugh and a steely determination to return America to its pre-Obama status.  Meanwhile the battle lines are drawn for November 8, 2016 and the real battle cry should be: “Hillary Clinton is Obama’s 3rd term in office”.

(“Is Hillary Clinton Obama’s 3rd term?” by Judy McLeod dated November 8, 2015 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/article/76629 )

The USSR died an ugly death in the 1990s, yet, such an ugly political collapse proved to be very opportunistic for many communist leaders throughout the Soviet Union who hated the Marxist ideology that actually placed some restrictions on their behavior.  Many leaders privatized state companies for themselves and thus became the biggest mafia the world has ever seen.  Putin, as a former KGB spymaster, is now in relative control of this mafia in spite of all the clans competing with one another from the Ukrainian Crimea to the Russian Far East.  As demonstrated on a grand scale in Ukraine, Russia is a strong geopolitical player in world events today, but it’s very real threat is not Bolshevik in nature.  While President Reagan’s anti-Communist drive is now in the process of being reversed in Eastern Europe, the Russians are not coming back with more Marxism, but with a dark and shadowy mafia lawlessness that is being hidden under Russian Orthodox clouds of incense and undergirded by a geopolitical ideology that is far more reminiscent of fascism than communism.  Classic Marxism was based on humanistic social science and economics, industrialism, and state ownership of the means of production, which few leftists today take seriously.  Even China today is a mixture of capitalism and communism.  What the Left propagates today is not state ownership of companies, but rather the strict regulation of them instead.  This has resulted in an unholy corporatist alliance, if not fascist wedding, between big business and big government in both Europe and North America.  In the same way that Germany finally abandoned their leftist forefather, Karl Marx, in the 1920s and 30s for fascism, many leftists have done likewise by adopting postmodernism, multiculturalism, and environmentalism.  Through heavy regulation, businesses are effectively collectivized or nationalized in the name of post-modern multicultural and environmental ideals, which seldom can stand under the scrutiny of common sense, sound judgment or reason.  Germany’s communist prophet, Karl Marx (1818-1883), believed he had stringently analyzed all of the political and social pitfalls of Industrial Capitalism, and was convinced that capitalism would eventually produce its own negation through the rise of the socialist proletariat.  Marx believed this would ultimately usher in a classless utopia of eschatological humanism free from worker oppression and the division of labor that alienates one man from another.  Marx believed modern industry and technology would advance so much that class society will become obsolete in the future communist culture of proletarian freedom.  Marx’s social scientific prophecy did not materialize.  What did arise was an extremely repressive Soviet Union and Communist China that produced an apocalyptic body count that became increasingly difficult to defend intellectually throughout the 20th century.  Rather than admit they were wrong, the Left adopted postmodern madness as its new political whore.  Industrial progress and the communist utopia have thus been replaced with a view of history that is rooted in the existential and/or political realities of everyday life and Nature rather than upon a humanistic rationalism that strives to rise above both.  Multiculturalism celebrates the ethnic or indigenous differences against the background of an amorphous and homogenous Global Capitalism where cultural identity is presumed lost and/or extinct.  After World War II, the Left not only forgave the Nazi past, but they rehabilitated it by developing his existential deconstructionism into a multipronged attack against Western capitalism.  This was accomplished by promoting a global multiculturalism steeped in identity politics that overemphasized many other political concerns beyond the restrictions of Marxian class warfare to include environmentalism, racism, ethnicity, and gender where many groups felt artificially repressed by industrial capitalism and its universal Judeo-Christian ethic.  Here the modern Left made its transition away from communism into a postmodern existentialism.  Postmodernism is rooted in the Counter Enlightenment movement featuring German stars such as Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, and Heidegger.  Postmodernism favors subjectivity over objectivity, the inadequacy of language to communicate over reason and truth, various collective multicultural groupings over individual identity and autonomy, willpower over realistic experience rooted in rational analysis, communalism and solidarity over individualism in values, markets and politics, and finally, suspicion, if not hostility, toward science and technology.  The postmodern critique of capitalism has replaced the original Marxian critique of capitalism.  The universalism of Marxian socialism has been exchanged with identity politics mixed in with an inverse racism that emphasizes white guilt in particular over its colonial and capitalist sins.  International communism was converted into a multicultural form of modern fascism that accentuates cultural dissimilarities.  Such sentiments also stand very opposed to the classical American melting pot based on the universal values of the Judeo-Christian tradition.  The Nazi philosophy has been twisted into a leftist deconstruction program in order to undermine the dominance of Western classical liberalism that originally extolled the virtues of individual liberty, free markets, religious freedom, and a democratic republican form of government.  The ever-increasing madness of the postmodern age where the political left and right continually talk past each other in America is hardly surprising.  Continuing to confuse Marxism with postmodernism will not clear the air, but only cloud up the issues even further, so in short, postmodernism means Post-Marxism.

(“From Marxism/Communism to Post-Modern Liberal Fascism” by Mark Musser dated November 7, 2015 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/11/from_marxismcommunism_to_postmodern_liberal_fascism.html )

There are numerous lessons to be learned from the confrontational protests by black football players to boycott future games at the University of Missouri that culminated in resignation of the school’s president and chancellor.  First, the white liberal academic establishment got beaten by the very politically correct thought police they unleashed on America.  It is about time the self-important, arrogant thugs of the Ivory Tower industrial complex get a taste of the brutish, anti-intellectualism they have created.  May they get many more in what is rapidly resembling a replay of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.  Second, the open hostility to liberty, constitutional rights and simple civic discourse would be shocking if it had not become such a norm.  The scenes of a reporter being bullied, threatened and physically assaulted by the mob at the university while he simply tried to do his job seems to belong to some third world dictatorship, not the heartland of America.  Third, since when do so-called “student athletes” become political tools?  Many if not most of the school’s football team attend the university on scholarships.   If they decide that their politics are more important, fine.  They should lose the scholarships and either pay their own tuition or vacate the school.  The coddling of these spoiled babies will encourage more such temper tantrums.  Finally, an important lesson is that public universities have become rat’s nests of radical Marxists who act in the most odious ways possible, yelling for strong-arm thugs to shut down the exercise of First Amendment freedoms.  This is the sad state of higher education in America.  Hopefully the Missouri General Assembly will take a long, hard look at the University’s funding and cut it back, severely.  If football players or coaches want to play politics, let them go do it but not with one red cent of tax money.  If weak, leftist professors and administrators want to conduct a morality play based on Stalin’s purges, that is their business but not on public property or with public resources.  By ridding Missouri of the rot and cultural Marxist disease now, the General Assembly will be doing a great service to the entire country and set a shining example of exactly how the thugs and vandals should be treated.

(“Mao’s Cultural Revolution Comes to American Colleges” by Bill Wilson dated November 11, 2015 published by American Clarion at http://www.americanclarion.com/maos-cultural-revolution-comes-to-american-colleges-40904 )

Conservatives win when people have the truth, because modern liberal causes are always built on lies.  When conservatives buy into the lie, we lose.  For example, gay marriage is culturally accepted, in part, because for 30 years conservatives have been unwilling to correctly describe the gay lifestyle.  Sexually active gays are essentially never monogamous, die young due to diseases they get from their promiscuous lifestyle, are depressed and despondent, are likely to use drugs, and are fixated on sex, not love.   Being a sexually active gay is worse for one's health than being a smoker.  Conservatives generally haven't objected to the lie that gays are just like heterosexuals, but once one agrees to that, it's really hard to explain to low-information voters why gays don't make great parents and shouldn't be allowed to marry.  Conservatives have been constantly pointing out the lies of the climate alarmists, and as a result, the average American couldn't care less about climate change.  The latest round in liberals' assault on Judeo-Christian morality is their demented desire to normalize insanity, namely that one's sex is merely a matter of what one wants it to be.  As usual, their position is based on the totally false claim that a person's sex is not biological, but psychological.  Christians, whom liberals constantly label as "anti-science," have no problem realizing that DNA defines our biological identity but not who we are.  Modern liberals reject settled science and claim that someone with a woman's DNA can really be biologically male.  Now, men and women can suffer from gender identity confusion, but while we should strive to help those who think they're something they're not, the right way to do so is not to enable their delusions.  Showing true love to people who identify as transgendered is helping them love who they really are, not telling them that they have to change because they're not good as they are.  Sadly, there are signs that some conservatives are buying into the liberals' false narrative.  Letting biological men who simply say they think they're women into women's restrooms is not anti-discrimination; it's pro-discrimination against women.  Similarly, conservatives use the term LGBT as though it were a valid description of biological diversity rather than a purely psychological construct, developed by psychiatrists who tend to self-identify as members of the LGBT "community."  Like all other groups, the "transgendered" are viewed by liberals in terms of how they can be used to further the expansion of liberal power and control.  If liberals really cared about the "transgendered," they'd be helping those suffering from gender identity confusion to accept who they truly are.  Instead, liberals support the "transgender" cause because it's a direct repudiation of the Judeo-Christian view that men are not gods, and that men and women have a biological identity they can't change.  By supporting the "transgender" cause, liberals attack the Judeo-Christian view that sex is about more than recreation and is intended to be between a man and a woman.  If we lie about what being "transgendered" or what gay really means, we're lying to people confused about their sexuality about the consequences of their choices.  Even worse, by buying into the "transgender" lie, we're directly supporting discrimination against sane people.  When a man wants to be in a women's locker room because he claims he thinks he's a woman, one of two things is true: he's lying, because he's a pervert who's pretending; or he actually thinks he's something he's not, which means he's not really mentally stable.  In the former case, supporting the "transgender" cause is synonymous with supporting sexual harassment.  In the latter case, allowing a testosterone-powered boy to compete with women in sports is unfair to women.  While liberals claim to worship at the altar of the nonexistent "privacy" clause found in the penumbra of the emanations of the Constitution, in this context, they appear to believe that young women have no right to privacy at all, unless they want to kill their unborn daughters.  The reality is that to properly live the love and compassion that comes so naturally to most Americans, one should not follow unscientific and disproven liberal dogma that one can changes one's sex merely by willing it.  Rather, one should help people suffering from delusions about what they are to become comfortable with reality.  The most loving thing to do for a smoker is tell him that smoking is bad.  The most loving thing to do for the "transgendered" is to point out that they can never become the other sex and that they are wonderful just the way they are, and then we'll be able to block liberals' attempts to force acceptance of the "transgendered" on Americans.

(“There is No Such Thing as ‘Transgendered’” by Tom Trinko dated November 7, 2015 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/11/there_is_no_such_thing_as_transgendered.html )

The President wants to decarbonize the planet by killing fossil-fuel production and its high-paying jobs.  Almost no other nation is following his lead despite the promises that will be made at the Paris climate summit.  Meanwhile Asia will build 500 coal-burning electric generation plants this year alone.  An additional 1,000 are planned in China, India, Japan, Indonesia and other countries.  The latest projections are that 40% of the added power generation in Southeast Asia by 2040 will be coal-fired.  Does this sound like a continent that's taking the alarm bells of catastrophic global warming seriously?  So America shuts down its coal plants, while the rest of the world builds them.  The Times of London reports that the world can "nearly double the available supplies of oil and gas in the next 35 years."  This glut of hydrocarbons has demolished fears that the world is running out of oil.  The world's reserves of oil are going up and are now just shy of 3 trillion barrels.  The well is not running dry, and countries are going to burn more fossil fuel in the future.  In America, Obama has put a regulatory straitjacket on American producers of oil, gas and coal.  Carbon emissions are likely to rise way above treaty pledges because coal is becoming cheaper to produce.  Meanwhile, fracking produces massive quantities of clean-burning and cheap natural gas that competes directly with coal.  Asia's priority right now is growth.  Nations there hope to soon move nearly 1 billion more of their citizens into a Western middle-class living standard, and that requires cheap energy, not expensive and unreliable green energy.  When the Paris meetings end, expect happy talk from the leaders of the world that nations have made iron-clad commitments to move away from fossil fuels.  The only person who's still naive enough to believe the climate change fantasy is Barack Obama, and he calls us deniers!

(“Obama Leads But No One Follows in Climate Change Fight” dated Investor’s Business Daily at http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/110615-779667-obama-leads-no-one-follows-in-fight-against-climate-change.htm )


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