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November 18, 2017


Pundits are famous for going overboard in interpreting a couple of local elections and boldly predicting the future.  Democrat Ralph Northam trouncing Republican Ed Gillespie for governor was not entirely about Trump.  Virginia has basically become a blue state.  Four of the last five governors, including outgoing incumbent Terry McAuliffe, have been Democrats.  Given the clout of Northern Virginia's increasingly liberal Washington suburbs, it’s possible that no Republican could have won the governor's mansion this year.  Gillespie was caught in a no-man's land.  He is a savvy establishment Republican who has been RNC chairman and President Bush’s counselor, as well as a corporate lobbyist.  He distanced himself from Trump, never inviting him to campaign or raise money, while hitting certain Trumpian themes designed to appeal to his voters.  Northam, an extremely low-key lieutenant governor, may have benefitted from the fact that he is a relative moderate who twice voted for George W. Bush.  It is not obvious that Tuesday's performance represents a significant improvement over the Democrats' showings earlier in the year.  In 2018, they won’t always get the luxury of competing in such favorable districts.  America, in short, is not Virginia or New Jersey. The Democrats would need to pick up 24 seats, some of them in red states.  The Dems got a much-needed morale boost, but the midterms are still a year away and the Trump presidency could look very different by then.

(“Caution: Democrats claim victory over Trump, but Virginia may not be a trend” by Howard Kurtz dated November 9, 2017 published by Fox News at http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/11/09/caution-democrats-claim-victory-over-trump-but-virginia-may-not-be-trend.html )

It was déjà vu all over again as the Washington Post, who has endorsed his opponent in the Alabama Senate race, brought forth 40-year-old sexual molestation accusations against Judge Roy Moore.  Moore’s accusers issue the boilerplate caveat that if the charges are true, he should exit the public stage immediately in shame and certainly that is true, and then they quickly throw him under the guilty-as-charged bus that just ran over his presumption of innocence.  It matters not that Judge Roy Moore has been in Alabama politics for decades and his accusers were silent; until he threatened the establishment by being a credible candidate for the U.S. Senate, having dispatched the establishment candidate, Luther Strange, in the Alabama primary.  In Moore’s case, as with others like his, it's sentence first, trial later.  Daresay that the allegations against Bill Clinton, the man who lied when said he never have sex with “that woman… Monica Lewinsky,” are more credible and documented than the decades-old charges against Judge Roy Moore.  We have seen it all before.  Accusations of being a sexual predator were leveled against President Trump during the campaign.  It doesn’t matter if the charges are false.  Accusations make page one while the truth later winds up at the bottom of the classifieds.  Herman Cain’s candidacy was derailed after repeated and unproven sexual harassment allegations by former employees.  But like Harry Reid’s tax lies about Mitt Romney, it worked.  That is the goal of Judge Roy Moore’s accusers.  Trump accuser Jessica Leeds' accusation was accepted as credible immediately.  Smear first, prove later; and guilty until proven innocent.  It worked with Romney and Cain, why not Judge Roy Moore?  As Investor’s Business Daily editorialized in 2011, righteous indignation and claims of victimhood are a one-way street for the liberal grievance industry.  One does not try to drain the swamp without the swamp creatures turning on you.  Herman Cain was a threat to their power, and so too is Judge Roy Moore.  If the charges against Moore are true, he should get all that such a person deserve, but if they are not true, where does he go to get his reputation and political future back?

(“Roy Moore Gets the Herman Cain Treatment” by Daniel John Sobleski dated November 11, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/11/roy_moore_gets_the_herman_cain_treatment.html )

America is in another of its Salem moments where frenzy is almost a living, breathing monster, moving from host to host, fueled by rumor, gossip, and self-righteous furor.  For about six months, cable news shows, the internet, and the major newspapers ginned up the charge of “Russian collusion” as a means of explaining the otherwise inexplicable and unacceptable defeat of Hillary Clinton by someone without either political or military experience.  Pundits and talking heads without evidence echoed each other with ever more preposterous charges.  Voting machines supposedly had been rigged by a monstrous man who later had stooped to remove the Martin Luther King bust from the West Wing.  We were also told that all good souls of the Electoral College clearly should ignore their constitutional duties and denied Trump the presidency.  We were lectured at the height of the collusion frenzy that Trump would be 1) impeached, 2) removed by the emoluments clause, 3) forced to resign under the 25th Amendment, or 4) simply quit in shame.  As the madness grew, no obscenity from Stephen Colbert or physical threat from Robert DeNiro or Johnny Depp or Kathy Griffin or even Snoop Dogg seemed to suffice to express hatred of Trump.  The font of this 24/7 hysteria was the Clinton campaign’s purchase of a leaked smear job from an opposition research firm, which in turn had hired a disreputable former British intelligence agent, who had paid for concocted Russian slanders designed to disrupt an election.  The Fusion GPS/Steele dossier was peddled to U.S. intelligence agencies, some of whom may have seen it as valuable political fodder and thus used it as an excuse to surveille members of the Trump campaign and in turn, unmask the names of American citizens and allow them to be leaked to the press.  Collusion” may turn out to have been sired, grown, and spread from a single, fake, and partisan document.  Now suddenly the hysteria is cooling.  Robert Mueller’s own possible ethical conflicts of interests and increasingly bizarre agendas, the Clinton Uranium One scandals, the strange exemptions given the Clinton email debacle, and House Intelligence Committee investigations into unmasking and the origins of the Steele dossier dialed back the frenzy.  Hysterias are not the same as fantasies in that they usually start with some legitimacy.  The Russians always liked to interfere and gum up American elections.  It is the credo of Vladimir Putin to be mostly against what America is mostly for.  As the Obama Administration warned in a dig at Donald Trump (shortly before the election, when it was sure that Hillary Clinton was to be its picked successor), such Russian attempts at election sabotage usually were irrelevant and largely impotent.  Instead, what fed the furor was not collusion facts per se, but the idea of yet another post-election weapon to take Trump out before he could dismantle the Obama bureaucratic and executive-order legacy.  Human nature is prone to a herd mentality and the politics of excess.  Groupthink offers a sense of belonging and reinforcement to most people.  Democracies in particular in their radical egalitarian culture and exalted sense of self-righteousness are particularly prone to shared frenzies.  In volatile democratic culture, today’s sensational scoop becomes passé by tomorrow.  Social media, smartphones, the internet, and cable news are accelerants, as we saw in the Duke Lacrosse and the Virginia fraternity cases.  They do in minutes what used to take weeks, with the added fuel of anonymity.  Sources reportblare out TV journalists.  Bloggers comment on rumors with their own fake names, photos, and handles, virtue signaling to each their own greater outrage.  Chain email comes from pressure groups rather than from named individuals.  In all these hysterias and frenzies, caution and moderation become proof of complicity.  Calls for quiet reflection and moments of calm to weigh evidence are seen as veritable confessions of guilt or aiding and abetting the crime.  To demand respect for the spirit of due process is to offer proof of one’s own culpability.  Hypocrisy and irony become endemic: the chargers of Russian collusion are the original colluders.  History is full of such frenzies: the stasis on Corcyra, the Spanish Inquisition, the Committee of Public Safety, or Joe McCarthy.  They all can start over some legitimate grievance and all can quickly turn manic.  As we play each fit out, expect the madness to come full circle when the spell wears off and 51% of people finally revolt at the very thought of tearing down Washington’s statue, or lumping together a criminal rapist with a loudmouthed sexist of 20 years past, or envisioning a multimillionaire spoiled, has-been quarterback as the next Jackie Robinson, or treating a fake-news smear document as if it were the New Testament.

(“From One Frenzy to the Next” by Victor Davis Hanson dated November 13, 2017 published by American Greatness at https://amgreatness.com/2017/11/13/from-one-frenzy-to-the-next/ )


On the anniversary of Donald Trump's victory, many conservatives were delighted watching the outrageous video meltdowns of the leftwing media.  They should be afraid rather than amused.  The anger and disappointment over Hillary Clinton's 2016 loss is not only unprecedented, it's inexplicable.  These are supposedly intelligent, educated professionals and yet their anguish has in some cases turned to unbridled hatred towards the voters who dared to think for themselves.  We have been labeled deplorable, moronic, racists and despicable even though these so-called failed political prognosticators have no idea who we really are.  It's a good thing we do our own research because we certainly aren't getting the truth from the mainstream media's fake news.  As for those ridiculous conspiracies on the web, nobody views them as credible only the liberal left wing that probably created them for Media Matters and other Soros inspired groups.  You realized how insane it was for your party to nominate such a despised candidate who was so corrupt that even the mainstream media couldn't cover up her negatives.  The very idea that her sexual predator, alleged rapist husband, Bill, would be back in the Oval Office he defiled was unthinkable to many of us sane voters.  We dumb deplorables are very savvy about computer servers and the very idea that as Secretary of State she chose to have one containing classified information in her own home meant only one thing-hiding nefarious deals she had made.  You may have a very low opinion about our intellectual prowess but that sums up what we feel about liberals who ignore the truth that was in plain sight.  Now that Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood icons are finally having their sins exposed, I think back to that effort to scald candidate Trump with that ‘pussy' tape and why it failed.  At the time Trump used that locker room language with Billy Bush, he was a billionaire playboy who was in fact acknowledging that there were women who would let him do anything and he was right.  Donald Trump may not have been our first choice but he has turned out to be a wonderful leader who loves our country and that is so refreshing after eight years of an administration that didn't care for it at all.  Hate is soul corrosive and an emotion I have avoided in many of my decades of life.  I never hated Barack Obama or wished him ill.  I did loathe his policies which I found destructive and recognized them as Marxist as soon as he started appointing Czars to his administration.  While media lapdogs worshipped him and named him one of the most intelligent presidents, most of us found him to be considerable less because we knew his gaffes were only covered on the Internet and there were many.  As for believing that he was a Kenyan, it was Hillary Clinton's minions, not Donald Trump, who instigated that rumor when she ran against him in 2008.  It would have been smarter to put that rumor to rest if Obama hadn't made sure that so much of his past has been sealed.  Those media meltdowns may be very amusing to some but I find them cringing because they prove that the Fourth Estate has lost the essence of journalistic ethics.  Who, what, where and when for the traditional standard of reportage has been replaced by “we'll tell them what to think cause we're so much smarter and we hate them anyway."  Letting go of this hate should be their first step to recovery.  We deplorables need to stop laughing at them and pray that they do.

(“They Hate Us.  They Really Hate Us” by Alicia Colon dated November 13, 2017 published by Jewish World Review at http://www.jewishworldreview.com/1117/colon111317.php3 )

The liberals constantly complain that this is a “divided nation,” and they ought to know, since they divided it.  They are constantly putting us into various little groups and getting us to fight amongst ourselves.  That way, we won’t be as attentive to their misdeeds and will tend to vote the way they tell us, those of us who pay no attention to politics until an election is near, when the lies are flying.  Democrats created the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), both to divide us into white and black groups and to keep the blacks down.  The racism they are promoting is black vs. white racism, and they are “fanning the flames” of hatred, pretending that the white race now should be the one segregated against.  They promote their attempts to divide us by starting, financing, and supporting organizations whose very goal is to divide us: outfits such as the “Black Lives Matter” fools who just want to get cops killed, and the Black Panthers, who want to kill all whites.  The “liberal elites” put out the word, through their staunch allies, the media and alert the liberals in law-making bodies on whatever they’re promoting becomes the “law of the land.”  Dumocrats start these things, then decry their existence, promising to “fix” things if elected, which they never do.  They pit criminals against cops and women against men.  Feminism is their primary tool in that.  Another tool they recently introduced was “the world vs. transgenders,” and they’re treating it as if it were a major problem, rather than .01% of men whose minds are so messed up they think they’re women.  They pit gays against straight men by insisting that men who want to “marry” men should be allowed to do so, and call their “unions” marriage.  In fact, they’ve been offered a contract that gives them everything they would get in a marriage, but under a different name, and they summarily refused.  Then there are those who want to disarm everybody in the country except cops, “federal agents,” and crooks.  They make laws to disarm the law-abiding, while the criminals just ignore their laws and get their guns illegally.  Then there are Dumocrats vs. Republicans.  After a recent church shooting that killed 26 people including at least one toddler, they immediately blamed the Republicans, even though it is the Dumocrats who have made laws that keep the law-abiding disarmed, while the criminals “run wild” with their illegal guns.  On the subject of religion, they pit Christians against atheists and Muslims against Christians.  Muslims are very willing, because their “religion” tells them to “kill unbelievers.”  The Dumocrats constantly “beat the drums” to keep us in a divided state over one thing and another, and the liberal media cooperates, right down the line.  It is that “divided state” that allows liberals to win election after election, and is the biggest reason Trump got elected president, and why it seems like they can’t beg or buy an election, now.

(“A Divided Nation” by Ray Thomas dated November 13, 2017 published by iPatriot at http://ipatriot.com/a-divided-nation/ )


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