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November 26, 2011


Views on the News*  

For Republicans to defeat Barack Obama in 2012, they must nominate a principled, small government constitutional conservative for President, which seems to surprise establishment media types, and even some conservatives, because they assume that in order to win Republicans must run a content-free campaign around whichever candidate the establishment media has anointed as the “most electable.”  The establishment Republican narrative is that average voters are as bereft of principles as they are, and thus all average voters care about is electing a Republican.  This is exactly the opposite of what grassroots conservative voters want.  They want a Republican nominee who will campaign on conservative policy solutions, build a constituency for conservative government and govern as a conservative once elected.  Grassroots conservatives and tea partiers see electing another business-as-usual establishment Republican as losing the election – and they are right.  Conservatives long ago figured out that establishment Republicans run content-free campaigns so they sound conservative while running, but can govern as business-as-usual insiders once elected.  In 2009 the TEA Party brought together a new coalition of conservative voters and the 2010 congressional elections proved that you don’t have to be content-free to win.  In the 2012 election cycle the traditional triad of economic, social and defense conservatives coupled with the newly energized constitutional conservatives of the TEA Party movement would be unbeatable – behind a candidate that shares, and is willing to advocate and fight for conservative principles.  If conservatives acquiesce in the nomination of Romney, and Republicans run the content-free campaign his handlers plan, then Washington’s inside elite will maintain their hold on the Party, but at the cost of losing winnable elections for the Senate, Congress and governor and saddling America with another four years of Barack Obama as President.

(“A Real Conservative Can Beat Obama” by Richard Viguerie date November 20, 2011 published by News max at http://www.newsmax.com/Viguerie/coulter-romney-obama/2011/11/20/id/418647 )

Despite being demonized by the Democrat Party and minimized by liberal media, the Tea Party movement has not declined since its inception, but instead has increased in numbers.  Despite being framed as radical events run by angry racists, the TEA Party’s orderly patriotic weekend gatherings are now seen as benign in comparison to the rapes and thefts happening within the stench-filled tent cities of the Occupy movement.  The line between conservatives and liberals is becoming clearer and clearer to more and more people.  What is also becoming clearer is that the once feared TEA Party is now seen by the voting public for who they truly are—the American middle class.  The TEA Party numbers are growing for two important reasons:

·    First, once a person attends a TEA Party rally, that person is hooked. People understand their conservative values of adhering to the Constitution, controlling spending and having a working, but limited, government. All these relate to love of country and values that are easy to support.

·    Second, the majority of voters now see that the nation is in a true fix, and they are looking for a positive, non-violent alternative to Obama’s goal of a fundamental transformation of America.

Once people move past the lies of the liberal media, more and more citizens are finding that their local TEA Party is a very nice fit with what they believe.  For those who are anxious to see this President be a one termer, the blueprint to victory in 2012 lies in coordinating the ever expanding TEA Party numbers and maximizing the number of voters who do go to the polls and vote next November, and Obama’s defeat will be a certainty. 

(“Tea Party Numbers Grow As Presidential Election Nears” by Paul Ibbetson dated November 18, 2011 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/42500 )


For those who grew up when America was America, we naturally long for the “good old days” because it’s very clear that America has lost its way and needs to get back onto the path that made this the greatest nation in the worldWhile America is still great, we need to become greater and that will only happen when we return to our original way of life.  Here is some guidance to help us return and grow into the Country we were destined to become:

·    FOR PARENTS OF PRE-SCHOOL CHILDREN:  It’s time to return to America’s original “Child-Care Program” … Program yourselves to take care of your own children.

·    FOR GRADE SCHOOL & JUNIOR HIGH STUDENTS:  It’s time to return to America’s original “Three R’s” … Learn Responsibility, Reliability and Respect.

·    FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: It’s time to return to America’s original “After-School Program” … Program yourselves to complete your homework before reporting to your after-school job.

·    FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS:  It’s time to return to America’s original “Graduate Degree School” …  Success comes in graduating degrees and you will only learn this at the school of hard knocks.

·    FOR EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES:  It’s time to return to America’s original “Economic Stimulus Package” …  Serve your customers with the very best by investing heavily into honesty and integrity, then competitively package your product by planning smarter and working harder to stimulate the economics of your own business.

·    FOR POLITICIANS:  It’s time to return to America’s original “Campaign Finance Reform” … Reform your personal ethics and your political campaign will finance itself.

·    FOR EVERY AMERICAN:  It’s time to return to America’s original “Health Care Plan” … Plan on taking care of your own health!

None of these ideas are new, in fact, they worked well in the past, if you assumed personal responsibility for yourself, but these ideas have just been pushed aside and replaced by “Progressive” transformation to replace personal with government responsibility and undermined what made this country the land of the free and the home of the brave.

(“It’s Time to Return to America’s Original Way of Life” by Robert L. Rosebrock dated November 22, 2011 published by Canada Free Press at http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/42607 )


The official, ultimate demise of the greatest socialist experiment in history, that of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, occurred on Christmas Day 1991, but only after it had dispossessed, imprisoned, tortured and murdered untold millions of its own citizen in the quest for the workers' chimerical paradise of equality and fairness, where each was projected to produce according to his ability and receive according to his needs.  After 69 years of unremitting misery for the overwhelming majority of its people and the socialist Nirvana never coming even remotely within sight, the inevitable economic collapse took place, leaving hapless millions in grinding poverty.  However, Westernized socialism, as practiced in European social democracies and to a lesser extent in the U.S., is still alive, no matter how unwell.  In the Soviet model the state owned the means of production thus all workers were employed by the state, essentially each working for everyone else, the collective, but not directly for themselves.  This was effectively a compulsory altruism which, because not being a primary human drive, introduced a fatal systemic flaw to an economy so bereft of incentives as to engender the famous Russian quip: "We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us."  The second fatal flaw was the elimination of the free market and its replacement by the planned economy, where supply and demand were in the hands of technocrats and not the invisible hand of free-market capitalism.  The resultant low productivity was easily outpaced by free-market capitalism which produced guns and butter as well as social programs.  Today's Westernized socialism casts out doctrines of centralized planning and nationalization of enterprises, and incorporates democratic governance, rule of law, varying degrees of public services, safety nets and entitlements, all existing pari passu with free-market capitalism.  However, the Western economies have recently slowed to a crawl, causing soaring national deficits which some governments have attempted to mitigate with reduced spending.  In several nations this has impacted public services and threatened entitlements causing widespread public protests ranging from peaceful to violent, while world stock markets have dropped precipitously and turned volatile.  In the broadest sense socialism is essential to modern society -- from public schooling, police, fire, highways, safety nets, defense -- and rules and regulations make for clean water and air, safe drugs and food, etc.  The real question is how much socialism constitutes the Goldilocks amount.  Empirical studies show that as government spending increases as percentage of GDP, economic growth increases to a point of diminishing returns, then begins an inexorable decline.  Proponents of the Rahn curve maintain that total government spending at 15-25% of GDP maximizes economic growth.  Total United States government spending rose from 33% of GDP in 2001 to 37% in 2008 and 40% in 2010 approaching the EU-27 2010 spending of over 50% GDP.  Increasing government share of GDP means the private sector is being starved of capital and overburdened with expanding rule and regulation making bureaucracies, so clearly government must downsize as a percentage of GDP, or economic stagnation, with all its deleterious long-range consequences, will continue.  

(“Socialism’s Fundamental Flaws” by Andy Lugar dated November 19, 2011 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/11/socialisms_fundamental_flaws.html )


To the left, protest is an identity, which is also why the Occupations never seemed to have

much of a coherent message and the purpose of their protests is to protest, the romance of the protest is all the justification that it really needs.  The left is one long permanent protest by useful idiots whose dissatisfaction makes them seek out alternative societies in the guise of denouncing this one.  Zuccotti Park was Neverland, as it would be in the real world, complete with disease, rapes and a rising body count.  Today’s Peter Pans and Wendys are as likely to be successful professionals as the old stereotype of dropouts who couldn’t hack it.  They have degrees, often more than one, many of them have jobs that the actual 99% would kill for, and family backgrounds in the upper and upper middle-class.  Generations of the left have produced children who are trained for success, who have the right tools and the right background, but who have also imbibed the idea that hard work is drudgery and that the only thing worth doing well is trying to overthrow society centered around some incompatible combination of the pleasure principle and social welfare for everyone.  The history of the left is of childishly naive ideals fought for with ugly tactics and implemented as totalitarian dystopias.  The modern left’s strange combination of lotus eaters and fire breathers, freeloaders and fanatics, isn’t a split personality, it’s the identity of people who have been deprived of every other form of identity, who romanticize alienation even when they are actually insiders, because they are no longer members of a nation, a nationality, a religion or even a professional class.  They are the lost boys and girls still looking for happiness long after their grandparents failed to find in drugs and communes, and their great-grandparents failed to find it in psychoanalysis and decadence, and their great-great-grandparents failed to find it in spirit rapping and unstructured poetry.  Those for whom happiness is escape briefly found it in a cluster of dirty tents, volunteerism, drugs, communal sleeping arrangements and the collapse of societal boundaries as the edge of a new world.  At Zuccotti Park, the professional activist, working for unions and community groups, encountered the professional protester, who goes to a bewildering mix of rallies to spew his hate at his favorite targets, and together they ran into the lost boys and girls who confused anti-capitalism with utopia, and they all met the homeless and the huckster—the men and women living in actual poverty on the edge of their shining societies out of view of their parents’ mansions.  The Occupiers don’t know how lucky they are, because despite all their degrees they have forgotten how revolutions, real revolutions, end.  They end when the people holding up the ridiculous signs, the petty criminals and the mentally unstable, whom no one took seriously, become the secret police for one of those charming outsiders who wandered in and now owns the place.  The left has defined itself by opposition, protest is its identity, if you aren’t outraged then you aren’t paying attention.  The theme of 99% and 1% emphasizes the schizophrenic universalization of alienation.  We are all on the outside… together, but you can’t build a society of outsiders, much as the left has tried with its programs of multiculturalism and borderless nations.  Making alienation your identity is fine for teenagers who are still busy rebelling against conventions and expectations, but there’s no future in it for anyone but musicians and community organizers since protest is always personal and those who make protest their identity are really protesting against themselves.

(“Protest as Identity” by Daniel Greenfield dated November 20, 2011 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/42536 )


Obama’s troubles stem from the rigidity of his broken ideas, they admit to no compromise, and consequently, he has invested his whole personality into an unworkable ideology that was dead outside of academia- and news rooms- until he resurrected it.  It’s the idea that a benign government of technocrats and academics can engineer near perfect justice at the trivial cost of liberty to most.  He personally identifies with his ideology in the same way that he identifies himself as a father or husband, and he tightly clings to it.  It’s an ideology that he clings to, like some do guns and religion, despite a century of abject failure as his own disastrous record as President shows on a fairly small scale.  Unlike guns and religion, however, which both have long records of reliability, his ideology depends upon the unreliable magic trick of redefining of words to mean the opposite of what any plain speaking person in the USA would understand them to mean.  For example, if you redefine liberty to mean that most everyone outside of the ruling elite has the same amount of “things,” then Obama’s materialist ideology ensures “some liberty for most.”  It was so much easier for Obama to be President when all he had to do was come up with sunshine words and rosy promises, as opposed to, say, executing unworkable legislation, controlling a suspicious congress, creating policy that gave to the rich in order to secure “some liberty for most;” or following a budget that isn’t even written down on a napkin.  Talk is cheap but when you claim the mantle of leadership you actually have to do something.  And in doing something Obama has revealed to Americans the underside, unspoken ideology that belongs to the spirit of the Bastille, rather than that of the Boston Tea Party.  It’s the spirit that talks about immigration reform, but ignores immigration law, or not- depending on how the spirits move him.  It’s the spirit that plays the part of constitutional law professor, while ignoring the duty to defend the constitution.  It’s the spirit that tells banks to lend money to poor people, but punishes banks through extra-legal means- because they loaned money to poor people.  And those spirits create misgivings in most Americans; and those misgivings are strongly confirmed by the economic failures they have engendered.  When you measure those failures against the expectations that the liberal left pinned on Obama via speeches and skin color, and subtract out the deepening number of Americans who think the country is on the wrong track, we can quantify how cheapened the Presidency has become.  All you have to do is subtract the Obama expectations from the Obama result, and what you are left with confirms that this President is broken.

(“The Broken President” by John Ransom dated November 22, 2011 published by Town Hall at http://finance.townhall.com/columnists/johnransom/2011/11/22/the_broken_president )

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