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 November 26, 2016


As pundits pontificate about why Donald Trump became our next President, one salient fact stands out: most of those pundits live in big cities on the coasts.  Since many pundits have not spent any substantial time outside of these cities, one must wonder if their intellectual wallets are empty!  Having insulted the cadre that I join with this rant, let us consider the "flyover country" that the bicoastal blatherers ignored, but which elected Donald Trump.  It is the part of the United States where crops are grown, minerals are mined, and things are built.  It is not the place where academics argue about the best way to move money around.  It is the place where America lives.  America is not a place.  America is an idea that lives in a place called the United States.  America declares that if you invest yourself in making a better life, you will not have your chance to succeed stolen by the government.  This is the core of who Americans are.  The Left hates America, because it also declares that your success or failure is largely your own responsibility.  That word, "responsibility," is anathema to the Left because it implies consequences.  Barack Obama is not an American; he is a Leftist.  The Leftist agenda has subjected America to a death of a thousand cuts.  For a while America did not consider the offense great enough to rebel.  America was strong enough to overcome.  A tipping point came, and the Tea Party was born.  Then it was suffocated by professional politicians on both sides of the aisle.  They gave lip service to America, but collaborated with the Left.  Big financial institutions will see competition from smaller players dry up, since they can't afford the legal horsepower to comply.  In the next cycle, the financial industry will have to pay the favor back.  ObamaCare seemed to be a boon to insurers, so they backed it.  The annual bottom line was all that mattered.  If things fell apart, Congress would figure out how to keep the scam going, and it would all be hidden in a forest of regulations and accounting gimmicks.  Into this impenetrable forest now rides Saint Donald.  His quest is to slay the dragon that lives in the District of Columbia.  He is the champion for America.  America does not care whether he "drains the swamp" or "burns the place down."   The evil that is strangling America has to be eliminated!  Many on the Left have not yet learned that the nine scariest words in the English language are, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."  This kept them from seeing that Donald is coming to rescue them, not harm them.  Success is not guaranteed, but America did not vote for success; America voted for an authentic champion to do battle with evil on the Potomac. 

(“How America Won the Election” by Ted Noel dated November 19, 2016 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/11/how_america_won_the_election.html )


There have been many excellent post-election analyses since Trump's improbable win, most of have which have identified the disaffected working class and the failure of the Democrats' politically correct identity politics as the driving factorsOne thing that was overlooked is the Tea Party, the reasons for its beginnings, and its underlying anti-establismentarianism in this election.  It was not just the failure of the Democrats' urban-centric political focus on minorities, women, and income inequality that deep-sixed Hillary Clinton's campaign.  Walking it back, what has outraged so many grassroots conservatives was the phony conservatism under George W. Bush, culminating in the financial crisis of 2008.  It pushed them overboard to no longer get fooled by the Republican establishment that had been basically a milder form of the big-government progressivism that had taken over the Democrat Party following the loss of Hubert Humphrey in 1968 to Richard Nixon.   It was that crushing loss that sent Democrats on a far-left trajectory for decades to come.  Bush did nothing to cut back the size and growth of government.  Instead, he actually expanded it through his unfunded Medicare Part D prescription drug program and the "No Child Left Behind" federally mandated education program.  There were no efforts at all to rein in spending and the size of the federal government.  The war with Iraq added untold billions to the ever expanding annual federal deficits.  Bush's "compassionate conservatism" was liberalism in disguise.  When the economy began melting down in 2007, culminating in the financial crisis of 2008, McCain was not offering any real solutions or differentiating himself from the "Democrat Lite" policies of both Bush presidencies.  The result was an inexperienced but highly articulate and educated, attractive and charismatic man who would become the country's first black President. The bipartisan $700-billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and the $830-billion economic stimulus (where shovel-ready jobs were nowhere to be found) were the last straws.  The grassroots had had enough, and the Tea Party was born to take on and push back the political elites driving the country into the financial ditch.  It's common knowledge now that the 2010 and 2014 midterms were essentially driven by the Tea Party influence on the electorate, especially after the passage of ObamacCare put the federal government on ever more powerful steroids in growing its size, spending, and intrusion on individual life.  The Tea Party's influence on the grassroots and especially the blue-collar working class culminated in the election of Trump.  Right now they're not getting the credit they deserve, but when the history books are written about this election, the Tea Party movement should be getting most if not all of the credit for setting in motion the biggest presidential upset in history.  It's the Tea Party that ushered in a complete outsider with zero political experience to upend the existing political order. 

(“Who gets the credit for Trump’s victory? The Tea Party.” by Tim Jones dated November 22, 2016 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/11/who_gets_the_credit_for_trumps_victory_the_tea_party.html )

The Obama administration saw the high-water mark of progressivism.  Its overwhelming power has been broken.  Americans have seen the wrecking ball that is progressivism in action for the last eight years (and counting).  The leadership of the Democrat Party was gradually taken over by a bunch of fanatical extremists whose agenda was both morally and pragmatically repellent, completely divorced from the realities of human existence.  The once noble moral impulses undergirding the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s were gradually distorted by the radical feminist and gay rights movements, both of which hijacked civil rights terminology and both of which leveraged the momentum of the initial civil rights movement for their own increasingly fatuous, fanatical and narrow purposes; purposes which wound up badly hurting other Americans, in fact, the American majority.  Jettisoning the highly religious foundations established by Martin Luther King, Jr., who spoke in terms of human rights as rights for all, the new so-called civil rights movements embraced by the Democrat Party did not seek equality before the law for all human beings, but rather special privileges and power for themselves regardless of the cost to others.  In their attempts to promote the causes of the latest self-proclaimed victims, progressives ran roughshod over the core institutions of America and over those structures upholding her constitutional republic.  The Church and her institutions were also targeted for destruction in the name of progress.  In some circles, it became seen as inherently hateful to be a Christian because the Christian conscience as defined by orthodox doctrine simply could not accommodate the demands of the Left and remain Christian.  As progressive extremism wrote Christians out of their script, they kept writing an increasingly radical script for the American masses to follow.  Those who refused to act out the parts assigned them were treated with contempt and often exiled to the periphery of society, there to join the aforementioned leprous Christians already outside the camp.  Whether it was the CEO of Chick-fil-A or the small-town butcher, baker, or candlestick maker, those who stood against the progressive tide were marked for destruction.  Despite the deeply held convictions of tens of millions of America’s people of faith, the proselytizers of the progressive movement insisted on abortion on demand up to the point of birth.  They insisted the primordial universal understanding of marriage as being between man and woman had to be redefined.  Even gender, the foundational distinction of the human race, was to be “fluid,” open to redefinition at any time.  Included in the radical agenda was the completion of the retrofitting of academia to the progressive agenda.  Even language was to be retooled in order to express gender preference; indeed, to eliminate the distinctions of words denoting male and female.  The doctrine of global warming was to become the accepted scientific viewpoint, and woe to those scientists who disagreed.  Such extreme positions are but a few examples of the radical transformations sought under the Obama administration and embraced by the Democrat Party, which from all appearances seems determined to double down on radical orthodoxy, oblivious or resistant to reform.  Americans were to be forced into believing and accepting a complete reversal of the Western understanding of reality and the substitution of unreality, a worldview matching neither science nor acceding to the moral transcendence supplied by faith.  The unreality, extremism and fanaticism of leftist progressivism has been a sure sign of its demise.  It became more and more abhorrent to the American people.  Voters saw that their country could not continue to embrace the destructive concepts perpetrated and enforced by the Obama administration if America was to endure, much less flourish.  If the nation was to survive, the progressive movement had to be rolled back.  The confabulist, not worried a bit about facts, even those recorded on camera or by eye witnesses, can move on a dime and invent another truth to fit changing circumstances.  Confabulists insist on fabulism for their children, encouraging, for instance, transgenderism in kids as little as six.  Confabulism is a descent into insanity, and mass insanity is what we are seeing today.   Americans had found themselves forced to believe and practice an ideology that endured only by coercion.  Progressives were Sovietizing America, to the point that arbitrary decrees from leading progressives, including the person inhabiting the White House, were forcing people of conscience to recant their convictions and confess their errors lest they be destroyed. We saw the United States military subjected to progressivism’s politically-correct mandates that undermined the mission and effectiveness of the armed forces, while protesting generals were arbitrarily forced into resignation.  As time went on, the more unworkable and oppressive the mandate, the greater the force needed to ensure capitulation of the resistant.  Is it any wonder that the pragmatic and commonsense Americans, along with those whose consciences and religious freedoms were constantly violated, revolted at last?  Is it any wonder that when an elite few invent a world without any relationship to reality, the rest of unconverted society refuses to accommodate itself to their confabulist insanities?  Is it any wonder that the mere mortals among us have seen that the progressive gods are mad, and that their insistence that we retrofit our existence and all of society to accommodate their insane demands was a potentially fatal assault on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?  In sum, by using the power remaining to them; namely the voting booth, Americans repudiated the lies and subterfuges of the extremist progressive movement.  While fundamentalist progressivism will live on for a time and fight back through academia, the media and Hollywood, the flood tide crested during the reign of Obama, and now has begun to recede.  Progressives will increasingly live on in backwater subcultures.  It’s time for conservatives to continue to continue to roll back the progressive tide, across the board. 

(“The High-Water Mark of Progressivism” by Fay Voshell dated November 19, 2016 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/11/the_highwater_mark_of_progressivism.html )

When Hillary Clinton lost the election, a new campaign had to be launched.  Suddenly, on cue, it was: Hillary Clinton lost because “fake news” about her had been spread around during the campaign.  These “fake sites” had to be punished, defamed, blocked, and censored.  Obama is way, way behind the curve.  Thousands of websites and blogs have been exposing major media as fake for years.  If Google, Facebook, and Twitter keep expanding their censorship of “disfavored messages,” they’re going to pay a price.  More and more users will go elsewhere.  The facade of the major media is getting thinner.  You can see a glow of rage and resentment behind it.  They’re desperately looking for revenge on the millions and millions of people who are deserting them and laughing at them.  The big shift is accelerating; iIndependent media are in the ascendance.  Understand that, recognize it; the impossible is happening.  The major media are the biggest fakes the world has ever seen.  Their anchors and star reporters are bloviating cranks; they’re dinner-theater actors.  I’ve warned them of their coming troubles.  Now, they’re starting to sweat blood.  Major media news for America is still basically manufactured in New York and Washington, plus occasional outbursts from Hollywood creatures who bemoan the decline of inclusive liberalism, as they expand their gun-toting security staffs and dig deeper bunkers.  The New York-Washington axis exists in a self-serving bubble, which has now taken serious punctures.  The delusional attacks against “fake sites” underlines how out of touch these elites are with the rest of the country.  Independent media outlets are winning; they won’t be stopped.  When the people who now head the tech giants were growing up, they were heralding the Internet as a new era of free information-exchange.  Now that they find themselves working with the government in the Surveillance State, they’re fronting for censorship.  Now they’re showing they were never for freedom.  That was a pose all along because they were, from the beginning, agents of repression.  They can try to stop independent media now, but they will fail.  When you look at Google, Facebook, Twitter, behind their happy-happy messages, they were built to propagandize, profile, and control.  The major media have a rock-bottom article of faith, which is: “We own the news.”  They can’t give it up; they’ll never give it up, because it fuels everything they do.  It’s the substance and core of their attitude.  For a time, they managed to sell that delusion to the people, but that time is drawing to a close.  The elite political class and their media minions fear more than independent news countering their own news.  For obvious reasons, every civilization down through history has had its own monopolistic media, its central “broadcasting system,” but now, The One has become Many.  That is the threat, the rapid proliferation of The Many is an unpredictable X-factor.  The population is waking up to decentralized media.  Instead of the hypnotic attachment to one basic information source, the habit of a lifetime, the public is learning to handle multiple sources.  Therefore, the hypnotic spell is being broken and dissolved.  This is the basic problem for the elites.  By trying to censor the Internet, they are creating a sudden war or other disaster, briefly “unifying” the country.  These are not permanent solutions, particularly since more and more people understand such maneuvers and their true aims.  Awake is awake.  Putting the genie back in the bottle, particularly when major media denizens aren’t very bright, as evidenced by their latest “fake news” scam, is trying to perform a piece of stage magic after the audience has already learned how it’s done.  The media clowns will try, but they’ll further expose themselves and actually assist in the awakening. 

(“Major media crash: they need a scapegoat” by Jon Rappoport dated November 20, 2016 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/article/major-media-crash-they-need-a-scapegoat )

There is a political party today that has racism as a core value and is working incessantly to keep blacks down, and it's the Democrat Party.  Since Democrat politicians never say what they really believe, most Democrat voters aren't aware they're supporting racism.  Like their predecessors who fought a war to keep slavery legal, who founded the KKK, who passed the Jim Crow laws, who fought for school segregation, and who opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, modern Democrat politicians are constantly working to ensure that blacks be poor, ignorant, and totally dependent on the government.  Slave-owning Democrats believed that blacks were not really smart enough to run their own lives.  Modern Democrat talking heads constantly declare that in a country where Japanese Americans could go from Democrat-mandated prison camps to having one of the highest per household incomes in America, without Democrat help, blacks somehow can't manage to do anything.   It's the same paternalistic attitude that earlier Democrats used to justify slavery.  Of course, the new slavery is different from the old: instead of picking cotton for hours in the blazing sun, modern blacks only have to vote Democrat, settle for unsafe neighborhoods, and be willing to live with the fact that their children will never get a decent education.  Charter schools and private schools have proven that they can educate black inner-city children.  Black parents go to extreme lengths to get their kids in those schools because blacks love their kids, too.  Democrat politicians are constantly opposing those schools, and the idea of school choice, because they apparently care more about the millions the teacher unions pour into Democrat coffers than they do about black children getting a decent education.  What better recipe for securing the black vote than ensuring that blacks depend on government for life itself while using the compliant MSM to convince them that their problems are all due to Republicans, who have no power in the cities those blacks live in.  Ignorant, uneducated people of any race are more likely to fall for propaganda, after all.  Democrat politicians have even figured out how to use taxpayer dollars to pay for keeping blacks around to vote.  In America, thousands of blacks are shot each year in Democrat-run cities, yet Democrats who run those cities with an iron fist do nothing that works to fix the problem.  While one could believe that a non-racist might think for a few years that gun control actually protects law-abiding blacks, only someone who doesn't have black interests at heart could continue to believe so after decades of failure.  Note too that it's not thousands of whites who are getting shot in Chiraq (that is, Chicago), nor is it white neighborhoods where it's unsafe during the day.  If you're black, you're 12 times more likely to be shot than if you're white in Chiraq, where Democrats have ruled since dinosaurs roamed the Illinois plains.  Democrats got far more riled up about a police officer shooting a black criminal in self-defense, according to Obama's DOJ, than they did about a nine-year-old black boy being the targeted victim of a gang hit.  Democrats are also big fans of Planned Parenthood (PP) even though PP's founder was an avowed racist who viewed blas as inferior.  It's possible to be pro-choice but not a racist, of course.  It makes one wonder why Democrats aren't upset about the fact that the leading cause of death for black Americans is abortion.  Democrats continue to laud PP even though 79% of PP "clinics" are in or near minority neighborhoods.  It is also strange if Democrats really care about blacks.  The recent call by Democrats for taxpayer funding of abortions because that will "save money" is nothing less than saying that aborting the babies of people on welfare will save money.  If Democrat politicians really aren't racists, it's odd that there are no Democrats saying abortion should be legal but that we should do something about the fact that a black woman is five times more likely to have an abortion than a white woman.  The entire supposed pivot of Democrats on racism is based on their support for welfare, which "rescued" blacks from poverty, but that hasn't worked too well, given that black poverty is still twice that of white poverty.  More importantly, welfare has contributed to the destruction of the black family and the resulting culture that makes it very hard for even very dedicated blacks to escape the ghetto.  With 70% of blacks born to single mothers and with being in a single-parent family being the strongest correlation with drug use, criminality, teen pregnancy, and poverty, people who care about blacks, like the Republicans who pushed for welfare reform, would demand change.  If Democrats cared about blacks, they'd have noticed the problem by the 1970s and tried to fix it.  Instead, they doubled down on the same failed approaches, but if their objective is to keep blacks dependent and scared, maybe those policies weren't failures after all.  Finally, one has only to look at how Democrats treat blacks who wander off the Democrats' thought plantation to see that love of blacks is not at the core of the Democrat Party.  If any Republican had talked about Obama the way Democrats talk about Ben Carson, Justice Clarence Thomas, and any number of other black conservative intellectuals, he'd have been tarred and feathered by the MSM.  It's a crime that 52 years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, blacks are still being oppressed by the same Democrat Party that fought so hard for slavery 153 years ago.  Stop letting Democrat politicians get away with claiming to care when their actions show that their only concern is about votes.  Don't let Democrats get away with pretending to care about blacks while they fight tooth and nail against any policy that would give blacks a chance to earn their share of the American Dream.  It's time that America threw off the Democrat legacy of preventing blacks from reaching their true potential.  It's time to end the nearly 200-year-long Democrat war on blacks and bring down the last vestiges of racism in America. 

(“The MSM is Right: There is a Racist Party in America” by Tom Trinko dated November 20, 2016 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/11/the_msm_is_right_there_is_a_racist_party_in_america.html )


Donald Trump’s election is above all else a rebellion of the voters against identity politics enforced by political correctness, and it opens the way to a new politics of moderate levels of immigration, patriotic assimilation, and, in foreign policy, the defense of U.S. sovereignty.  In the past few months, Trump put together a winning electoral coalition that stressed the unity and common interests of all Americans across the full spectrum of policy, from immigration to diplomacy.  Because of Trump’s electoral success, this combination of policies rooted in the national interest and patriotism has suddenly begun to sound like common sense. Defeating political correctness, or expanding real freedom of speech, made it possible to raise other issues that worried the voters but that a bland bipartisan consensus pushed to the sidelines.  It became clear that the room was full of elephants: multiculturalism, diversity, bilingualism, identity politics, political correctness itself, and much more, extending to the wilder shores of gender politics.  All of these were involved in the progressive project of “fundamentally transforming” America, but the major driver of this project was mass immigration without assimilation.  Trump’s bold grasp of the immigration issue propelled him to the GOP’s presidential nomination.  Though other issues are important, no other single one explains his rise as clearly or as simply.   In its relatively brief life, American conservatism has been built on three groups: economic conservatives (fiscal restraint, limited government); social conservatives (faith, family values); and national conservatives (law and order, immigration, the social fabric i.e., national cohesion as well as national security).  There are forms of nationalism that are exclusive, aggressive, and undemocratic; but American nationalism is none of those things.  American nationalism fits comfortably alongside economic and traditional conservatism, strengthening this ideological coalition.  The democratic nationalism within American conservatism could even be seen as the glue that binds economic, social, and other conservatives together, just as in the old days anti-Communism provided such a bond.  Mainstream commentators will attempt to marginalize nationalist concerns as backward, alarmist, and xenophobic.   National conservatism, or “one America” conservatism, is idealistic without being naïve or utopian.  It reflects the good sense, decency, and aspirations of the American people for self-government, national independence, and the perpetuation of our way of life.  Americans believe that the U.S. Constitution is superior to international law, that immigrants, though welcome, should become part of a united national community rather than join an ethnic enclave in a balkanized America, and that our national identity is more important than any ethnic or transnational loyalty is not to take the low road of nationalist selfishness but the moral high ground of democratic self-government in a particular society.  Conservatives should reach out to new immigrant voters not from a position of weakness with pandering “comprehensive immigration reform,” but from a position of strength, with this spirit of inclusive patriotism and the promise of equality of opportunity.  We should say: “We welcome you first and foremost as Americans.  This emphasis on the unum, not the pluribus, should prove more attractive to an electorate than the designedly fractious minority - majority coalition on the Democrat side.  Most people in America want to be Americans, not ambassadors from their family’s past.  National conservatism is embraced by Americans of all classes.  This new patriotic fusionism has now proved itself at the ballot box as Trump out-performed Mitt Romney, John McCain, George W. Bush, Bob Dole, and George H. W. Bush in the working-class and rural precincts of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and Ohio.

(“The Return of American Nationalism” by John Fonte and John O’Sullivan dated November 18, 2016 published by National Review Online at http://www.nationalreview.com/article/442306/donald-trumps-win-american-nationalism-returns )


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