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November 28, 2015


Our government has been taken over in a silent coup by radical Marxists, neo-fascists, and self-serving con men, posing as elected representatives from both parties.  Over and over and over and over, the ruling “elite” has ignored the fact that 60 to 90% of the American people have opposed the laws and policies that they have gone ahead and shoved down our throats, anyway.  Instead, I want to look at what’s happening today, right now. The free world, aka, the civilized West, is being overrun by a barbarian invasion.  It is being passed off as “refugees”, but the vast majority of the invaders are military age, single, Muslim males.  It is Obama’s policies in the Middle East that have created ISIL/ISIS and allowed dozens of other Islamic jihadist organizations to arise and/or expand exponentially.  After years of attacks, he still refuses to admit that nearly all the acts of terrorism worldwide are by Muslim zealots.  The “mainstream” media also refuses to call it Islamic terrorism, and is complicit in aiding him in covering it up at home.  Obama is touring Asia, bad-mouthing America in Muslim countries as he has done before, trying to make it look like those who resist his pro-Islamic jihadist policies are an ignorant, bigoted minority.  In addition, his attempt to force 100,000 Muslims into American communities is clearly an attack on our freedom unprecedented in the entire history of our country.  The time has come for We, the People, who make up the clear majority of the citizens of America, to stand up and demand that Barack Hussein Obama resign from office, immediately.  It’s obvious that no one in Congress will live up to their sworn Oath of Office to do their mandated duty and impeach him.  We have seen the left force out dozens of conservatives over the years, including a Republican President, so what we would be demanding is not in the least extreme. No doubt the left will hysterically scream “racism.”  The answer is easy, “It’s his actions, not the color of his skin, stupid!”  America is OUR country; we, the People are the owners; and it’s time we acted like it.

(“Silent coup by radical Marxists, neo-fascists, and self-serving con men” by Michael Oberndorf dated November 22, 2015 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/article/76971)

The chickens of intolerance and communist social justice have come home to roost on the American campus.  Decades of Marxist indoctrination by the vaunted communist academia are finally paying off, our cultural heritage is replaced by cultural Marxism and primitive cultures that are deemed superior to ours and worshipped.  The urban dictionary defines cultural Marxism as “The gradual process of destroying all traditions, languages, religions, individuality, government, family, law and order in order to re-assemble society in the future as a communist utopia. This utopia will have no notion of gender, traditions, morality, God or even family or the state.”  There is no shortage of Lenin’s “useful idiots” with brains addled by drugs and agitated by paid Alinsky-style community organizers.  Useful idiots” are easily manipulated individuals without a compass, without a country, with allegiance to global citizenship and Mother Gaia, humans ruled by emotion and devoid of rational thinking.  They are used skillfully to implement cultural Marxism, to disseminate poisonous ideas, chaos, decadence, and worthless entertainment parading as art.  Spreading around the country, the Black Lives Matter, on the payroll of elitist billionaires who want to change society in their utopian global Marxism, have taken over campuses around the country making outrageous demands of administrators who shockingly acquiesced without a whimper or resigned with a golden parachute.  The university, the bastion of freedom of speech and assembly, of tolerance, of diversity, caved like a house of cards to the demands of a few crazed lunatics, rusted 60s wheels squeaking the loudest the same worn-out communist drivel.  How did we reach a point where waves of protest across the country are turning upside down the former bastions of higher education into a grotesque and intolerant self-segregating quagmire?  Whatever happened to exposing students to other points of view?  What happened to tolerance of divergent opinions? Is the majority going to be ignored while listening only to those who threaten and bully?  Aren’t people tired of faux accusations of bigotry, white privilege, and racism?  Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, a KGB propagandist and defector, explained his method of ideology subversion, a form of psychological warfare, which was a deliberate sabotage that changes the subjects’ perception of reality.  He described how this massive brainwashing by design occurred in four stages:

·    The first stage was demoralization.  Teachers had to educate three generations and expose them to Marxist-Leninist ideology without a counter-balance of American values. To a demoralized person, facts have no meaning even when confronted with authentic information.  To reverse this trend to a normal generation that believes in American values, common sense, culture, and patriotism, one needs at least 15 years. 

·    A subverter needs 2-5 years to engage in the second stage of ideology subversion called destabilization. During this stage, the entire nation is destabilized through the economy, through foreign relations, and defense.

·    The third stage of ideology subversion is called crisis and it usually lasts about six weeks.

·    The fourth stage is called normalization when “all the shmucks that eliminated the free market competition are now in power.” The country is at war with itself and in chaos.

Who are the “useful idiots” who aid and abet this psychological subversion?  They are the academia, media people, actors, movie makers, narcissists, people with no scruples and no conscience, people filled with self-importance who think that they matter a lot, greedy individuals, and people who will look you in the eye, smile, and lie to you.  These “useful idiots” are helpful in the destabilization stage, but are expendable afterwards, explained Bezmenov.  If people fail to understand the concept of Big Brother Government and the Welfare State, forgetting patriotism, cultural heritage, and history, all freedoms will vanish.

(“The Chickens of Communism Have Come Home to Roost” by Ileana Johnson Paugh dated November 21, 2015 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/article/76953 )


Insidiously and inadvertently, Barack Obama is alienating the people and moving the country to the right.  By sheer force of his personality, Obama has managed to lose the Democrat Senate and House. State legislatures and governorships are now predominantly Republican.  Obama’s own favorable ratings rarely top 45%.  Obama certainly has doubled down going into his last year, most recently insisting on letting in more refugees from the Middle East, at a time when the children of Middle Eastern immigrants and contemporary migrants are terrorizing Europe.  What remaining unpopular executive acts might anger his opponents the most: Close down Guantanamo, let thousands more refugees into the United States, free thousands more felons, snub another ally, flatter another enemy, weigh in on another interracial melodrama, extend amnesty to another million illegal aliens, make global warming laws by fiat, expand ObamaCare, unilaterally impose gun control?  Obama press conferences are now a summation of all his old damn-you clichés: the fantasy strawman arguments; the caricatures of the evil Republican bogeymen; the demagogic litany of the sick, the innocent, and the old at the mercy of his callous opponents; the make-no-mistake-about-it and let-me-be-clear empty emphatics; the flashing temper tantrums; the mangled sports metaphors; the factual gaffes; and the monotonous I, me, my, and mine first-person-pronoun exhaustion.  Getting under critics’ skin is about all that is left of a failed Presidency.  In the 2016 election campaigns, most Democrat candidates in swing states will distance themselves from the last eight years.  Otherwise, Democrats would have to run on the false premise that American health care is more affordable and more comprehensive today than it was in 2009; that workforce participation is booming; that scandals are a thing of the past; that the debt has been addressed; that Obama has proved a healer who brought the country together; that immigration at last is ordered, legal, and logical; that the law has never been more respected and honored; that racial relations are calmer than ever; that the campuses are quiet; that the so-called war on terror is now over and won with al-Qaeda and ISIS contained or on the run; that U.S. prestige aboard has never been higher; that our allies appreciate our help and our enemies fear our wrath; that Iran will now not go nuclear; that Israel is secure and assured of our support; and that, thanks to American action, Egypt is stable, Libya is ascendant, Iraq is still consensual, and the Middle East in general is at last quiet after the tumultuous years of George W. Bush.  The hordes of young male migrants abandoning the Middle East for the West are merely analogous to past waves of immigrants and should be uniformly welcome.  If a President saw fit to attack fellow Americans from abroad, and lecture them on their illiberality, there are better places from which to take such a low road than from Turkey, the embryo of 20th-century genocide, and a country whose soccer crowds were recently shouting, “Allahu akbar!” during what was supposed to be a moment of silence offered to the Paris dead.  If you suggested to Obama that, in his search for a contrarian legacy, he should do something to stop the slaughter in the Middle East and be careful about letting in more unexamined refugees, in answer, he would be more likely to do less than nothing abroad and vastly expand the influx of migrants.  Getting under his critics’ skin is about all that is left of a failed presidency.  It was the loud, sometimes shrill, and caricatured voices of talk radio, the so-called crazy Republican House members, and the grassroots loudmouths of what would become the Tea Party who had Obama’s number.  Conservatives warned early that Barack Obama’s record was that of a petulant extremist, that his writing presaged that he would borrow and spend like no other President, that his past associations gave warning that he would use his community-organizing skills cynically to divide Americans along racial lines, that nothing in his past had ever suggested anything other than radicalism and an ease with divisive speech, that his votes as a state legislator and as a U.S. senator suggested that he had an instinctual dislike of the entrepreneur and the self-made businessman, and that his past rhetoric advised that he would ignore settled law and instead would rule by fiat, that he would render immigration law null and void, that he would diminish the profile of America abroad, and that he would do all this because he was an ideologue, with no history of bipartisanship but a lot of animus toward his critics, and one who saw no ethical or practical reason to appreciate more than 60 years of America’s postwar global leadership and the world that it had built.  From Obama’s post-Paris speeches, it is clear that he is now bored with and irritated by the War on Terror.  He seems to believe either that Islamist global terror was a minor distraction with no potential for real harm other than to bring right-wingers in backlash fashion out of the woodwork, or that it was an understandably radical manifestation of what was otherwise a legitimate complaint of Islam against the Western-dominated global system, thus requiring contextualization rather than mindless opposition.  At home, Obama feels liberated now that he is free from further elections.  The more contrarian he becomes, and the more he opposes the wishes of the majority of the American people, all the more Obama envisions himself speaking truth to power and becoming iconic of something rather than the reality that he is proof of nothing.

(“Obama Has Just Begun” by Victor Davis Hanson dated November 24, 2015 published by National Review Online at http://www.nationalreview.com/article/427522/obamas-most-dangerous-year )

The Federal Reserve, a major contributor to our highest-ranking debtor status, has become a central banking debt machine that exerts tremendous control over the U.S. economy; yet many Americans are barely aware of its existence or the power it wields.  Created in 1913 by Congress to combat financial panics, the Federal Reserve is composed of the twelve regional big commercial banks.  The controlling board is composed of five members from those banks and seven members, nominated by the president, including his appointed head of the Federal Reserve.  This unholy alliance of government and private banks is supposed to help the economy and employment through bank regulation, setting interest rates, and controlling the supply of money.  It is no coincidence that the 16th amendment instituting the personal income tax was passed in the same year as the Federal Reserve’s creation as a means to fund ever-growing government debt.  Today, the Fed banking cartel simply creates money with computer keystrokes and lends this new money to Wall Street banks, which, in turn, lend it to government.  The huge national debt is the result of the government’s ability to borrow an unlimited supply of money at low rates.  Inflation, the devaluation of the dollar, is caused by the creation of ever more new dollars.  By setting extremely low interest rates, the Fed creates an environment for the misallocation of money, causing financial bubbles that repeatedly burst, such as the 2008 housing bubble.  In response to the 2008 financial crash and in a doubling-down of its failed policies, the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates to nearly zero and created $4.5 trillion dollars.  That money was borrowed by the federal government, used to bail out the big banks, and funneled to Wall Street, where it was spent to buy back company stocks, inflating stock values.  This money was not used to grow or improve company infrastructure, hire more employees, or pay higher wages.  Almost none of the money was used to help people who were losing their homes or stimulate job growth.  The Fed’s policies of currency creation (inflation) and zero interest rates are responsible for the biggest redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the rich elites in national history.  The distribution of money has gone to Wall Street, not the sluggish Main Street economy.  Seven years into an economic recovery of the Fed’s financial engineering, homeownership is at its lowest level since 1965; and the median household purchasing power is equal to that of 1989.  The Fed proclaims concern about employment and wages, but labor participation is 62.6%, the level of 1977, and real wages are lower than in 2009.  This economic malaise and growing national debt is not limited to the U.S. Central banks in China, the European Union, and other countries have followed the Fed’s program.  Global debt increased from $87 trillion in 2000, to $225 trillion in 2014.  While debt rises, there is now a major decline in world trade and commodity prices such as oil, gas, and copper, all symptomatic of a slowdown in the global economy that is rolling like a snowball downhill.  Recession red lights are flashing in bloated manufacturing inventories, falling sales, and declining transportation of goods.  The Federal Reserve is supposedly in a quandary over increasing interest rates in such an environment.  Fearing its bubble will burst, the Fed has only strategically hinted at raising rates.  In truth, the Federal Reserve cannot restrain rates forever nor prevent the bursting of financial bubbles. As history has repeatedly shown, market forces will eventually overwhelm the Fed’s control and spin us into another crisis that the Fed never sees coming.  The next financial crisis will be much worse because of overvalued stocks, sky-high debt, and an economy already in recession. The Federal Reserve has never been able to foresee or halt a crash, not in 1929, and none in this century.  Senators Paul and Cruz have demand that Congress calls for this audit and examine the Fed’s activities. Congress created the Federal Reserve and has the power to limit the Fed’s control or dissolve it.  Interest rates should be set by free market supply and demand, and only the U.S. Treasury should issue currency, so the Federal Reserve should be abolished.     

(“The Coming Economic Crisis” by Catherine Sellers dated November 21, 2015 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/11/the_coming_economic_crisis.html )

Until the 19th century, the Chinese practiced a method of torture called lingchi, better known as death by a thousand cuts” it involved slicing small pieces of flesh from a victim’s body, one by one, so that death was both protracted and utterly excruciating.  This is what the realities of economics are doing to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  The authors of health care “reform” believed they could ignore the dismal science.  The laws of economics have rewarded this hubris by ruthlessly inflicting fact after agonizing fact on ObamaCare, and, like all lingchi victims, it will eventually succumb.  Moreover, this is becoming obvious to all but the most obtuse of the law’s apologists.  This reality was dramatically illustrated when UnitedHealth, one of the most important providers of coverage through ObamaCare’smarketplaces,” announced that it “has pulled back on its marketing efforts for individual exchange products in 2016” and is mulling whether “it can continue to serve the public exchange markets in 2017.”  The problem is that “reform” distorts the market by burying both insurers and the insured beneath a mountain of mandates.  Probably the worst is ObamaCare’s benefit mandate.  Most health plans must now include 10 “minimum essential” benefits, whether customers want them or not.  This mandate has inevitably caused the cost of providing coverage to skyrocket.  The only way a company like UnitedHealth can keep premiums under some modicum of control is to offer plans with very high deductibles.  Meanwhile, the law’s individual mandate has utterly failed as an incentive for healthy individuals to purchase insurance.  Many healthy individuals are declining to buy insurance, which means that insurers are stuck with patients who are sicker, on average, than would be the case if the law did not also impose a mandate requiring them to accept all applicants.  When an insurer reaches the point at which the patient portfolio foisted on it by ObamaCare forces it to pay out more in claims than it collects in premiums, it will abandon that market.  This is an economic fact of life ignored by the authors of the “reform” law and why other insurers will follow UnitedHealth’s example, leaving fewer choices and higher costs for more patients.  It should come as no surprise, then, that the latest Gallup survey shows the number of Americans who disapprove of ObamaCare increasing.  The tragic irony associated with “higher premiums” and “fewer doctors” is that this is precisely the opposite of what most Americans wanted from health care reform to begin with.  A Gallup survey done in the summer of 2009, as the reform debate was heating up, revealed that control of rapidly increasing health care costs and better access to care were the public’s highest priorities.  When asked which of the two is the more important goal, the public says, by 52% to 42%, that controlling costs is more crucial than expanding coverage.  At that time, conservatives and libertarians said this goal could only be achieved with an unfettered market in which Americans could purchase any sort of coverage they wished from insurance companies that were free to sell a wide range of coverage across state lines.  The White House and both houses of Congress believed they were smarter than the market and created a grotesque morass of mandates intensely disliked by insurers, patients, and care providers, and, dumbest of all, they ignored the laws of economics.  If you increase the cost of doing business for insurers, they’ll raise premiums and deductibles.  If you make it impossible for them to make a profit selling coverage through exchanges, they’ll pull out.  If you make coverage too expensive, people won’t buy it.  If that coverage pays doctors less than it costs to treat a patient, doctors won’t treat them. If you pass a law that ignores such realities, it will be subjected to fact after brutal fact until it finally dies.

(“ObamaCare Endures the Death of a Thousand Facts” by David Catron dated November 23, 2015 published by The American Spectator at http://spectator.org/articles/64741/obamacare-endures-death-thousand-facts )


After being bombarded with a series of predictions of impending doom, it’s unsurprising that upwards of 75% of Americans claim to believe climate change is a problem in need of fixing, and most of them say they are willing to do absolutely anything necessary to stop this impending disaster.  According to a Pew Research Center poll, the percentage of cars that run purely on gas has increased over the past three years, as the market for heavily-subsidized alternative-fueled vehicles has fallen.  After years of subsidizing unproductive sectors and constantly bolstering the idea that inefficient electric cars are the future, no one really wants them.  Even after massive publicity effort cajoling people to get out of their cars and billions of dollars spent on public transportation projects like light rail, 74% of Americans who commute to work do so alone in a car.  The percentage of commuters who carpool has fallen by more than half.  Today, 0.06% of people bike to work according to Pew, there has been an explosion of intrusive and impractical bike lanes across the country.  The other big, inspiring advance in environmentalism has been recycling, which is probably useless, but still compelled by many municipalities.  The emission-cut pledges that Obama administration will negotiate in Paris will be done by fiat, without Congress, and administered by the bureaucratic state.  Never once will Obama mention during his inevitable victory speech that the cost of averting less than one degree of warming by 2100 will cost around a trillion dollars each year.  If Americans can’t take the time to buddy-up on your way to work, on what rational basis do you believe that China or India is going commit economic suicide of its own volition?  It is inevitable that this whole charade ends up granting more power to central government to micromanage our lives since so few people wish to voluntarily change their behavior, regardless of how much they tell pollsters they care about the issue.  Americans are being misled or barred from hearing the TRUTH about global warming, because the scare campaign doesn’t make any sense.  The fact is that as much as people say they care, they don’t act like they care one bit.  Most Americans don’t feel obligated to make lifestyle changes.  They intuitively understand trade-offs are necessary, but not worth it.  They understand that humans have been adapting successfully to slight changes in the climate forever.  They understand that countries with advanced, robust economies tend to have cleaner, healthier environments, and that wrecking a nation’s economy with job-killing taxes and regulations might actually make the environmental picture a whole lot dirtier.  Most Americans believe mankind does cause minute changes to the natural climatic cycle, but recognize that there is really nothing we can do about it.

(“Great News! Americans Don’t Really Care About Climate Change” by David Harsanyi dated November 23, 2015 published by The Federalist at http://thefederalist.com/2015/11/20/great-news-americans-dont-really-care-about-climate-change/ )

The terrorist attacks in Paris drove home a reality Western leaders have been trying to ignore: The barbarism of the Islamic State and other such fanatics will not wither under a patient strategy of containment, and the ideology that fuels their brutality can’t be negotiated away.  France got the wake-up call when its left-wing President Francois Hollande transformed into a war hawk declaring the terrorism an act of war and pledging a “pitiless war” in return.  Immediately he ordered an escalation in bombing runs on Islamic State strongholds, taking out key targets within hours of the Paris carnage.  Russia’s Vladimir Putin, too, has stepped up.  After confirming ISIS was responsible for the bomb that brought down a Russian plane, it unleashed a relentless aerial assault against Islamic State targets in Syria, flying more than 2,000 sorties over the past week.  Meanwhile in the United States, President Barack Obama blustered a bit about the unacceptability of terrorism and then hung a Do Not Disturb sign on the Oval Office door.  While other world leaders ramp up for the unavoidable showdown with ISIS, Obama is busy plotting the war on global warming.  The President’s behavior in the week since Paris confirms the words of one commentator, who described Obama as “living in a world of denial and naivete.”  When asked whether the United States will lead the ISIS eradication, the President mocked the assumption, saying he’s not interested “in posing or pursuing some notion of American leadership or America winning or whatever ...He then sent the Islamic State an unequivocal assurance that it would not be facing American combat troops, continuing to push the myth that ISIS can be defeated without a substantial ground effort by Western forces.  Obama is worried about civilian casualties, so he restricts bombing runs.  He’s worried about offending Iran, so he limits support to the Sunni militias.  He’s worried about insulting the Saudis, so he won’t hold them to account for breeding terror.  He’s worried about his legacy, so he won’t commit the ground forces necessary to establish safe zones in Syria.  He’s worried about insulting Muslims, so won’t utter the words Islamist terrorism.  Obama has been able to be so passive because of the effectiveness of his blame Bush strategy, which says because George W. Bush started this mess, neither he nor his surrogate, Hillary Clinton, bear any responsibility for making it worse.  Leave a void in Iraq that enables ISIS to rise? Not our fault. Allow Libya to fall into chaos? Not our fault.  If ISIS hits here the way it did in Paris, the blame will rest with a President who fiddled with the Earth’s thermostat while the Islamists were burning it up.

(“Obama fiddling while terror threat looms” by Nolan Finley dated November 21, 2015 published by The Detroit News at http://www.detroitnews.com/story/opinion/columnists/nolan-finley/2015/11/21/opinion-obama-terrorism/76177722/  )


There is so much published each week that unless you search for it, you will miss important breaking news.  I try to package the best of this information into my “Views on the News” each Saturday morning.  Updates have been made this week to the following sections:

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