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November 30, 2013


Obama was once ultra-invincible, unstoppable and unbeatable, but not so much anymore!  Yes We Can!" was his slogan (without mentioning what he was supposed to be doing), and he indeed was invincible, up to the morning of October 1st, when he met the first problem he ever confronted that he couldn’t ignore or evade.  Since then, he’s been like a 20-year-old who ran off the road in his father’s convertible and now faces surgery, followed by months of intricate therapies, with no clue how to pay for it all.  "Yes, We Can!" Like a 20-year-old, he seems stunned to discover that he’s now in some trouble, as he always had cover before.  In 2004, he faced strong opponents, until their divorce records turned up in the media.  In 2008, the press said that talk about Reverend Jeremiah Wright might be racist.  In 2012, it said the real Benghazi scandal was Mitt Romney’s reaction.  In 2013, he faced disaster in Syria, until the Russians stepped in.  He assumed that the ObamaCare website would work, the lies be ignored and the complaints of the 5% be dismissed as whining, but this hasn’t happened.  Like the 20-year-old, he thought that his body would be young forever, but the young and invincible become older and frailer, and his luck, like theirs, has run out.  For the first time, he knows what it's like to be normal and pay a real human price for his acts.  His plunging poll numbers are the equivalent of gray hair and bad knees.  He blames others with relentless campaigning to howling crowds, as if he hasn't stopped running for President, but they have stopped working, and he often seems tired and down.  Obama has shifted his goals from saving his cherished signature issue to being willing to gut it to preserve his own viability, giving up his great goal of transforming society in favor of short-term political gain.

(“Obama is no longer so invincible” by Noemie Emery dated November 26, 2013 published by Washington Examiner at http://washingtonexaminer.com/obama-is-no-longer-so-invincible/article/2539823 )

The mainstream media just loves to write about Republicans at war, the party’s splintered to shreds, torn beyond repair, cut in two, or broken asunder, but the media ignores discord in the Democrat party.  The fake lovefest that broke out after Hillary Rodham Clinton wandered off into the wilderness in June 2008 is over.  She’s back, and so is her troublemaking husband.  No one is afraid anymore of the party’s top cop.  Nearly 40 Dems bailed on him to support the “Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013.”  They weren’t worried in the least about fallout or retribution.  They were busy saving their own skins, which meant breaking hard from the President.  Blue Dog Democrats, moderate lefties, Reagan D’s (the middle left) had ObamaCare shoved down their throats.  The party as a whole was moving left, hard, and they had one choice, go with them, or be left behind.  So, they voted en masse for ObamaCare.  Everything’s changing now, fast. At stake: In the short term, the makeup of the Senate; and in the long term, the future of liberalism.  ObamaCare (a term which the White House suddenly stopped using), is the pinnacle of liberalism.  The hard-core left loves the Affordable Care Act, warts and all, but the moderate wing of the party is now in full dither over the rollout debacle.  While the rabid lefties want to move full-speed ahead with the government takeover.  Everywhere moderates see danger at the polls, especially in the coming second mid-term elections, when the party of the incumbent President almost always loses seats in Congress.  This ObamaCare story has legs.  By month’s end, the website is supposed to work; it won’t.  By year’s end, millions are supposed to be signed up; they won’t be.  The end of March 2014 is the deadline for enrollment; how soon until Obama moves that back?  Unlike the Fast and furious scandal, the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, this scandal can’t be ignored by the mainstream media, is the danger.  There is no ignoring the elephant in the room, ObamaCare.  Every day brings new horrors.  Democrats are getting anxious and even fleeing from Obama.  The faith America put into Obama has been shattered, irreparably.  The theoretical takeover of health care is now real, and it’s far worse than any Democrat ever imagined. There is no denying that the emperor has no clothes and only Nancy Pelosi thinks everything is OK, and that should frighten the liberal left even more.

(“Media ignores Democratic infighting, abandonment of Obama” by Joseph Curl dated November 25, 2013 published by Washington Times at http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/nov/24/curl-democrats-war-bailing-obama/ )


The Obama presidency has had very little legislative success, and even the signature Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is imploding, and was dubbed a “train wreck by one of its own Senatorial authors.  The lead-from-behind retrenchment abroad from America’s traditional leadership role has won few adherents.  The Benghazi tragedy and the series of alphabet-soup debacles involving the IRS, the NSA, and the AP journalists are the most disturbing political scandals we’ve seen since the Nixon administration.  The Obama legacy is now revealed as an insidious politicization of almost everything.  Obamism has become a holistic concept of “fundamentally transforming America” that, like all ideologies, cannot be assessed solely by concrete laws and policies, but rather through a change in the mentality and spirit of Americans and those who govern them.  The president has often outlined his all-encompassing “spread-the-wealth” ideology.  The subtext is always that in this zero-sum world, personal success comes not through the individual’s efforts, but at the expense of someone else.  The Affordable Care Act was not intended just to extend health insurance to the uninsured or to decrease premium costs, since ObamaCare has had the opposite effect of raising costs and increasing the numbers of the uninsured.  Aside from growing government, limiting free choice, increasing federal jobs, ObamaCare federalized healthcare to ensure Americans fairness, defined as the economic equality of result as technocrats decide who had wrongly acquired too much healthcare, who unfairly had access to too little, and so on.  When Barack Obama advised his Latino supporters to adopt a political stance in which “We’re going to punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us,” he simply illustrated how the immigration debate had become driven by ideology.  To make legal immigration entirely meritocratic and ethnically and racially-blind would not necessarily ensure the sort of immigrant pool receptive to the Obama ideological agenda, and is therefore opposed by Democrats.  Predicating amnesties on criteria like prior crime-free residence without dependence on federal and state entitlements would likewise be ideologically incorrect and not serve the larger agenda.  There was little mystery over the IRS scandals of illegally granting an estimated $132 billion in earned income tax credits to the undeserving, coupled with the unlawful scrutiny of the tax-exempt status of Tea-Party-like organizations.  The Federal Reserve quantitative easing is likewise not just aimed at spurring economic growth.  Those with passbook savings accounts lost value on their money; those who had not accrued capital were not affected; and borrowers became the beneficiaries of record low interest rates.  In such an ideological landscape, almost everything is ripe for fundamental transformation, sometimes even in the most unlikely of areas.  Homeland security is no longer just about ensuring the safety of the United States.  In a series of bizarre euphemisms (overseas contingency operations, man-caused disasters, workplace violence) Islamic terrorism was redefined as a spontaneous tragedy without specified causation.  What energizes this effort at holistic transformation is real anger at the perceived unfairness of the current democratic capitalist state.  The antidote has been for Obama administration technocrats to reexamine the way Americans go to the doctor, borrow money, pay their taxes, secure their borders, protect their country, explore space, and contemplate the weather.  In each case, it turns out that someone wealthier and more privileged than the majority has “done something wrong.”  The remedy is to give more power and money to an “all-knowing government elite” who alone have the wisdom and morality to make things fairer by making them more equal.  In our present landscape where everything must be political, the government’s hunt for victims and their oppressors has become ceaseless

(“The Politicization of Everything” by Victor Davis Hanson dated November 26, 2013 published by Real Clear Politics at http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2013/11/26/the_politicization_of_everything_120774.html )


Initially, teachers thought Common Core was just another educational fad destined to soon be replaced by the next new idea, but they've found instead that Common Core is an educational track that parallels the ObamaCare: both are designed to “fundamentally transform” America, both were conjured up out of audacious incompetence, both are products of ideological thinking rather than experience and common sense, and both are guaranteed to produce disastrous consequences.  At least a dozen states are now delaying or rethinking their implementation of the new Common Core educational standards, as opposition from parents and teachers grows.  Like ObamaCare, Common Core was forced onto the public as a naked federal government takeover.  Common Core usurps state and local governments, based on the dubious idea that the local rubes can’t be trusted to understand and meet the needs of their own children.  Common Core was developed without state legislative involvement or authority, without involvement of curriculum or content specialists, and it was never voted on by anybody.  Instead, it began with progressive educational insiders in Washington, D.C., was developed by Achieve, Inc., a group of progressive education reformers, shaped by commercial vendor NCS Pearson, Inc., and funded primarily by Bill and Melinda Gates through numerous foundations, organizations, and coalitions.  Common Core has been implemented primarily through billions in federal “bribes,” because states had to accede to it in order to receive “Race to the Top grants or waivers for “No Child Left Behind.”  This federal takeover of education is yet another instance of Washington elites expanding the scope, size, and reach of the federal government and its bloated, wasteful, imperious, and very often incompetent bureaucracy.   The cost of this fundamental transformation of American education is exorbitant, $16 billion, with numerous open-ended, unfunded mandates for things like professional development, testing, and new, high-tech instructional materials.  This will, of course, be paid by state and local districts, with costs dwarfing any “Race to the Top” grants that were awarded for adopting the Common Core standards.  Already, 45 states, D.C., and four U.S. territories have built educational curricula based on Common Core, but, as reality is coming to light, some states are withdrawing, and others are refusing to participate.  More and more teachers are speaking out about the unrealistic, unfinished nature of Common Core; national education commentators are weighing in on the classroom havoc around the country. Meanwhile, the federal government is aggressively pushing to add Common Core standards for science and social studies.  Sadly, the train wreck that Common Core is generating in our education system, like ObamaCare in the nation’s health care system, amounts to severe and lasting damage that will take years to reverse.

(“Common Core: The ObamaCare of Education” by Janice Shaw Crouse dated November 26, 2013 published by The American Spectator at http://spectator.org/articles/56800/common-core-obamacare-education )

At this point, only the most disengaged and uninformed among us cannot see that America has been taken over by communists (progressives, socialists, Marxists, or whatever), but the bottom line is still the same:  authoritarian, centralized government control of our nation.  This is the culmination of at least a hundred years of steady, subversive communist infiltration of our federal, state and local governments and all our major institutions by those who embrace this evil, tyrannical ideology.  There can be no compromise with anti-Americanism.  There can be no dialogue with those who oppose all that America stands for, all its unparalleled freedoms and opportunity for everyone.  This is a battle for the heart and soul and the very existence of the United States as it was founded, and although we will never quit fighting, we’re losing this battle to the lawless reprobates who are running our country.  Yes, we can stop them at the ballot box in 2014 and 2016.  Yet, we see the criminal Obama “Justice” Department, under the racist Eric Holder, doing all it can to stop the states from working to have honest elections.  Democrat election and voter fraud, plus ignorant people voting, are what gets communists elected.  The Left is always screeching that “there’s no election fraud!”  Even as they work their tails off to keep dead people voting.  It is certain that we must work harder than ever to elect people of high moral fiber to Congress in 2014, people who are not afraid to stand up to Obama, even to the point of working to impeach him and the other criminals in his administration.  Harry Reid’s unilateral, unconscionable killing of the filibuster signals a very dark turn in the growing dictatorship we have under Obama.  We must pray for God’s mercy on our nation, and that we must work even harder to elect a new Congress in 2014, because these enemies of America must be stopped.

(“Can the Communist Democrats Be Stopped?” by Gina Miller dated November 2, 2013 published by American Clarion at http://www.americanclarion.com/26189/2013/11/26/can-the-communist-democrats-be-stopped/ )


The economy has not gotten better around the country for many groups of Americans, including the black community, and the immigration policies proposed by the President would only make matters worse.  The “new normal” in America is Americans not succeeding independent of the government in record numbers.  What we are seeing in the United States of America is second and third generation of families on welfare becoming the new normal.  When you look and see your mother and your father or your grandmother or your aunt or uncle, whoever is raising you, that they were born in Section Eight housing, their kids were in Section Eight housing, and then you think there is no place else for me to go but Section Eight housing.  Such levels of dependency on the government affect their level of self-esteem, and their ability to be a part of an American dream.  The big problem that you see is the safety net is no longer a safety net, but instead acts as a hammock.  Since the economic and education systems created by the left, including immigration policy which allows foreign workers into the country to compete with them for jobs, blacks have nothing to do but engage in violence, such as the “knockout game.”  When the policies are creating more dependence, they're creating more despair, more despondency, and it's only going to get worse if it doesn't turn around.  Meanwhile the Congressional Black Caucus has been silent on the matter.  They are more so interested in the interests of the Democrat Party and their agenda rather than the people that they were sent here to Washington, D.C. to serve.  If there was anyone other than President Obama sitting in the White House, they would be marching on the White House based on his unemployment record in the black community.  America cannot recover economically unless we do something about our inner cities. If that continues to be the weak part of our economy, it will continue to drag the rest of this country down because there will be more resources poured into the welfare and nanny state instead of the economic opportunity.  In 1986, we went down the amnesty path, but there were certain requirements that the federal government were supposed to undertake and they never did.  The failures of ObamaCare also play into Americans’ mistrust of government.  Right now, if anyone goes out before the American people and tries to sell any “comprehensive” immigration reform, everyone is running the other way because we are trying to recover from “comprehensive” health care plan that has proven to be incomprehensible and unaffordable. 

(“’Dependency Society’ Lead to ‘Knockout Game’” by Matthew Boyle dated November 23, 2013 published by Breitbart at http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/11/23/Allen-West-Policies-like-amnesty-driving-up-black-unemployment-lead-to-things-like-Knock-Out-Game )

In a negotiated deal that apparently allows Iran off the hook with regard to nuclear development and goes soft on verification protocols with regard to nuclear disarmament, the United States, along with France, Germany, China, Russia, Great Britain, and the European Union, has now endorsed an easing of sanctions on the Shiite theocracyThis deal fails to uphold even the minimum demand of repeated U.N. Security Council resolutions that Iran must stop enriching uranium.  The deal would “allow limited uranium enrichment, although under tight restrictions and heavy international monitoring.”  The Iranians continue to insist on the West acknowledging a right to nuclear development, a point still under negotiation.  Trade restrictions and freezes on Iranian currency accounts overseas would be loosened.  A similar deal with the regime in North Korea in 1993 ended with that regime going fully nuclear in 2006.  Israel has continued to maintain opposition to the deal, which it views as significantly too soft on Iran.  In the main, the deal buys time for Iran to continue its nuclear development, Iran remains perilously close to development of its first nuclear weapon, which would dramatically shift the balance of power in the region away from the Jewish state.  Israel was not part of these negotiations, views the deal as a “historic mistake,” and is not bound by this agreement.  The deal effectively forestalls any Israeli military action thanks to the West's tacit endorsement of a "process" that will supposedly end by disarming Iran, but will far more likely end with Iran going nuclear.  Israel reiterated that they are ready to defend themselves without assistance against any threat.  The Iran deal marks the second brokered deal within six months that leaves brutal anti-Western regimes seeking weapons of mass destruction better off than they would otherwise have been.  Just a few months ago, the United States signed off on an agreement brokered by the Russian government that left Syrian dictator Bashar Assad in power even after Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, and even after President Obama declared use of such weapons a “red line” bearing consequences.  The approach of the Obama administration in the Middle East seems to be one of making parchment agreements without any real verification or enforcement mechanisms.  Each agreement puts Israel in a worse position.  While the world press announces triumphantly that the Obama administration is achieving peace in our time, the world grows closer and closer to the world’s worst regimes armed with the world’s most dangerous weapons, all presided over by a weak-kneed White House intent on minimizing American influence around the globe.  This deal appears to provide the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism with billions of dollars in exchange for cosmetic concessions that neither fully freeze nor significantly roll back its nuclear infrastructure.  It’s a way for the Obama administration to avoid confronting Iran, and to buy time to acclimate the world to accepting a nuclear Iran.  This deal begs for a comparison with Neville Chamberlain in Munich in 1938: an overeager Western government, blind to the evil cunning of the regime it so much wants to work with, appeases it with concessions that will come back to haunt it. 

(“West Reaches Deal with Iran to Loosen Sanctions” by Ben Shapiro dated November 23, 2013 published by Breitbart at http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2013/11/23/negotiated-agreement-Iran

“A Foreign-Policy Disaster” by Daniel Pipes dated November 23, 2013 published by National Review Online at http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/364712/foreign-policy-disaster-daniel-pipes )


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