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Views on the News*

December 1, 2018


It's common knowledge that distrust in media is at an all-time high.  Despite attempts by anti-Trump pundits to blame these figures on President Trump for popularizing the term "fake news," the media will soon have to reconcile how they have been complicit in their own faltering credibility.  A recent survey found that voters who see anti-Trump bias in the news media outnumber voters who don't at about a 5-to-1 clip.  In 2018, the mainstream media aren't even attempting to camouflage their hyper-progressive bias.  There was a time when news entities worked hard to remain bipartisan, and even if they weren't, they at least attempted to conceal their biases.  Bias is inevitable in today's media climate, but we've reached a point where the media's desire to feed their bias has become mutually exclusive with reality itself.  For starters, modern media are an audience-based machine, catering to content more likely to be consumed by their already loyal viewers and readership.  The problem has thus arisen that some media organizations have put themselves in a position where they have to create content to feed their viewers' appetite, even if that content is insincere.  If media elites continue to avoid facing the music for their deceit, public distrust in the media will continue to rise.  This puts the onus on ethical journalists and outlets to self-regulate and purge unethical actors from their ranks.  So far, no one within the establishment media is willing to break from the new norm and call out activists parading around as journalists, which is somewhat surprising.  Activists would be blackballed by not only the public, but by other media entities, who would begin to look down on their competitor for being unethical.  Now groupthink is proving difficult to break as the media share a certain camaraderie about their anti-conservative bias.  The percentage of Americans who trust the media is about the percentage of Americans who think the FDA is withholding the cure for cancer (40%).  Such a predicament is contributing to real problems in the country.  The media have been responsible for contributing to sensationalized rhetoric for some time now, but no time is more evident than the past three years.  The media have yet to hold themselves accountable, hyping up both sides of political protests, often sending conflicting groups into an event by riling them up with salacious headlines.  The media have also circumvented blame for setting race dialogue back decades by focusing on stories of racial divisions as opposed to stories of racial unity.  There is a long list of societal problems perpetuated by media.  This may be a problem created by corporatism, but it's a problem that can be remedied by a few journalists and outlets taking an ethical stand by refusing to complicit in the trend of distorting reality to feed their anti-conservative appetite.

(“The Media’s Credibility is Deadby R.C. Maxwell dated November 25, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/11/the_medias_credibility_is_dead.html )

Modern liberalism is diseased: it is wrought by mental maladies exacerbated by postmodernism’s delusional insistence that empirical facts are figments of white male rule.  This warped view subverts reality if it doesn’t conform to their revisionist left-wing propaganda.  The mass malady also foments mental discontinuity and cognitive dissonance, ensnaring misguided college students in particular.  Cognitive dissonance occurs when an individual’s thoughts or beliefs are rooted in inconsistency, which is precisely what modern liberalism wallows in.  Under the auspices of effete liberal intellectuals, postmodernism is prevalent in academia where it enfeebles budding liberals’ thoughts with nihilistic notions that ravage objective truths.  The resultant relativism engenders delusions and waywardness amongst malleable students – particularly in the soft social sciences that the would-be social activists pursue.  Whereas classical liberalism underpins much of America’s greatness, modern liberalism dallies with madness that develops in the contrived curricula that pervades the humanities, sociology, and women’s studies.  Research in these fields is tainted by biased academicians who manipulate their methodologies to predispose positive results that favor social activism.  Motivated by the “publish or perish” syndrome, null results are given short shrift, skewing social science literature towards leftist tautologies, and skewering the impressionable minds of their dutiful minions-cum-social warriors who are all too willing to intimidate non-believers and desecrate the public square.  Stifled by an overwhelmingly liberal orthodoxy on campus, even instructors risk professional peril should they dare jump off the bandwagon bias.  The susceptible students are even conditioned to question whether America is the land of opportunity.  They are told that America was never really that great, even as many of the world’s wretched masses have been entranced by our brilliant beacon of freedom throughout our magnificent history.  These perverted teachings reverberating around campus do not nurture happy, well-adjusted people.  Postmodern liberalism provokes mental discomfort when confronted with empirical facts.  For example, migrant caravans continue to assemble on our southern border, not so much in search of asylum, as they wave their nation’s flags, but better economic opportunities.   Liberals, who put globalism over nationalism and illegals over citizens, welcome the disruptive hordes.  Nevertheless, they deny their obvious motivation:  seeking a better life in the land of opportunity, the last great hope of earth.  Even as liberal media outlets such as the AP recently proclaimed that “Democrats fight vibrant economy in bid for House,” and the NY Times conceded that the economy is firing on all cylinders, college kids are being hoodwinked into the benefits of socialism.  Mental illness is often accompanied by a break from reality, such as believing something to be true that is false, or vice-versa.  Such delusions explain why misguided youth support socialism, and why polling indicates that most Dems do not approve of President Trump’s handling of the economy, arguing his deregulatory agenda and tax cuts are merely a “sugar fix.”  Actually, they incentivize production and profits, and repatriate factories.  Whereas defeatist Obama defiantly told us that manufacturing jobs weren’t coming back to America, Trump is bringing them back.  Manufacturing and industrial production indicators are generally bullish.  One has to be delusional to deny that policies have stimulated record low unemployment, and have inspired record high consumer and small business confidence.  That doesn’t stop today’s perseverating liberals from conjuring a dystopian reality.  Harboring such misguided sentiments in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence can usher cognitive dissonance or other mad stuff like dissociative disorder.  Now, there are more job openings than candidates.  One wonders if they actually prefer Marxist mobs over jobs.  Perhaps their liberal disease has progressed so insidiously that they are actually disassociated from the here and now.  Many impressionable students haven’t developed the mental faculties to resist the tenured faculty; they simply succumb to absurdism marked by distorted views of their perceived plight and contorted views of reality.  The college years are fertile ground for cognitive development in young adults, so it’s a shame they are imbued with leftist dogma which contrives a new “reality” to suit their postmodern sensibilities.  Anyone who strays too far from the liberal asylum is labelled as sexist, misogynist or racist, but just consider the source – they’re a bunch of delusional socialists.  Vibrant debate born of classical liberalism bequeathed our great birthright, the last great hope of earth.  Today’s liberalism mollycoddles the precious little cupcakes whose delicate psyches cannot withstand the rigors of free speech.  Faced with existential crisis every time they are contradicted, their behavior becomes disturbingly bi-polar.  They either retreat to sympathetic safe spaces, or engage in rapacious, mob-like intimidation that is more reminiscent of the socialist upheavals they bizarrely favor, than a flourishing marketplace of freely exchanged ideas.  George Orwell observed that, “[w]e are all capable of believing things which we know to be untrue, and then, when we are finally proved wrong, impudently twisting the facts so as to show that we were right.”  There sure is a lot of cognitive twisting going on within the impudent liberal intelligentsia as they manufacture prejudiced research to sustain their postmodern madness. 

(“Liberals Have Gone Mental” by Noel S. Williams dated November 24, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/11/liberals_have_gone_mental.html )

The Democrat party is the political home of snobbery, a word and a concept often misunderstood.  The genuinely refined, particularly those cocooned by wealth, usually are not much interested in the enthusiasms or tastes of others, whereas the snob is obsessed with his own discernment relative to the low and vulgar tastes of those around him.  The snob isn’t a man of exacting tastes, but a poseur: The word derives from an older English word for a shoemaker’s apprentice and is intended to convey contempt for vulgar social climbers who aped the manners and tastes of the upper classes.  There is a peculiar paradox at the heart of modern progressivism: Progressives, especially Democrat candidates for office, claim to speak for the poor, the low-income, the marginalized, those born and raised without the benefits and (inevitable word) privilege of a Bush or a Romney.  There is nothing they hate worse than somebody who comes from such a background entering public life: You’ll recall the sneering at Sarah Palin’s education, six years spread out over four colleges, none of them very good ones.  She is a self-made woman who entered public service in one of the least glamorous and least lucrative ways, as mayor of a small city, as thankless a job as there is in elected office.  She was ridiculed as a “snowbilly” and worse.  Those who ridicule hale from one of the eight schools in the Ivy League, but pare that down to the two most famous institutions: Harvard and Yale. You would have to go back to Walter Mondale to encounter a Democrat presidential candidate who did not have an affiliation with one or the other.  John Kennedy, young and handsome and Harvard-educated, arguably marked the beginning of Democrat politics as snobbery-by-proxy when he said of Richard Nixon as “no class,” a man born in a house his father built with his own hands.  Then came the Harvard-Yale parade: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton — and, very likely, Elizabeth Warren (Harvard Law), Cory Booker (Yale Law), Amy Klobuchar (Yale), etc.  The progressive mourning of the passing of the Obama era is rarely if ever about policies or decisions coming out of the Oval Office but about what progressives thought they saw of themselves in the mirror of his public persona: “President Barack Obama, a model of grace, dignity, and class, will be missed”; “The Obamas were a master class in dignity and civility”; “I will remember President Obama for his dignity”; “We’ll miss grace, dignity of Obama family.”  The people to whom Democrats condescend express similar feelings about Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, who are lionized for standing up to that condescension.

(“The Snob Party” by Kevin D. Williamson dated November 26, 2018 published by National Review Online at https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/11/democrat-party-snobs-beto-orourke-progressive-politics/ )

Over the last month, President Trump has been assailed by shrieking critics within the U.S. and overseas by French President Macron regarding Trump’s enthusiastic endorsement of the concept of American Nationalism.  Many Never-Trumpers and neocons are charging that nationalism in America equals white supremacy, a forerunner to Nazism, but nothing is further from the truth.  Their hysterical assertion is extremely misguided or a deliberate attempt to once again besmirch Trump, in the same way as when they blamed him for anti-Semitism and the massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue despite the fact that the shooter was anti-Trump and the President has been the most pro-Israel and genuinely Jewish-friendly president we have ever witnessed.  Loving America is a good thing inasmuch as America is a good country.  As with any institution, including marriage and family, nothing is perfect; but America was founded on highly moral and workable principles and has consistently provided more fair pay, opportunity, and decency than any country in the history of the world.  America is the first choice for those around the world seeking a haven or place to find work and dignity, and deserves to be loved.  It is a badge of honor to identify with America as a nation.  Loving this nation and its people is highly proper and commendable inasmuch as the American people themselves are a good people.  In the Pledge of Allegiance, we Americans refer to ourselves as one nation under God.  Nationhood and nationalism are normal, natural instincts.  On the contrary, to equate American nationalism with something evil is very strange and purposely inflammatory, and it reveals the accuser’s deep insecurity and discomfort with America itself.  Worse, to imply that those who are nationalists or very patriotic are somehow white supremacists, Nazis inchoate, or racist is itself bigotry, a racism, against millions of white Americans who harbor in their heart no animosity or malevolence, rather the simple and laudable feeling of loving their country above other countries.  When candidate Trump spoke of America-First an entire array of critics arose to accuse Trump of being a follower of the anti-Semite Charles Lindbergh, who used that phrase almost a century ago when asking that America not get involved in a far-off European War.  Just as American nationalism does not mean white supremacy or Nazism, America-First is, similarly, not a call to anti-Semitism.  Those who may wish to politically tarnish President Trump may try to convince us to read it that way.  Those who feel insecure and lack confidence in the inherent goodness of the majority of the American people may feel threatened by such phrases.  The preponderant meaning of nationalism is patriotism and love of country and the basic reading of America-First is exactly what President Trump has in mind: placing American job workers first; placing America’s military and American lives first; putting America’s security and the protections of its citizens first.  When asked to choose, we should always place our family and country first.  The opposite of that is globalism or trans-nationalism.  Those who purposely conjure up Nazi phraseology of “blood and soil” to describe American nationalism are propagandists.  The Left, and neocons, should stop hijacking and re-defining the American language.  In contrast, Macron and Germany’s Merkel are globalists, European socialists.  They are strong advocates for a European Union that erases borders between European countries; so that when a jihadist enters one country he is blithely free to enter another country.  The leaders of these countries willingly forfeit their economic autonomy to bureaucrats in Belgium who decide everything, from business regulations, weights, measures and slogans, which is a total loss of national sovereignty.  It has resulted in a severe diminution of those cultural and traditional values and rituals that determine a country’s identity and end up erasing its history.  President Trump, as most Americans, doesn’t want this for America.  We are not trans-nationalists, rather nationalists who love our history and identity and are proud of who we were and who we are.  Those on the Left are not proud of our history and identity.  As anti-nationalists, they want us to transform and become like Europe, the vision of Merkel and Macron.  Macron’s turn against nationalism is part of a surrender and appeasement.  Due to decades of vast, unfettered immigration into France from Islamic countries, Macron sees how Islamic culture and shariah outlook is overwhelming and overriding what was the French culture.  Like Merkel, he is unwilling to undertake the non-politically correct fight to reverse this awful trend.  In an act of appeasement, masquerading as a lofty call against nationalism, Macron is announcing that France (he) will not make the immigrant community conform to French values.  Rather, he is allowing the destiny of France to be determined by the most contrary and aggressive, the North African immigrants.  France will be what it will be forced to become, saying that what was is no longer important.  Nationalism, according to Macron, is no longer vital.  The “new” France will be unrecognizable; it will morph into what the non-nationalists and shariahists decide how France should look.  France’s destiny, its future, will not be tied to its past.  Macron, the anti-nationalist, the universalist, has thrown in the towel… and with it, French patriots.  The job of a courageous leader is to stifle those on the extreme who, but a sliver, would hijack the necessity and majesty of nationalism for a racist cause.  The much larger focus and intent should be to put one’s country first and inspire a nationalism that ushers in a great era, and President Trump is on track doing that.

(“American Nationalism Is a Good Thing” by Rabbi Aryeh Spero dated November 25, 2018 published by The American Spectator at https://spectator.org/american-nationalism-is-a-good-thing/ )


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