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December 8, 2018


Reporters are the addicts stealing money from their mom's purse for a hit of their drug: an exotic one called Trump.  Yesterday, as the nation came together to honor President Bush, reporters were fixated on President Trump.  They were fixated on his reactions during the funeral, the responses of others to him, and even how he took a limo to Blair House, oblivious to the fact Barack Obama had once done the same thing.  With reporters desperate for a fix of Trump, history is all new.  Things long done are treated as new events.  They obsess over Trump.  Stories not about Trump are turned into Trump; the Trump angle must be explored and exploited.  There are tons of stories out there that are not about Trump that must be turned into stories about Trump.  He lives rent free in the heads of the national press corps.  Yes, he is President of the United States, but not everything is about Trump.  He only has to overshadow everything if the press makes him.  They do it for clicks; they do it for ratings.  They do it because they exist in a sick co-dependent symbiotic relationship with the President and in the sick BDSM arrangement, Trump is the master, and they are the slaves.  They need a twelve step program, but I fear the fix is too strong.  Like meth addicts, even their faces are changing as they pick at their skin and more permanently scowl; this is unhealthy.

(“Reporters are Addicts, Trump is Their Drug” by Erick Erickson dated December 6, 2018 published by The Resurgent at https://www.themaven.net/theresurgent/erick-erickson/reporters-are-addicts-trump-is-their-drug-6yy2tguSqkilmkwMmHuOow/ )

When Donald Trump glided down the escalator in June 2015 to announce he was running for president, little did he know that he was about to become the most hunted political figure in recent history.  He soon discovered that his escalator ride delivered him right into the waiting maw of the establishment beast.  That monster has many tentacles: The Democrat and Republican establishments, far left, the deep and bureaucratic states, the media and the international “community.”  From the moment Trump emerged as a serious threat to their power and control, they went to work to discredit, delegitimize and destroy him via a vast, sophisticated network of lies centered on non-existent crimes related to equally non-existent Russian “collusion.”  The ongoing effort to undermine and remove a duly elected president is a rolling deep state coup d’etat (with an assist from the media), making it the worst scandal in American history.  The media diminished Trump and the campaign.  Once he became the de facto nominee, the Republican National Committee refused to give him the kind of control and support they’d given other presumptive nominees.  Once the professional consultant class began entering the campaign, he started to see just how adverse they were to Trump.  There were three phases to this war on Mr. Trump: During the campaign, internal and external forces began to set him up on the Russian collusion lie; during the transition, those forces began to panic that their own law-breaking might be exposed; and during Trump’s presidency, as they’ve tried relentlessly to bury him, many of his aides and his successful agenda.  This is a vast left-wing conspiracy that began with Crossfire Hurricane, the Clinton campaign and Democrat National Committee, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the list goes on.  James Comey was at the top of the food chain, and has a lot to answer for.  He coordinated it and enforced two sets of rules, one for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, another for Trump and the rest of us.  The president’s biggest enemy still in the government is Bruce Ohr, whose wife worked for Fusion GPS and who took the phony dossier to Strzok at the FBI, setting off the whole chain of events, and he’s still in there.  Hopefully the new incoming attorney general will apply equal justice under the law to all of the illegality: Unmasking, Hillary’s emails, the leaking of classified documents, Comey lying to Congress, [former FBI Deputy Director Andrew] McCabe committing perjury multiple times.  It would be a disservice if those investigations don’t go forward.  As for the 2020 campaign, Trump is definitely running for re-election, and this time, he’ll have a robust record of promises kept, from delivering jobs and a thriving economy to a stronger military and international position.  Trump is at his best, and most underestimated, when battling his strident political enemies.  Cocky potential 2020 candidates: You’ve been warned.

(“How Trump can beat the deep-state coup” by Monica Crowley dated December 5, 2018 published by Washington Times at https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/dec/5/how-trump-can-beat-the-deep-state-coup/ )

Socialism appears to be that type of society where the government offers free education, free medical care, rent assistance, travel to work assistance, and food stamps.  Democrats call for big government, a socialistic government, which would financially bankrupt itself after all the “freebies” are distributed.  Said millionaires call for distributing the wealth, (yours, not theirs), and their system would totally break the nation financially, which has been proven in history.  One can and should research history further, and see the outcome of socialistic societies.  Today’s youngsters, the Millennial generation among them, do not have a true and realistic understanding of history.  Technology has deprived them of the curiosity to question, to reason, to think, to truly interpret history and their surroundings.  I’m sure they feel, as we did, that adults are stupid.  That only they have the true answers, because they know it all, just as we thought we did!  We did not have the technology, as they do, to mix-up our thoughts and distort our common sense.  We had our parents, our teachers, books to read, libraries to depend on, and experiences to help us along.  The Democrats have influenced our young today in a very bad way.  The violence of the protests has spilled over into high school sports, the entertainment venues, and even the university halls.  Look to your hearts for answers, talk with your family, friends and neighbors, exchange opinions and listen hard to all, and don’t forget to speak with God.

(“Socialism 101” by Jean Coulard dated November 30, 2018 published by iPatriot at https://ipatriot.com/socialism-101/ )


We have heard the chants for three years, “Build the Wall!”  It was the number one reason why Americans elected Donald Trump as President in 2016.  Unfortunately, it is the most glaring unfulfilled promise of the Trump presidency.  Although the President wants a border wall, he needs Congress to fund the construction.  Until now, Congress has only provided an anemic $1.6 billion for the border wall.  This pathetic amount is nowhere near the $25 billion that is actually needed to properly build a wall that will stop the influx of illegal aliens.  Democrats want an open border as they benefit politically from the mass flood of illegal aliens.  As more people start receiving government benefits, these individuals become indebted to the Democrat Party, which is the guarantor of massive federal bureaucracies.  The vast majority of these illegal aliens who become voters are expected to support the Democrat Party.  For example, in recent presidential elections, approximately 75% of Hispanic-Americans voted for Democrat candidates.  The results are clear to see throughout the western states of the nation: Democrats have turned California, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona into blue states in recent years.  All of these states were once Republican strongholds, but as the arrival of both legal and illegal immigrants has changed the demographics of the states, it has also changed the political affiliation.  The stakes for the Republican Party are extremely high.  Every Republican in Congress should be supporting a border wall to stop the enormous flow of illegal aliens into the country.  Unfortunately, the party is saddled with establishment leaders who have no interest in building a border wall or enhancing border security in a meaningful way.  The President must use his negotiating skills to achieve adequate border wall funding.  While the military is building temporary barbed wire fencing in some areas to stop the incoming caravan invasion, it is nowhere near as effective as a permanent wall.  If the President has to shut down the government to get the necessary funding, he should do it without hesitation.  Let’s hope he does not backtrack on this vital issue.  Currently, this is the most severe threat facing the nation.  In October 2018, illegal border crossings soared according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  In their Southwest Border Migration Report, it was revealed that almost 51,000 illegal aliens were apprehended at various locations on the southern border between ports of entry.  This was the highest number of apprehensions since 2007, showing the increasing nature of the threat.  With caravans of thousands of migrants either at the border or moving in that direction, the country cannot afford to delay the essential funding for the border wall. The entry of huge numbers of illegal aliens will not only change the political map, but it will also lead to more crime as the Department of Homeland Security estimates that there are at least 600 criminals among the caravan of migrants.  There is also a real threat to the health of Americans.  A recent Fox News report quoted a health official in Tijuana estimating that over one-third of the migrants in that city were ill, with diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, AIDS, chickenpox and severe respiratory conditions.  These threats should force the Congress to finally fund adequate border security, including the construction of a wall.  It is now or never for congressional Republicans to act, because otherwise, the consequences will be dire for both the GOP and, more importantly, for the nation.

(“Build the Border Wall or Say Goodbye to America” by Jeff Crouere dated December 1, 2018 published by Canada Free Press at https://canadafreepress.com/article/build-the-border-wall-or-say-goodbye-to-america )

From the voting booths of Brazil, where the far-right Jair Bolsonaro was recently elected, to the boulevards of Paris, where throngs of protesters smashed windows, overturned cars, and set fires this past weekend, fury against the parties, politicians, and ideas that have reigned supreme for the past generation is spreading across the Western world and gathering intensity along the way.  The target of this ire is "the establishment,” and the establishment is, broadly speaking, liberal.  It favors the free movement of money and people, and believes these policies will generate economic growth sufficient both to give people hope for the future and to pay for social services generous enough to help those struggling to keep up.  In country after country, the policies embraced by the liberal establishment produced aggregate growth but benefits that were enjoyed only by some, by the relatively well-educated residents of major cities and their surrounding suburbs, very much including the major cities where each country's political and economic elites live and work.  Elsewhere, people have struggled to keep up or fallen badly behind.  In the U.S., suicide and drug addiction have become so common that life expectancy has fallen for the past three years.  In Italy, the cost of living has so outstripped wages that young people can no longer afford to move out of their parents' homes, get married, and start families.  In Spain, roughly one-third of those under the age of 25 are unemployed.  In France, the prospect of a modest increase in gasoline taxes has sparked waves of protest, with fed-up people venting anger and frustration at Emmanuel Macron, the country's arch-neoliberal president whose election just over 18 months ago was heralded by members of the international establishment as a victory of centrist good sense over the forces of illiberal reaction.  It's understandable that members of a liberal establishment under siege would respond to a potent challenge to its authority and privileges by portraying its antagonists as crazy, dangerous, or both.  The fact remains that in many places the shape of anti-liberalism has yet to be determined.  By portraying any dissent from the liberal consensus of the past generation as illegitimate and beyond the political pale, its defenders run the risk of driving its critics into the arms of demagogues, charlatans, and conspiracy nuts eager to empower themselves by taking advantage of the situation instead of helping to forge a new post-neoliberal politics.  In Germany, anti-establishment energies appear to be taking ideologically heterogeneous form.  The same is true in Italy, where the Five Star Movement champions an ideologically eclectic range of positions, governs in a coalition with the right-wing nationalist League.  The two parties are united primarily in their antipathy for the neoliberal consensus that prevails in the halls of the European Union bureaucracy in Brussels.  That might send chills down liberal spines, but it shouldn't inspire dread in anyone, since it promises a way forward somewhere between neo-fascism and the old pro-market center-right.  Something similar may also be happening in France, where Marion Maréchal-Le Pen is working to foster a new political movement situated to the right of the center-right Republican party but separate and distinct from the extremism associated with her family.  This nascent movement is marked by a rejection of the individualism, or in American terms, the libertarianism, that characterizes so much of neoliberal thought.  Like American conservatives, it valorizes traditional family structures, gender roles, and religion as a source of social cohesion and psychological meaning, while expressing hostility to multiculturalism and open immigration.  It combines these positions with skepticism of free markets and a genuine and deeply felt environmental ethic rooted in the conviction that the flourishing of human beings and the planet depends on reining in the dynamism of technological modernity and imposing a sense of limits.  One thing is clear: None of it can be described as especially liberal. It makes sense for that to be an occasion for caution and concern, but it need not be a cause for panic and alarm.

(“Who will rise in the post-liberal world order?” by Damon Linker dated December 4, 2018 published by The Week at https://theweek.com/articles/810564/who-rise-postliberal-world-order )


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