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December 27, 2014


What makes a group of four college students, one white, one black, one Asian, and one Hispanic diverse depends on how you measure diversity.  The Left is divided, although far from evenly, between those who believe that “identity” is the engine of history and those who believe that class struggle serves the same function.  Members of the latter cohort, concerned above all with tackling the wealth gap, are rapidly becoming an endangered minority.  Economic inequality, once the traditional concern of the Left, is being eclipsed as the top priority by trendier matters.  The labor activist was trumped by the female activist; the female activist was usurped by the black activist; the black activist was deposed by the LGBTQ activist; and now the LGBTQ activist is currently being dispatched by the Hispanic activist.  For the past century, the Left has been chopping itself up into fragments to appeal to a myriad of constituencies.  There are already signs that the Obama administration’s progressivism is edging working-class white men, a key voting bloc, toward the Right.  More importantly, there is a deeper cost to having benched class, which, by cutting across race, ethnicity, and gender, actually unites as opposed to separates.  Conservatives prudently champion equality of opportunity instead of equality of outcome. The former approach means boosting access to doors without then pushing the unwilling, uninterested, under-qualified, and unqualified through them.  The modern Left, with its blinding infatuation with “diversity” grounded in race, ethnicity, and gender, eventually pushes even some of the most devout conservatives to consider the analyses of Karl Marx which valued class, not identity, to be the universal fault line upon which seismic change occurs.

(“Will Diversity Destroy the Left?” by Jonathan Bronitsky dated December 19, 2014 published by The Federalist at http://thefederalist.com/2014/12/19/will-diversity-destroy-the-left/ )

Until now there were two types of peaceful American change: One was a president, like Franklin D. Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan, working with Congress to alter American life from the top down by passing a new agenda, and the other was popular reform pressure, as happened in the 1890s or 1960s, to change public opinion and force government to make new laws or change existing ones.  Barack Obama has introduced a quite different, third sort of revolution, seeking to enact change that both the majority of Americans and their representatives oppose which he tries to do it by bypassing Congress through executive orders and Presidential memoranda of dubious legality.

·    Climate change - Even when Obama enjoyed a Democrat controlled Congress, he could not ram through unpopular cap-and-trade legislation. Now he promises to reduce carbon emissions through executive orders. He just signed a climate change "accord" with China, bypassing the U.S. Senate, which by law must approve treaties.

·    Immigration - Polls show that a majority of Americans oppose amnesties and want immigration laws enforced. Obama just did what for six years he warned was illegal: bypass immigration law and grant millions exemptions from enforcement.

·    Cuba - For over a half-century, both Democratic and Republican administrations and Congresses have excluded Cuba from normal U.S. relations.  Obama knew there was neither popular nor congressional support to re-establish normal ties, especially given that the elderly dictators the Castro brothers are soon to pass on. The traditional props for Cuba's failed Cuban economy, Russia and Venezuela, have their own failed economies.

Obama is said to feel liberated in his revolutionary mode, without worry of either midterm elections or his own re-election. He promises in his "fourth quarter" to enact more executive orders that will radically transform America, despite potential opposition from voters and the Congress.  In part the Obama revolution is bureaucratic.  Old agencies are reinvented for new progressive missions.  The NASA director promised to pursue Muslim outreach. The IRS went after political opponents.  The actions of Immigration and Customs Enforcement are selective, and predicated on politics that are deemed favorable to the long-term Obama agenda.  Whether the Department of Justice under Eric Holder intervened in a case was predicated on race, class and gender criteria rather than just the legal merits.  In part the Obama revolution is a war to divvy up the nation by race, class and gender.  Incendiary presidential advisers like Al Sharpton, inflammatory rhetoric such "nation of cowards" and "punish our enemies," and presidential commentary on controversies such as the Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown cases inflame and divide.  After six years of Obama's tenure, the President's approval rating is just above 40%.  He has lost more congressional seats during his administration than has any President in over a half-century.  His party is in shambles, with historic midterm losses in state legislatures and governorships.  Obama's promised new legislation on gun control, climate change, ObamaCare was either rejected by Congress, or passed but found to be both unpopular and nearly unworkable.  Positive changes, such as lower gas prices brought on by new American oil and gas discoveries and innovative new methods of extraction, came despite, not because of, Obama.  Yet the President presses on with his unpopular agenda, believing that he alone is the revolution: intending to ignore popular opinion, the rule of law and Congress, and he assumes that his mastery of the teleprompter and iconic status as the first black President exempt him from congressional censure or outright public revolt.

(“A One-Man Revolution” by Victor Davis Hanson dated December 24, 2014 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/victordavishanson/2014/12/23/a-oneman-revolution-n1935279 )


Federalism believes returning programs to the states is the best way of dealing with counterproductive income-redistribution policies such as welfare, Medicaid, and food stamps.  Federalism is also the right way of unwinding bad education schemes like Obama’s Common Core and Bush’s No Bureaucrat Left Behind, and the same principle applies for transportation, natural disasters, and social issues such as drugs.  Simply stated, federalism is good news because we get innovation, diversity, and experimentation.  States that make wise choices will be role models for their peers.  It’s also worth noting that states that screw up will provide valuable lessons as well.  Vermont is canceling his dream plan to create a single-payer health system in the state.  Governor Shumlin admitted that in the current climate, that a huge tax hike, combined with “free” healthcare, was a recipe for state disaster.  Productive people and businesses would have emigrated, while freeloaders and scroungers would have immigrated.  The state would have gone into a downward spiral.  The crowd in Washington has more flexibility to impose bad policy since moving from one country to another is far bigger step than simply moving from state to state.

(“The Best-Ever Argument for Federalism” by Daniel J. Mitchell dated December 20, 2014 published by Town Hall at http://finance.townhall.com/columnists/danieljmitchell/2014/12/20/the-bestever-argument-for-federalism-n1934127 )

Crony capitalism,” the aggregation of government power and taxpayer money for private interests, irritates both the “Right” and the “Left,” while both (especially the establishment) Right” and “Left” also perpetuate crony capitalism.  The biggest variable (perhaps it‘s more of a constant) in the crony equation is the culture of unaccountability which pervades Washington DC.  There is a sense that no matter what the general public wants Washington is going to do what Washington is going to do.  Sometimes it’s the Democrats, sometimes it’s the GOP, but more often than not it is both parties pursuing the agenda of Washington.  The general anti-government disposition of most conservatives creates a natural skepticism of everything in DC.  Many on the Left have come relatively recently to see that the overall game is rigged toward “Washingtonia.”  In many respects Washington works for Washington.  There is a reason why DC is by far and away the wealthiest metropolitan area in the United States. The “Washingtonia” agenda has won out and it is hurting businesses of all kinds around the country.  It is very true, small and mid-sized businesses are the very heart of the American economy.  They are “the American Dream” embodied.  Right now the system of crony capitalism which favors the big guys who can afford the lawyers and the lobbyists in DC and in state capitals is strangling this Dream.  The big guys get money at lower rates, they get regulations written in their favor, they have friends on congressional committees, and if they really mess up, they get bailed out.  We have an economic system in which the 99% of business owners subsidize the 1% and that’s wrong.  Business people, of all political stripes, have an obligation to stand up for themselves, their employees, and for their customers and against the bi-partisan system of crony capitalism which is hurting this country, because if they do not collectively raise their voices now we may one day have no voice to raise at all.

(“Crony Washingtonia” by Nick Sorrentino dated December 21, 2014 published by Town Hall at http://finance.townhall.com/columnists/nicksorrentino/2014/12/21/crony-washingtonia-n1934211 )

The blood of two cops assassinated by a young black man in New York is on the hands of everybody who encouraged the black community to hate police, including the President and his Attorney General.  Ismaaiyl Brinsley, a 22-year-old thug from Baltimore, ambushed and murdered in cold blood two NYPD cops, shooting them both in the head, execution style, as they sat in their police cruiser.  Brinsley said that he was taking revenge for the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, two black criminals recently killed in altercations with police.  The killing of officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu follows four months of incendiary propaganda from the White House suggesting that Garner and Brown were innocent victims and that cops were racist and gunning for black men.  The hate speech continued even after racially mixed grand juries found no evidence to support such claims in either case.  Obama and Eric Holder personally egged on anti-cop protesters in St. Louis and New York with their irresponsible rhetoric.  They even huddled with racial arsonist Al Sharpton in the White House to coordinate their agitation campaign, calling for the "reform of law enforcement."  Obama insisted that law enforcement do not treat black citizens fairly, that they profile young black men in particular.  He said that blacks have good reason to distrust police, given the history of discrimination in America.  Holder, meanwhile, said that he's been personally harassed by police and has counseled his son to be wary of cops. He announced that he was doubling the number of civil-rights investigations of police departments. Message: the Ferguson PD, NYPD and other police forces are a bunch of racists.  As he was headed off to vacation in Hawaii, Obama glibly claimed that police carry "hidden biases" with them as they patrol urban neighborhoods, an invisible prejudice that he claims is left over from "a legacy of a troubled past of Jim Crow and slavery."  Over and over, he and his Attorney General have given the perception to the black community that cops are the enemy.  By scurrilously rushing to the race conclusion in Ferguson and Staten Island, they inflamed the community and gave would-be thugs like Brinsley an excuse to act out against cops.  What's truly despicable is that Obama and Holder know from the data that the conflict between blacks and cops has little to do with race and almost everything to do with crime.  They know that crime is out of control in the black community.  They know that, as the Justice Department clearly reports, blacks commit a startling 53% of the nation's murders and that 91% of blacks who are murdered are murdered not by whites but by other blacks.  Instead of solving the growing problem of black crime, they put the blame on police, who like Ramos and Liu are often dispatched to the black community to protect law-abiding blacks from thugs.  They then invite Sharpton and other high priests of hate to the White House to gin up grievances against white cops.  Obama was faced with flash points in Ferguson and Staten Island, and earlier in Sanford, Fla., and instead of taking the responsible route and letting the facts play out in these cases, he and his Attorney General poured gasoline on them by claiming that law enforcement officers had it in for blacks.

(“NY’s Finest First Casualties in Obama’s War on Cops” dated December 22, 2014 published by Investor’s Business Daily at http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/122214-731759-new-york-finest-first-casualties-in-obamas-war-on-cops.htm )


We’re facing the greatest national security threat we have ever known and there is no coherent plan to battle the enemy.  This nation is so far behind the eight ball, the president and his minions won’t even name the enemy, no less fight it.  Even worse, those in positions of power and influence misrepresent what the enemy stands for.  Like a pre-recorded announcement that just won’t stop, we are endlessly subjected to the false refrain: Islam is a religion of peace.  By Muslim lights, we live in the Dar al Harb, the territory of war, simply because we refuse to accept Islam. We didn’t declare war, Mohammed did.  We confront a totalitarian ideology bent on world domination ruled by one religion -- an ideology that is infecting every aspect of our culture and which has the potential to destroy all of civilization.  The most brutal and ruthless enemy is advancing toward us and has infiltrated every arm of our government, and there is hardly a word said, no less a plan offered, as to how to beat them back.  Quite the opposite. We are welcoming them with open arms, even giving them the keys to the kingdom.  If we are to survive, this madness must end:

·    Name the enemy:  We’re battling a totalitarian ideology as written in the Koran, and the people who follow it. It’s called Islam.  When people say “radical Islam,” it suggests there is some other form of Islam that is more tempered.

·    Stop saying “war on terror”:  We’re fighting Islamic jihad in all its forms, from physical violence to creeping Sharia and everything in between. We are at war with those who follow the teachings of the Koran.

·    Shut down Iran’s nuclear program:  Iran is a mortal threat to Israel, the United States, and indeed the entire civilized world.  We must destroy Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon before it is too late.

·    Address the malevolent influence of the Muslim Brotherhood:  We must designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, remove members of the Muslim Brotherhood from government positions, and shut down all Muslim Brotherhood front groups.

·    Stop construction of mosques and shut down most of those already built:  There are now well over 2,000 mosques in America (some of them “mega mosques”) with no end in sight.  80% of mosques in the United States preach jihad.

·    Shut down Islamic schools and get Islam out of public school classrooms: We cannot allow Islamic schools to indoctrinate the next generation of Muslim Americans, where students are taught Islamic dominance, forced conversions, death to non-believers, and the destruction of Israel.

·    Shut down American jihadist training compounds:  Muslims of America have training compounds scattered throughout the country.  It is sheer insanity to tolerate people and organizations that train jihadists to attack Americans. 

·    Address prisons as breading grounds for Muslim converts:  No one, imams or prisoners, must be allowed to engage in violent rhetoric or activity, Muslim prison gangs must be broken apart, and perks that Muslim prisoners alone get must be stripped away.

·    Stop immigration from Islamic countries:  We must halt all immigration from Islamic countries.  Islam is not compatible with Western values and is not compatible with liberty and freedom.

·    Stop moral equivalence:  All cultures are not the same. All ideas are not the same. All religions are not the same. Stop speaking as if they are. Islam is the 21st century Nazism.

·    Ban the burqa and niqab Swaths of fabric draped over and around one’s body mask the human form and can also hide weapons.  This sort of identity-hiding garb has no place in a modern, Western society because cultures and values are different.

·    Allow people who want to join terror groups overseas to leave the country and ensure it’s a one-way ticket:  When we become aware of persons planning to travel overseas to join ISIS or any other terror organization, we should let them go, then slam the door behind them so they can never return: revoke their passport, visa, and U.S. citizenship.

·    Secure the border:  The United States must secure its borders so that, among other things, we don’t leave ourselves open to terrorists coming across. It defies common sense and sound national security to have open borders.

·    Achieve energy independence:  There is no reason this great nation cannot become energy independent if we set about to achieve that goal. We have the resources. Now we must find the will.

·    Stop supporting terror:  We must stop all funds that go to the Palestinian Authority. We must investigate Turkey and Qatar as state sponsors of terror and reassess our ties with these nations. We should suspend funding for the UN Human Rights Commission.

·    Become citizen activists:  This battle must be fought on all fronts by everyone. Get involved and speak out.  Choose your focus, your words, and your support materials.

The current state of affairs with respect to our nation’s retreat is unsustainable.  We either fight with everything we have, or we will be undone.  The terrifying command to “convert or die” will not be a savage reality forced upon people in other nations.  No one will be immune to the evil that is coming.  Democrats, Republicans and Independents; patriots and dhimmis; men, women, and children; the young, the old and everyone in between; rich and poor; Christians, Mormons, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics, and atheists; black, brown, and white; the educated and uneducated; public servants and private sector employees; doctors, teachers, roofers, truck drivers, lawyers, veterinarians, CEO’s, cooks, plumbers, dog walkers; as well as dogs.  America is the ultimate target of this evil and we either fight now, or face the unthinkable later, and later is much sooner than we think.

(“What is America’s survival plan?” by Carol Brown dated December 26, 2014 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2014/12/what_is_americas_survival_plan_.html )


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