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December 29, 2018


For decades, the biased mainstream media have steadily undermined confidence in our country, portraying America as a violent aggressor rather than the champion of liberty it has always been.  With Donald Trump in the White House, their anti-Americanism has only grown more strident.  President Trump pointed out this unfortunate fact in a recent tweet. “While CNN doesn’t do great in the United States based on ratings, outside of the U.S. they have very little competition,” he observed. “Throughout the world, CNN has a powerful voice portraying the United States in an unfair and false way.”  Of all the America-bashing media organizations in this country, even including hyper-partisan MSNBC, CNN is doing by far the most harm to our image at home and abroad.  “@FoxNews is much more important in the United States than CNN, but outside of the U.S., CNN International is still a major source of (Fake) news, and they represent our Nation to the World very poorly.  The outside world sees a lot of CNN programming, given that the outlet pays to be featured on TVs at airports throughout the world.  Back when CNN was still producing generally balanced and objective content years ago, this was a helpful service to travelers, but now that the network has turned itself into little more than an extension of the Democrat Party’s “resistance” to President Trump, it means that hundreds of millions of passengers are exposed to the network’s misleading coverage of American politics.  Cable news anchors routinely take Trump’s words out of context, and misrepresent the facts about national security threats such as the migrant caravan.  Amidst the strongest U.S. economy in a generation, they repeatedly diminish the results and insist that a recession is just around the corner.  To feed their anti-American narrative, fake-news media outlets frequently publish unsubstantiated reports without hesitation or corroboration, such as the infamous, error-filled BuzzFeed report containingunverified and potentially unverifiable” claims regarding Trump’s visit to Russia when he was a private citizen.  Their refusal to accurately cover left-wing violence against American conservatives is just further evidence of the political agenda shaping mainstream media “news” reports, as is their continued reliance on buffoonish, partisan “journalists” like CNN’s Jim Acosta, who are really just partisan activists assigned to the White House to ask demeaning questions intended to further advance the media’s anti-Trump, anti-America agenda.  To make matters worse, the media’s collusion with Democrats is actively helping liberal lawmakers like incoming House Finance Services Committee Maxine Waters or Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spread their talking points uncontested in the public arena; an advantage given to no Republican.  Democrats and the destroy-Trump media have breathlessly pushed hysterical nonsense like the Trump-Russia collusion theory, but the real collusion that took place during the 2016 election was between Democrats and their media allies.  Democrats have been colluding for years to disparage and demean American patriots, and Trump represents the sort of national pride the media love to hate. 

(“The Biggest Threat to America Comes From Within” by Tana Goertz dated December 23, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/tanagoertz/2018/12/23/the-biggest-threat-to-america-comes-from-within-n2537967 )

For decades, journalists and other Democrats have played the race card and sex card in elections because they can't win based on their policies.   For the last few years, they have added the Russian card to their hand to play tricks on the public.  We knew that the Russian card has been played in the presidential election.  Robert Mueller indicts a total of thirteen Russians and Russian businesses, spreading the news widely that they had attempted to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.  Mueller fully expected that none of these people or businesses would show up, so the Justice Department wouldn't have to actually show evidence to support the claim.  Heaven forbid, one of the defendants showed up and demanded a trial and wanted to see the evidence, and Mueller wouldn't provide it.  The playbook is always the same but has different variations.  No matter how much Trump helps minorities and women move up the economic ladder and no matter how many immigrants are let in each year, journalists and other Democrats just repeat over and over again that Trump is a racist, xenophobe, and sexist and say how divisive he is.  The DNC won't let anyone in government see their computers, but we are told over and over again that Russians hacked them with no evidence.  There never has been any actual evidence of Russian collusion with Trump, but that is repeated over and over again as if it were absolutely true.  Without evidence, we were told over and over again how Brett Kavanaugh abused women.  No matter how many times experts flip and flop between warming and cooling, and no matter how many times they adjust numbers when their predictions don't match the actual climate, we are told over and over that humans, CO2, and fossil fuels are causing warming and the science is settled.  Facts are never  really needed to make allegations.  No matter how good the economic statistics, we are told over and over again that a recession is coming up to discourage Americans and to lower Trump's approval.  Never mind that many of these same people said the economy could never grow this fast and that Trump's policies would have crashed the economy by now.  It is a shame so many are influenced so much by Democrat propaganda, pushed by complicit journalists. 

(“Democrats keep being wrong and keep demanding we believe them” by Jack Hellner dated December 22, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/12/democrats_keep_being_wrong_and_keep_demanding_we_believe_them.html )

President Trump has been proven right after warning America's rich that voting for Democrats in the 2018 midterms would crash U.S. stock markets.  Many progressive Democrats have been cheering for an American economic disaster, if it would politically undermine Donald Trump's populist support.  The host of Politically Incorrect, Bill Maher, who has $100 million net worth, passionately stated in June:  “I think one way to get rid of Trump is a crashing economy.  So please bring on a recession. Sorry if it hurts people, but its either root for a recession or lose your democracy.”  Maher seems to be getting his wish since the November 6 elections.  The Standard & Poor's 500 stock index led by Silicon Valley tech giant shares is down 10.6% in the month for the worst December plunge since 1931 during the Great Depression.  Although Democrats claim to be the party of social justice for the poor, Williams College political science professor Darrel Paul's 2018 analysis of wealthy Congressional districts found that the real story surrounding the Democrat's 40-seat gain to take control of the U.S. House of Representatives was due to "the swing of the rich toward the Democrats."  The nonpartisan OpenSecrets website that tracks Federal Election Commission (FEC) campaign filings for political spending found that midterm spending hit a record $5.2 billion in 2018, up over a third from the $3.8 billion in 2014 and triple the $1.6 billion in 1998.  The Center for Responsive Politics found that with the rise of Democrat Barack Obama since 2008, Silicon Valley's annual lobbying expenditures skyrocketed by 800%, from $17.8 million to $139.5 million.  CRP wrote, "Just as water flows downhill, money in politics flows to where the power is."  The TechCrunch named Silicon Valley the "Valley of the Democrats" after PayPal cofounder and top venture capitalist Peter Thiel commented in a 2015 interview that 83% of political contributions by the area's tech executives went solely to Democrats. 

(“Trump warned that a Democrat win would crash the market” by Chriss Street dated December 22, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/12/trumped_warned_that_a_democrat_win_would_crash_the_market.html )

Democrats will try to flex their new-found electoral muscle in Congress by pushing for what has been described as the "largest expansion of government in decades" called the Green New Deal, which promises to be a major economic disaster if it ever becomes American law.  The Green New Deal is just a political ploy or a Democrat Party marketing gimmick for hipster millennials are in bad need of a wakeup call.  The Democrats' plans will deliver soaring federal spending, a near doubling of U.S. taxes, declining standards of living, and even more debt on top of the already-massive $21 trillion we've piled up.  More than 40 Democrat lawmakers support the 'Green New Deal' as part of a broad plan to fight global warming and bring about what they see as 'economic, social and racial justice.'  The scary thing is that the public, which knows next to nothing about the details of this plan, like it.  A poll conducted by Yale's Program on Climate Communication and George Mason's Center for Climate Change Communication this month shows that 92% of Democrats and 64% of Republicans backed the plan.  Calling it a Green New Deal is really misnomer, because it's really a starter package for turning our mostly free-market economy socialist.  This New Deal starts with moving the energy grid to 100% renewable energy, something that will take highly efficient fossil fuels and replace them with highly inefficient "renewables" at a cost of about $5.2 trillion over 20 years.  The plan also wants job guarantees for those who lose their jobs due to the Green New Deal, but that will be a lot of people and the costs will likely go into the trillions.  Those who push this plan also seek a guaranteed minimum income and universal health care.  Although those have nothing to do with "green" anything, it merely reveals that the real goal isn't "green" at all; it's socialism.  The Mercatus Center  looked at socialist Senator and Venezuela admirer Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" plan, which the Democrat Party seems on its way to supporting, would cost just under $33 trillion over a decade, in addition to what we already pay for health care.  Meanwhile, estimates of a guaranteed minimum income of just $12,000 a year would cost $3.8 trillion.  Those two programs alone would cost $7.1 trillion a year.  That compares with total federal spending in 2018 of $4.2 trillion, so current spending would have to increase by 170%; and don’t forget the taxes.  Speaking of taxes, one of the favorite ways to fund this green socialist scheme is through a national carbon tax, which Democrats have already introduced in Congress.  The carbon tax bill would be a massive and continually ratcheting national energy tax.  Not only would it be economically destabilizing and create massive inefficiencies in our economy, costing us hundreds of billions in output a year, but it also would expand the federal government's reach into every private pocket book and every American business.  That the main political force behind this fiscally insane plan is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the just-elected, extreme-far-left New York congresswoman, shows just how foolish it is.  She hasn't served a single day in Congress, and yet desperate Democrats have lined up to follow her lead.  It only shows how utterly bereft of common-sense the party has become.  Once the party of the middle-class and working Americans, it is now a party of academic elites, faux revolutionaries and billionaires, and completely out of touch with real people and the real economy.  The Green New Deal has nothing whatsoever to do with the environment, and everything to do with socialism.  It's a Green Raw Deal that will impoverish millions, destroy businesses and jobs, and end individual rights as we now know them.  Simply put, the socialism at the heart of this "new deal" amounts to centralized control of the economy and the people who work in it.  For the record, countries that adopt socialist policies have a knack for suddenly finding themselves in an unexpected run of "bad luck" that lasts decades. Venezuela, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Cuba all come to mind.  Americans better think long and hard before taking this hard left turn with a Green New Deal, because it's a road that leads to nowhere. 

(“Democrats’ ‘Green Raw Deal’ Will Deliver Only Socialism and Misery” dated December 26, 2018 published by Investor’s Business Daily at https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/democrats-green-new-deal-socialism/ )


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David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY